Dubai Is Building The World's Tallest Structure (Dubai Creek Tower)

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • An inside look at what will soon be the tallest structure ever built, the Dubai Creek Tower. Dubai continues to blow us away with incredible innovation and architecture.
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    Dubai Is Building The World's Tallest Structure (Dubai Creek Tower)
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  • Top Trending
    Top Trending  6 months ago +79

    Who else wants to go to Dubai that hasn't already?

  • maria hernandez
    maria hernandez 18 days ago

    The Dubai Creek Tower will be taller than the Jeddah Tower

  • Cypher
    Cypher 23 days ago

    Wow The Middle East and Africa are really starting to become rich. With Dubai to Sandton and Burj Khalifa to The Leonardo Tower.😱😯

    ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ 24 days ago

    I'm jealous as fk about those Arabian bitches

    Meanwhile I'm an Arabian 😂

  • Andi Soshal
    Andi Soshal 25 days ago

    Very interesting vid, but why is the narrator speaking at 90 miles per hour? It's exhausting to listen to.

  • Sajeel Durrani
    Sajeel Durrani 28 days ago

    Who else will miss Burj khalifa ?

  • X-gamer Pro
    X-gamer Pro 28 days ago

    1 billion

  • Angel Maria Martín

    Calatrava? Really,... will be a disaster.

  • Amina Selloum
    Amina Selloum Month ago

    But this tower it use for what

  • KenzoCannParisCannberg Bestpilonyc Tacticheskiy

    I do revenge the mockingbird. Rempeyek Kuih Raya/200 pakej new diplomatic box to Spratty and To Perniagaan Export BDB. unins

  • Ala Uddin Armani
    Ala Uddin Armani Month ago


  • François Miville
    François Miville 2 months ago

    Instead of building mile-high towers they should strive to make the place into a fertile oasis by changing the climate for a gentler one and it is actually possible. Mecca should have gone green instead of las vegas style.

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H 2 months ago

    Why would anyone want to go to Dubai? Just to look at buildings and poor city planning?

  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa 2 months ago

    I wouldnt focus too much on the height of a building, as the view from the top of the building is much more important. What is the point of having the highest building in the world if the surroundings are not breath taking? The surroundings are as important as the height of the tower. innit? and both must really be needed for people's daily life. no just a block of iron and cement

  • Navo7 And friends
    Navo7 And friends 2 months ago

    But no one can build like the Burj Khalifa is built

  • Cartoon World
    Cartoon World 2 months ago +2

    They should build a giant spongebob tower it would be nice it would stand out

  • Kenna Nichols
    Kenna Nichols 2 months ago

    It's like they thought "you know guys, yeah, we already got the Burj Khalifa....but let's just build something else for the heck of it. Just cause we can......"
    I swear they're on a whole nother level over there

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 3 months ago

    There is a scene in "Shrek" when Shrek looks back at Donkey when they finally arrive a Farquaads' Castles and euphemistically smirks." Do you think he's compensating for something" ?

  • Beau Sexon
    Beau Sexon 3 months ago

    Building has been on hold for months and I doubt it will ever happen. It took 7 years to make progress on the Dubai wheel, let alone the biggest tower in the world. They’ve only built the foundations,

  • Frans De Groot
    Frans De Groot 3 months ago

    It al will sink in the sea and sand it all wil be destroid

  • ingrid gonsalvez
    ingrid gonsalvez 3 months ago

    Reminds me of the tower of Babel, one big earthquake n the whole city will crash, man can never ever compete with God

  • Whabo
    Whabo 3 months ago +1

    Do you really call this progress? Why not spend that money on education .... manufacturing ... and human/religious freedoms. Same with Dubai ... spending money to "SHOW" is hardly any progress... you are still a third world country... Progress comes with education ... discoveries ... and moving your civilians forward... what good is this tower when half of your population can't write their name .. you hire foreign architects... foreign engineers and even foreign laborers (with slave wages)... You call that progress? Look how Europe, USA, China, Brazil, India, and Australia are investing their money and learn how to move your society forward. No women rights ... You can't even assemble a bicycle on your own .. but look a skyscraper... Once the world moves away from fossil fuels your cities will be abandoned and you will go back to finishing for a living.

  • znasser1
    znasser1 3 months ago

    Haya doin y'all!!! 😁😁😁

  • Hey Momma
    Hey Momma 3 months ago

    Jeddah building will NOT be completed in 2020 where the hell u getting all that from? That building is probably like 30% completely at best... it most likely wont even be built at all

  • Faik Ismajli
    Faik Ismajli 3 months ago

    Perfect. The hadith about the competition in building a largest tower is olready mention by Prophet Muhammed as.
    Narrated Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu): Allah’s Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “The Hour will not be established till …the people compete with one another in constructing high buildings…” [Sahih Bukhari]
    Thus, competing in the construction of tall buildings is one of the signs of the Day of Judgement. In a hadith recorded in Sahih Muslim, Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) told us that “you shall see barefoot, naked, penniless shepherds vying in constructing high buildings.” This hadith describes people who become rich all of a sudden and then build not for need but only in competition.
    We see this today in the Gulf states, after the oil boom. People who had no money are now competing with one other in erecting tall buildings. They are competing in building taller and taller structures where there is no need to make such buildings, as there is a lot of space! It is not like Singapore or New York or Japan, where people had to build vertically for lack of space.
    Building superfluous structures was one of the characteristics of the people of Aad, who were destroyed by Allah’s punishment. Prophet Huud (alaihis salam) questioned their building unnecessary monuments on top of mountains. But do we even question today what kind of “development” is happening? Or are we too busy gloating in this senseless competition with the Kuffar, that if they can build tall buildings, we can build t

  • smb12321
    smb12321 3 months ago

    Congrats on yet another achievement. In my lifetime I have seen the flow of vitality from the West to the East with architecture leading the way. Folks in China, Japan, Malaysia, UAE, Korea, etc boast of their achievements whereas one can find numerous "I hate skyscrapers / big engineering projects" articles from the US & UK are on the web. New York has gone so far as to consider a ban on steel and glass buildings. One takeaway - i've never seen an Islamic architectural firm or planner. All seem to be from the West.

  • Syd Adnan
    Syd Adnan 3 months ago +1

    Yes dubsi nothing new you always want to be first in everything

  • DH_SIN
    DH_SIN 3 months ago

    boring design done by an old played out engineer who loves symmetry and boring string art shapes and patterns.

  • Jay Holm
    Jay Holm 3 months ago +2

    This video is inaccurate, construction on the Jeddah Tower has stopped.

    • Ali WD
      Ali WD 3 months ago +1

      @Jay Holm you are welcome 🙂

    • Ali WD
      Ali WD 3 months ago +1

      @Jay Holm Ideally the construction should start this August 2019, but the rapid construction should start in 2020.
      As of now, they are improving the infrastructure around it and they are also improving the beach area.

    • Jay Holm
      Jay Holm 3 months ago +1

      @Ali WD ahh! Thanks for the response. If I'm not mistaken, I think I read about NEON a while ago, about it being many times bigger than Manhattan.
      So any idea when vertical construction will continue on the Jeddah Tower?

    • Ali WD
      Ali WD 3 months ago

      @Jay Holm what's more important you say? The infrastructure around it , and without the lively essence out side the tower it's useless.
      NEOM: is a planned cross-border city in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is planned to incorporate smart citytechnologies and also function as a tourist destination. The site is near the Red Sea and the borders that Saudi Arabia shares with Egypt and Jordan. It will have relaxed rules like drinking alcohol, no dress code etc.

    • Jay Holm
      Jay Holm 3 months ago

      @Ali WD what is more important than a 3,000ft tower? And what is NEOM? Didn't the developer of the Jeddah Tower get in some sort of legal trouble?

  • Onesufi johhnybgood
    Onesufi johhnybgood 3 months ago +4

    Build one of the biggest and most high tech universities in the world, now that would be impressive.

  • Stuart Lee
    Stuart Lee 3 months ago

    I don't give a shit.
    Do you?

  • f
    f 3 months ago +2

    Dubai is dying.

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt 3 months ago

    I truly cannot wait to see this magnificent piece of glacial scaled architecture completed in the middle of the city. It’s almost like a beautiful dress made of thin threads of silk. Really wish to go and see it someday. Fingers crossed for 2021.

  • Lloyd Craft
    Lloyd Craft 3 months ago


  • Andre Beretta
    Andre Beretta 3 months ago

    I don’t care what they build, I’ll never step foot in that country because it’s safer not to.

    • That one
      That one 3 months ago

      You gotta be kidding 😂🤣 how the hell isn't it safe? Not to mention they already get 40 million tourists making them the third most visited after Paris and Bangkok. But seriously how is it not safe?

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B 3 months ago

    You mean antenna

  • Skeptical Chris
    Skeptical Chris 3 months ago +4

    overcompensating for something?

  • Robert B Rice
    Robert B Rice 3 months ago

    The only city in the world where nobody gives an f if you drive a ferrari. I don't understand the purpose of high density living in a place with so much open land. Just a grown up version of Disney land I guess. Islam can suck it I would never want to live in an islamic country.

  • Kim Jong Trump
    Kim Jong Trump 3 months ago

    This will be the final nail in the coffin. Dubai has an economical recession on the way

  • valentino00o
    valentino00o 3 months ago

    Thats a flag pole . Its not the tallest tower or building in the world
    Emirates are horney to have the biggest & tallest things even to make a flag pole & call it a tower

  • Chem
    Chem 3 months ago

    metric units please

    • A Little Bit Of Gacha Memezž
      A Little Bit Of Gacha Memezž 2 months ago

      Chem I use both, and I think that they should either use Imperial or Metric (preferably Metric, as it is the most used measure system) and then add little subtext in Imperial or Metric.

  • Mr Cruzih2000
    Mr Cruzih2000 4 months ago

    This dude fake

  • Mr Cruzih2000
    Mr Cruzih2000 4 months ago

    There won’t be a taller building than Dubai creek tower

  • Fran Andrés
    Fran Andrés 4 months ago

    CALATRAVA? He's a Spanish architecht , and everytime he has built something , the is some serious trouble. Check Museo de Las Artes y Las Ciencias Principe Felipe and L' Hemisferic. Just to start. Not a good decision.

  • robert111k
    robert111k 4 months ago

    Proud it's designed by a Mexican.

  • mma aam
    mma aam 4 months ago +9

    - Who's funding Dubai's tower? government of Dubai.
    - Who's funding Jeddah Tower?
    a single businessman !!!!
    Lets show this man support for pushing humans' accomplishments and capabilities out the limits.

    • That one
      That one 3 months ago

      @Alain he isn't wrong

    • That one
      That one 3 months ago


    • Alain
      Alain 3 months ago +1

      What you call a businessman, I call a robber.

  • Avoidance Technologies
    Avoidance Technologies 5 months ago

    "I know how these scientist think now; example: The Empire State Building has another ground level -> this being (the Spire) could be visually the tip of the ESB and it is pushing up through planet Earth - as seen @ 6:05, of this video)".

  • showcase
    showcase 5 months ago +1

    Abu Hurayra (Radiyallahu Anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The Final Hour will not come until people COMPETE WITH ONE ANOTHER in the height of their buildings.” (Al-Adab al-Mufrad Al-Bukhari by Imam Bukhari)

  • VTM Entertainment
    VTM Entertainment 5 months ago +1

    foolish Petrolium corruption money

  • Austin Croteau
    Austin Croteau 5 months ago

    Can Dubai fuck off?

  • Niklas Enblom
    Niklas Enblom 5 months ago

    The sky’s the limit.

  • cryptoslice
    cryptoslice 5 months ago

    i dont understand why anyone would want to live in the middle east. 50 dregrees in summer and strict laws plus there are so many better places in the world to live if money wasn't a problem.

  • Suffyan Tariq
    Suffyan Tariq 5 months ago

    less than 1% of Dubais GDP is from oil while over 8% of US GDP is from oil. Understand the region before you make a video about it and do some research. Dubai IS NOT A OIL CITY. It is a Financial, Technology, Trade, Media, Tourism, Services, and Airport city.

    • DXB有錢的孩子
      DXB有錢的孩子 5 months ago

      @Suffyan Tariq It was federation. UAE is legit country. Dubai is one of the emirates in UAE.

    • Suffyan Tariq
      Suffyan Tariq 5 months ago

      @DXB有錢的孩子 UAE is oil rich but Dubai is not. UAE is not really a country in the traditional sense. It's a collection of city states who rule themselves and have isolated economies but share the same military.

    • DXB有錢的孩子
      DXB有錢的孩子 5 months ago

      You are right! UAEis not rich oil

  • S Gill
    S Gill 5 months ago

    Buy now prices are cheap. I did.

  • I-Love-Music
    I-Love-Music 5 months ago

    Iam pretty sure the Creek Tower will be more than 1000m of Hight..."

  • DXB有錢的孩子
    DXB有錢的孩子 5 months ago

    Jeddah Tower = 1001m
    Dubai Creek Tower = 1345m

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 5 months ago +1

    Dubai/UAE are using Chinese indentured servants. If the tower was built in the US, with unions and certified payroll, it would cost $50 billion.

  • Az Mohammed
    Az Mohammed 5 months ago +2

    Dubai is my dream place

  • Jasper Newsham
    Jasper Newsham 5 months ago

    Santiago Calatrava designed the twin towers

    • Martyr
      Martyr 5 months ago

      Yeah that didn’t end up too good either did it? Considering they apparently will collapse and implode into dust as they fall to earth with literally zero resistance at the rate thereof near free fall speed. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t want a job in any of this guys buildings.

  • Azraqi__ reus
    Azraqi__ reus 5 months ago

    i don’t know why stupid people still update this tower until now, this fucking tower put on hold & maybe cancel. never will be tallest tower, so please stop make video about this stupid tower