6 Annoying Anime Tropes

  • Published on Nov 27, 2017
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  • Emirichu
    Emirichu  Year ago +9572

    I really appreciate everyone's anime suggestions! I've been trying to think of what to watch during this upcoming winter break, and so far you guys have been giving me loads of great shows! ^^

    • ice klerkkij
      ice klerkkij 6 days ago


    • Hello fellows
      Hello fellows 10 days ago

      Talk about old anime like (Fullmetal alchemist bleach sailor moon and more)

    • Blacksmith24JS
      Blacksmith24JS 19 days ago

      Yo ik how u feel these do be annoying yet funny

    • Badgerrod 1
      Badgerrod 1 22 days ago

      Laur no

    • Badgerrod 1
      Badgerrod 1 22 days ago

      Emirichu lmao you don’t even know most anime’s

  • zaykawaii art
    zaykawaii art 15 minutes ago

    i personally love the trope of the super quiet/super serious character falling in love with the super happy, energetic character, or the other way around. it's always so cute, i dunno. >////

  • Rigor Berzerk
    Rigor Berzerk Hour ago

    My favorite trope is when the main hot blooded character says I'M FIRED UP OR LET'S GO and they do some badass move. For examples Kamina, Simon, Domon Kasshu, Naruto, etc

  • X Voodoo_QwQ19 X
    X Voodoo_QwQ19 X 2 hours ago

    Magical anime character : * Changes color of bow *
    Other anime characters : Woah, new kid.

  • Cristian Calderon
    Cristian Calderon 3 hours ago

    You forgot the male characters who always get all negativity from all female characters and also Equality

  • Shawn Kun
    Shawn Kun 19 hours ago

    Hmmm sooo do you like reverse harem animes???🤔

  • Claudia Memeh
    Claudia Memeh 21 hour ago

    Judging from the first trope she said was annoying, im guessing Emily doesn't like Yandere Simulator :/

  • Chocolate Fudge
    Chocolate Fudge 23 hours ago

    yeah... for interrupted confessions, instead of a character interrupting it, there is always that truck that passes by and the other person is unable to hear the confession

  • Tonu Ahmed
    Tonu Ahmed Day ago

    Atlast someones video about those (not interesting anymore) cliches of anime...wait It was 2 years ago?

  • Cassidy/lily chan YT

    Me:*see’s the first one*
    My mind:I think of yandere simulator even tho kinda anime but a simulator of yandere game

  • Skylar Sparklezz
    Skylar Sparklezz Day ago +1

    okay that is what I hate in anime...no offense

  • ImanZaraEjazAli
    ImanZaraEjazAli Day ago +2

    Emirichu- magical girl transformations!
    Me- Only very few are good. Chat noir has the best magical -girl- transformation!

  • ImanZaraEjazAli
    ImanZaraEjazAli Day ago +1

    Same. I hate all of these.lmao

  • Soge 01
    Soge 01 Day ago

    Average Highschool main male protagonist. Too many of them. If there were one or two of them every on e in awhile then yeah. But they sort of just make me cringe as soon as I see them.

  • Panimations
    Panimations Day ago

    I don't watch anime but literally ALL of these tropes are in a game I play.. :P

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus Day ago

    Thank you to the lady that smacked the cookie thing out of her hand.

  • Yo Human Frisk
    Yo Human Frisk Day ago

    Most annoying trope? XD

    Shounen has that one: the power of the main character! They build up an antagonist to be awesome and definitely incapable of bei g beat, but OF COURSE the main character HAS TO GET SOME CRAZY ABILITY AND WIN, OR WIN WITH THE "power of friendship"! Let's just once make a fight interesting and let the villain win. Then maybe the hero can win after years of training, but c'mon DBS. Goku mastering Ultra Instinct was complete bullcrap! Jiren won that fair and square...
    One Punch doesn't do that tho, because we already know Saitama will win... He literally can't be beat. That's the point tho, since the series IS a parody of overpowered main character series.

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts Day ago

    Have you seen assassination classroom (FYI there is two seasons with 20 something episodes each)

  • lacerisecheri
    lacerisecheri Day ago


  • Arkaine757
    Arkaine757 2 days ago

    When you open an Anime fight scene on RU-clip where 44 minutes are dialog why they are fighting for, and 3 minutes of actual fight scattered along the vídeo.
    Cough bleach cough

  • Jack Kolenchik
    Jack Kolenchik 2 days ago

    Trope 7. The ways anime boys eat

  • 페레즈리사 마리

    Me-sees sister eating like an anime character-
    My mind-slap that chocolate slap it-
    Sister-yummy *gets another one*
    Also me-OH HECK NO

  • Annet Christian
    Annet Christian 2 days ago

    I hate when they take 5 fricking minutes to transform or do an attack, by that time the enemy already got away or has at least got one attack in. I think this is why ppl won’t watch anime with me...

  • Annet Christian
    Annet Christian 2 days ago

    I hate any character like Mineta

  • Kim Lulu Su
    Kim Lulu Su 2 days ago +1

    Emi: Annoying Anime Tropes


  • Jungkook's Bxtch3.0
    Jungkook's Bxtch3.0 2 days ago

    Now I'm thinking about yandere simulator ;-;

  • xavier world
    xavier world 2 days ago


  • zooz ie
    zooz ie 2 days ago

    I’d understand that some animes do appear on a tv show so it has to like tone it down and have some positive massages and stuff but when you start your episode with blood and murder but finishing it with “friends are my power source “ now that’s just shitty writing

  • Art C.
    Art C. 2 days ago

    3:30 -3:55 holy crap, I think I accidentally woke up my brother with how poorly I was able to suppress my laughter. The funniest thing I've seen all month.

  • Sophia Emilie
    Sophia Emilie 2 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that actually enjoys the power of friendship trope? It just makes me all happy and bubbly inside! I’m like yes!! Fight for your friends! Idk the idea of people getting powered up because of the feeling of protecting the ones they love is similar to those stories of mothers powering up to protect their children...so I guess it’s realistic to me lol
    Also I love the magical girl transformations and the oblivious characters they’re awesome lol

  • Juan Mago
    Juan Mago 2 days ago

    Kazuma: I’m not one to go for clichés.

  • GrooveSan
    GrooveSan 2 days ago

    3:36 dear mofuckin god, that was the most cringeworthy thing i have ever seen

  • SaVide
    SaVide 2 days ago


  • Bendy Kirby
    Bendy Kirby 2 days ago

    You know _my_ most hated anime trope?
    Localized names.
    (cough cough) Zipper Man (cough)

    • DynamicWorlds
      DynamicWorlds 2 days ago +1

      Tbf, "IcyHot" as a nickname for Todoroki works very well.

  • AlbinoKitty Lauren
    AlbinoKitty Lauren 2 days ago

    ʄཞıƈƙıŋ ɬơɠąɱı

  • EvTheBoss 1122
    EvTheBoss 1122 2 days ago

    I’d recommend Re: Zero if you haven’t watched it yet

  • Gacha_ Cat
    Gacha_ Cat 2 days ago

    I’m already a tsundere and I’m not that annoying. I just say jokingingly “ugh your so mean to me sometimes” in a clearly joking way and look away when I’m complimented

  • Marley Santana
    Marley Santana 3 days ago

    I really don't like abusive Tsunderes. They're just so mean! Also with the eating. I agree. Totally. It's weird!

  • DinoGamer James
    DinoGamer James 3 days ago

    ... I have to deal with 79 tunderes everyday ( sorry if bad spelling)

  • Aniya Johnson
    Aniya Johnson 3 days ago

    I love anime...😁

  • SoCk pUpPEtZ
    SoCk pUpPEtZ 3 days ago

    I was thinking of kimi ni todoke for the fifth trope lol

  • Aiuka
    Aiuka 3 days ago

    Best tsundere: Tsubaki Sawabe

  • foelancer
    foelancer 3 days ago

    i agree i hate tsunderes

  • TH3 PLA1NP1L0T
    TH3 PLA1NP1L0T 3 days ago

    No offense but I like harems for some reason

    N3PHALEMBL00D 3 days ago

    You just low keyed roasted me

  • Samantha Hickman
    Samantha Hickman 3 days ago

    Miscommunication is fun in comedy, but in drama it makes me want to claw my eyes out

  • Kawaii Senpie
    Kawaii Senpie 3 days ago

    who else noticed that the first trope is handers simulator

  • lol K
    lol K 3 days ago

    OH MY GOSH YES THE MISCOMMUNICATION-i thought I was the only one that gets so bugged by this!!! All of these tropes are so understandable.

  • Fletcher Reed
    Fletcher Reed 3 days ago

    Poor communication is not only the worst anime trope, it's also the worst trope for fiction in general. If I had a quarter for how many times someone misunderstood someone else and it works against them, or someone lying about something else important to the plot for no good reason, I'd be richer than Scrooge McDuck! And every single time, I'm just internally yelling at the characters to stop being stupid and/or paranoid.

  • Sav _lilo
    Sav _lilo 4 days ago

    I honestly really love this one

  • SnowyStar
    SnowyStar 4 days ago +1

    0:50 and then there's one reverse harem and it's freaking beautiful 😂 (Ouran)

  • Şwåğ
    Şwåğ 4 days ago

    I hate that anime makes a sound affect by every movement:
    (Turns head) huh??
    but it can be good :/

  • Kairuku
    Kairuku 4 days ago

    Realistic Anime
    Tsundere: *Fucking Bitch Slaps MC*
    MC: What get away from me I’m calling the police.

  • TwistyBuffalo62
    TwistyBuffalo62 4 days ago

    At the 6 annoying trope she took such a small bite and she's like YUMMMMM!!!

  • zozo plays
    zozo plays 4 days ago

    I'm a type b tsundere in real life. It's not as mean as anime.

  • VicaMOOR
    VicaMOOR 5 days ago

    Trope line: I'll protect you
    Trope response: [insert main character's name]...

  • bloodcasket
    bloodcasket 5 days ago

    Whose the blonde girl for the tsundere characters she likes

  • Portal 2 My World
    Portal 2 My World 5 days ago

    I also have a magical girl transformation thing that annoyies me... ATTACK WHEN THEY TRANSFORM!!!! (I know not all of then transform infront of villan but they had to see the bad guy to know help is needed), or when they do a power up or special move, THERE ARE SO MANY ATTACKS YOU COULD USE

  • Tokoyami Fumikagebunshin no jutsu !

    Personally I HATE the yanderes they are just SO annoying !
    "Oh my god my crush who never spoke to me is talking to another girl/guy ! Oh my god I must kill her/him ! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !"

  • Khaicjae Kaleiohi_Silva

    6. Miraculous Ladybug

  • LittleLilo
    LittleLilo 5 days ago

    Should totally do a reverse harem problem

  • Gachatrash Gamer
    Gachatrash Gamer 5 days ago

    My fav anime change thing whatever xD was from Madoka Magica

  • Draco Dragon
    Draco Dragon 5 days ago

    i hate it when the main character is super op and he makes the side character useless

  • Some One
    Some One 5 days ago

    Anybody see Byakuya at 0:27?

  • Devyn Aldridge
    Devyn Aldridge 6 days ago

    byukaru is a trope? he was in the intro but never touched on

  • Brent C
    Brent C 6 days ago

    "Now you will see my ultimate power!"
    *one 30 second scuffle later*
    "FOOL! This is only a fraction of my ultimate power!"
    *repeat this 5 more times*

  • alexandsimba
    alexandsimba 6 days ago

    Most annoying trope has to be the recovering hero power up after a beat-down. Unless you are in a boxing match, your opponent is not going to let you get back up. I can tolerate the villain being distracted by others, but combined with the power boost is when I start skipping ahead.

  • Nyx Sapphire Neish
    Nyx Sapphire Neish 6 days ago

    wait if you take all of these out of anime there is nothing left

  • x4nwg
    x4nwg 6 days ago +1


  • me h
    me h 6 days ago


  • NicholasVlogs&StrangeThings 73663

    I facepalm so hard every time I see a trope that is overbearingly annoying

  • Cane Candy
    Cane Candy 6 days ago

    4:34 *miraculous ladybug hitting my heart.*

  • Harrison Lohman
    Harrison Lohman 6 days ago

    At 3:21 on the vid I had that happen to me but she most likely doesn’t like me

  • Feather Tails
    Feather Tails 6 days ago