5 SIGNS A BOY WANTS YOU TO KISS HIM (w/ MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

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  • The Modoca
    The Modoca 47 minutes ago

    I've been regected alot

  • Whitney Xavier
    Whitney Xavier Hour ago

    QWhen will you marry when we are when you marry when will you marry a girl and when you when when are you going to kissing and when are you going to give the girls a 24 minutes

  • Cloey Mckenzie
    Cloey Mckenzie Hour ago

    Do you like echther

  • Kaylee Fray
    Kaylee Fray Hour ago

    Of course I’m single breath I am only eight years old

  • Kadence Smith
    Kadence Smith Hour ago

    i am single as a pringle to

  • Christine Bangsund
    Christine Bangsund Hour ago +1

    Where you standing there for the-entire video?

  • Christine Bangsund
    Christine Bangsund Hour ago +1

    Kiss her!

  • Aliyah Alshemary
    Aliyah Alshemary 3 hours ago

    Who needs to be in a relationship relationship when you got friends 😎😎

    That's totally what Brent meant to say I think?

  • Devanee Rodriguez
    Devanee Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    hijjl;hiolk hujhbyhjmhj nkjfdcncjuhgv nh

  • SpideyBoy 2010
    SpideyBoy 2010 10 hours ago +1

    Who needs a girlfriend when you got your favorite RU-clipr Brent

  • Ariel Spalding
    Ariel Spalding 13 hours ago

    I am not single and I am 8

  • Rajagopal Sampathkumar
    Rajagopal Sampathkumar 16 hours ago

    Loved it so much

  • Thejaxman171 Gaming
    Thejaxman171 Gaming 16 hours ago

    So I am kinda single.... but me and a girl already told each other we kinda like each other so yeah 😬

  • Kim Tieu
    Kim Tieu 17 hours ago

    5 signs a boy wants to kiss HIM HIM are u gay

  • Lauren Ward
    Lauren Ward 17 hours ago

    When you say Ava is here with me why does it show a picture of Eva Eva and actually they’re stupid

  • Logan Grey
    Logan Grey 17 hours ago +1

    #team single

  • Emily baliram
    Emily baliram 19 hours ago

    It's been a year....are you still having a pizza party? If so....I just want the date, venue and time.

  • My'Nevaeh Gomez
    My'Nevaeh Gomez 20 hours ago

    You is so cool Brent

  • Nakiganda Shamim
    Nakiganda Shamim 20 hours ago

    I just like, this guy. 😂😂So funny but real

  • alex namsu
    alex namsu 21 hour ago +1

    because I'm a kid!!!!!!

  • pizza zombiegirl
    pizza zombiegirl 23 hours ago

    Brent u choose to be single 🙄

  • Maria Olascoaga
    Maria Olascoaga 23 hours ago

    Yeah true youvgot food

  • Life with Ava
    Life with Ava Day ago

    I am single and ur amazing I ship u and Eva oh and my name is Ava

  • Iris Georgescu
    Iris Georgescu Day ago

    I'm single like a pringle so whens the pizza party

  • Adelaine Bruwer
    Adelaine Bruwer Day ago

    Pizza party 😎👍

  • seyi Ajiwokewu
    seyi Ajiwokewu Day ago

    I ignored that

  • Ghada Amin
    Ghada Amin Day ago

    then 2 boys want to kiss me (great)

  • Lia Kostopoulos
    Lia Kostopoulos Day ago

    Team single

  • Wilber Juarez
    Wilber Juarez Day ago

    You want to be my boyfriend

  • edith enawane
    edith enawane Day ago

    I want to have a a a pizza party with you friends and Ava and all your friends including your sister

  • Panda Squad!
    Panda Squad! Day ago

    I always laugh at what you say

  • Panda Squad!
    Panda Squad! Day ago

    I’m single

  • Phaqil Campo
    Phaqil Campo Day ago



  • Sachman
    Sachman Day ago

    This doesn’t make sense, it means you are gay

  • Zeenath Khan
    Zeenath Khan Day ago

    Who needs love when u have...uh FOOD!!!

  • Aiden Agee
    Aiden Agee Day ago +1

    I mean foods great

  • Paul Stevens
    Paul Stevens Day ago +1

    Brent is a guy?😅😃


    im single too do i like food
    do i like boys
    they drive me crazy
    #im twelve

  • Megan Rooy
    Megan Rooy Day ago

    Brent:witch means I have the mind of a guy Me: Brent you have the mind of a child

  • Ángel García
    Ángel García Day ago +1

    Another sign is touching your lap. Yes I'm a girl my crush was moving his hand to my lap.

  • Yolanda Ulep
    Yolanda Ulep Day ago


  • Caleb Hannah
    Caleb Hannah Day ago

    I’m a boy and I still think I’ll forever be alone

  • London Williams
    London Williams Day ago

    If you're a girl and you're single scroll I'm not talking to you I'm talking about if you're not single if you got a boyfriend

  • RobloxianCrazy Boy

    At the end is private for us and not for both of them

  • Lewis Ball
    Lewis Ball 2 days ago

    I liked and subscribe 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  • Oliver Ayer
    Oliver Ayer 2 days ago

    "I have the brain of a guy" haha.

  • monicalarry07
    monicalarry07 2 days ago

    My mom is not gone let me have a boyfriend

  • Destinee Guzman
    Destinee Guzman 2 days ago


  • Sendy Arambula
    Sendy Arambula 2 days ago

    I love pizza 🍕

  • Cianna Olinger
    Cianna Olinger 2 days ago +1

    I’m a little brother I’m not single

  • Sendy Arambula
    Sendy Arambula 2 days ago

    I am so lonely I have nobody🥺☹️

  • Nice Queen
    Nice Queen 2 days ago

    I have a crush

  • Shiny Peacock
    Shiny Peacock 2 days ago

    TEAM SINGLE! You don’t need love from human When you have pets who loves you against their will! Jk pet’s love to you is the best love.

  • Gadiel torrijos
    Gadiel torrijos 2 days ago

    im only single bc i reject everybody

  • Unforgettable LOL
    Unforgettable LOL 2 days ago


  • Ethan LaPar
    Ethan LaPar 2 days ago


  • Mackenzie Bennett
    Mackenzie Bennett 2 days ago

    Single gang were you at

  • Karina Norton
    Karina Norton 2 days ago


  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 2 days ago +1


  • Turtley Doofus
    Turtley Doofus 2 days ago

    Team single

  • Luna GotStylez
    Luna GotStylez 2 days ago

    Y’know I’m down for some pizza! You free this Friday?

  • King Jase29
    King Jase29 2 days ago

    Do u wanna kiss??

  • Rasperry Beats
    Rasperry Beats 2 days ago

    Ava is so pretty

  • The gaming hub 1
    The gaming hub 1 2 days ago

    Pizza party at my house be there at 7:00 pm on September 28th 2031

  • Kaylee Emmett
    Kaylee Emmett 2 days ago

    Wait a sec you've done all these before?lol

  • Ethan Li
    Ethan Li 3 days ago

    Team single

  • Amber Abbas
    Amber Abbas 3 days ago

    that is way to obveous

  • Jamie Tunnicliffe
    Jamie Tunnicliffe 3 days ago +1


  • Suzanne Kahler
    Suzanne Kahler 3 days ago

    I'm a kid and a boy in my class has a crush on me and my friend

  • Claire Palfrey
    Claire Palfrey 3 days ago

    I am single to

  • Jodi Harrison
    Jodi Harrison 3 days ago

    If you feel good please give me a like lf you feel bad leave A comment please

  • Thato Luthuli
    Thato Luthuli 3 days ago

    Im so single

  • James Powell
    James Powell 3 days ago

    I watched this randomly and I think my friend might be gay because He’s been looking. At my lips :/ um 😐

  • Maria Pack
    Maria Pack 3 days ago


  • Sam Ali
    Sam Ali 3 days ago +1

    Single for life

  • lakhvinder singh
    lakhvinder singh 3 days ago

    Why did you not kiss 😭

  • bommer ok
    bommer ok 3 days ago

    single team Evan do i am ten dood

  • •Gacha Ella Oaker•

    Instead of reply I meant really

  • •Gacha Ella Oaker•

    I meant does it count if they stare at you

  • •Gacha Ella Oaker•

    Does I found I they start at you E.V.E.R.Yday this boy I go to for history he's stares at m even at lunch it's reply wierd!