Trope Talk: Pure Evil

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    Today let's talk about those paragons of villainy sometimes referred to as "disney evil"; those beacons of menace, those icons of charisma, those unrepentant monsters that DEFINE the meaning of malice. Who's your favorite Pure Evil villain, and what's your favorite part of their villainous breakdown?
    Has my nonstop fangirling convinced you to take my TV recommendations seriously? Then grit your teeth through the early animation and give Reboot a watch HERE:
    EXAMPLES (IN ROUGH ORDER): Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Sleeping Beauty, Gravity Falls, Avatar: The Last Airbender, 101 Dalmatians, The Killing Joke, Batman: The Animated Series, Transformers Prime, Maleficent, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Reboot, Dragon Ball Z, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
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  • John Martin
    John Martin 10 hours ago

    I also think two other elements you touched on but didn't emphasize is that in order for a pure evil villain to work from a story perspective they also need to have a personal relationship to the characters in the story or fit in with the themes and ideas. Cause even with all the Disney Villains who seem similar they would not work as well if put into different films. A villain like Ozai for example may be simplistic in terms of motive, but his actions have large personal effects on all of our other main characters, and his actions also help emphasize the theme of how War changes people and dehumanizes them. Fire Lord Sozin started the war wanting to spread his prosperity and culture to all nations. But the Royal family has become so hardened and ruthless as a result of the war that now they just want to keep their power and burn their enemies to the ground. But that's just something I've noticed in pure evil villains, your thoughts?

  • Darth Sidious, Sheev Palpatine

    Learn from me, if you're pure evil villain is ever boring, give him UNLIMITED POWER

  • Neptune Centari
    Neptune Centari 19 hours ago

    LOVED Reboot!!! I watched it as a kid, so great!

  • Mal Laki
    Mal Laki 20 hours ago

    I think that Thanos' plan to "balance" the universe by indiscriminately dusting half of its population is partly hypocritical. I don't think Thanos was entirely selfless and intentionally excluded himself from being dusted alongside half of the universe as the movies made it sound like he had the mindset of "everyone else but me" as he went to live on a farm right after IW.
    Or I might be over-thinking it. Who knows....

    Edit: Grammar mistakes and stuff

  • Let me take a Jörmungandr at that

    So, if I make a villain that just wants to kill because it’s fun, I can?

  • Asaru Davidson
    Asaru Davidson Day ago

    yall hear MJ in the back?

  • The Little Sonic

    You just bad mouthed MCU Thanos. I'm gonna have to retrieve my like for that.

  • Silverspecs
    Silverspecs Day ago

    Here's the bgm

  • NurbedUp
    NurbedUp Day ago

    Thanos killed the dwarves so that they woudn't make gear that'd counter the gauntlet he forced them to make.

  • Leroy Cruz
    Leroy Cruz Day ago

    Hey Red can the next trope talk to be about Female villain because I'm curious? Because there's not enough female villains except evil queens and witches can you help me out

  • Obtuse Wolf
    Obtuse Wolf 2 days ago

    Woaaah warning for the marvel plz

  • Commander Icon
    Commander Icon 2 days ago

    So a Pure Evil Character has little to no backstory (or the backstory doesn't matter), they are motivated by simple desires, and they have to have some sort of "villain breakdown". So would a Man-Eating Shark, a Giant Serpent, an Army of Spiders, an Alien Queen, and a Man Driven to Kill One Night a Year (especially his family) would they be considered Pure Evil? Or do they fall into another trope?

  • Alex L.
    Alex L. 3 days ago

    Ok gotta disagree that Loki is a "pure evil" villain. Pretty much every evil thing he does is either to:
    1. Make his father proud
    2. Put the metaphorical finger up to his brother
    3. play pranks
    4. Get the throne (so basically 1 and 2)
    He tries to play it off like "pure evil" but he is very much a tortured, unloved person. Also still mad at the Russos for killing him right after he was rightfully redeemed



  • Cruye
    Cruye 3 days ago

    10:12 like you wouldn't have fun fighting the hulk if you were kicking his ass

  • MaDoodleSam
    MaDoodleSam 3 days ago


  • DarkPegasus87
    DarkPegasus87 3 days ago

    Frieza from Dragonball Super is a very good villain, and he's not complicated, at all. In this case, the freaks from Universe 9 make the perfect foils for him. They are cliche in their evil; truly eye-roll worthy. Frieza makes them quake in fear. The clip where he tortures the flier from U9 is just awesome. So is the scene where he has Goku trapped in the energy of destruction and is chatting with the U9 Gods of Destruction and Creation, and even they cannot fathom how evil he is. He's fun to watch without any complex motivations. He only gives a damn about himself and, though he fights alongside Goku and Android 17 against Jiren at the end, there's no complexity to his character. He sees that teaming up is his only hope of surviving and, though it bugs him, he goes with it.

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone 3 days ago

    I see a lot of these pure evil villains being born and bread to be evil.
    Like Fire Lord Mark Hamill & Hela.

  • Monocle Squid
    Monocle Squid 3 days ago +1

    Kono Dio da

  • Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres 3 days ago +1

    Felix from Red vs Blue

    • Shawn Javery
      Shawn Javery 16 hours ago

      The first, and last, good villain of Red v Blue.

  • Simon Gange
    Simon Gange 4 days ago

    Man, I could not watch Reboot because the animation bugged me too much.

    MICHAEL GOLD 4 days ago

    Her definition of pure evil pretty much describes most Republican politicians

  • yilia
    yilia 4 days ago

    I still prefer having complex antagonists or, even better, make the audience question who the real villain is.

  • Solias Magas
    Solias Magas 4 days ago

    I’ve seen a very complex pure evil character. Nox from wakfu spends more than 100 years ripping magical energies out of thing to try to turn back time to write his biggest mistake and should he fail he no longer has anything to lose so the man just goes ham all day every day

  • James Skelton
    James Skelton 4 days ago

    Loved ReBoot

  • iris vandervelden
    iris vandervelden 4 days ago

    *cough* umbridge *cough*

  • Jyothsna Addanki
    Jyothsna Addanki 4 days ago +1


  • LiwenDiamond
    LiwenDiamond 4 days ago

    Variety of the spice of life. Even complex villains can be stale after a while if it's all we get. I prefer to include a mix, even if I naturally tend towards complexity because the real world is morally gray and I like it when the readers can't agree who the objective good guys and bad guys are. A few "pure evil" and "pure good' characters can actually be a breath of fresh air once in a while.

  • CrystalOtaku93
    CrystalOtaku93 4 days ago

    Yuri from arc v! *HES EVIL! PURE EVIL!*

  • Sakura Mikan
    Sakura Mikan 4 days ago

    along with other reasons the pure evil antagonists is why I would argue Akame ga Kill (manga idk about anime) is actually good

  • JChadwell20
    JChadwell20 4 days ago

    I’m disturbed to my core that Reboot is just BARELY scratching the part of my brain that stores all my childhood shows. Like did I watch it? Did I not? I don’t even know at this point.

  • DKing
    DKing 4 days ago

    I feel like the only Villian to ever mix the pure evil aspects and nuanced aspects was Handsome Jack. Dude certainly thought of himself of the hero considering how much he says it, but he’s also batshit insane and reveals in tearing peoples eyes out with spoon in front of there family while there home burns down around them.
    In this case it seems to come down to having a logical reason to be pure evil and/or commit considerably heinous acts and revel in them. Jack was hinted to be horribly abused, treated like consistent dogshit all throughout the pre sequel and had everyone he trusted betray him consistently. Being evil and loving it eventually became his defense mechanism. It ensured that he would be able to accomplish his, on the surface, wholesome goals without any supposed resistance. No one would want to fuck with Jack if he’s shown he’s willing to kill and maim indiscriminately for the fun of it. Maybe I’m reading too much into a game with “bonerfarts” as a punchline though.

  • DominiqueDivine_Lowbrow_artmaker

    Megabite looks like Frasier

  • Epicmonk117
    Epicmonk117 4 days ago

    Do you think someone could apply the “pure evil” trope to the good guy? Or is that just every D&D character ever?

    • Shawn Javery
      Shawn Javery 17 hours ago

      Nothing that wouldn't come off as edgy and terrible. A lot of the traits of a pure evil villain, charisma, a sense of mystery, comes off differently for the good guy. The most similar thing I can think of to a pure evil villain as a good guy is a third act fake plot where a pure evil villain gets revealed to be a good guy.

  • dorkandproudofit
    dorkandproudofit 4 days ago

    The Joker is IMO the perfect archetype of the pure evil villain, particularly because of examples like the one Red mentioned in this video with Harley. Gotham is 90% misunderstood, complex, and/or human-like villains; the Joker is one of the sole exceptions in that there is no complicated motivation to him. There are no redeemable qualities. There is nothing remotely good within him to be redeemed at all. He is, pure and simply, a monster through and through. And whenever you show other villains being fucking HORRIFIED by just how vile the Joker is, it enhances the effect of how scary the Joker is to the audience.

  • Peyton Bloom
    Peyton Bloom 4 days ago

    One of my favorite pure evil characters is Haggar from the Voltron reboot. Like she literally gives zero shits about anyone's life other than my man Zarkon... and oh she just had an identity crisis and sacrificed her life in honor of her dead royal son with her insanely powerful match protagonist... oh ok nvm she's not pure evil.

  • David E
    David E 5 days ago

    Og thanos just wanted to fuck death

  • C C
    C C 5 days ago

    did she just... break all Marvel Movies?
    holy shit, how is this video NOT dislike by a fanboi army. xD

  • edgy trashbitch
    edgy trashbitch 5 days ago

    do I hear a jazz covor of 'bad' by Michael Jackson?

  • Alberto Alicea
    Alberto Alicea 5 days ago

    I love how you enjoyed Reboot! Actually one of my favorite shows.

  • Ric Ancira
    Ric Ancira 5 days ago

    The answer to the question that was brought up from 9:56 - 10:17 about Thanos is...he's psychotic. Please don't ask me how I know. :)

  • shirley lawrence
    shirley lawrence 5 days ago

    Was anyone else distracted by Bad in the background

  • James Flowers
    James Flowers 5 days ago

    Did you know those guys who did reboot ended up making all those barbie movies? weird shit

  • Elaine Arrow
    Elaine Arrow 5 days ago

    My favorite villain is an example of this. Medusa from Soul Eater knows this trope and plays the fucking protagonists like a goddamn drum before almost winning.

  • Abstract Dork
    Abstract Dork 5 days ago

    Off Todoroki?!

  • Plaid PVCPipe
    Plaid PVCPipe 5 days ago

    9:45 thanos is amazing. He has so much character and emotion. You feel sad for him in certain spoiler filled scenes. The moments of pure evil are to demonstrate his devotion and by the way, that impressing death thing from the comics is a really bad story for the way the avengers movies are.

  • Lord Pop
    Lord Pop 5 days ago

    Thanos is ironically unbalanced

  • Kevin Sullivan
    Kevin Sullivan 5 days ago

    Having been running games for 3 decades I find that having more than one Pure Evil master villain dilutes your master villain. You can have various levels of evil 'supporting' henchmen and minions, but when it comes right down to it you really only need one pure evil master villain who manipulates other evil people into doing things that muddy the waters so the master plan can go on unhindered. "Wait, if the Marauders did not doing X, who did?"

  • Comfort Zone
    Comfort Zone 6 days ago

    I would love to see you cover the "Knight of Cerberus" trope on this show sometime

  • Alyenbird
    Alyenbird 6 days ago

    Megabyte is so my fav.

  • Tahn Matulessy
    Tahn Matulessy 6 days ago

    REBOOT!!! Yes! Someone else remembers it.... I personally loved the maniacal Hexadecimal

  • TheMelonQueen
    TheMelonQueen 6 days ago

    So this isn’t a trope, but I really want to hear your thoughts on what developing an character/ writing a character arc really dose or even is.
    I hope you have good day/night and I really enjoy your videos

  • Great Teacher
    Great Teacher 7 days ago

    Blame anime for robot teeth. Pearly white teeth at that.

  • Obtuse Wolf
    Obtuse Wolf 7 days ago

    Bob in the pod

  • Shealyne Anglin
    Shealyne Anglin 7 days ago

    11:29 Hey it's EMH :)!
    Love that show (fav version of the Avengers)

  • hellatze
    hellatze 7 days ago


    its treason then.

  • Larry Garfield
    Larry Garfield 7 days ago +1

    The musical selections in this whole series are majorly on point.

  • Rainbow the wind sage

    I loved to see you guys talk about villian protagonists. I feel like most places that talk about stories makes the assumption that you want to write a hero character, and I'd like to see someone explore it just because villian protagonists are kinda hard to write.

  • R0-83-RT
    R0-83-RT 7 days ago

    What about Force of Nature pure Evil VIllains. Examples, Trigon, Unicron, The Anti-Monitor, and Abeloth.

  • kenny white
    kenny white 7 days ago

    R slash incell??
    Can someone please educate me on what she's talking about

    • Great Teacher
      Great Teacher 7 days ago

      +kenny white tl;dr: bitter mostly male virgins with no social skills lashing out at women who reject them or women in general

    • kenny white
      kenny white 7 days ago

      +Great Teacher can ya jus be a pal and give me a idiots explaination?

    • Great Teacher
      Great Teacher 7 days ago

      Type in "r/incel" or "r/niceguy" on youtube and have fun

  • Gabriel Wright-Dunn
    Gabriel Wright-Dunn 7 days ago

    13:48 - Does anyone else hear the sound of blowing or are my ears playing tricks on me?

  • Unknown Channel
    Unknown Channel 8 days ago

    I think what they were doing with Thanos is he is a purely evil villain who thinks he is a complicated one. His backstory suggests this because even before his planet dies he recommends that half the population should be killed and the moments of pure villainy shows that he is nothing more than pure evil. Heck, his backstory sounds tragic, but it is also being described by him. He may have twisted what happened to justify is acts of villainy. He is similar to Handsome Jack from the Borderlands series. Handsome Jack thinks he is a hero but is a villain because he wants to exterminate all life on Pandora. His actions would solve the problem of the lawlessness of Pandora, but still, the wrong way to handle it just like Thanos's genocide 4 food scheme. Even in Jack's backstory in the Pre-Sequal, it looks like a tragic and complicated backstory, but throughout the game is shown to be innately evil and just covering it up with the idea of the greater good. The big difference between these two characters is that Thanos's pure villainy is much more subtle than Jack's because everything we know about his comes from him and not an outside character. The reason we know Jack's tragic backstory is B.S. is because we have an outside perspective (Athena) telling us about Jack.

  • Jason Goodman
    Jason Goodman 8 days ago

    Kefka has always been my favorite example of pure evil done right.

  • bjs854
    bjs854 8 days ago

    SERIOUSLY! How is this person NOT a literary professor for some college? She clearly knows what she’s talking about AND we enjoy hearing what she has to say. But the best factors: we understand what she’s saying and LEARN from it.

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 8 days ago

    I feel obligated to say that reboot is in netflex now.

  • Bronze Dog
    Bronze Dog 8 days ago

    I think I grew up overdosed on these kinds of villains as a kid, and thus sympathetic villains got associated with "mature" when they started showing up in my cartoons in the 90's. I think that arc might have been commonplace enough to become conventional wisdom among a lot of executives, similar to the "realism" of dark and gritty.

    I find the problem with "conventional wisdom" is that it's used as an excuse for stagnation and formulaic writing by people who have power over creative teams. The "rules" for successful writing are more complex than watching trends.

  • Cheletiba
    Cheletiba 8 days ago

    Woolie-baiting The Episode

  • Mordalon
    Mordalon 8 days ago

    I just discovered this channel and have loved the Tropes talk. 2 things I'd like to ask/note. Firstly, Have you seen/heard of the animed Gurren Lagann? It's basically 99% of my favorite tropes in a single series, some you've already covered. The villains are simultaneously hammy and awesome while also having nuanced motivations, and the trope it does the best that I think is worth discussing is Rule of Cool, with the related trope that it's the trope namer of being Beyond the Impossible.
    Secondly, I've noticed you basically never use examples from video games, many of which have some of the best versions of these tropes you've covered.

  • Crab lord
    Crab lord 9 days ago

    Thanos killing Loki is something I have to disagree on with you. He enjoyed it because he resents people who are dishonorable and silver tongued. Heck, his encounter with the Collector, though an illusion, gives us an idea on how he views liars. He also never once, lies to anyone to manipulate. Beating up Hulk was a statement that he could not be stopped. I didn't find him enjoying it too much, except when he gloats at Hulk's look of confusion when Thanos breaks Hulk's hold on his neck. But even that was like I said, a statement. He didn't initiate the fight, but he sure as well wasn't running from it either.
    Still great content though.

  • Miguel Granados
    Miguel Granados 9 days ago

    Ok, my and many other people's take on Thanos summarized. The reason why he works (for me at least) is because he's humble and arrogant at the same time. He see's himself and actively has totally convinced himself that he's just a messenger carrying the will of the universe on his shoulders, he sees himself as a herald who, after seeing he's entire planet die from over-population came to the conclusion that he was right, and that the universe itself was asking him to execute his tremendously stupid plan.
    That's the humble part, he has convinced himself he's fighting and sacrificing himself for the greater good, that he's just a servant of destiny, that he's cursed with knowledge, he's the only one with the will to act upon it...
    That line is where his narcism comes into play, yeah, he thinks of himself as a servant, but he thinks of himself as THE BEST and ONLY servant capable of carrying on that mission, he champions himself. He has both a God complex, and a Messiah complex, that's what makes him fearful, but somewhat relatable-ish, imposing, but vulnerable, and just don't agree he is in anyway written as PURE EVIL.
    When he beats the crap out of the Hulk, in no moment I felt he was being pure evil enjoying other's suffering, but for me it was more about him "proving himself", which is another way of saying "showing off", cause moments before he refered himself as destiny when he uttered the phrase "destiny always arrives, I've arived". Again, not only a messiah, but the only and more capable messiah.
    He's shown to recognize or even admire or praise an opponent for his strenght or will, he believes in sacrifice and only takes out of the equation what he sees as an obstacle, just think about it, all the heroes he fought during IW...he just subdues them, he could pretty much have killed all of the heroes he encountered, but non of them represented a true obstacle to him, the most powerful sourcerer couldn't defeat him, a man giving his all and putting all of his might to take him down just barely scratch him (that applies to Tony and Cap couldn't even scratch him, he just slowed him down a little).
    But there's something that does get under his skin, a lair. In Endgame that thing of "my father is many things, but he's not a lair" isn't just a throw away line. It stands true to every part of his character, he doesn't hide his intentions, he actually champions them as merciful and argues for them, but because the world has told him time after time his resolve is wrong, he doesn't feel the need to convince others, cause in his mind he's the only one that knows the truth and everybody else is stubborn by nature. So...he doesn't lie, and he has no respect, compassion or pacience with those who do, like the self-serving un-trust-worthy collector and the literal "god of mischief".
    As for the dwarfs, I'm pretty sure that a race of people who can make another infinity gauntlet or a "Thanos killing kind of weapon" to anyone who comes by will represent an obstacle to your plan that you have to get rid off in one way or another. As for Heimdal....hmmmm...his contract was over(?) Yeah...I've got nothing for that one, that is the one that breaks the molde for me. Still, i think he was 99% perfectly written.
    And I also don't like witty quippy Ultron, specially when it doesn't fit with his plan based on "cold machine logic". And his ovie design is too expressive to be intimidating in this iteration.

  • Long Live Planet Awesome

    Would Carmen Sandiego count as a Pure Evil Villain? I mean, she steals famous historical monuments, documents, and artifacts just because she likes the challenge. However, she does have some sort of a backstory. She also works with the ACME detectives when it benefits her. Does that make her more or less of a Pure Evil Villain?

  • PixelMaster
    PixelMaster 10 days ago +1

    I think the point about Ultron is/was that he doesn't know what to do. His AI logic tells him to kill humanity, but he also has human traits given to him by his creators, which conflict with his AI logic. He's internally torn, and I think that's really a major part of his personality.
    Note: this theory/interpretation is solely based on the movie, I have not read the comics.

  • Casual Killing Spree Welcome To The Apocalypse

    So would slade off teen titans count 🤔

  • chavesa5
    chavesa5 10 days ago

    Red you get major points docked for not recognizing that while Thanos does have emotions and sympathetic qualities *all* of his actions are designed to indicate that he is at best a massive hypocrite and at worst a truly unhinged narcissist. It's all show, with only a little tell.

    Ultron and Malekith were just badly written, to be blunt.

  • Emma S
    Emma S 10 days ago

    *I love you*

    But not in a creepy way

  • jcdwriter
    jcdwriter 10 days ago +1

    The one Pure Evil ™️ villain I can think of who’s backstory mattered is Voldemort, but that was because of the Horcruxes.

  • Danielle M Hall
    Danielle M Hall 10 days ago

    My villain killed 70% of her extended family because her grandfather change the succession so her uncles inherit her throne... Then her uncles kill her dad. I like to think of it as justified overkill.
    She has no motivation other than being queen at any cost.

  • ArachCobra
    ArachCobra 11 days ago

    When I think of pure evil villains, I always think of Aku from Samurai Jack. Entertaining, evil and constantly trying out new things. Never boring to watch IMO.

  • Super Saiyan 2 Gogetto

    Okay so I'm not as well informed in character writing as I'd like to think but I will defend Thanos. The reason he kills Loki can be one of several reasons. A) he could see Loki as a threat to his cause because Loki himself is a walking reality stone. B) it could be that he wanted to make sure the space stone was actually there and not an illusion made by Loki and to be 100% sure Loki isn't tricking him he kills him. C) (this is a joke) he could've been counting the number of Asgardians he's killed and realized he's one short of half so death to the funny one.
    The reason he enjoys the fight with hulk could be because he's has thousands if not millions of people try and fight me to prevent their people's deaths. He was probably thinking "it's funny seeing him try". It could also be that he's a not giddy knowing his plan is finally succeeding.
    Thanos is a complex villain that has a sympathetic plan that is also more flawed than his complex villain brethren. He wants to achieve his goal and will capture/fight/torture/and kill all those who stand in his way or can become a threat.

  • Shykaru
    Shykaru 11 days ago +2

    Did anyone else think of Dio as a really good villain??? He has a great back story and he is still a pure evil villain, according to speedwagon

  • Cqzmic
    Cqzmic 11 days ago

    Aku, Frieza, Cell, The Lich

  • Ganesan Sathasivam
    Ganesan Sathasivam 11 days ago +1

    You forgot AZULA!!

  • Samuel Crow
    Samuel Crow 11 days ago

    Soooo.. what would the unbidden be? The unbidden are the extradimensional energy beings that want to destroy all life in the galaxy because that is how they perform elections when a king dies the factions head to a galaxy with plenty of life and sufficient dimensional instability (using warpdrive) and the faction with the most kills has their leader inherit the throne. So what kind of villain are they?

  • Jacob
    Jacob 11 days ago +1

    Kira : i do evil cuz i wanna live normally

  • Pablo the Anarchist
    Pablo the Anarchist 11 days ago

    The lich is the best in my opinion.

  • Janus Flanus
    Janus Flanus 12 days ago

    Whats the tune playing throughout the entire video?

  • Vir Jin
    Vir Jin 12 days ago

    *bill cypher is cold blooded but still hot*

  • Rocketboy 1313
    Rocketboy 1313 12 days ago

    This is all useful advice for what I call, "THE LOOMING THREAT" in Dungeons and Dragons.
    That while the player characters are going on adventures and trying to accomplish goals, over all of it is some looming threat whose defeat is the ultimate goal of the campaign.
    I recommend having more than 1, my last game had 3 and that strikes me as a good number to provide a DM with a diverse array of monster clusters to work with, you have the Demon guy, the Undead guy, and the Mutants/Aberrations thing.

  • Dilay Aydoğdu
    Dilay Aydoğdu 12 days ago

    Pure Evil: Euron Greyjoy from the books. He wants to rule, destroy and he wants to be a god. That's it. Nothing tragic, sad or relatable. He's just evil and it's awesome. Because in a "grey character's are everywhere" series, Euron even surpasses Ramsay and sits on the throne of sociopath, manipulative, genius bastards who wants to rule everything.

  • Lola Fischer
    Lola Fischer 12 days ago

    dang i guess it is good if it works!! man m english teacher is gonna be so mad

    ps thank you finally a concrete analysis for starscream and his evilness

  • I made you read this
    I made you read this 12 days ago

    People are evil because they don't care about you. Sure they would be your friend if you weren't an obstacle in their way. But you are.

  • Jack nienhaus
    Jack nienhaus 12 days ago

    @thedarkone from the wheel of time. Love that whole shit.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 12 days ago

    There's so many pure evil villains, I'm only gonna list my finest examples.
    Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
    Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
    Frieza (DBZ)
    King Ghidorah, Gigan, and SpaceGodzilla (Godzilla franchise)
    M Bison (Street Fighter)
    Voldemort (Harry Potter)
    Taurus Bulba (Darkwing Duck)
    Sykes (Oliver & Company)
    General Mandible (Antz)
    Lotso (Toy Story 3)
    Darth Sidious (Star Wars franchise)
    Slade (Teen Titans)
    Judge Doom (Roger Rabbit)
    Mcleach (Rescuers Down Under)
    Commander Rourke (Atlantis The Lost Empire)
    Scarecrow (Arkham Knight)
    Katz (Courage)
    Freddy Krueger
    Shan Yu (Mulan)

  • Eric Polo
    Eric Polo 12 days ago

    There is a new reboot on xetflix

  • Eric Polo
    Eric Polo 12 days ago

    There is a new reboot

  • Will Kuehler
    Will Kuehler 13 days ago

    I figured Thanos is just a hypocrite who seems to think he’s doing good but deep down he’s an asshole.

  • C. D. Dailey
    C. D. Dailey 13 days ago

    I don't like this trope. I prefer the complex villain. It is weird to call such a villain "fun". Maybe there is something else going on. People have a tendency to polarize things to good and evil in process known as splitting. Maybe people do it because it is comforting. They know right away who to trust and who not to trust. Maybe pure villains are comforting in that they are clearly untrustworthy. One doen't need to worry about betrayl when a guy is obviously bad to begin with

    I hope you do a trope talk on elemental powers. It is my favorite trope.

  • James Clary
    James Clary 13 days ago

    This video was great.

    Enjoy having to reevaluate Thanos, though I am chagrined to admit I did not notice the inconsistency before you brought it up.

    Obviously, I do not one hundred percent agree with all your examples and criticisms, but they each have a decent thrust to them. I made a similar point in a conversation several years ago talking about Nazi's in movies. I love movies with Nazi's as the villains because no one tries to understand or sympathize with them. It is okay for them to be evil. It seems like in a quest for greater depth and nuance, we push for a world where the villains aren't all evil, or, our side isn't all good. While appreciate nuance, and it is the right way to study history, sometimes I just want to see GI Joe go after Cobra, or generic Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Van Damn character go through the enemy with basic ideas of morality enforced.

    Of course, now I am thinking about many deeper questions regarding depth and aims of the creation of stories, along the lines of Herman Melville changing the story of Moby Dick after reading the scarlet letter, and deciding (according to the tale), that he should make a deeper story. The question of writers telling good stories vs. trying to make great art. Obviously, we want people to try to tell great stories with epic sweeps, but often these get bogged down and pretentious, and miss the tone that work was marketed as initially.

  • wyvern876
    wyvern876 13 days ago

    In curious now what your take on Hellsing Ultimate would be. In that series one of the main characters (though personally I'd call him more of a hyper-prominent supporting character) is, by all writing standards, a pure evil villain: unshakeable confidence, dramatic flair and charisma, does horrible things for the love of doing them (albeit partially,) and so on.

  • Andrew Tucker
    Andrew Tucker 13 days ago

    Trope talk monster of the week