Apple iPhone SE Review in 2018 - Is it Worth it?

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • iPhone SE Review in 2018! from Apple Should you buy? is it worth it? How does the iphone se iOS 11 Perform in 2018! Full review, camera quality and much more to help you decide if the Apple iPhone SE ios 11 is right for you!
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Comments • 191

  • teo
    teo 8 months ago

    My fav iphone : iPhone SE

  • Hassam Ahmed
    Hassam Ahmed 9 months ago

    Watching on my iphone SE just bought today its almost 1 AM lol i should sleep

  • Aaron Kim
    Aaron Kim 9 months ago

    Can we still buying iphone se in 2019?

  • Antonio Griffin
    Antonio Griffin 10 months ago +1

    I got my se on letgo for 55$

  • Chie Mi
    Chie Mi 11 months ago

    2018,how much the price now?

  • Janeen Heller
    Janeen Heller Year ago +1

    Just got mine today. It's a sexy little thing. Sure hope I like the actual product as much as I like the style.

  • Janine Supaz
    Janine Supaz Year ago

    Which is more better iPhone SE or iPhone 7?? Because I'm getting one to but I'm confused bec. They all pretty:(

  • FlukyDesigns
    FlukyDesigns Year ago

    I own the se I love it

  • Ra y
    Ra y Year ago +1

    I just got it in this October a week ago 😎

  • Steve Kim
    Steve Kim Year ago +5

    The SE is nearly the perfect smartphone for me 9/10 rating due to its lightness, pocket-ability, power and snappiness, rear camera, one-handed usability, battery life, and ability to continually receive software updates from Apple probably until 2021 or 2022. What can improve is the screen to bezel ratio to make the phone even smaller and the front facing camera. Other than that it's the best iPhone ever made in my opinion even in late 2018.

  • Abu shama Pathan
    Abu shama Pathan Year ago

    All iphone is very boring. Iwont say iphone se is best model of all iphone

  • Elena is Ufff
    Elena is Ufff Year ago

    Gold or rosegold???

  • JustSayin
    JustSayin Year ago

    Get someone that speaks "clear English" if they are going to be on a video - accent too heavy.

  • Xavier FLY
    Xavier FLY Year ago

    Plis give away me. 😭

  • 🔥Laughing Karrot🔥

    I shoot a green screen music video about Cheerios with this phone pretty good results

  • Виталий Смирнов

    I have SE .Back in 2013 ... (

  • Orange
    Orange Year ago

    It’s a 6s Inside a 5 body

  • Mr.Bhasa Productions

    I'm using a 7''tablet with one hand

  • Mr.Bhasa Productions

    In India it's still costs around 300$

  • rgjmg070607
    rgjmg070607 Year ago +2

    Got mine free from Metro PCS Space grey ,32 GB worth every penny lol..jk it’s def solid ..this coming from a life long android large screen user

  • Priscilla !!
    Priscilla !! Year ago +1

    Ugh I don't know if i should get it!😧

  • ChilledBeats
    ChilledBeats Year ago

    You'r transitions💋

  • Savvy Lee
    Savvy Lee Year ago +8

    I have an iPhone se and I absolutely love it ❤️

  • Amira Mahmoud
    Amira Mahmoud Year ago

    May i take it

  • James Burns
    James Burns Year ago

    I will be getting this phone in a few weeks.

  • Kyleigh Wilson
    Kyleigh Wilson Year ago

    I'm getting the iPhone SE next week, But I'm undecided whether or not if I wanna get the ROSE GOLD or SPACE GREY ❤

    • Kyleigh Wilson
      Kyleigh Wilson Year ago

      talkpls ❤ So true

    • talkpls
      talkpls Year ago

      Kylie Faerie Rose gold is the only color that separates SE from 5s

  • Sofia de kleine youtuber

    Iphone Sexy Edition

  • Nia Azirah
    Nia Azirah Year ago

    se squad

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy Year ago

    i am iphone se
    everyone loves my body
    they dont see inside my body

  • Jordan Luckett
    Jordan Luckett Year ago

    Apple has shitty pcs

  • Jordan Luckett
    Jordan Luckett Year ago

    Apple has shitty pcs

  • Jordan Luckett
    Jordan Luckett Year ago +1

    Apple has shirt pc

  • Riduan Romi
    Riduan Romi Year ago


  • You-Tube Junkie
    You-Tube Junkie Year ago

    Can you get Microsoft games on that phone ?

  • Jake S
    Jake S Year ago

    So smalllll


    I love iphone se

  • ARIFFIN 12
    ARIFFIN 12 Year ago +1

    should i upgrade my 6plus to this phone???🙏🙏🙏

  • harsh Gupta
    harsh Gupta Year ago

    headphones working or not

  • _Titan Clasher
    _Titan Clasher Year ago

    It's coming with face id after September 2018

  • Joessy Heng
    Joessy Heng Year ago

    Going to buy it

  • Beata Sjucillo
    Beata Sjucillo Year ago

    ;( i want that iphone. Can u send me it ?☹ of course u won't do that, but i'm trying :/

  • Doogry
    Doogry Year ago

    I really like the editing good job!

  • TJhotdoggy
    TJhotdoggy Year ago

    From 6s im currently using a s8. But i miss the compact and great design of the 5s in form of the SE. So might be switching back to an SE. Great video

  • Kana 15
    Kana 15 Year ago +55

    I got my SE yesterday, my first iPhone.. I had 5.5 inch phone before this one.. it’s hella big jump 1,5 inches less.. now when I use 5.5 inch phone it feels like im using a tablet literally..

    • Sushibomb
      Sushibomb Year ago

      Lol same my phone screen is 5.5in

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago

      same i3 got the se as my first phone

    • Phantom
      Phantom Year ago

      Kana 15 If you can you should get a battery case as phone is small and uses same accessories as the iphone 5

    • Parv .J
      Parv .J Year ago

      Same thing happens with me

    • Kana 15
      Kana 15 Year ago

      Giorgos Fox no problem man , thanks ! Have a good day..

  • Pandu Pratama
    Pandu Pratama Year ago +7

    My SE is more faster than my 7. Definitely this iPhone is the best that Apple ever made.

  • Azlan Alan
    Azlan Alan Year ago

    Lack stereo speakers and 3d i'm using Samsung S8 and iphone X

  • Kaling Taying
    Kaling Taying Year ago

    4 inch display and 16 Gb in 2018 .. !!??? No... Nope... It's insane...

  • Eric Campbell
    Eric Campbell Year ago +3

    why wouldnt it still b a good phone people cop $40-$80 androids that came out in like 2008 and it last them a couples years. this is a iphone unless they stop making ios for it then it still good

  • fordfiveohh
    fordfiveohh Year ago

    I mean come on, Android mid-range phones have 8 megapixel ffc

    • fordfiveohh
      fordfiveohh Year ago

      Beautiful Life yeah I don't know what phone you used. Lots of sucky Android phones but I dont use those . There are good ones for under $300.

    • Beautiful Life
      Beautiful Life Year ago +1

      fordfiveohh yes but you look like a pale cartoon

  • Cara
    Cara Year ago

    iPhone SE for sale rose gold

  • xPETROx p3tr0
    xPETROx p3tr0 Year ago

    Your phone case bro

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez Year ago +1

    Wow nice case ❤️

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez Year ago +4

    Ppl still use it today

  • Avanti Yvonne
    Avanti Yvonne Year ago +8

    Who else is watching this on a iPhone se

  • Maya Baranwal
    Maya Baranwal Year ago

    Great Video mate :)

  • T Nicole
    T Nicole Year ago +1

    I never had an Iphone before and I'm about to get my first one.

  • Naman kumar
    Naman kumar Year ago +1

    Are u a punjabi??

  • Lizzy Lem-K
    Lizzy Lem-K Year ago +8

    I watched this to ask my mom for a se

  • Miss Lovegood
    Miss Lovegood Year ago +8