2 Week Bunny Update

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • I will be on vacation next week and there will be no video, just reminding everyone again. Thanks for allowing me to show our process so far and how everything is going, I have gotten wonderful advice and reassurance from so many of you and I'm so so grateful to those of you normalizing this experience and giving us great things to keep working on that have helped you in the past. We have also had access to a lovely behavioralist on the phone named Bonnie that has helped with lots of our questions. We will be back in a couple of weeks and seriously thank all of you for your support while we go through these beginning stages with Bunny.
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  • Jojo
    Jojo 3 hours ago

    I’m literally crying, seeing her first zoomies and seeing her share, seeing her go upstairs, it’s so beautiful to see. I rehome abused cats, and it takes time, it’s hard work but it’s so worth it. I’d never buy an animal knowing there are so many that need a home. You are doing AMAZING, both of you.

  • Kerry Tallant
    Kerry Tallant 23 hours ago

    7 months later and she’s lounging on the couch watching Seinfeld 🥺

  • Xiomara Dickson
    Xiomara Dickson Day ago

    I just want to cry when I think about bunny 😍😭 she’s beautiful, it’s soo sad what she had to go through

  • Courtney Churchill

    I love how well Jenna explains dog training

  • Aly Sam
    Aly Sam 2 days ago

    I want another bunny update tho😭

  • ashley bright
    ashley bright 3 days ago

    I never comment but seriously this excellent content do not apologize!!

  • Punderful Things
    Punderful Things 3 days ago

    I just realized the treats they were using were from the "buy everything my dogs touch" video xD Guess it's all going to good use lol

  • The Borderline Life
    The Borderline Life 4 days ago

    Such amazing people you two are ❤️

  • The Sweet Shop
    The Sweet Shop 4 days ago

    We love bunny and you! I'd watch this if it was 100% a dog channel. glad it isnt because i like seeing jenna be jenna but still

  • Angie and Jason
    Angie and Jason 4 days ago

    We had a dog like Bunny. Her name was Belle. Her first 48 hours in our house was spent shaking on the couch with my husband. One helpful tool was St. John’s Wort (ask your vet) that we discovered awhile after we got her. Belle knew a closed crate, back yard, food and water. She knew nothing else. No toys, no treats, no people, no anything. She bloomed into a gorgeous soul. The best girl.

  • denis
    denis 5 days ago

    you guys are such great pooch parents!!! :)

  • The Queer Runner
    The Queer Runner 5 days ago

    I have watched and rewatched these videos. As someone who is DESPERATE to adopt a dog, these videos are brilliant. I’d love to see you do a doggy advice video or two (yes both serious and comedy style) as your babies are honestly so well adjusted. Sure, they have their foibles, but they all seem happy and bouncy cry-y monkeys. I come back to these videos for happy/chill viewing

  • Abby Beatson
    Abby Beatson 9 days ago

    Jenna: we need bunny to hydrate more
    Bunny, sees the pool: if you insist-

  • Abi Loden
    Abi Loden 10 days ago +1

    Now this is the quality content I like to see

  • eJBeanx
    eJBeanx 12 days ago

    Bunny update?

  • Kate Parker
    Kate Parker 12 days ago

    So so thankful for you sharing you journey. Having a rescue dog is harder than most people think! I adopted a 5 year old rescue foxhound in March and it takes a long time but the pay off of seeing them have a happy life is truly a great gift. I really appreciate you showing the world what it’s like also so thankful for people like you that truly are willing to put the time and effort into giving them the time they deserve. It has given me a lot of information to look into for my rescue.

  • Ann C
    Ann C 13 days ago

    I can understand Bunny’s frustration with the food delivery. My dog walks up to the oven and stares at the food cooking inside it as soon as it starts to smell like dinner, and then just barks at it and then looks at me to do something g about it. My dog is a nose hound.

  • Hanna Smith
    Hanna Smith 13 days ago

    “your tears aren’t helping”

  • Pixie Ninja
    Pixie Ninja 15 days ago

    Jenna is such a good dog mom, both of them are really. There should be an award for that!

  • Janae Burnett
    Janae Burnett 16 days ago

    Its crazy to watch this now and see how far you guys have come. You guys are great doggo parents and will be great kiddo parents if you ever decide to become that as well!!! love this and love you!

  • Marika
    Marika 16 days ago

    When Bunny was running around in the garden it warmed my heart so much!

  • Angie and Jason
    Angie and Jason 17 days ago

    Bunny reminds me of a rescue we had. Never had anything but crate, yard, food & water. The stairs and balls and everything reminds me of her.

  • Aubre
    Aubre 17 days ago

    Bunny sweetie, you're doing amazing

  • BeccaPekkaRekka
    BeccaPekkaRekka 17 days ago

    When Bunny said *:V* I really felt that

  • awesomecat26
    awesomecat26 18 days ago

    bunny is a gentle dinosaur and peach and kermit are her chicken grandchildren

  • Ashley Oliver
    Ashley Oliver 19 days ago

    As someone who has trained and worked with dogs for 6+ years, I am so impressed with how patient and knowledgeable Jenna and Julien are. I also love how well they work together 😭❤

  • Natalie Plucker
    Natalie Plucker 20 days ago

    Are you guys fostering Bunny or are you her owners?

  • simp queen
    simp queen 20 days ago +2

    you can tell when you guys say “yesss” she takes it as she’s doing good and gives her confidence it’s like dog trainers using clickers

  • Freddy FazbearJack17
    Freddy FazbearJack17 20 days ago


  • wiggle- ninja
    wiggle- ninja 21 day ago

    I think I cried watching the first vid this must’ve been so exciting for you!!

  • jklfds85
    jklfds85 21 day ago

    You guys should put on rollerblades and take Bunny for a run... And film it pleeease!

  • Lauren Padgett
    Lauren Padgett 22 days ago

    Yay bunny! Proud of you Jenna! Great work! You rock!

  • peytonmae_vt
    peytonmae_vt 24 days ago

    when bunny looked at the camera while julien helped her up the stairs was so cute. she looked at it like, “hmm what’s that?” with her cute little unique puppy dog eyes. she’s so precious and adorable 🥺

  • Alanah Shanae
    Alanah Shanae 24 days ago

    I come back and watch these videos whenever I’m feeling down or can’t sleep because seeing bunny’s journey and seeing how much she has grown comfortable genuinely makes me happy, such a sweet little girl, you guys are amazing! Love you j&j

  • Niah Overstreet
    Niah Overstreet 26 days ago

    Jenna is so kind and patient with bunny makes me want to get a greyhound 😭😭❤️

  • cody lander
    cody lander 28 days ago

    I love the doggies but , sweetheart, you talk to much, show the doggies more.

  • Oh Chel
    Oh Chel 29 days ago

    Love this... I have a rescue Podenco which is in the greyhound family. Only a medium size dog. It took us almost a month for her to bond to me. But after that she became my dog. Even 3 years later she is still nervous with my husband..

  • Sam Holder
    Sam Holder Month ago

    you're such a wonderful pet mom, Jenna.

  • labrador gold16
    labrador gold16 Month ago

    I want a greyhound but I dont think it would be a good idea

  • Vanessa B.
    Vanessa B. Month ago

    I'm VERY late to everything, so, of course, I'm just now finding you, and, especially after these Bunny videos, I've subscribed. :) The joy of zoomies can never be completely expressed - just felt! I'm so happy for Bunny as well as your other furry babies. They obviously receive a ton of love and care and give so much happiness right back to you. Your genuine kindness shines through in your videos, and the world can always use more kindness. Best wishes to you!

  • Phyx :V
    Phyx :V Month ago +1

    who knew later on she would become a happy judgemental horse

  • merel vzeijl
    merel vzeijl Month ago +2

    All my animals are adopted
    2 hansters
    1 dog
    Alot of fish
    1 bird
    2 bunny's

  • Brianna Kelley
    Brianna Kelley Month ago

    You guys need an animal planet tv show... Like pitbulls and paroles... Except gentle and less tattoos and piercings. haha

  • Brett Fitzgerald
    Brett Fitzgerald Month ago

    I love the jeans filled with stuffing haha

  • Felicity Honeycutt
    Felicity Honeycutt Month ago +1

    Dogs are like people. Some days they just don't wanna

  • ritals
    ritals Month ago

    Do more dog vlogs!! I’m rewatching bunny videos

  • Andrea Vogel
    Andrea Vogel Month ago

    I yelled at my dog for resource guarding right before you started talking about resource guarding. I’m so ashamed.
    (I’m loving this content. Have been watching for years. Your masters is showing).

  • Nicole Skinner
    Nicole Skinner Month ago

    Marbles is that old man from UP

  • Madelyn Powers
    Madelyn Powers Month ago

    these are definitely some of my fave videos

  • nancy pet
    nancy pet Month ago

    Nancy Petrosky -- So happy you adopted a Greyhound. You can see how contented she's becoming and really enjoying just feeling what it is to be a dog! I was able to take my 1st Grey to rehab centers, hospitals & nursing homes. One woman at a nursing home would only speak up when she saw Gracie! When I brought her for review to a rehab center within the first five minutes the manager said please bring her anytime as often as you'd like. The interns at the hospital said she was the best thing they'd seen all day. For me she was the best comfort while I visited my parents. We had wonderful years with her & after she left us we adopted a male, who we named Travis and then Mindy. I know Bunny is learning so much now but you'll soon be grateful how much you learn from her. Love your tips about the toys. We would let Travis have his toys for about two days before we could play with them until he'd let us touch them. Mindy would always share. They all have different personalities & like you say it takes time to get to read them. Thank you and Julien and the other pups for welcoming Bunny into your family and all your efforts. Enjoy!

  • blossomy panda
    blossomy panda Month ago +1

    I love this type of content from you Jenna. I relate to this so much because I got a beautiful labrador x Dobberman rescue dog she was 4 weeks old and heavily abused and was found with her sisters abandoned in the freezing cold with barely any water and no food. When I got her she was so scared of everything and I had to give her a shower every week because of the severe fleas etc and she use to crawl into a bowl and yelp until a few days later she climbed into my lap while I was giving her a shower and fell asleep. Its been a year now since then and shes is a huge puppy and still crawls into my lap when I have to give her a shower and sleeps on my bed every night and has brought so my joy to my life.

  • Olivia Wilhite
    Olivia Wilhite Month ago

    rewatching this after the halloween video, its sooo crazy to see how much bunny has grown!! y’all are the best parents to the pups :”) bobby, mango, cement, and yes are the best dogs hahaha

  • Kimberly Barros
    Kimberly Barros Month ago

    I love Bunny

  • AmericanFreak
    AmericanFreak Month ago

    these videos make me so happyyyyyyyyy :') shes the sweetest girl ever and everything you're doing makes total sense and its so smart!! i never would have thought about it but its all the important little things and you are so patient with her its so cute

  • Cat T
    Cat T Month ago +2

    Okay, so I teared up a little when she came downstairs by herself.

  • The KnitWit
    The KnitWit Month ago +1

    What size cermets do you carry? Let’s see, we have Small (Iggy) and Large (greyhound). Medium? Sorry, fresh out of whippets.

  • Chelsea Chastain
    Chelsea Chastain Month ago +1

    Jenna and julien are wonderful dog parents and that is amazing to watch ❤

  • Abby Pup
    Abby Pup Month ago +5

    Bunny and peach having a great time and then just Kermit crying because he's alive

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams Month ago

    I'm 100% the same with my 3 Danes 😂😂😂

  • Quinten
    Quinten Month ago +22

    I teared up when she started "bowing" during her zoomies, she was so excited and exhibited so much play behavior and it was just so wonderful.