10 Min Abs Workout -- At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

  • Published on Jan 17, 2012
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Comments • 10 046

  • sameera khan
    sameera khan 3 days ago

    The last one was epic🙄 icant even co-ordinate the hand and leg😞

  • Frz Asm
    Frz Asm 4 days ago

    Hello everyone!
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  • Patricia Bidan
    Patricia Bidan 6 days ago

    Over & over again 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Zakiyya Abelo
    Zakiyya Abelo 7 days ago +1

    Me: okay noted! Ima do it later...I'm gonna sleep first....

  • Umair Javed
    Umair Javed 8 days ago

    I completed 10 mins workout in 60 mins, anyone else who did same?

  • Acadia Knickerbocker
    Acadia Knickerbocker 9 days ago +1

    Great workout! Thanks!

  • Alethea P
    Alethea P 10 days ago

    I like this abs workout bc it has such diversity in exercises and different forms. some other videos i watched are just crunches in 7 different ways which I really hard for me as a beginner.

  • Kali Rea
    Kali Rea 10 days ago +1

    Awesome video 🙏 thank you so much ! Really appreciate you informing how to do each movement correctly as well.

  • Catriona Edmonds
    Catriona Edmonds 11 days ago +3

    the best thing about this is a can do this at home instead of with a group of strangers, meaning I can make facial expressions that express the pain I’m in 😂

  • Jodie
    Jodie 12 days ago

    ia there a sub for the pilates hip raise? Its near impossible for me. I can do one and thats about it.

  • Eissa Bilal
    Eissa Bilal 13 days ago +3

    I swear the video was 10 mins long but i don’t know y it took me 20 mins 😂

    👇🏻Anyone else

  • tina tina
    tina tina 13 days ago

    Good for people with knee pain except for the last two exercises

  • farahisnøtøkay
    farahisnøtøkay 13 days ago

    I'm gonna start doing this :o

  • Jonah Gregg
    Jonah Gregg 13 days ago

    I’m sorry but this was not that hard

  • jackass 093
    jackass 093 14 days ago

    How much calories burn?

  • Rayan Ali
    Rayan Ali 15 days ago

    Does anyone else skip the Knee tuck crunches? It’ just me? Ok

  • Skyla May Tasch
    Skyla May Tasch 18 days ago +1

    I’ve been doing this ab workout for 10 days straight now. I saw results on the third day.

  • Patricia Santillán
    Patricia Santillán 18 days ago

    Excellent !!!

  • April Taurus
    April Taurus 18 days ago

    Tried these and it make me feel I'm going to die while this lady nailed all the exercises like she didn't gets tired. I even think she is not breathing 😂

  • Dabueno
    Dabueno 20 days ago

    Trying to get ripped before christmas

  • L Henry
    L Henry 21 day ago

    That was tough but good. Just getting back to it after 3 yrs

  • Bama Ams
    Bama Ams 22 days ago

    the last exercise is so hard.

  • Ahmed Samsung
    Ahmed Samsung 23 days ago

    نرجوا الترجمة للعربية

  • Reinis Bogdanovs
    Reinis Bogdanovs 23 days ago +1

    nice one. Simple and effective.

  • LovelyChim
    LovelyChim 25 days ago

    I can put a bottle of my sweat after i did this

  • Lina Diab
    Lina Diab 25 days ago +1

    Actually I did this exercise twice today. Once at the morning one at evening. The first time I did it was extremely hard!!! The second time was much easier. Don’t give up guys I promise it will be easier with time!

  • Mason Litwicki
    Mason Litwicki 28 days ago +1

    Watching in 2019, and realizing this vid got 66 MILLION VIEWS!!!!

  • ya girl annie
    ya girl annie 29 days ago

    I'm only 6 minutes in and I feel like I'm going to die

  • Ria Channel 15 Ternate

    10 min abs workout,,, verry good job ledys,,,

  • Lonely Potato Sack
    Lonely Potato Sack Month ago

    Ouch, my abs definitely felt this 🔥 First time as far as I remember managing to do full form flutter kicks without any breaks during them and I’m sooo proud of myself! 🙌 I showed up today, pushed strong and now I’m feeling awesome! 💪 #FBSweat Day 23 Extra Challenge complete! 05.11.19

  • Giselle Vivas
    Giselle Vivas Month ago

    Add some music please. I really wanted to do this work out but it’s to silent I can’t.

  • Selena Vega
    Selena Vega Month ago

    Nope lol

  • Siddharth lohani
    Siddharth lohani Month ago

    nice video also share your views on this video ru-clip.net/video/YJgKERdyMGU/video.html

  • Sidney Holliday
    Sidney Holliday Month ago

    people ask me how i have such good abs and this workout is why !!

  • Wensi Zhai
    Wensi Zhai Month ago

    Thank you, I love this video!!!

  • Pieynaaa
    Pieynaaa Month ago

    This is super hard for me

  • رشا ااا
    رشا ااا Month ago

    This is how many times I want in a week?

  • Odd Job
    Odd Job Month ago

    Oh my god,I need a donut after that.

  • haifa shammar
    haifa shammar Month ago +3

    start in26oct2019
    will see my comment same date next year

  • Nida Kazi
    Nida Kazi Month ago

    1st WC 25TH Oct, 3 11 pm ✔️
    2nd WC 17th Nov, 5 pm
    ***1.3 kg dropped ***
    3rd WC 29TH Nov 4 18 pm ✔️
    4th WC 9th Dec 4 52 pm ✔️

  • pronounce word
    pronounce word Month ago

    I like your video very much. It's really great. I'll keep an eye on your channel. I am your fan and I will support you.

  • Darren Guy
    Darren Guy Month ago +2

    I love you and love this workout pissed me off a lil bit how much he was talking but I'm grateful for it

  • pamare3
    pamare3 Month ago

    Them pilates tho, they kill me oh my gawd

  • Asian Fitness
    Asian Fitness Month ago

    haha ok

  • nemigam223
    nemigam223 Month ago

    Day 1

  • Yoga Journey With Ashish


  • Richie Nathaniel Sanderson

    I think I'm dead....

  • nemigam223
    nemigam223 2 months ago +1

    Day 1

  • mi kx
    mi kx 2 months ago

    It would be much better if they had background music cuz its easier if you're not bored

  • l Sweat l
    l Sweat l 2 months ago +2

    Day 1: The first round was hard but it wasn’t hard enough for me, so I did another one and it killed me I am 14 years old and I will edit for day 2 tomorrow

    Day 2: day 2 was hard and I fought like hell, but I notice little improvement when I was doing the exercise, for round 1 I was already feeling the burn but I kept on going, once it was round 2 the intensity was really high but I fought like hell, and I notice in round 2 I wasn’t taking a lot of short breaks as I used to during the exercises, but during round 2 the burn was on fire I ate bad food today but I ran it off during P.E and also I go a park to play soccer. Will update for day 3 tomorrow.

  • Handsome One
    Handsome One 2 months ago

    She's like a real life doll

  • Renu Forever
    Renu Forever 2 months ago

    These exercise really did wonder for me within 10 days i got flat belly..with proper diet I followed it.

  • Dianne Seelal
    Dianne Seelal 2 months ago +1

    An awesome workout

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 2 months ago

    Sun Butter Jam... LOL...

  • Vienna Chan Hoi Kiu
    Vienna Chan Hoi Kiu 2 months ago

    Did this workout back in 2017 and it really worked... came back to restart my fitness journey in 2019 ;)

  • Life with Shelly
    Life with Shelly 2 months ago

    The talking at the end makes me tired 😂

  • Zitlali
    Zitlali 2 months ago

    Longest 10 mins of my life

  • Me
    Me 2 months ago

    First time I never skipped an add

  • Jennifer Albert
    Jennifer Albert 2 months ago

    I didn´t really liked this Workout, because I think that it is very boring for me, but I would recommend it for beginners

  • Freya Patel
    Freya Patel 2 months ago

    Did anyone else find the last exercise difficult?