Eat it Or Yeet It #9: Drinks Only

  • Eat It Or Yeet It? More like DRINK IT or YEET IT! This drinks only episode is the definition of a thirst trap.
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Comments • 80

  • Spicy Oregano
    Spicy Oregano 3 hours ago

    Drink it or Sink it

  • Nigel Penales
    Nigel Penales 7 hours ago

    Shayne's laugh at the backround is basically demonic at 9:22

  • Kylee Brown
    Kylee Brown 17 hours ago

    We need courtney frickin Miller to be food girl while Courtney's a contestant

  • Melrose
    Melrose Day ago

    Shanye isn’t in this one?

  • Summer_GachaPlayz

    Tart lemonade is da best. 👌

  • Summer_GachaPlayz

    Drink it or Sink it.

  • Timmy Winters
    Timmy Winters 2 days ago

    He is so dead serious about his turn lol

  • Rahul Yadav
    Rahul Yadav 2 days ago

    Garrett: Write down buffalo semen.

  • M.U.G by Tony
    M.U.G by Tony 2 days ago

    One thing Damn Kevin Wanna Smosh hahaha

  • not someone taking over the world defnautly not

    Noah looks like he is in a cult

  • Annie Ryan
    Annie Ryan 4 days ago

    1:06 ‘bread bitch’ 😂
    4:14 Courtney: who wants to hydrate?
    Damien: I wanna die-drate 😂

  • Arnold Hubbard
    Arnold Hubbard 5 days ago

    You know Damien is a serious JoJo fan when he admits to having squid ink pasta

  • royal lukas
    royal lukas 6 days ago

    Has Garrett done anything with fermented blood? I know R&L have eaten it (and puked it) on their show. Just *food* for thought.

  • Jared Obrien
    Jared Obrien 7 days ago

    Damien tries to hard

  • Laken Delaney
    Laken Delaney 7 days ago

    What if instead it was sip it or spit it since it’s an only drink ground

  • Mythiicc Monster
    Mythiicc Monster 7 days ago

    They called it “The Big Drink” while missing the opportunity to keep it with the theme of biting and calling it “The Big Gulp”

  • Alejandra Flores
    Alejandra Flores 8 days ago

    Sip it or spill it

  • mep
    mep 8 days ago

    Where is that episodes with Olivia scared?

  • Ann Harrell
    Ann Harrell 9 days ago

    10:51 I like your nails

  • smangko
    smangko 9 days ago

    I've never had or even got close to surstromming, but I think I might like it. A lot of my fav dish are actually dishes that smells bad to weaklings.

  • bagel butt
    bagel butt 9 days ago

    we stan olivias pink crocs

  • ihaveissues
    ihaveissues 10 days ago

    i just realised how ian is wearing his hoodie

  • BruhMoment.Mp4
    BruhMoment.Mp4 10 days ago

    kimmy definitely has a crush on damien

  • Scott Kiefer
    Scott Kiefer 11 days ago

    scarph it or barff it

  • Jim Kraynak
    Jim Kraynak 12 days ago

    Drank it, sank it

  • Jim Kraynak
    Jim Kraynak 12 days ago

    Drink it or sink it

  • Jade Bouse
    Jade Bouse 12 days ago

    I'm watching this in self quarantine/social distancing and cringing as they all sip from each others' cups.

  • Ian Miller
    Ian Miller 13 days ago

    Why has Olivia been wearing the same thing can someone explain

  • Simona Končiutė
    Simona Končiutė 13 days ago

    I feel like the there are less gross foods because Garett felt the pain they feel when eating the foods.

  • heyysimone
    heyysimone 13 days ago

    Are you allowed to make haggis in america? Cause thatd be a good one to give them. Warm/hot haggis. It smells bad but itd be funny to watch them lose it.

  • Fredrik Adolvsson
    Fredrik Adolvsson 14 days ago

    I really wanna try the surströmming milkshake.

  • Grant Dickey
    Grant Dickey 14 days ago

    What a pallette cleanser episode

  • just hangin der
    just hangin der 14 days ago

    0:12 after shaynes face goes look at garrets face

  • Somerandomcuber
    Somerandomcuber 15 days ago

    Courtney needs to be in the show as a contestant

  • Patrick Buchanan
    Patrick Buchanan 16 days ago

    I'm on drink 3 and I want it to just be good stuff cuz Shayne isnt on it

  • Areesha Hasan
    Areesha Hasan 16 days ago

    ........ummmmm???? who's is the cutie at 11:03?????? why have I not known of his existence????

  • G-rice
    G-rice 17 days ago

    Slurp it or burp it
    Sip it or spit it
    Chug it or UGGH it
    Chew it or spew it

  • HabitsRabbit
    HabitsRabbit 18 days ago +1

    1:05 _Yoo hoo,_ *_b r e a d b i t c h_*

  • mrs jeon
    mrs jeon 18 days ago

    i love red head courtney

  • Clapsded
    Clapsded 19 days ago +1

    This vid was so funny

  • jarami11o
    jarami11o 19 days ago

    4:55 was just some ace editing guys. Also Kimmy is bae

  • Eliza Moore
    Eliza Moore 20 days ago

    Do a eat it or yeet it but you have the staff do it and you guys pick the food

  • Kira Lynn Gileza
    Kira Lynn Gileza 21 day ago

    Wait is Olivia scared of butterflies? Cuz uh me too and I have yet to meet another person with that same fear

  • Gabriel Leiken
    Gabriel Leiken 21 day ago

    Rewatching this episode it should’ve been called drink it or sink it

  • Andrew Cradic
    Andrew Cradic 22 days ago

    Yo just throw me in there, I once ate a blended fish mixed with mustard and other stuff. This is nothing to me and I will feel no consequences lol.

  • eva campopiano
    eva campopiano 23 days ago

    Wait, why would you call it eat it or yeet it, if this episode is drinks only??¿

  • Greenbeens
    Greenbeens 23 days ago +1

    “There’s already water” “what could be better than water”?! Oh idk.., maybe a REAL milkshake...

  • Scarlett _Wings
    Scarlett _Wings 24 days ago

    The little intro thing they have makes me think of Danganronpa

  • yannick martens
    yannick martens 24 days ago

    10:00 Noah's right, but also wrong. Surströmming is Swedish lightly salted fermented Baltic herring, but it's not buried. It's put in barrels and stored in a temperature controlled room, then left to ferment. Hákarl is Icelandic fermented Greenlandic Shark, and _it_ is buried. Both are Scandinavian dishes, both are fermented sea food, so it makes sense he mixed up which one is buried.
    Also, Noah, how'd it taste?

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan Hoffman 25 days ago

    Can I get a 1 hour loop of Shayne laughing? Please make this happen 😂😂😂

  • Evilking9000 Twitch
    Evilking9000 Twitch 25 days ago

    Noah just became a fan of cat and the hat

  • Rachel Donald
    Rachel Donald 26 days ago

    Can we have another couples Eat It or Yeet It but with Smosh Stan-ed couples???

  • Ddog
    Ddog 26 days ago

    Noah "that tastes like a tire"
    How the fuck do you know what a tire tastes like

  • ABoredPerson
    ABoredPerson 26 days ago

    Are we gonna talk about Shayne’s Teeth?

  • WeNeedMorePyroLinkin
    WeNeedMorePyroLinkin 27 days ago

    Wait who tf doesn't like tart lemonade? That's why you get orangeade if you want it sweeter.


    It should of been called the big gulp-

  • David Davison
    David Davison Month ago

    You can't eat a drink, so I guess they all have to yeet it.

  • RetroJ3000
    RetroJ3000 Month ago

    I see no holes in Damien's strategy tbh

  • JakovPeace
    JakovPeace Month ago

    wouldn't Drink it or Drain it sound better?

  • •.*Nighte*.•
    •.*Nighte*.• Month ago

    Ever realize they say "Garrett care station", but then realize he makes the food for them and half the time they think the food is disgusting. (I think Garrett makes the food?)

  • Prod. AyTeeEn
    Prod. AyTeeEn Month ago +1

    Drink it or bink it

  • Mikael Abernathy
    Mikael Abernathy Month ago +2

    Damien: **drinks**
    Shayne: 👀

  • Lisa -
    Lisa - Month ago

    I'm so glade the offered water and toothpaste to damien

  • Marc Koshy
    Marc Koshy Month ago +1

    Wheres Shayne!!!!!!!!!

  • msu82
    msu82 Month ago

    I'm just saying - y'all REALLY missed out on calling this "Eat it or Yeet it - Chug It or Chuck it Edition (Drinks Only!)"

    NIIKII Month ago

    Courtney voice crack 0:24

  • Anonymous Jungkook
    Anonymous Jungkook Month ago

    Noah is a walking advertisement

  • lemon socks
    lemon socks Month ago +1

    *You missed out on calling this chug it or chuck it.*

  • 3 1
    3 1 Month ago

    Shayne still imitating garett

  • Dovah Craft
    Dovah Craft Month ago

    Good old sip or tip episode

  • Unstoppable Spidey
    Unstoppable Spidey Month ago

    Straight up sounded like Yoshi

  • Numayam
    Numayam Month ago

    This stuff is so much less hardcore than everything similar on yt

  • Tycent
    Tycent Month ago

    Why is Olivia always dressed as that Damn neighbor??!!

  • Jon-bomb Vidz
    Jon-bomb Vidz Month ago

    Woah when did Noah become a cone head

  • andrew palacios
    andrew palacios Month ago

    I wear my hoodies like Ian

  • MismatchedHaori :Þ

    Chug it or chuck it

  • Em Lou
    Em Lou Month ago

    At 0:12 , Shayne is me with my crackhead energy in public and Garett is all my friends asking themselves why they allow themselves seen with me

  • codíe chrístine
    codíe chrístine Month ago

    Where tf is Keith?????????

  • Cheyenne Heiman
    Cheyenne Heiman Month ago

    Damien is so handsome.

  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson Month ago

    Shane and Garrett were snacking on something together and it shows