The Largest Plane In The Air Force - C-5 Galaxy Cargo Loading

  • Watch airmen load helicopters, weapons, vehicles, and materials onto several C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft. C-5 Galaxy is the largest aircraft in the USAF inventory.
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  • Goods and Services
    Goods and Services 22 hours ago

    Really great

    GERONIMO CHA 4 days ago


  • Fernando inacio da Silva

    Impressionante eu amo.

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay Month ago

    no one can match this plane

  • Stephen Salt
    Stephen Salt Month ago

    Antonov is bigger...c5 is not biggest aircraft in the air force ...

  • Eff yore Feelings
    Eff yore Feelings Month ago

    Terrible loading procedures. Amazing they consider that snails pace, acceptable.

  • Dipali Kshetraphal
    Dipali Kshetraphal 2 months ago

    Largest !!??? 😜😜Lol.. 2nd largest. Russian AN-124 is two times better than C-5 Galaxy.

  • Hambone571
    Hambone571 2 months ago

    Like a snake swallowing it’s prey....

  • Alvis Lancaster
    Alvis Lancaster 2 months ago

    Looks like nellis afb....was there in 92 to 96...loved it....still fascinated with all the different military planes landing and taking off....really fun

  • martin dominguez romero


  • love dooney handbags
    love dooney handbags 2 months ago

    ✈ just give me front row seat 😍 ✈

  • football crazy
    football crazy 2 months ago +1

    America is nothing without terrorist rapist army. 90 percent country hate

  • Dragonslayer 69ASMR
    Dragonslayer 69ASMR 2 months ago

    They put a Blackhawk in there like Bru how

  • Jose Tovar
    Jose Tovar 3 months ago

    Well who fuck up i personality pice on

  • Jose Tovar
    Jose Tovar 3 months ago

    Homs i gets fortright personalitys

  • Jose Tovar
    Jose Tovar 3 months ago

    Not ass who will wine in conbates

  • Jose Tovar
    Jose Tovar 3 months ago

    Lest see it who will wine

  • O S
    O S 3 months ago +1

    I could have sworn I read about a young airman that stole a C5. I remember reading it in my CDC Career Development Course in 1981 in the Philippines when I was in upgrade training.
    I can't find anything about it now.

  • Hajia Abdallaha
    Hajia Abdallaha 3 months ago


  • Harry Schaefer
    Harry Schaefer 3 months ago

    Was that a "MOAB" being loaded?

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  • 이준원
    이준원 4 months ago

    와 대단하다

  • AquaCF69
    AquaCF69 5 months ago

    What a BIG boy :) And made in the USA. TRUMP2020 !! From Holland. Thanks for posting this.

  • Soe Htay
    Soe Htay 5 months ago +1


  • Benedikt Morak
    Benedikt Morak 5 months ago nothing compared to THAT!

  • hasan boutaher
    hasan boutaher 5 months ago


  • Gonzales Frederic
    Gonzales Frederic 5 months ago +1

    To fight blazes, in forests for example, no such size. To wage a war, there is. I sadly have to concede that, due to other countries (bellicose or just armed to the teeth and unstable), military capabilities are needed. I wish the world were different, but is a powder keg.

  • shitou gxshitou
    shitou gxshitou 6 months ago +1


  • Kiran Bissoo
    Kiran Bissoo 6 months ago

    it's like your mum's pussy !

  • Legendary Gold4
    Legendary Gold4 7 months ago

    Aircraft should have an attachment either on the lower top or wings of the plane, that attachment should bear the parachutes that can be manually controlled by the pilot so as to avoid plane crash when engine failure occurs on the plane, in that way the affected plane will land slowly by the help of an attached parachute. That's how to prevent loss of lives and it will also be an advantage to prevent damage and fire that can occur during plane crash.

    • Manh Hour
      Manh Hour 6 months ago

      You sound very stupid. Haha. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH. Weird how the best aerospace companies in the world haven't thought of this, but you have. You must be a genius.

    • Abdulrasheed K
      Abdulrasheed K 6 months ago


  • Katie Rae
    Katie Rae 7 months ago

    Westover jarb

  • Chet Baigh
    Chet Baigh 7 months ago +1

    Here is a C5 Galaxy on fire:

  • Fenway Park
    Fenway Park 8 months ago +7

    I just picture they get through loading, lock up, take off, then the pilot says damn I forgot my wallet.

  • Mofazzl Hossain
    Mofazzl Hossain 8 months ago

    পিিতি বার সব চাইতে বড বিমান

  • great ahmed
    great ahmed 8 months ago

    dear usa Afghanistan is enough for you now you should stay there and taste continue then basterd

  • mdirfan md
    mdirfan md 8 months ago

    Nice poi

  • Xuanthuy Nguyen
    Xuanthuy Nguyen 8 months ago

    Bộ não Con người vĩ đại thật

  • 米白笠
    米白笠 8 months ago


  • mouloud Aouane
    mouloud Aouane 9 months ago +1

    For what we use this arme just for kill énoncentand poor people

    • Wendy Miller
      Wendy Miller 8 months ago

      SAme thing other countries have their air defense for

  • M VGSV
    M VGSV 9 months ago +2

    Did not know samsung got into the business of aircrafts 😎

  • Divina Ledwith
    Divina Ledwith 9 months ago +3

    I told you i s in game up saydow the 30p pond .

  • Rodrigo Dambo
    Rodrigo Dambo 9 months ago +1

    Hermoso, very good!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • امام علی
    امام علی 9 months ago +1

    کشمیر بنے گا پاکستان پاکستان زندہ باد
    امریکہ افغانستان سے بھاگتے ھوئے

    • anjum ayub
      anjum ayub Month ago

      امام علی گھن چکر، اس بکواس کا اس ويڈيو سے کيا تعلق ہے؟

  • Rudy Alonzo
    Rudy Alonzo 9 months ago

    D'accord merci beaucoup pour votre demostration, petet y'a la place pour ma HUMMER? merci..

  • Nurlan Karinbaev
    Nurlan Karinbaev 10 months ago

    Wtf... this is like loading a donkey everything manually, you are late to the war, man... see russias an 124 ruslan everything goes in by itself or il 76...

    • Braden A
      Braden A 8 months ago

      this plane was built in the 60’s buddy you should look up russian aircraft made back then they still had propellers lmao

  • Jaime Fernandez Jr
    Jaime Fernandez Jr 10 months ago

    A lot of shit can fit in that big ass blue whale. 😁👍🐳

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez 10 months ago +2

    This is my country.

  • Shankar Singh Tharu
    Shankar Singh Tharu 10 months ago

    Safe Landing And Safe Takeof.......

  • Desidedo Mohabal Jr.
    Desidedo Mohabal Jr. 10 months ago +3

    0:45 that's a big-ass missile! 😂

  • Huy Toàn taisaomanghaymat
    Huy Toàn taisaomanghaymat 10 months ago +1

    Con rối làm việc

  • حجي جلوب
    حجي جلوب 10 months ago

    جيش مطور

  • Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano

    Grear White Shark

    • olrik parlez
      olrik parlez 6 months ago

      +Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano
      You can edit your typos...would you like to know how?

  • Desidedo Mohabal Jr.
    Desidedo Mohabal Jr. 11 months ago +5

    " That's not a plane, That's a planet!!! " - Tyrese Gibson

  • TEAM Er
    TEAM Er 11 months ago

    That’s a thicc ass boi

  • ramesh d
    ramesh d 11 months ago

    Super power

  • Emerio Manzano
    Emerio Manzano Year ago +4

    C5 galaxy: im a huge cargo plane antonov an 225 : hold my beer

    • Manh Hour
      Manh Hour 6 months ago

      An 225: Hold my mass production.

  • Aleksei Brusilov
    Aleksei Brusilov Year ago

    This thing can eat so much fuckin ass

  • Sundres Yadav
    Sundres Yadav Year ago


  • Pennyy P
    Pennyy P Year ago +2

    Saw one of them flying over my school

  • Chandan Singh
    Chandan Singh Year ago

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  • Dean Gant
    Dean Gant Year ago

    It just gobbles everything up like a shark....

  • Abdulai Jagitay
    Abdulai Jagitay Year ago

    Very good

  • Abdulai Jagitay
    Abdulai Jagitay Year ago

    Very good

    ALIZE KC Year ago +1

    So large AirType

  • Illyrien Autokton

    Lov usa love amerik

  • Monokuma
    Monokuma Year ago +14

    1:05 Man, they Sure do Work fast.

  • Sachindar Sigh
    Sachindar Sigh Year ago

    Wtf..this fucking plane engulfed the whole fucking helicopter

  • Pur Wanto
    Pur Wanto Year ago

    Terima kasih good

  • Daniel Asefa
    Daniel Asefa Year ago +1

    I think the military is a way to maturity for youngmen and women service or career opprtunity of a life time experience to growth worthy time.

  • Daniel Asefa
    Daniel Asefa Year ago +1

    U.S kqristian brothers rescue mission good over evil nations crime corruption opression of life liberty prosperity.

  • Abdullah Al Mahmud
    Abdullah Al Mahmud Year ago +1


  • Crazy of ART. always smart.

    WHAT happen if anyone remain alone with his girlfriiend in c5.

  • Daisy Ethel
    Daisy Ethel Year ago +1

    Those transports don't look like worth while transportation, why not transport trees, dirt exchange for what other countries need?

    • Manh Hour
      Manh Hour 6 months ago

      Because we aren't pussies.

  • Wade White
    Wade White Year ago

    Call oit a drill, if you must!

  • H311AF1U5H
    H311AF1U5H Year ago

    It would be overkill, but it would be a sight to see if Air Force One was a C-5.

    • Marwat Mobile
      Marwat Mobile Year ago

      Let. See

    • Monokuma
      Monokuma Year ago

      Well, any Air Force aircraft that carries the US President is given the title Air Force One.

  • Boss Garcia
    Boss Garcia Year ago

    I want one

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica Year ago +1

    that C-5 plane is almost same as 747 JUMBO plane on the cone nose

  • Rocky Atlantis
    Rocky Atlantis Year ago +17

    I bet it took one whole day to load into a C5 Galaxy!!

  • Aidan McWhirter
    Aidan McWhirter Year ago

    The largest plane in the military is actually the C-5m Super Galaxy.

  • MarlonMax
    MarlonMax 2 years ago +2

    so beautiful !