Trope Talk: Pure Evil

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    Today let's talk about those paragons of villainy sometimes referred to as "disney evil"; those beacons of menace, those icons of charisma, those unrepentant monsters that DEFINE the meaning of malice. Who's your favorite Pure Evil villain, and what's your favorite part of their villainous breakdown?
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Comments • 5 851

  • Keith Grey
    Keith Grey 8 hours ago

    Question, would Salem from RWBY be a Pure evil villain?

  • MrTigracho
    MrTigracho 19 hours ago

    Shigaraki Tomura has become one.

  • Furious Fox
    Furious Fox Day ago

    7:07 bold of you to assume Jimmy Olsen *couldn't* take on General Zodd

  • Atrium Games&More

    I'm gonna play Thanos's Advocate real quick. Just because he doesn't feel unending exaltation in wiping half the universe, doesn't mean he couldn't appreciate a decent fight. Good guys get to do good things and enjoy a good fight, so why couldn't Thanos? And Loki has failed, betrayed, and failed and betrayed him, so Thanos, a semi-mortal being with emotions, would probably be pissed at him, so choking to death isn't exactly beyond the pale. And Etri? He knew that he couldn't leave them alive to make weapons, and in his "Mercy", he left a disfigured dwarf who (in his mind) could do him no harm. Good characters do bad things, so a bad guy who sees himself as good could and would do badder things that he believesmare necessary. Thanos=Great Villian. Ultron.... I agree with you completely.

  • Tobias Gund
    Tobias Gund Day ago

    I really REALLY love Palpatines crazy cackling evil moments of pure evilness.

  • I FEEL NoThiNg!
    I FEEL NoThiNg! Day ago

    Pure Evil?: Eric Cartman.
    Nuff said.

  • Imperator Drakon

    I mean would people side with Thanos more if they saw he was in love with Death? As for robot teeth, i have no clue. My guess is it makes them more human looking?

  • sabster79
    sabster79 2 days ago +1

    One reason writers want to make villains sympathetic is bc some writers haven’t actually encountered a purely evil person. I have, and I can tell you, there are purely evil ppl in the world. Like, who cares ab hitler’s backstory?

  • Athina Last Name
    Athina Last Name 2 days ago +2

    I watched this whole thing and still think all pure evil villains suck :/

  • sushi shush
    sushi shush 2 days ago

    Funny valentines arc
    Enough said

  • Shredow2
    Shredow2 2 days ago +1

    I have to disagree on your evaluation of Thanos. A villain believing they are ultimately justified and a villain being sadistic aren't mutually exclusive character traits. Thanos also isn't really conflicted except when he has to kill Gamorra, which is a consequence of him caring for her rather than him having doubts about his goal. Thanos is called the mad titan for a reason, he's crazy. His messiah complex essentially allows him to justify anything he does as being for the greater good even when it clearly has no direct correlation to his goals. This lets him act out his inherent sadism while also viewing himself as a savior. Agree on Ultron though, they needed to chose a direction and stick with it there.

  • Alice Liddell
    Alice Liddell 3 days ago +1

    Are we going to get a pure chaos video?

  • Kyle Mouttet
    Kyle Mouttet 3 days ago

    Best character, Enzo.
    Best support character, Gunner.

  • Adelaide Abashov
    Adelaide Abashov 3 days ago

    silly idea i just had: pure evil villain, where the society they're being asocial to is bad, so we're routing for the villain to fuck it up, while in their eyes they're all muahahahahaha

  • osaretin Egharevba
    osaretin Egharevba 4 days ago

  • TheCJ
    TheCJ 4 days ago

    to be honest, some "pure evil villains" are better that a Villian with incredibly stupid lame-ass tragic motivations.

  • Richelle Tong
    Richelle Tong 4 days ago

    white diamond. complicated foil, yellow and blue diamond

  • yoshimnm
    yoshimnm 5 days ago

    If they ever do Darkseid in a movie I’d want him to be pure evil. The guy lives on a planet called Apokolips and his name has “dark” in it, so just go full evil with him.

  • ShojoDraws
    ShojoDraws 5 days ago

    Anyone think of Hidan?

  • Ricky N
    Ricky N 6 days ago

    HAHA I was about to be really sad if you namedropped Megatron but didn’t say anything about Starscream wew lads Lindsay Ellis put me on this train and I have no intention of getting off lol

  • XynthoanXV2
    XynthoanXV2 6 days ago

    I see the OG Malificent and the live action Malificent as two different characters.
    The live action back story is not the back story of the OG version.

  • -sesame mochi-
    -sesame mochi- 7 days ago

    hold on is Megatron literally Zarkon from Voltron? like- down to the glowing purple eyes, cooperation with a now-enemy, destruction of home-planet, corruption, that's just- that's literally just the Galra Empire. I'm not sure which came first but the resemblance is exceedingly striking and exact

  • Edox the Infinite
    Edox the Infinite 7 days ago

    Making a pure evil villain work cannot be done if you don’t give him a personality, a sort of charisma. You know, character quirks and stuff like that. That’s the reason why I love Frieza so much.

  • txkyosmoke
    txkyosmoke 7 days ago

    My favorite pure evil villain is Dio. Like,, in the first or second episode he's adopted by this rich dude and the first thing he does when arriving at his new home is kick his new brother's dog (later burns it alive, too). He's a huge asshole for literally no reason, and he's also super charismatic somehow and just so. much. fun. I adore him

  • Darth Sonic 413
    Darth Sonic 413 8 days ago

    I mean, you say all that you said about MCU Thanos as if it’s a given, but he’s the version of the character that’s become a cultural touchstone. Before hand, he was just discount Darkseid.

  • Ak'hasshativeritsol
    Ak'hasshativeritsol 8 days ago

    I have to disagree with you about Thanos. He really does believe he is doing the right thing... but I think there's a healthy amount of cognitive dissonance and self-delusion at play here. He enjoys killing and hurting people, and has built an ideology that enables it while portraying him as the good guy. It's those moments when he kills not just because it's necessary, but because he can, reveal some of that evil underneath. That said, I don't think he is a "psychopath" in the literal sense, because he does have some sense of empathy. He cares for Gamora (in some twisted way), and the fact that he needs to make up this ideology to justify his violent streak shows that he cares about what's right (though again, his cognitive dissonance is twisting what's "right" to fit him). So, I'd say Thanos actually straddles "pure evil" and "complex motivations" pretty well.

    I think the real problem with Infinity War is that there isn't really a philosophical battle at play between the protagonists and the antagonist. Thanos has his ideology, but I don't think the good guys are even aware of it, let alone are they at odds with it except in the limited sense that it pits them against each other in the plot. Compare with the Dark Knight trilogy, where Batman's philosophy is that the people of Gotham are good and worth fighting for (manifested by his refusal to kill); this is at odds with the League of Shadows, which believes that Gotham is beyond saving and must be destroyed, and with the Joker, who believes that people are fundamentally bad, and they should quit clinging to their self delusions of good. In both cases, there is a clear philosophical dimension of the conflict to back up the action. This is what was missing from Infinity War.

  • Cassidy Crawford
    Cassidy Crawford 8 days ago

    Honestly, a really good example of a Pure Evil Villain, that you unfortunately overlooked, is Dio Brando of JJBA. While he does have a back story and things that happen through out said backstory that show why he is such an asshole, it takes the back-burner in comparison to his Vampiric abilities, part 3 & 6 spoilers, and his charismatic character. It's fun to see him fuck with Jonathan,and despite being the antagonist of Part 1, he genuinely becomes one of the best parts of the show, at least until David Bowie and The Godfather come along, but I digress.

  • Otimo
    Otimo 8 days ago

    ReBoot freaking blew my mind when things started going tits up lol. My child brain was not ready for it XD

  • Austin Setser
    Austin Setser 8 days ago

    Thanos is inconsistent bc he views himself as a tragic hero, while everything he does and says shows he’s just got a selfish motivation to prove his worldview was right

  • Hem Rainsford
    Hem Rainsford 9 days ago

    😀 Actually they gave Bill Cipher one poem of backstory, and if you know it, its interesting how much in crazy world denial he may be in. Axolotl!

  • Flora Clampet
    Flora Clampet 9 days ago

    cough *kilgrave* cough

  • Miriam Ware
    Miriam Ware 10 days ago +1

    you should do a video on how to wright complicated villans!

  • Thalia Petrillo
    Thalia Petrillo 10 days ago

    5:01 shego from Kim Possible?
    I'm your biggest faaaan😶

  • mathystuff
    mathystuff 12 days ago +1

    Light Yagami's third act breakdown is the best

    • mathystuff
      mathystuff 12 days ago

      And he's also an awesome villain that kind of blurs the line between pure evil and not really.

  • stuntmen75
    stuntmen75 12 days ago

    Man, I'm gonna miss Adventure Times Lich

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 12 days ago

    Handsome Jack

  • Chiara Spagnolatti
    Chiara Spagnolatti 13 days ago

    Red:says that there can't be a pure evil villain with a tragic backstory and a redemption arc that works
    Spinel:Allow me to introduce myself

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 13 days ago

    8:54 See, almost every villain in RWBY. Especially Adam.

  • Emma Borgard
    Emma Borgard 13 days ago

    can I just say the music in this trope talk is RAD

  • Noah Royalty
    Noah Royalty 13 days ago

    I love that this whole episode's theme is just a modified version of Michael Jackson's Bad

  • Elijah Evans
    Elijah Evans 15 days ago

    I kind of like the background music (sometimes) but can you change it? Whenever I watch your channel drunk and/or high I get a lot of anxiety

  • Moses Zero
    Moses Zero 15 days ago

    Pure Evil = Frieza

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox
    Zaphod Beeblebrox 16 days ago

    I love this video, but I think you’re wrong about Thanos. Thanos is a straight up sociopath who is flat out wrong about his own actions. His actions conflict with his beliefs because his rationale is incorrect. There is also a definite split between Thanos before and after he sheds his armor. Killing Loki, fighting the Hulk, killing the dwarves, all of this takes place right at the start, or before. For the entire rest of the movie, he has plenty of opportunities to kill the heroes, and he always opts for incapacitation. He ends up with a significant amount of respect for the Avengers, especially Tony, because he admires their commitment to their cause, which he holds parallel to his own commitment. Infinity War was Thanos’ movie, he is the protagonist of his twisted story, and the film tells his story. Also, Josh Brolin is perfect.

  • Littlebird Night
    Littlebird Night 16 days ago

    Visser 3 from the Animorphs series is a great example of this trope!

  • TheRezro
    TheRezro 16 days ago

    Well, Thanos is Mad Titan. He is both anti-villain and pure evil. Yes, he has complex reasoning behind his actions but he is also psychopathic sadist, who justify own actions even if they don't corespondent with his goal. I don't see it as bad writing and strongly disagree with his comic motive, what is just stupid. I agree that Cartoon Villains can be used in proper way and forcibly seeking justification is bad, but like everything it depend on the context. In case of Thanos it simply work, as his comic book version suck.

  • Dunmer Warrior
    Dunmer Warrior 16 days ago

    Everything you don't like about MCU Ultron is what i love with that version. ESPECIALLY THE TEETH

  • -K O K O- bean
    -K O K O- bean 16 days ago

    I _really_ have a strong urge to write a pure evil villain that when he gets kicked out of their own 'villain club', they end up catching up with the main characters while picking up a coffee at the local starbucks.

  • Sum Gai
    Sum Gai 16 days ago

    The fact that you're rocking ReBoot as hard as you did nearly brought a tear to my eye. I actually marathon it at least once a year in my off-time. It was so fun watching it, growing up. The pure Comp-Knowledge pun-tastic lingo they'd use for dialogue was next level writing on its own. And as far as I know, it's still the only show that actually used binary to tell a joke that even when translated, went over every kid's head..... man, I haven't watched it yet this year, time to fire it up.

  • Alsina Kiria
    Alsina Kiria 17 days ago

    All I hear is an accurate description of Hisoka. This whole video.

  • Eric Withakay
    Eric Withakay 17 days ago

    Megabyte: pure evil
    Hexadecimal: pure chaos
    Bill Cipher: both

  • Alex Aelx
    Alex Aelx 17 days ago

    Is griffith a pure evil villian then?

  • StevoPL
    StevoPL 18 days ago

    Best pure evil I encountered: Adachi in Persona 4. He is evil because being good takes more effort.

  • CareerKnight
    CareerKnight 18 days ago

    11:40 Ultron feels like a disgruntled evil minion carrying out someone else's plan because he is. It's never explicitly stated (in movie probably due to the behind the scenes clusterfuck and the second wave Marvel movies having a weird love/hate relationship with their own continuity and not in later films probably due to the films negative reception) but just like with Loki in the first Avengers Ultron is Thanos's doing as well. That's why the program immediately finds a match the second Tony and Bruce leave the room and why he immediately goes insane as Thanos's programing of conquering/destroying the Earth for him and Tony's programing of protecting it clash. It doesn't fix all the problems with Ultron (movie or character) but a lot of his actions start making a lot of sense and lines take on new meaning with this realization. Another reason they never brought this up later is that this plan by Thanos is way more evil chess-master than they ended up eventually taking the character.

  • BDD
    BDD 18 days ago +1

    The only Type of villian I hate is the "controled by something evil" Type. It's stupid, unoriginal and takes the development off the character.

  • JediSpectre117
    JediSpectre117 19 days ago

    Getting real fed up with people wanting sympathetic villains and saying a villain for the sake of villainy is bad. There are people throughout history who did evil things because they wanted to it, they did it for the laughs! So shut up.
    Also bring back the good Disney villains. None this past decade have been good.

  • Dunmer Warrior
    Dunmer Warrior 19 days ago

    THANK YOU. I am sick of people telling me my favorite villains are bad because they aren't complex. Sauron is pure evil, Joker is pure evil and even Emperor Fucking Palpatine is pure evil. Some people are just to snobby to let others enjoy something simple.

  • Sexy Dango
    Sexy Dango 19 days ago

    This reminded me of the Goddess of Chaos Eris from the movie Simbad, she just loves to see the world fall into chaos, as simple as that, and she has this playfull personality about it (as in, she has fun playing with the lives of mortals lol).
    That's why she's my favorite by far in the movie, I didn't want her to win but you can bet I enjoyed watching her being evil xD

  • Lizard Wizard
    Lizard Wizard 19 days ago

    It doesn’t fit exactly, but when you said pure evil x pure chaos I instantly thought of she ra with hordac and entrapta

  • Axza95
    Axza95 19 days ago

    i thought new thanos made sense

  • RoyalStarlord
    RoyalStarlord 19 days ago

    Invader Zim could also be considered pure evil. :3