We built Apple's new Mac Pro!

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
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Comments • 6 811

  • Radar_x86
    Radar_x86 4 hours ago

    So you mean someone with an unlimited budget can build a better Mac Pro than Apple’s 18 month old iMac Pro. Shocking!!!!

  • Eddie Vlad
    Eddie Vlad 11 hours ago

    Cut open the iMac Pro please

  • BLC
    BLC 21 hour ago


  • Azalka
    Azalka 3 days ago

    Cut that rotten apple open!

  • Joseph Casey
    Joseph Casey 4 days ago

    I would want to see that video he was talking about

  • Eric Barth
    Eric Barth 5 days ago

    just for the heck of it.. for those who would be googling this soon enough;
    - VMWare Player hackintosh: after osx setup completes..dbl install the VMtools after OSX install and your resolution will work, so will device sim for xcode purposes.
    dbl install means; install the tools, then allow past security(window will popup). .. reboot as it asks.. after reboot, another window will bark about security, so again, allow it past.. then after that nonsense.. re-install those tools. Then reboot. ..after that.. you'll get a warning at some point about the VMWare Daemon and security allowance... which should be the last nonsense for you. Allow the daemon access.. and then smile.. as your resolution will auto adjust(will work before daemon allowance..just wrote this quickly) to window size and your xcode attached device sims will work!
    - I know everyone going the VMWare player route will want that tidbit since 99%of the people end up googling..and the workarounds some people have created.are moronic.
    PEACE OOT![/canadian]

  • JDDJ
    JDDJ 7 days ago

    The VM under a linux host has better performance than windows? Why not try your benchmarks in bare metal linux then?

  • Putter Vermont
    Putter Vermont 7 days ago

    8:48 Hotrod Imac!

  • Christopher Thake
    Christopher Thake 9 days ago

    How about running it in Clover or Opencore in a few months time ;)
    Man I would get this machine to have a Mac Pro 2019 for $25,000 less ;)

  • Y0UTUB3WH0R3
    Y0UTUB3WH0R3 9 days ago

    mod the imac

  • chandu gogineni
    chandu gogineni 9 days ago

    Where is muscle mac video

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 10 days ago

    during the winter i bread boarded a fx motherboard below my window sill about 6", then I built a baffle that left a 80x80mm opening in the window. and then built a tube out of cardboard with a elbow, to allow cold air to flow over my cooler master Gemini II heatsink. my fx 8350 ran at 4.621 with no problems, and by opening and closing the upper window I could control the flow of air coming out of the tube. my cpu sat at 0 degrees C at idle and barely got over 30C during gaming. thought about re-installing mobo in case and sitting it on its side, so that the cold air could pool inside of the case and be used by all components.

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 10 days ago

    I would like to see a video where you use that air conditioner to cool the air inside a case and see how far an overclock you can get using a noctua cooler.

  • Björn Bornemann
    Björn Bornemann 11 days ago

    I like to see all that fine hardware fitting to the screen to make it a real iMac contender. 😉

  • Dave Birkhead
    Dave Birkhead 13 days ago

    So, question. How did you get Mojave running on non-standard hardware so nicely?

  • v2joecr
    v2joecr 14 days ago

    Cut open a mac for thermals test would be awesome.

  • CumminsSuperduty1
    CumminsSuperduty1 15 days ago

    Fantastic project. The real way to benchmark the bare metal hardware is to run Linux on it. Windows has way too many scheduling issues with high core count processors.
    Why didn't you try this motherboard ?

  • ExploringFate
    ExploringFate 16 days ago +1

    If Anthony ever goes into business for himself LTT is in trouble.

  • Legit Plays
    Legit Plays 16 days ago +1

    That wasn't really hard. You guys haven't dealt with hackintoshing legacy hardware
    You should stop messing with VMs and build a hackintosh

    • Legit Plays
      Legit Plays 15 days ago

      @CumminsSuperduty1 i think it can. The processor and graphics cards are natively supported. The motherboard will be the deciding factor for compatibility. I've seen AMD Ryzen Hackintosh builds so this wouldn't be impossible

    • CumminsSuperduty1
      CumminsSuperduty1 15 days ago

      I agree with this. Would that hardware run Mac OS natively ? We want to know !

  • Jdj Jdj
    Jdj Jdj 16 days ago

    Who else watching on July fucking 4th

  • art dept
    art dept 17 days ago

    Linus has to find another way to change his TelePrompTer LOL

  • Wayne McDonald
    Wayne McDonald 17 days ago +2

    I think Anthony is just Awesome......(A Very Smart Man)

  • superninjar2.0
    superninjar2.0 17 days ago

    more ram no i want more wam

  • Whiplash_TM
    Whiplash_TM 19 days ago

    It would be cool if you guys did a couple videos on builds you might recommend people actually do hackintosh wise. I’m frustrated with Apple’s hardware choices recently (form over function or just waaay to expensive- huge headaches dealing with wife’s 13” MacBook “Pro”), so I’m seriously considering doing a mid tier hackintosh build. It’s either that or grab a 2012 tower and do the max westmere build. Of course that’s over $1k for 8 year old hardware...something in my spine reacts at a visceral level to the idea of doing that.
    I’d love to see what you guys would recommend for a more sane budget than this beast. Personally I’m interested in something comparable to the old tower configs that kicks as much butt as possible for $1k (maybe $1.5k if there’s enough justification for it). I work cross platform and do some CAD work so I’d want graphics that favor 3D and the ability to use it in either Mac, Windows or Linux would be a huge plus. (I’ve used combinations of dedicated physical machines, bootcamp and parallels/VMWare over the years to address various project needs, flexibility has always been an advantage.)
    I’d love to see what you guys come up with along those lines. Discovered your channel a week or so ago and I’ve watched a bunch of your earlier videos. Good stuff, I really appreciate how careful you are to qualify your information. That means you guys really care about your word meaning something.

  • Game Master
    Game Master 20 days ago

    Tunnelbear dashlane or pia? Which one is really the safest vpn?

  • Nicholai Wile
    Nicholai Wile 20 days ago +1

    That's a video

  • Toma Seguchi
    Toma Seguchi 21 day ago

    wow Anthony rocks you both do a very nice team!!! I just build me a hackintosh smokin fast too!

  • H4QN4
    H4QN4 22 days ago +4

    Next time, adress him properly:
    Sir Supreme Commander of the Blackmagic Nerdcorps, holder of the Geekcross in Copper with Pencils and Abacus, defender of the Hertz "the humble" Anthony.

  • Dorian Moore
    Dorian Moore 22 days ago

    Wow!!! Apple will be looking for you guys with Wet Ops or a big check. Amazing work guys!

  • Dheus Joga
    Dheus Joga 22 days ago

    Anthony tutorials would be amazing as a Linux wizard would be amazing!

  • Dheus Joga
    Dheus Joga 22 days ago

    Hackintosh all the way!!!

  • Armoterra
    Armoterra 25 days ago

    Yeah but it’s not a fair comparison - that thing is thicc as hell and the monitor doesn’t look up to par. Obviously Apple can make a much more powerful monster than the iMac Pro (and they are), but the slim form-factor is one of the features.

  • Shaun playz-gamez
    Shaun playz-gamez 25 days ago

    He said tge mac pro but he always puts it against the imac pro

    REALITY CHECK 25 days ago

    We want to see a muscle I Mac pro

  • Matthew Weatherman
    Matthew Weatherman 26 days ago

    Linus, you'd better hide that other guy. Cause if Kevin Smith ever sees him he'll snatch him away from you down to Hollywood. I'm not joking. He looks like I pen tester I worked with once in Chicago.

  • Aaron Barreto
    Aaron Barreto 26 days ago

    These are the Specs of the new Mac Pro.
    CPU: Intel Xeon W 3175X 28 Core 56 Thread.
    RAM:1.5 TB of 2933Mhz ECC Memory. 12 Dimms.
    STORAGE: 2 2 TB Apple SSD, As fast as iMac Pro.
    GPU: 2X Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, More than 4X faster than iMac Pro.
    Others: T2 Chip, Support for 6 Pro Display XDR.
    I/O: 2 thunderbolt 3 ports on the top, 2 USB A, 2 TB3 Ports and Headphone Jack on I/O Card, 4 Thunderbolt 3 Ports and HDMI On each I/O For a total of 12 Thunderbolt 3 Ports, 8 PCIe Slots, Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet

  • H E A D S T R Y K
    H E A D S T R Y K 26 days ago +1

    Hac Pro is cool, but does it have a 999$ stand?

  • Humans R Ants
    Humans R Ants 26 days ago

    But try making a monitor stand for less than £999.

  • Andrey Yastrebtsov
    Andrey Yastrebtsov 27 days ago

    iMac Pro with proper cooling? Heck, yea, I’d like to see that!

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto 28 days ago

    You can overclock your imac, wouldn’t recommend it though. You can also add more gpu as long as it is external on thunderbolt 3/ usb 3.1 gen 2 type c

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto 28 days ago

    Linus: “Pay no attention to those other benchmarks that are not what I want you to think about the build my engineer made, because I’m still in denial that hardware and software optimization from Apple means that Macs can do more than a PC with the same hardware.”

  • .
    . 28 days ago

    way cheaper, way uglier, way buggier, and in the end, way less productive -- no surprises here

  • Maximino Reyes
    Maximino Reyes 29 days ago

    Hey Guys! check this weekend proyect for you =^) @t The "best and beatiful design for a computer ever" xD with either the most powerfull SBC you have in your collection and dont have a case yet ;-)

  • Retrocidal
    Retrocidal 29 days ago

    Yawns mac sucks

  • Armando Gtz
    Armando Gtz Month ago

    VMWare 15 Professional has a Mojave Mac OS guide that you can try. I got mine working at 10.14.3 provided by an ISO by another user who did the hard work. That is good enough for me and helps me do some work on my workstation windows 10 laptop using a Mac OS Vm

  • TToes0813
    TToes0813 Month ago

    Only one problem that is not an all in one system

  • Preshit Joshi
    Preshit Joshi Month ago

    where is another video

  • burton wade
    burton wade Month ago

    cut the mac

  • ThatGuyMitch
    ThatGuyMitch Month ago +1

    Just gotta say that I wanna start a cult of Anthony

  • H0lm3s
    H0lm3s Month ago

    why didnt you run some benchmarks in linux (like blender)? it performs a bit better than windows in some benchmarks

  • Pako
    Pako Month ago

    yea but the built quality is terrible, in mac you pay besides the components, for the built quality and design..

    • Pako
      Pako Month ago

      @[OLD]TheSwampCommieFTW But not as nice as an apple case, thats the only advantage of apple products the design

    • [OLD]TheSwampCommieFTW
      [OLD]TheSwampCommieFTW Month ago

      You can easily put the components in a nice case

  • C P
    C P Month ago

    If you haven't noticed by now Mr.Linus. Apple is not attracting ITT savvy customers who are capable of building a faster and cheaper PC than the Mac Pro. They're selling emotional products with a feminine touch. Females makeup 65% of consumers and purchasing decisions. Do you think a woman will purchase big cluttered PC or a sleek simple looking monitor?

    Apple knows that the tech behind their product is not the fastest or the greatest compared to creating your own. They're simply targeting emotionally buyers who don't mind paying for the brand name and looks rather than the technology itself - *Phycology and sales pitch 101.*

    Even if my wife were to watch this video. She would still go for the iMac just for the simple looks spite being overpriced.

  • Andrew Finch-Craver
    Andrew Finch-Craver Month ago +2

    Anthony is incredible. Give him his own channel please. His hardware (and software) game are on point and he talks about it so well!

  • pokeguy742
    pokeguy742 Month ago

    Linus, if you don't musclecool that Mac I'll shit myself. Make that video!

  • ripper253
    ripper253 Month ago

    The straight up 40's style hotrod scoop/aesthetic would be sweet, even if it just ends up being a noctua zip-tied in place and some random scrap metal ducting.
    Plus, what are they gunna do, refuse warranty on your (formerly) nicely finished aluminum plate?

  • hamsteerio
    hamsteerio Month ago +2

    I have a feeling anthony is losing weight and determined to have his progress updated each video he is featured in

  • Cedric Villani
    Cedric Villani Month ago

    How? You were limited to 45 or 48 of ram on the hackintosh

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama Month ago

    Next generation Apple products:
    i-Computer chair-$1500 total
    Back support-$500
    i-mac potato pro-$9000
    (Under-powered with 2 year old tech, but pretty chassis-a $1500 Intel/amd build could run laps around it anyday).
    iPhone XXX-$2000
    (Let's copy everything Android's done but still no headphone jack and expandable memory slot).
    Apple-stealing ideas since its founding while suing everyone else, and still overcharging the shit out of consumers.

  • Yusof
    Yusof Month ago

    Linus, if you could build a DIY mac pro with thin, compact, space-saving, less power consumption and aesthetic design then you could really call it as TOTAL CRUSH on Apple.
    If you couldn't, then its just a basically hacking station which only serve specific purpose - video editing with cheaper price. Plus hackintosh is not stable and has a lot of issues.
    Current bigger desktop size hardware is of course way faster than smaller size mobile hardware. It's like comparing an Apple with a Pumpkin. How relevant is it?
    Let's be truthful Linus, you're a TECH SALESMAN. You make money both from promoting these companies hardwares and BASHING Apple.
    Its kinda smart move aint it?.. 😏🤔

  • J4llu
    J4llu Month ago

    watercool the imac pro

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes Month ago

    Did you spend 35 grand also?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yakataro - Kun
    Yakataro - Kun Month ago

    8:57 yes plsssss

  • Trung Mai Thanh
    Trung Mai Thanh Month ago

    what version of linux os ?, i cant choose among thousand linux version , please help me !

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico Month ago +1

    I want to kiss the big guy

  • PrototypeDev
    PrototypeDev Month ago

    I've been looking all over, but I can't find DDR4 that is more than 16 gigabytes for a block. I've been wanting a 32 gigabyte block of ram, but I just can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have any advice?

  • AliSot 2000
    AliSot 2000 Month ago

    MuscleMac with Noctua cooler? Yes please.

  • shooterjon mku
    shooterjon mku Month ago

    Okay Linus, what if I have the Appreciation of the apples desktop monitor in itself as a sharp display design. Anyway You has could still use this only as a working display for our new computer creation we have here. Btw badass

  • deinemuddaisdoof
    deinemuddaisdoof Month ago

    8:58 yes

  • Leandro Lopes
    Leandro Lopes Month ago +1

    I am curious if Anthony actually knows that we LOVE him and want more Anthony in LTT.

  • Anas Khalil
    Anas Khalil Month ago

    Where's the Afterburner?

  • marksapollo
    marksapollo Month ago

    You built a piece of shit.. did your stupid friend break it again? So sad to see the salty envy you show as you fail to understand Apple and it’s target markets.

  • Circuit Breaker
    Circuit Breaker Month ago

    Why not Xeon Platinum 9282???

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody Month ago +2

    I definitely want to see the "Full Muscle-Car Hood Scoop iMac Pro" video!!! :)

  • Adam Edvardsson
    Adam Edvardsson Month ago

    Why run it int VM? Can it be installed?

  • Duke Kenspocket Studio

    do you even meat grinder pro bro

  • nicoxis
    nicoxis Month ago +2

    Doesn't the fastest Mac Pro have 4 Radeon Vega pro GPUs ??

  • Apple Kid
    Apple Kid Month ago


  • Christopher Mariotti

    We do. We do want to see you turn an elegant mac into an ltt muscle computer 😂

  • StraussWyldeTT
    StraussWyldeTT Month ago

    Can you guys try to get a small, thin form factor to hide behind the display?
    With the right display you would have to look twice to notice it's not Apple hardware.

  • Cooper Garner
    Cooper Garner Month ago

    Plz do a Clover Hackintosh Setup

  • bald hier
    bald hier Month ago

    42 GB RAM is not recommend because you have to go in 6 increments - so you loose 30% RAM Performance

  • AA A
    AA A Month ago

    That guy is fast! Any one else noticed!??

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +1

    Definitely need to see a hood scoop iMac lol.

  • Donald Clark
    Donald Clark Month ago

    Apple is going to hire a hit on you if you don't stop showing them up.

  • Mehul Parashar
    Mehul Parashar Month ago +2

    Wouldn't more ram and getting a threadripper, plus quaddro make this even faster?

    • Mehul Parashar
      Mehul Parashar Month ago

      @A C why?

    • A C
      A C Month ago

      No, someone else will explain why shortly

  • Lenotas
    Lenotas Month ago

    When’s rog reboot time

  • Plane Star
    Plane Star Month ago +17

    0:15 "Is this REALLY the fastest mac money can buy?", No, to me, it's the fastest mac, that my money can't buy.

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    damn, look at those panels side by side... The iMac one looks amazing :o

  • deth kon
    deth kon Month ago +1

    Runs windows on a Apple machine.
    iDOS... lets face it iWIN was a bit pretentious
    iDOS vs Hackintosh.......... @Linus Tech Tips You know what to do.

  • MaX Falstein
    MaX Falstein Month ago

    I would like to see a phase changing cooling system on the iMac Pro.

  • Gus TV
    Gus TV Month ago

    Please make the video of a properly cooled mac!

  • Mr Dee
    Mr Dee Month ago

    Resume: buy all the stuff, build your own hackintosh. Enjoy.

  • raptor2569
    raptor2569 Month ago

    but "to be clear...."

  • rawnak
    rawnak Month ago +1

    Doesn’t support 1.5 terabytes of ram or the Vega 2 duo graphics card

    • rawnak
      rawnak Month ago

      @AtrusDesign if you can make your own one good job, but most professionals don't want to spend so much time researching and buying equipment, time is money my guy

    • AtrusDesign
      AtrusDesign Month ago

      Yes, but at same prices i build a little render farm, and this video was made before new mac pro.

  • StarsMarsRadio
    StarsMarsRadio Month ago +2

    Yes I do want to see you cut open a Mac pro.

  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal Month ago

    You should commercialize the Hackintosh. Just make a spinoff channel of Hackintosh how to instructional videos.
    As Anthony said it this is not a tutorial. Make a tutorial :) The Anthony series. Especially with the cheese grater now on the market ...

  • ko hen
    ko hen Month ago

    New mac pro and mac xdr crush linus.. lol

  • Marlon Futboss
    Marlon Futboss Month ago

    Do the same to the new MAC PRO

  • long trần
    long trần Month ago

    Is there a video that linus don't have a sponsor? Sponsor in every videos. This man don't need RU-clip's ad money.

  • Majlo T
    Majlo T Month ago

    2.5k angry macbook and mac users lol