BMW 5-Series M Sport - Remote Parking Is Wow | Faisal Khan

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
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    Here is the most detailed review of the 2019 BMW 5-Series 530d M Sport, I tell you everything about the design, interior, features, performance, ride, handling, braking, steering, price and of course give you a verdict on whether you should buy the BMW 5-Series 530d M Sport in India. This BMW 5-Series 530d M Sport review is a long drive one with a real-world perspective of the sporty luxury sedan from BMW.
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  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan  Month ago +45

    530d M Sport or M5? What will #FasBeamers choose?

  • Paresh Mokal
    Paresh Mokal 4 days ago

    Hey nice video u make
    I wish to know do 530d xdrive is available in India which have all wheels drive
    Please let me know

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh 5 days ago

    Wow not

  • Green Spaces
    Green Spaces 12 days ago

    I am going back right away ...

  • Aditya Goel
    Aditya Goel 13 days ago

    I think E class exclusive trim is better

  • Rahul R
    Rahul R 14 days ago

    Please add review lights, backlight, interior lights,Show it

  • shubham joshi
    shubham joshi 21 day ago

    Review the 530i m sport please

  • Santhosh John
    Santhosh John Month ago

    Head lamps washers are removing from premium cars

  • Rohit Tawani
    Rohit Tawani Month ago


  • Darshil Pandya
    Darshil Pandya Month ago

    When will the merc gls vlog come??

  • Dhruv techinfo DM
    Dhruv techinfo DM Month ago

    😱😱 awesome

  • BHUSHAN Pokharkar
    BHUSHAN Pokharkar Month ago

    At this moment I think it is RC car which I used to have 😄

    ARFAZ NAZER Month ago

    @faisal khan Do a review of BMW X5 40i msport

    GAURAV PP Month ago

    Bhai steering m5 ki tarah hai , amazing car bhai

  • khushi khandelwal
    khushi khandelwal Month ago

    punch it twice and its changing the song too ❤️😘

  • Harmeet Singh
    Harmeet Singh Month ago

    Do a review of 530i m sport.

  • Rishab Singh
    Rishab Singh Month ago

    Punch it twice and it changes the song too😂😂

  • Mudassir Ch
    Mudassir Ch Month ago

    Bro Audi S8 make a block

  • sai krishna
    sai krishna Month ago

    What car u have

  • Karanraj Malhotra
    Karanraj Malhotra Month ago

    And now your vlogs are no more interesting

  • Karanraj Malhotra
    Karanraj Malhotra Month ago

    You deleted all your previous vlogs

  • Priyanshu Raj
    Priyanshu Raj Month ago

    Go to hard on the gas paddle & make it full of fun vlog on driving 530 msport

  • Buddhi Prakash Meena

    Bhai apke channel pr video ni mil rahi nexon wali aur ecosport wali.

  • Rohan Thapa
    Rohan Thapa Month ago

    More car is enough

    Lets start about a great bekes and cycles🤣🤣

  • Basantamanjari Patra

    I know that you did this vlog before going to france by seeing the band of your apple watch and also the entertainment television showing the date - 28 july

  • Hemananda singh
    Hemananda singh Month ago

    Bmw ka kidney grill kese open and close hota he uska video dikhao

  • unknown rider69
    unknown rider69 Month ago

    no driving.

  • Bhargavi K
    Bhargavi K Month ago

    Faisal once the x6 is launched, please review it on the same day.

  • K.K. VinayKumar
    K.K. VinayKumar Month ago

    What is the name of the song that was played during audio test?

  • Krishnam Vohra
    Krishnam Vohra Month ago

    Hey Faisal can you please do a review on 530i m sport please

  • Aryan Goriwale
    Aryan Goriwale Month ago

    Review Honda CBR 1000rr

  • Pranav Aditya
    Pranav Aditya Month ago

    Kia seltos review please

  • Abdul Rehman Mohammed

    I'll take one, thank you. 😊☝🏻

  • Vivaan Kothari
    Vivaan Kothari Month ago

    I have this car in the same colour

  • Sneha Behal
    Sneha Behal Month ago

    Bhaiya ki sari videos ko like karte aur unke channel ko bhi subscribe kar de

  • Sojan Paul
    Sojan Paul Month ago

    Please take efforts to atleast wash the cars

  • Vijaykumar S
    Vijaykumar S Month ago

    Hi Bro !!! Can u pls share your opinion about KIA seltos HTK + diesel variant if possible !!!!

  • Ibrahim Alauddin
    Ibrahim Alauddin Month ago +1

    Please review renault kwid facelift and datsun go cvt


    kia seltos

  • Shraddha Jadhav
    Shraddha Jadhav Month ago +1

    sir please plan for a meet-up in Mumbai

  • Joju Pulikken
    Joju Pulikken Month ago

    You know this guys foolish guy he doesn't know he is sitting cars just for

  • Darshan Panchal
    Darshan Panchal Month ago


  • Likith Gowda
    Likith Gowda Month ago

    Nood camera man, plz zoom in and show remove working

  • Allvin M
    Allvin M Month ago

    This car is petrol or diesel???

  • Syamantak Dhavle
    Syamantak Dhavle Month ago +3

    How can the engine be vocal if the car is turned off 🤔😜

  • Aditya Jadhav
    Aditya Jadhav Month ago

    The way this video ended ....phenoooominal

  • Subrat Kumar Das
    Subrat Kumar Das Month ago

    Fab remote

  • Shaik Sadaf patel
    Shaik Sadaf patel Month ago

    This not the ur current blog , u hav shoot this blog previously and now u have posted it

  • Sameer Kumar
    Sameer Kumar Month ago +1

    Bro I have been asking for a hayabusa rewiew from a long time pls make another vlog of the rewiew

  • Aditya Bopardekar
    Aditya Bopardekar Month ago

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  • Shanku Ghosh
    Shanku Ghosh Month ago

    Are you using iPhone over the OnePlus? you can't say that R15 is better than RS 200....

  • Nikunj Verma
    Nikunj Verma Month ago +1

    Plz tell me did BMW 530i 2019 launched in india

  • sulaiman fayaz
    sulaiman fayaz Month ago

    I'm a merc fan but this car gets me off the hook every single time absolutely PHENOMENAL car

  • Akhinash Prasad
    Akhinash Prasad Month ago

    Plz do a review on new BMW 7 series

  • Pumpul Ji
    Pumpul Ji Month ago

    Seltos ka bhi kro bro

  • Chandan Kumar Akash

    I don't know who the hell is these peoples who unliked the video😒 Who hates such a luxury car.

    • Chandan Kumar Akash
      Chandan Kumar Akash Month ago +1

      @The Unknown Even on Lamborghini reviews there were unlike. Maybe they are from another universe where which kind of cars they want must be present there😂

    • The Unknown
      The Unknown Month ago

      Must be Lamborghini owners .... 😂

    ARJUN Month ago

    Faisal was in lower gear this time, he reviewed by speaking slowly.......🤔🚀

  • Sooraj S
    Sooraj S Month ago

    Faisal bhai plz review activa 125 bs6

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    Shubham jain Month ago +1

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    Avi Singh Month ago +4

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