Behind the Scenes | Giving Yuumi a Voice

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Voice actor Cassandra Lee Morris and narrative writer Rayla Heide visited a cat cafe to discuss cat personalities, inspiration for Yuumi, and how voice-over brings champions to life.
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  • Ilker
    Ilker 7 days ago


  • Ralv
    Ralv 2 months ago

    korean ahri behind the scene please.

  • Elf boy
    Elf boy 2 months ago

    Yuumi the magical trash

  • george becali
    george becali 2 months ago +2

    ready for yuumiiiii and rengar hentai B)

  • otilolito
    otilolito 2 months ago

    "I really wanted to have a cat champion I could play"

    Rengar: What?

  • West London Cards
    West London Cards 2 months ago

    wow RIOT actually letting us know who the voice actor is for once thanks more of these please

  • Steve Granzyk
    Steve Granzyk 2 months ago

    Can't stop looking at Rayla's tooth. Dude... stop smoking. It's gross.

  • Gabby Valenciano
    Gabby Valenciano 2 months ago

    Deym, Yuumi's hot irl

  • Berra Okudurlar
    Berra Okudurlar 3 months ago

    No Morgana from Persona 5 references in comments, I can’t describe my dissappointment

  • birdyLOL
    birdyLOL 3 months ago

    she also did nami voice

  • Costi Bidileanu
    Costi Bidileanu 3 months ago

    Riot,make more this kind of videos,please

  • Виталий Осипов

    Почему подобных роликов нет на ру канале лиги( приходится пырится на сабы снизу

  • Justice Garen
    Justice Garen 3 months ago +1

    Fishy fish fish for my dishy dish dish ;DD

  • J
    J 4 months ago

    Where's the cat café? It's so cute*-*

  • SorakaPara
    SorakaPara 4 months ago

    She's the same voice actor behind Morgana, in Persona 5 :>

  • Tred Devil
    Tred Devil 4 months ago

    So many people hired To create a champ and the game itself is so bad on hitboxes and software Side like UI

  • KiddTitus
    KiddTitus 4 months ago

    Where's Jhin's BTS?

  • A.Kompot
    A.Kompot 4 months ago

    One question
    She got the zoomies?

  • Chris Blanchard
    Chris Blanchard 4 months ago

    they're both animal abusers i can smell it

  • Alex Jo
    Alex Jo 4 months ago

    Where are her lips?

  • Matt Dblstone
    Matt Dblstone 4 months ago

    Nidalee says hi

  • Alexander Brown
    Alexander Brown 4 months ago

    They both have really nice teeth!

  • Mason 64
    Mason 64 4 months ago

    m e w

  • Stanfordz Barzo
    Stanfordz Barzo 4 months ago


  • Sandra Parra
    Sandra Parra 4 months ago

    I don't know why the interviewer talks like about 4 minutes and the actress only talk like 16 seconds xDD I came here 'cause I wanted to hear her voice xd not the interviewer's one.

  • 3D Davis
    3D Davis 4 months ago

    Internet: How you got the idea of a cat champion?
    Riot: We heard the internet likes cat
    Internet: Interesting.

  • Cosmina Arcos
    Cosmina Arcos 4 months ago

    0:31 Wait a minute... why does Lee Morris sound familiar...
    OH Leafa!

  • Bakkal Kazım Amca
    Bakkal Kazım Amca 4 months ago

    Yuumi very very BAD champ.

  • Golden Guardian
    Golden Guardian 4 months ago


  • rakhin
    rakhin 4 months ago +1

    Dear RIOT
    My gf likes to play with me on league but she is pulling my elo down.
    Could you please make a champion that requires little skill and cannot be played out of position by attaching itself to me?
    If you can give her a skill to distract herself with like a projectile that she can play around with that would be super cool.
    Also she likes cats.

  • Vectiz
    Vectiz 4 months ago

    If only yuumi was as good as her voice actor

    • _ _Flavio_ _
      _ _Flavio_ _ 2 months ago

      @Vectiz i started to play again since last week and Yuumi wasn't even in the game so i didn't know she was trash sorry

    • Vectiz
      Vectiz 2 months ago

      @_ _Flavio_ _ Answering 2 months after all the buffs :/

    • _ _Flavio_ _
      _ _Flavio_ _ 2 months ago

      It is.

  • Naofumi Iwatani
    Naofumi Iwatani 4 months ago

    i came

  • Shaaco Ph
    Shaaco Ph 4 months ago


  • Toan Chu
    Toan Chu 4 months ago

    I want a behind ezreal scenes

  • Toan Chu
    Toan Chu 4 months ago

    I want a behind ezreal scenes

  • MasterOFSuperFunny
    MasterOFSuperFunny 4 months ago

    On all levels except physical, I am a cat.

  • Iko Artiaga
    Iko Artiaga 4 months ago

    While a lot people commenting about rengar ...but in my mind is screaming RULE 34 !!! RULE 34 !! RULE 34 !!

  • NADIR Nids
    NADIR Nids 4 months ago +4

    i'm might gonna sound dumb but i always wished to be Voice Actor for Aatrox just him (never had Voice Acting experience but i just liked that champion that i cant stop repeating his quotes on the loading screen XD )

    Crazy i know xD

  • Chrissel L
    Chrissel L 4 months ago

    The champ that all girls gamer pick every single game

  • Joven Leow Leow Joven Jun Wen

    The cats in the video is much more attractive

  • Liebes Wölkchen
    Liebes Wölkchen 4 months ago

    We GoT tHe ZoOmIeS

  • Fernando Suazo
    Fernando Suazo 4 months ago

    bruh yuumi is trash

  • Father Simon
    Father Simon 4 months ago

    This is what happens when a woman is sticking in gaming industry, CuTe SuPpoRt CaTs ...

  • Mirek
    Mirek 4 months ago

    Woman wanted to play a cat champion even tho there are 2 already but they are not supports so they made yuumi an egirl champ.... riot you are not helping with the stereotype

  • Uros Matkovic
    Uros Matkovic 4 months ago

    her hair is so greassy

  • Sjodiek
    Sjodiek 4 months ago

    i wanted a cat champion and i heard the internet likes cat right?
    so it's like that huh?

  • pred ator
    pred ator 4 months ago

    "we hear the internet likes cats"
    Sorry is this 2013?

  • Anime Guy
    Anime Guy 4 months ago

    They made a champion that is completely useless. ( SUPP MAIN ) I must admit, she's cute, but still Pyke was a true ART

  • John Angelo Isnani
    John Angelo Isnani 4 months ago +1

    From a champion that is a psychopath from the seas, then a champion that speaks for freedom, then a

    *cat with a book*

    • im the smart guy duh
      im the smart guy duh 4 months ago

      Then an edgy death Lord that wants to 1v1 your ash until you die and then harnesses your soul and yes I'm talking for mord rework

  • Visitante
    Visitante 5 months ago

    Meper donas¿

  • Arsenije veljovic
    Arsenije veljovic 5 months ago

    What will happen if Yuumi is in One for All?
    What are interactions with her W?

    • Nightfall
      Nightfall 4 months ago

      I would assume they can all hop onto a single Yuumi

  • Ashura from Youtube
    Ashura from Youtube 5 months ago

    me: rooooaaaaaarrrrrr

  • An Dinh
    An Dinh 5 months ago

    can you detele Yuumi ?

  • Deansil Ramos
    Deansil Ramos 5 months ago

    Plsss riot can you make CaptainMarvel champion in league?

  • Shin Asashin
    Shin Asashin 5 months ago

    The most useless champion of the league of legends.

  • Arch S.K.Y
    Arch S.K.Y 5 months ago

    Though Yuumi was a Kid or Something like Loli 😂😂😂

  • Mai Big Butt
    Mai Big Butt 5 months ago

    She's cute and all but she can never replace Bard in my heart.

  • Txuf Txuf
    Txuf Txuf 5 months ago

    Can you do it for all the champions?

  • Ezekiel Santos
    Ezekiel Santos 5 months ago

    I want a behind the scenes nerfing akali 😈😠

  • urAsnack10
    urAsnack10 5 months ago

    I really like this more please with other champions (I know its a choice if the voice actor wants to be known or not but still).