We Dress Like VSCO Girls For A Day • Ladylike

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • "Smack me in the face with your Fjällräven!"
    Special thanks to Scout and Maddie for sending us your photos!
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    beautiful young woman pointing with finger at white oversize t-shirt with copy space isolated on grey
    LightFieldStudios/Getty Images
    man carrying a Fjallraven Kanken backpack in London
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    Midsection Of Woman In Hot Pants Standing Outdoors
    Vitria Silva / EyeEm/Getty Images
    Santa Claus School
    Al Bello/Getty Images


Comments • 5 098

  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  Month ago +7000

    NOT GONNA LIE It turns out this is a cute look --Kristin

    • Yexalen Cortés
      Yexalen Cortés 3 days ago

      Dress like E-girla next!🖤

    • Solo
      Solo 13 days ago

      Yea, I thought so when I dressed like this in the 90s 😂

    • Snow Taylor
      Snow Taylor 21 day ago

      Ladylike you should try e girls

  • peseshet
    peseshet Hour ago

    Y'all being so mean. Isn't vsco trend like subculture? Like goths or this harajuku girls in Japan? So what,now we hate everyone that like to wear this or that?

  • Mika Hatherley
    Mika Hatherley Hour ago

    lmao jen

  • Jana Lu
    Jana Lu 2 hours ago +1

    Sksksksksk and I oooop-

  • Mariesa Schutz
    Mariesa Schutz 10 hours ago


  • skzplayah
    skzplayah 13 hours ago

    and i oop-

  • Unicorn 1 M
    Unicorn 1 M 14 hours ago

    VSCO’s are banned at my school 😂

  • Taylors_Talking_66
    Taylors_Talking_66 14 hours ago +1

    But they didn’t say AND I OPP SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK SaVe ThE tUrTlEs

  • Emma Jae
    Emma Jae 16 hours ago

    Ladylike... _What have you done..._

  • Heidi B
    Heidi B 16 hours ago

    VSCO girls dress like I did in high school in the 90's

  • Darryl Jerome
    Darryl Jerome 20 hours ago

    Hi I got my backpack, Im gonna be late for biology lmaooooooo

  • Darryl Jerome
    Darryl Jerome 20 hours ago

    Lmao 1. Kristin is hilarious! 2. Devin "so sexy when you do that" lmaoo

  • Christy Shanta
    Christy Shanta 20 hours ago

    jen is my best friend 100%

  • h o n e y
    h o n e y 23 hours ago

    6:52 my mum walked in and heared that pls help 💛 ALSO NEXT PLS BECOME SOFT GIRLS

  • Itsmeems
    Itsmeems Day ago

    Love you girls!

  • S F
    S F Day ago

    Why are they calling the kanken a fial raven

  • Michele Nigro
    Michele Nigro Day ago

    why am i scared lol omg

  • Ellie Fern
    Ellie Fern Day ago

    the fact they are all wearing jean shorts ruin it

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith Day ago

    This is just how I dressed as a child in the 90s. That means we were cool first, right?

  • Chimo Chim
    Chimo Chim Day ago


  • sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡ

    YOUR NOT A SPRAY BOTTLE, STOP SAYING SKSKSK. God I remember when I said sksksksk because I was laughing but when VSCO girls became popular I had to stop because I started cringing THANK YOU VSCO GIRLS FOR TAKING MY LAUGH AWAY ,_, the knuckles meme was better ,3,

  • sɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡ

    VSCO girls have more diseases than cancer itself. -_-

  • Ava Lin
    Ava Lin Day ago

    Lol I've been dressing like a VSCO girl for years it's just comfy. Also random note, it's sad when people drag "VSCO girls" for being "basic" because they are just being themselves and it sucks to put a label on everyone (not saying Ladylike did this, just a comment)

  • boopNoodle 0-0
    boopNoodle 0-0 Day ago

    There was no "sksksksksksks" "save the. Turtles" "and I oop-" or metal straws

  • Milika Filmer
    Milika Filmer 2 days ago

    "sksksskssk" - the mating call for idiots

  • London BitLife
    London BitLife 2 days ago +1

    It just hit me, there like actual adults. When they just didn't get what VSCO was I kinda just got it

  • Aestheticly ρlєαѕιηg

    Scariest video ever

  • Olivia Karluk
    Olivia Karluk 2 days ago

    I lost brain cells

  • Alvin Lewis
    Alvin Lewis 2 days ago

    And I pop and I oop! SKSKSKSSKSKSKSK

  • Sally O'Sullivan
    Sally O'Sullivan 2 days ago

    i love how jen just suddenly had a knife

  • Izzy Balcom
    Izzy Balcom 2 days ago

    Sksksksksk and I oop

  • IceHockeyGirl126
    IceHockeyGirl126 2 days ago

    Do soft girl

  • ahoward
    ahoward 2 days ago +1

    I dress like this all the time, but it is because I have no where to go that requires me to dress nice..... and I don't have anyone to impress when I'm going grocery shopping!!
    and I like my old t-shirts. So hate me

  • A person
    A person 2 days ago +1

    omg I swear Jens scrunchie were the bi flag love her so muchh

  • Penguanio Tomatio
    Penguanio Tomatio 3 days ago

    “wHaTiStHeVsCo?” my dad

  • Sophia Grace
    Sophia Grace 3 days ago

    Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that Kristian is actually wearing shorts

  • Kat Nicole
    Kat Nicole 3 days ago +1

    we should make devyn, freddie, and chantel be e girls and then kristen, jen, and mike be soft girls/boys

  • Sophie Cartervlogs
    Sophie Cartervlogs 3 days ago

    Kristin didn’t have her hair in a messy bun

  • Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott 3 days ago

    When they laughed they should’ve said sksksksk

  • Meagan Ruehle
    Meagan Ruehle 3 days ago +1

    Crocs are not vsco

  • emway 1611
    emway 1611 3 days ago

    "I've had Burks my whole life... *I'm A lesbian* "

  • Shoe Rue
    Shoe Rue 3 days ago +2

    People called a male teacher at my school a VSCO girl because he had a hydroflask lmao

  • Kiana benefiel
    Kiana benefiel 3 days ago +1

    History class is going to be so fun in 3020

  • Flip Booker
    Flip Booker 4 days ago

    Yeah I’m not sure I’m a Vsco girl....

  • ItzYung Fefe
    ItzYung Fefe 4 days ago

    They ruin everything 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Sara Mantilaro
    Sara Mantilaro 4 days ago

    What in the fuck am I watching this part of our society is giving me existential dread

  • Star- Light
    Star- Light 4 days ago +1

    *and i oop*

  • sunflower chan
    sunflower chan 4 days ago

    My teachers being a vsco girl for Halloween she has no idea what a vsco girl is the class voted on it☹

  • Tahira Ali
    Tahira Ali 4 days ago +1

    I honestly love Kristin ❤️‼️

  • tove Frentzell
    tove Frentzell 4 days ago

    haha when you realise all of Sweden consists of vsco guys and girls

  • Yvonne Engelage
    Yvonne Engelage 5 days ago

    Anybody else notice that at 6:50 Devins necklace is suddenly off and seconds later it reappears

  • Shaine Rose Bondad
    Shaine Rose Bondad 5 days ago

    Kristens photoshoot annoys me cause she covers the hydro flask logo

  • Cheese dragon
    Cheese dragon 5 days ago

    Sksksksksk and i oop and i oop.

  • Fliss Randall
    Fliss Randall 5 days ago

    Just get a blydrovlask

  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius 5 days ago


  • raeanna boiles
    raeanna boiles 5 days ago

    Is Kristin still married?

  • Lillian W
    Lillian W 5 days ago

    I can’t believe they say they are vsco girls and didn’t say “save the turtles”, “metal straws”, or “skkkkskskskskskskksksksssskkkkkksks”

  • lily
    lily 5 days ago +1

    oh no

  • Victoria Nadine
    Victoria Nadine 5 days ago

    I would be a vsco girl cause I love all of this stuff except for crocs cause just no.

  • Jacqueline A.
    Jacqueline A. 5 days ago

    The type of bracelets that VSCO girl defined as friendship bracelets or actually are made a lot in México, it’s become a part of our culture, the sell them everywhere!