LEROY SANCHEZ - Til Death Do Us Part

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • I can't tell you how happy it makes me to share this song and this little story with you. A few months back I went to NYC for a quick trip and Daphne Willis, Mike MacAllister and myself got together to write some tunes. We started talking about how we heard there was a certain movie that was looking for funky/groovy/ high energy/ positive songs so we spent the afternoon having a blast singing our hearts out and experimenting with some out of the box chords and progressions. The result was a pretty damn fun song and we felt like we definitely accomplished what we went there to do.
    After hours of writing and recording we were ready to go home but as we were about to leave I noticed this beautiful baby grand piano siting there in the corner, so elegant, so majestic, calling my name. I already had my jacket and backpack on but something was telling me to sit on that piano, so I did. I started playing some chords and in a matter of seconds this chords started to melt into each other and the melodies started to flow out my mouth. I called Daphne (almost screaming) begging her to come as fast as she could because I didn’t want this idea to be forgotten, I knew there was something special about it. Thank god she was there because she’s unbelievable with words and she understood exactly what this song needed. This music sounded romantic, innocent and truthful, an incomplete beautiful ballad waiting to be molded. So we started to dig deep. What is that ultimate thing you would say to the love of your life, to that person you can’t be without, to the someone you’d spend your whole life with? And sure enough, the song started to write itself.
    We spent about 10min working on the song and then we were told we had to leave because the studio was closing so we kept writing the song while in the subway on our way back home. We couldn’t stop, even if we tried, we would find ourselves singing these melodies in the search of words that would fit them perfectly. And so by the time we got home the song was pretty much done. Next day Mike recorded the chords on piano and made a beautiful arrangement to the song finishing “Til Death Do Us Part”.
    And now the song got picked to be played at a new Hulu show called “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. It’s my absolute pleasure to play this song for you all and I really hope you enjoy this one!
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    Piano by Kazumi Shimokawa kazumimusic
    Shot by Uplifted Visuals
    Mixed by Jesse Ray Ernster

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  • Leroy Sanchez
    Leroy Sanchez  2 months ago +1849

    I never thought I’d see this day
    Standing here with you
    It Could have gone so many ways
    But you know I do
    Thank the universe that all the stars aligned for us
    Till the end two hearts one love
    I’m givin you my hand now
    I’ll be yours till the sun burns out
    Until our hearts are barely beatin
    I’m gonna stay right where we are
    Until we’re old and barely breathing
    Till death do us part
    And the moment we locked eyes
    From across the room
    I knew you would change my life
    And you know I’ll do
    Any little thing I can just to make you laugh
    From our first dance to our last
    I’m givin you my hand now
    I’ll be yours till the sun burns out
    Until our hearts are barely beatin
    I’m gonna stay right where we are
    Until we’re old and barely breathing
    Till death do us part
    On and on
    Until our hearts are barely beatin
    I’m gonna stay right where we are
    Until we’re old and barely breathing
    Till death do us part
    And only love can be so honest
    I swear that I’ll never go too far
    Darling it’s true for you I promise
    Till death do us part

    • KingT
      KingT 28 days ago

      Leroy Sanchez can you put this on Spotify?

    • Natalie Allen
      Natalie Allen Month ago

      I want this song for my wedding! It’s so good and so beautiful ❤️

    • C BUDDY
      C BUDDY Month ago


    • Valérie29
      Valérie29 Month ago

      Is it an original composition?

    • Myint Zu
      Myint Zu Month ago

      Could you please upload the instrumental also for this song. I really really love this song

  • Hajar Saif El-Nasr
    Hajar Saif El-Nasr 4 hours ago

    The lyrics plz?

  • Meagan Popkiss
    Meagan Popkiss 11 hours ago

    Surelllly put this on Apple Music

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  • Desiree Scott
    Desiree Scott 2 days ago +1


  • yedamiurikyoronaja
    yedamiurikyoronaja 4 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaa this makes me smile and think how would yedam propose to me

  • Paredes Music
    Paredes Music 5 days ago

    I NEED more music from Leroy!!!

  • BBjdance
    BBjdance 5 days ago

    Omg.. This song is so perfectly!! I'll always support you Leroy!! #ThaiFan

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J 6 days ago

    Is this on Spotify???? Bloody needs to be

  • Greatest YouTube Voices

    this is not just a cute love song these words were written from the depth of an experience who made you feel this?

  • Chase Powell
    Chase Powell 7 days ago

    WHEN CAN I BUY THIS❤️❤️❤️ I’m a guy who usually doesn’t listen to music like this but I’m dying to hear it over and over again!!!

  • Katalina Kue-Delos Santos

    I just want to say, you have a beautiful voice and soul. I used your cover song of “perfect” as my wedding song. You had just the right pitch and flow of the song of what I was looking for. Thank you.
    PS. I love this song. 🥰

  • Catrina Occéus
    Catrina Occéus 8 days ago

    J'adore tu chantes trop bien .😍

  • Sonia Maria
    Sonia Maria 8 days ago

    ❤ love of my life

  • Isac D.
    Isac D. 8 days ago

    Wondering when the first dance with my true love is going to happen. How much will I love them at our last dance?

  • carl justin
    carl justin 8 days ago

    Jealous by labrinth please

  • Rczz Chhangte
    Rczz Chhangte 9 days ago

    I sang this song to my crush and it works...tysm
    You're the best ♥️

  • Levi Goins
    Levi Goins 10 days ago

    You’d win the voice tho

  • Dina Galal
    Dina Galal 11 days ago

    This is just SO GOOD

  • Neshi Ramos
    Neshi Ramos 11 days ago

    10,000 hours. pleasee..

  • m jimm
    m jimm 11 days ago +1

    We need this on Spotify Leroy🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Zozo Mero
    Zozo Mero 11 days ago

    Wish karoeke was available

  • Brittany Carner
    Brittany Carner 12 days ago

    Just beautiful 😭😍 I swear I heard you singing perfect in my sleep and I found you on RU-clip the song you sing perfect made me think of me and my fiancé dancing at my wedding just brought tears to my eyes I am glad I found the perfect song for my soon to be husband and I to dance to at our reception

  • Filip Mathiasson
    Filip Mathiasson 13 days ago

    Great song.

  • MediaLuna
    MediaLuna 15 days ago

    Tienes un tono de voz perfect 💕

  • Matheus Marques
    Matheus Marques 16 days ago

    Sou Brasileiro e curto muito suas musicas. Gostaria de ver vc cantando Yesterday

  • Joy Militala
    Joy Militala 16 days ago +1

    this is so good i didnt realise it was an original. so proud of you Leroy.

  • Regent Barbie
    Regent Barbie 16 days ago

    How much does it cost for Leroy to perform at a wedding?

  • Regent Barbie
    Regent Barbie 17 days ago

    My wedding song 😍🎶👰💍💒

  • Ella Ciata
    Ella Ciata 17 days ago

    you really makes my heart melt.❤

  • Youtube Valency
    Youtube Valency 18 days ago

    you need to put this on itunes

  • Kayumange Brown
    Kayumange Brown 18 days ago

    beautiful .. i makes me dream of my til death do us part story.. its perfectly and raw.

  • Froilan De vera
    Froilan De vera 18 days ago

    odk! I love it!

  • manolo blanic
    manolo blanic 19 days ago


  • Bunnybeckyrose
    Bunnybeckyrose 19 days ago

    Omg every time I listen to this I tear up 😭🥺💕💕💖

  • Aya Alkhateeb
    Aya Alkhateeb 19 days ago

    Your voice is a miracle!

  • Elnono Iteto
    Elnono Iteto 20 days ago

    I love your soul 😭Can you also sing memories by marron five ❤️some one you loved 🤷‍♀️

  • Marina Ag
    Marina Ag 20 days ago

    S P O T I F Y please!!

  • Liam Murrell
    Liam Murrell 20 days ago

    Is this song on your spotify? really love it

  • Cilvania Lima
    Cilvania Lima 21 day ago

    Por favor cante para sempre ❤️ amo-te

  • Cutesizenina
    Cutesizenina 22 days ago

    This song will be my wedding song! I will marry my husband a million times and dance to this beautiful song!

  • Mohsin Mohsin
    Mohsin Mohsin 22 days ago

    My wish to sing with you before i pass away😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Emily Maciel
    Emily Maciel 23 days ago

    Te amo desde el primer video q te vi 😍🤩 te acosare desde ahora xd

  • kevin ribeiro
    kevin ribeiro 23 days ago

    Canta muito rapaz...❤

  • Yelitza Rios
    Yelitza Rios 24 days ago

    que lindo cantaa ....

  • Diego Dorado
    Diego Dorado 24 days ago

    This is beutiful

  • Sachii1
    Sachii1 24 days ago +1

    I literally cried

  • Daniela A
    Daniela A 24 days ago

    please put this on iTunes!!

  • Afiqah Azmi
    Afiqah Azmi 25 days ago

    My fiance and I are planning to play this song at our wedding next year and this song have had a special place in my heart. But before playing it at the wedding, I'm doing a video for my fiance's birthday using this song and I hope you don't mind. I will credit you!

  • SmileMiyoue
    SmileMiyoue 25 days ago

    Okayyyy.... Leroy, when can I please get this on ITunes?!? It’s an Emergency 🚨 🙏🏾❤️

  • Erica Altabano
    Erica Altabano 25 days ago


  • CamiFernanda B.
    CamiFernanda B. 26 days ago

    By far the most amazing chills... Esto está perfecto! Amo como llena de melodía mi habitación. MARAVILLOSO 💖🥰

  • Mariano Ninobla
    Mariano Ninobla 26 days ago

    This is the best❤️

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    Joanne Raymond 27 days ago


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    Maria Jose Ali 27 days ago

    Es muy lindo 😍

  • AM
    AM 29 days ago

    Can you please put this on itunes? (I can't breathe that was amazing)

  • Tashi Lama
    Tashi Lama Month ago

    Man his voice is really really good 👌👌 damn he steals everyone's heart I made him as my idol and opened my RU-clip channel guys check out channel subscribe it and all I need is your feedback

  • Linda Xiong
    Linda Xiong Month ago +3

    Leroy can u come sing at my wedding when i get married

  • Cristina Colchado Rojas

    Hermosa voz 💓 saludos de PERÚ 🇵🇪