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  • De R
    De R 2 days ago

    So that is why their is a part that said you are the cause of my Euphoria

  • VJtasha
    VJtasha 3 days ago

    Go read the comics guys, it will be explain there.

  • Lord Kaileez
    Lord Kaileez 21 day ago

    This explanation got me in tears it reminds me of the movie the butterfly effect, love that movie

  • Tids Daan
    Tids Daan 24 days ago

    I got goosebumps after hearing this theories gosh!

  • Carmen Babilonia
    Carmen Babilonia Month ago

    NAMJOON PLS MAKE A FCKING BOOK ABOUT THIS 😭😭😭😭(Sorry for my bad english)

  • Virgochic84
    Virgochic84 Month ago

    I'm dumb can someone summarize the summary

  • Tina B
    Tina B 2 months ago

    Bts be like korean marvel. Weaving their stories and leaving Questions unanswered. 🙄😭❤️

  • Iqra Akram
    Iqra Akram 2 months ago

    Can someone please for gods sake suggest me bts songs line wise to listen so i can atleast get wtf is going on in these albums.. I ain't getting no shit..

  • Syntia Barbara
    Syntia Barbara 3 months ago

    sometimes im tired being an armys... their theories hurt my head, i never thinking this hard even on my national exam... they're to genius for me to stan.... shit i love them :(

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 3 months ago

    I dont get nun of this bruh

  • MoonLae Jey
    MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

    The seven boys had problems from the start. Meaning in their childhood. Jin is being controlled by his father which causes that for Jin to lose his friends. Yoongi witnessed his mother commit suicide by setting their house/her room on fire. Jimin is being neglected by his parents and accidentally witnessed a murder scene at the warehouse at the back of the arboretum. Hoseok was abondoned by his mother at the amusement park. Namjoon grew up in poverty. Taehyung grew up with a abusive and drunk father which made his mother leave him and her sister.
    Jungkook's father left him and her mother. Saying Jungkook is a burden that he can't take anymore. Her mother ended up marry another. And he is being abused by his stepbrother and her mother and stepfather doing nothing about it.
    The seven boys met at school, when they get detention for being late. And starting from there they became friends and had a classroom-turned-like-storage room as their hideout. They were happy when together and they feel like they are family but still there are dark secrets with each one of them.
    This is where the seven started to break apart.
    Jin, being controlled by his father and the principal. The principal once forced him to tell what his friends are doingor the principal will tell his father about not doing good at school. So he told him that Yoongi and Taehyung are cutting classes. Next is when the principal threatened him again to tell him where is their hideout. Jin told the principal where and thats when the principal found Yoongi and Jungkook. The principal hit Jungkook that made Yoongi angry and hit the principal which causes his expulsion.
    Now as for Jimin, he is with Hoseok one time and he got seizures. For the first time Hoseok witnessed this and called Jimin's mother. They rushed Jimin to the hospital and that was the last time Hoseok saw Jimin.
    Namjoon disappeared suddenly without notice. His family moved to another city/town because of poverty and he didn't want the other boys know.
    Jin went back to the states and
    Now Taehyung and Jungkook are left feeling all alone.
    My reference here is The Notes 1 (book) and the Notes that were in the past albums.
    Now back to the story.
    After time went by, Jin came back from the states. And this is where thing started to get complicated.

    • MoonLae Jey
      MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

      Back when they were high school. Taehyung overheard Jin with the principal and he knows that it was Jin who ratted them.out to the principal. He was the reason why Yoongi got expelled. And in this date May 22. Taehyung overheard Namjoon talking to someone about his brother and Taehyung thought it was about him. Because the all treat each other like brothers.
      And when Jin was about to say something to the group, Taehyung just said everything he knows, disrespecting his hyungs, which made Jin hit Taehyung. So the night of May 22. They boys had a fight and split again.
      That night when they were getting home, Jimin went to his home, and faced his parent telling them he will not go back to the hospitak again. The same night Jungkook got into an accident. He was hit by car and was hospitalized.
      This is where the Highlight reels enters. The boys meet the girls who reminded them of each other.
      For further more information about the Highlight Reel please check out xCeleste's video of Summary of Bangtan Universe.
      The story is still not finished though. It ended when the girl whom Jin likes died and Jin went back in time to August 30. The date where the seven boys were about to meet and watch the firework. And when Jin visit their old school and their old hideout only to find his fathers name written of the window and under it was the phrase "Everything started here"
      The new album, Map Of The Soul: Persona has new notes. So the story is not over.

    • MoonLae Jey
      MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

      Time went by and Jin let Hoseok hit his head for him to meet Jimin in the hospital and there when the scene where Hoseok thought he saw his mother and was about to slip down the staircase, Jimin caught him. Hoseok told Jimin that he would get Jimin out of the hospital.
      Now May 20. Jin knew Yoongi would set fire this day but he didn't go in. Instead he created a scenario where Jungkook would be there. He left clues for Jungkook to know where Yoongi is. In just in time where the fire is lit Jungkook rushed in to save Yoongi. This explains the scene in the Euphoria MV. Jin was watching Jungkook save Yoongi and he was happy that he suceeded, he smiled in the MV.
      Now he tried to get everyone together that's where they all went to get Jimin out of the hospital. This also explains the scene in the Euphoria MV where they are were running and partying inside a cafeteria, that was the hospital's cafeteria. They got Jimin out of the hospital. But Jin didn't let them have a celebration and they all parted. Still Jimin stayed with Hoseok.
      The next day. Jimin went to the arboretum to face his fears and Yoongi went with him. The same day Hoseok got a call from the police station and he went to find Taehyung arrested for graffitting. He bailed out Taehyung and took him home. Taehyung keeps on making Hoseok leave but he didn't knowing there is something wrong with Taehyung because he saw his bruises. Meanwhile Jin was watching Hoseok and Taehyung from afar and whe they got in front of Taehyung's apartment and Hoseok was about to leave, Jin called Hoseok saying he want's them to have fun together and told him to tell it to Taehyung. So Hoseok went back just in time. Taehyung was about to stab his father when something stopped him and that's where Hoseok stepped in and took the bottle out of his hand that cause Taehyung to have a wound in his palm (In the Euphoria MV, Taehyung hand a bandage wrapped around his hand.)
      Now Jin saved all of them. No. They saved each other. Jin saved Namjoon, Yoongi saved Jungkook, Jungkook save Yoongi, Jimin saved Hoseok. They all saved Jimin. Hoseok save Taehyung.
      May 22. They all went out to the beach like they did back in high school they had fun. But that didn't last long.

    • MoonLae Jey
      MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

      Now in this time loop, He was crying and thinking if he could really save the boys and he was about to give up, but then Taehyung showed up in front of his door that made him want to save all of them.
      Now there is something with Taehyun. Ever since Jin started going back in time, Taehyung would dream of the accidents. This is a little bit weird because Taehyung really senses something is wrong and something is happening but he could tell what it was.
      Now Jin started to save Namjoon, Jungkook, Yoongi and Hoseok. And he went to Jimin earlier and immediately took his out of the hospital. The both went to Namjoon's trailer/container where evryone is waiting. And there they had fun and celebrated. And Jin let his guard down.
      Jimin decided to stay with Hoseok. Where Hoseok finally admitted that he doesn't really have narcolepsy. (He has a mental illness where someone is pretending to be sich when they are not. I forgot what it was called. Check xCeleste's Summary its there). He just keeps on denying the fact that he was abandonded by his mother.
      The same night where they celebrated and when they parted, Taehyung went home to find his father drunk again and hitting his sister. This got him out of his mind and took a bottle and attacked his father then he broke the glass and stabbed his father.
      Then Jin went back in time being aware of Taehyung. Jin did everything, saved Namjoon, Jungkook, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin. And he then found Taehyung in the police station being arrested for graffitting and took Taehyung home. Taehyung keeps on sending Jin home but then they heard a load sound from Taehyungs home then he rushed to his home. Jin knowing what will happen, he immediately followed Taehyung to stopping his from stabbing his father but in this process Taehyung ended up stabbing Jin instead. Now Jin went back in time again.
      This is the end of the Save me webtoon. But the story still continues.
      When Jin went back he started to analyze everything and finally thought of what to do. He finally realize that he can not do this alone. So he decide to use the bkys to save all of them.
      First he got to Namjoon said hi to him. Wait till a customer causes a scene and Jin stopped the customer from insulting Namjoon, but Jin didn't talked to Namjoon further more. This changes the sequence. When Jungkook was at the rooftop of the building and was about to jump thinking 'no one would care if he's gone' Yoongi called him.

    • MoonLae Jey
      MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

      Now in this loop Jin went to save Namjoon and find Jungkook to save him. And then he tries to find Yoongi but Yoongi is somewhat hard to find because in every time loop Yoongi's variables change, the date where he's commit suicide changes and the location. So he fails to save Yoongi again this time. So when Jin went back again, he went to Namjoon earlier and took him with him same for Jungkook.
      When Jin got Namjoon and Jungkook, he decided to leave them for a while and find Yoongi, when he left Namjoon and Jungkook found Taehyung in the police station being graffitting around the area. Jin found Yoongi and save him just in time before he suffocates in the fire. But when they got into the hospital and Yoongi's awake, he told Jin this 'You should have left me to die.'
      The time continues and we finally get to know where Jimin is. The seven boys last saw Jimin when they were in school as for Hoseok he last saw Jimin when he was rushed into the hospital because of his seizures. Jimin's parents forced him to be in the hospital for almost 2 years because of his illness. Now where did he got the seizures? Remember when he was a child and witness a murder scene at the back of the flower arboretum? (the kid who was murdered there was Jin's friend when he was a kid and he didn't get a chance to help him because of his Dad preventing him.) That scene traumatizes him that made him develope his seizure and he's been telling Lies about it, saying 'he doesn't remember' (this is his solo song "Lie").
      Now Hoseok, he said he has narcolepsy right? So one time he collapses and his head that's why he ended up in the hospital where he met Jimin again after 2 years. After a month, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jungkook and Yoongi heard about Hoseok in the hospital and decided to visit Hoseok, they didn't know Jimin was there to and Jimin begged Hoseok not to the the others that he is there. After the boys left, Jin was thinking and also decided to visit Hoseok alone but he bumped into Jimin and there he witnessed Hoseok's accident.
      How did Hoseok got into an accident? He saw a figure that looked like his mother and followed he to the stairs but unfortunately it's not his mother then he slip down tge staircase and broke his ankle, Remember Hoseok is a dancer, not being able to dance is like death to him.
      And so Jin went back in time again. And this time he saved Namjoon and Jungkook just right in time and prevented Hoseok from hitting his head. That time Jin started to pin note about the boys in his car and Hoseok saw this that made him curious about it. While Hoseok is thinking he then realize about Yoongi in the fire then he rushed to where Yoongi is only to find Jin saving Yoongi. He then started to suspect something on Jin but of course Jin can't tell him about it.
      He left Hoseok and Yoongi. And after somedays, he want back to the hospital for Jimin. But only to find out that Taehyung, Jungkook, Hoseok and Namjoon are busting Jimin out of the hospital and at first Jin was against this decision thinking it is not safe for Jimin to stay but somewhat the boys managed to convince him and he help the boys to get Jimin out. But when they were about to get out Jimin's mother came and stopped them and send the boys away. After days Jin went back to the hospital again only to find out that Jimin tried to kill himself by drowning himself in a bathtub. Jin manages to save him but Jimin pleaded 'Get me out of here Hyung' and so Jin took Jimin out but then Jimin saw a sign on the road and it reminded him of the flower arborwtum and had a panic attack and he went out of the car and ran into a construction site.
      And Jin went back in time again.

    • MoonLae Jey
      MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

      The Note 1 (book), the notes in the past album and Save Me webtoon and also the MVs especially Euphoria MVs and the Highlight Reels.
      Remember this dates. April 11, May 20, May 22.
      Jin first saw Jungkook entering school. Then at night he saw Namjoon working at the gas station and he didn't say 'Hi'. And then time passes by and its May 20. Jin started to wonder about how the boys are doing and he misses them. So he went to the gas station to see Namjoon, but only to find out the Namjoon was in prison for hitting a customer who insulted him. At that time Namjoon told Jin about the others. Jungkook and Yoongi are dead, Hoseok is in the hospital after he got into and accident and he doesn't know about Taehyung and Jimin. This leaves Jin shocked and sad. He left Namjoon and when he got out of the police station he found Taehyung being arrested for killing his father.
      Jin went to the beach and started to reminice all their happy moments and started to wonder where did it all go wrong. And then a voice asked him 'If tou could turn back time do you belive that you could straighten out the errors and mistakes?' (something like that) Then Jin went back in time to April 11.
      Jin went back in time but at first he doesn't realize he was doing it. In the first loop, he saw Namjoon but didn't say hi to him. That nught after he left the gas station, while he was druving Jungkook fell of the hood of his car, dead. Then he turned back to April 11 again. In the 2nd loop Jungkook fell from a building and landed behind Jin while he was walking then he went back in time again.
      Jin is so confused about what is happening, because it seems as though he was dreaming but he can't remember what it was. Then a voice talked to him again and showed him the passed loops making him aware that he's been turning back time.
      Now this time. Jin turned back to April 11 but this time he knows he is doing it. He went to the gas station and talked to Namjoon, he sent away the customer who insulted him before Namjoon gets into a fight then he left Namjoon saying he need to find Jungkook. He found Jungkook in a rooftop of the building and saved him but when he did, someone called and it was Yoongi's phone.
      Yoongi was in the emergency room in a hospital because he set a fire in a room of a motel/hotel. Yoongi died that night then Jin wakes up to April 11 again.

  • MoonLae Jey
    MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

    The Euphoria MV actually explains the timeline where Jin turns back time and finally made the right decisions unlike in the past timelines he went back to. The Euphoria MV is super connected to The Notes 1 (book)

  • MoonLae Jey
    MoonLae Jey 3 months ago

    That theory is actually half right and half wrong.... Check on xCeleste's Summary of the Bangtan Universe

  • yOu nIcE kEeP gOiNg
    yOu nIcE kEeP gOiNg 3 months ago

    Hahahah “shut up phone” always gets me.

  • purple jeon
    purple jeon 3 months ago

    I have goosebumps,, i think bighit read this. Its the save me and its all in the story.

  • BTS 7 Smiles
    BTS 7 Smiles 4 months ago

    OMG. Love that theory.💜

  • Eashwar Karthik
    Eashwar Karthik 4 months ago

    Wait i still cant understand anything im new to army can some explain those things jin tried to change did those things happen in real life like tae's dad?,suga's apartment? Please someone save me im so lost🙏

  • Precious Noriega
    Precious Noriega 5 months ago

    Do another reaction about fake love theory please

  • theethee aesthetic
    theethee aesthetic 7 months ago

    And then there was a webtoon

  • I love Boys
    I love Boys 7 months ago

    I am out of My mind right now😭

  • Pauline Bernardes
    Pauline Bernardes 7 months ago

    People are crazy! BTS's message it's about events who can happen in real life. There's no angel or demon or Abraxas. I recommend to you watch the theories videos by MMJ, she's a brazilian youtuber. She makes connections with all the mv's and notes by BTS. She takes all the informations that Bighit and BTS show us and put all together.

  • Micaila Tumnob
    Micaila Tumnob 7 months ago

    Ever album has a meaning tho:
    WONDER (EUPHORIA) -Jungkook

    Wahh daebak!!!

  • izukey realm
    izukey realm 7 months ago +1

    A bt21 ad just spawn.....what the flip?

  • Duhhitslexx
    Duhhitslexx 7 months ago

    That reply at 8:00 is soooo totally me😂

  • Nana exoarmy
    Nana exoarmy 8 months ago

    If you read the funky looking letters as chinese it means;
    承: During
    轉: Turn
    结: End

  • future lane
    future lane 9 months ago

    Lol like what jin said... " but its my fate oowah.... Yeah its my fate ooowah..."

  • Cutie Comfy
    Cutie Comfy 9 months ago


  • ꧑ᥱᥕ
    ꧑ᥱᥕ 9 months ago

    Love yourself: wonder is not an actual album .-.
    Someone 👏 explain 👏

  • Toku Mika
    Toku Mika 9 months ago

    Plz react to Spring Day explained

  • Naomi Mejia
    Naomi Mejia 9 months ago

    “Shut up phone” 😭😭😭

  • deekaydeeyon
    deekaydeeyon 10 months ago

    All I can think of is one movie: BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

  • sharonporter28
    sharonporter28 10 months ago

    THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! MAN I WAS SO LOST. So jimin in the music video DID kill himself in that music video, remember he drowned himself in the tub, AFTER he burned the picture of him and everyone together. Everything makes SO MUCH SENSE. 💡💡💡💡👏👏👏

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon 10 months ago have you watched this?

  • Purple Bangtan
    Purple Bangtan 10 months ago

    I don't know anything
    even BTS says they don't know what's all behind these theories

  • Mughworts Longshot
    Mughworts Longshot 10 months ago

    I pretty much already knew the theory, I just came here to make sure that I'm not the only one whose mind had been blown to pieces.

  • Jana Straková
    Jana Straková 11 months ago

    I do agree with this theory, but I think that Jungkook is the child in Omelas. In Spring Day he's weirdly separated from others, there's a moment on the train when RM walks past him in the train like he's not there.. Then there's the part with Magic Shop and how everyone gave something and got something in exchange. Jungkook was the only one who stumbled in there, looking around curiously as like he knew something more than others. He didn't trade anything, apart from maybe himself alone.. and got a key back.. Maybe he only wanted his hyungs to be happy, so he traded himself and became the child in Omelas willingly. Lyrics of Begin: "I can’t take it anymore. Because you are crying, I want to cry in your place". In Fake Love, you can see him wearing old and dirty clothes, beeing in darkness, looking at others only through holes in walls and through the mirror. I even think that Jin knows that Jungkook sacrificed himself for others and he let him, based on the start of Fake Love where he's closing the curtains on him.

  • bangtanshizz uwu
    bangtanshizz uwu 11 months ago

    Ok is it sad that I cried?

  • Grell Sutcliffe
    Grell Sutcliffe Year ago

    Hint:The booklets that come with the albums tell the story. Translator is required though lol

  • Vrinda Bathwal
    Vrinda Bathwal Year ago all makes sense accuratly. I really think this theory is correct.

  • Javier Perez
    Javier Perez Year ago

    I can’t find the Wonder Album.

  • sabrina babini
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  • AMY.
    AMY. Year ago

    What is the name of rhis song? 0:10
    Please,i need it

  • Black Crystal
    Black Crystal Year ago

    Am so done with BTS theories at this point , imma just wait another century for the book to come out .
    Cause everytime a read a new theory I feel my brain losing a brain cell

  • Carol Alvarenga
    Carol Alvarenga Year ago

    Well umm actually jungkook is the person not jin because love yourself is a continuation of wings because of the clips shown

  • Min Yoongi’s Smile ;3;

    WHY DID I CRY!?!

  • unice sawmhal
    unice sawmhal Year ago

    She should have linked blood sweat and tears with the theory

  • Blunita
    Blunita Year ago

    the “illiterate flop” tweet had me wheezing

  • Jalin Davis
    Jalin Davis Year ago

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  • Drea Clark
    Drea Clark Year ago

    Now I'm gonna have to go back watch the whooooooole thing and catch whatever was missed!!

  • igot7 coco
    igot7 coco Year ago

    Maaannn...I was so sad and so into the story and then you phone rang and you said "shut up phone" I crack..

  • Stella Luu
    Stella Luu Year ago

    I think there's gonna be another "Love Yourself: Answer." Since the "Love Yourself:Her" has 4 editions that spelled "L.O.VE" and the "Love Yourself: Tear" also has 4 editions that spelled "Y.O.U.R" so I feel like there's gonna another "Love Yourself" that has 4 editions that spelled "S.E.L.F"

  • Isaaa Meee
    Isaaa Meee Year ago

    This is amazing

  • Crizandrea Bernece

    Thanks a lot for this video. Yeah, I am a new army when DNA release and some Army said that these MV's are had some theories. And I check out. Watch all the videos (yeah, I mean the actual MV videos only and I didn't watch yet the other teaser ahhahaha but I try my best) last month that I know that there are some theories and last week I started. Yeah, it's kinda hard because I am now a SPAZZER and I am the one who gonna makes some theories. Btw, thanks a lot. It connected all into my brain (yeah, my brain cells in kinda mess literally right now hahahah) and, the teaser FAKE LOVE 1 tho, the highlight reel aish! My brain can't hold it anymore hahahah. But thank you so much, thanks a lot.

  • E. Pio
    E. Pio Year ago

    and when tea is up in the tower everyone was calling him down and panicking but when jin is on the tower everyone is happy and waving at him goodbye...

  • kettle belle
    kettle belle Year ago

    So what’s this all about, something ongoing with BTS or all part of BTS’s past hinting at things? Or is it all deliberately artistically vague (which of course there’s nothing with)?

    • kettle belle
      kettle belle Year ago

      someone pls answer cuz as far as I know Angels can't turn to humans.. If this is real then it is weird that JIN IS A FUCKING ANGEL

  • Jenelle G
    Jenelle G Year ago

    *reading the theory* *phone rings* “shut up phone” 😂😂😂LMAOOOO

  • Jelly Jeon jungkook
    Jelly Jeon jungkook Year ago +1

    All of my EUPHORIA the EPIPHANY to that
    I call you SERENDIPTY cuz you´re my SINGULARITY.

  • 수정김
    수정김 Year ago

    OMG I hope that is not the real storyyy even though it makes a alot of sense but if it ended by jin dying then it will be a sad ending and WE ARE GOING TO BE DEPRESSED FOR EVER😣
    Or am I the only one who gets depressed for a year after a sad ending story 😂😂😂😂

  • Masia Pinto
    Masia Pinto Year ago

    Makes complete sense

  • nep toon
    nep toon Year ago +1

    Ok so this theory explains some but doesn’t explain EVERYTHING like another video I saw does. If you would pleaseeee react to justtally theory on euphoria you would be SO AMAZED like she goes all the way through from the beginning to end. Its kinda lengthy but pleaseee it would be worth it

  • Conan Kudo
    Conan Kudo Year ago

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  • Minnie Yoonie
    Minnie Yoonie Year ago

    This made me cry though.

  • KimMischiadoo.
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    I lost it when he said *"shut up phone"*

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  • Queeny
    Queeny Year ago

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  • Queeny
    Queeny Year ago

    This is why u never leave Chim Chim alone I also can't amagine if he died that would be so sad:(

  • Angelika Sauveur
    Angelika Sauveur Year ago +1

    im late af but i like this theory but its missing some big parts. the focus on the video is not just mostly focused on jin. it has a whole lot of kookie as well. one could assume that its because he sand the song, but the ending shows much diffrent. why is it endding o kookie if he reversed everything? and why does taehyung recognizes whats going on? the only one not always smiling? what does not just i need you and prologue but run and the highlight series play into this

    now my theory is basic af but ima share it anyways. lol
    So I do agree Jin is going back in time but I think it's not just to stop the others from "dying or such" I think it's either 1, to fix his own mistakes or 2; to stopping how the highlight series escalated too. The hilight series was the first time we saw jin literally rewind everything. ill come back to the highlight series in a moment but for now, I'm going to focus on the first one i had. Jin fixing Jin
    s mistakes.
    Theory 1: One of the very popular theories why hyyt videos where compleated is that everyone might be a part of Jin. every member its a version of Jin. The black har could not just signify the past like @Juliana Mortera stated, but it might be when jin was one being. You see the members (in i need you) go through pain and troubles that was never really explained, but not just that, never together. They where never together unless it was happy seen, saturated (the past). Jin is the only one inwhite and not going through anything dramatic really. Just in a bed, curling into a ball, as if he is replaying it in his head. The flowers also burned in the mv witch could represents innocents lost. Its also lillies, so it could also mean death. Death of one's self. Dying in the inside.
    Another momment that also brought this and theories alike up was in the wings short films. Besides each member's connecting, Jins was the longest, and ad the only one that had pictures of scenes of each other film. he leaves them behind, maybe leaving the past behind him. But what does the ending of Euphoria comes to this? the scene with kookie getting hit? I explore this in the next theory.
    Theory 2: So I didn't necessarily think this through all the way, until the last phrase in korean, before kookies last scene in the euphoria film. "Hyung, is there anything you're hidding from us?" Ishe hidding something from them? Well yeah i honestly do. He saw, at least most of this shit break down, and didn't say anything. More imortantly, i think Jin caused one in importantly. InWuphoria we see that he opened his window like in i need you, and he see the flames, what if he did indeed see the flames of suga's appartment and said nothing? did nothing? What if jin was the one who through the money out the truck at rm. In the series he drives that truck. that is Jin's truck. What if Jin turned his back on them and the group fell apart.
    By Run we see the aftermath of i need you, they treat jin roughly, certain people are grouped together. rapmon and v getting arrested, what shocked v then? why was kookie and suga fighting? Jimin and jhope are in the mental house and they are day dreaming eveyrthing being fine. then in the highlight, we see the continues after wings. jimin and jhope are in the mental hospital together but not really. v gets arrested again and tries to call rapmon, rapmon can't bring himself to get to it. kookie calls out to suga when the painting of him bursts into flames. and then jin walks away from it all? hmmmmm
    And more importantly, the highlight series witch one could assume is the end of the real story. Suga, is a smoker, kkookie is in a wheel chair, jin i trying to be normal. jhope and jimin are together.. but not.RM is being a creep and V is being ..well V but a bit more sour. At the 3rd or last clip, we see everything escalating. the girl that was would suga has his lighter, witch kookie recognized. v used a golf club to toss his phne like rm did in proluge. jin meets a girl and if going to meet her an jimin is acting strangely. as if he is crazy for real.(side note, i think clip one shows whats wrong with jope, being bndon by his mother and that connection to him taking pills to deal and mamma and blah)
    At the end, kookie heals and his girl dies. rapmon is still beaning a creep, v hides his girl and get arrested again, jimin is getting hurt like the girl jhope is helping that was with them. and right before jin rewind, jimin's girl got hit by a car. hmm. He doesn't cry, but stare in shock. then he suddenly started his rewind. Who else got hit by a car? hmmm kookie. ...What if (plot twist) Jin was the one who hit kookie in i need you? What if kookie never knew? no one knew? he got away with a hit and run and that was karma breaking his act? Bringing him down to earth finally? In Euphoria, you see a lot of Jungkook because Jin (if he is either dreaming or actually rewind) is trying to make sure, out of everyone, Kookie s alive and happy. there was even a point in euphoria where a cam is recording kookie for a good moment. At the end of when Jin think he is going to finalize the changes, they look up t him just like they dd to V when he was up there, and yet V is the only one not happy. Completely serious. Maybe he is recognizing that Jin is trying to erase his death(past) and is the voice of logic. Its not going to be ok, because he still hasn't admitted to being the "murder" in that sense. He didn't stop v from jumping, he hit jungkook, he saw such die and so on and so forth. Yet he isn't admitting to his faults. He is trying to get rid of them. In the end, its still not ok, because V still knows this is wrong. It could be either v or kookie who asks Jin if he had to tell them something, but the ending, kookie getting hit states that someone knows there is a Lie (hehe caught in a lie)
    This could be TOTALLY off but hey this is what is in my head when i try to sleep lol

  • tila ovando valentin

    i feel so bad for jin i am literally crying now ;-; good thing this is all fake and in real life there all happy :D

  • Hana Pichalsky
    Hana Pichalsky Year ago

    Bris this is really deep and sad but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for making this video. I love all of your videos and what you do. This is the best kpop channel and nothing can compete. Have a nice day!

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    also after the credits a sentence in korean popped up and after that it showed jk being in a car accident
    im pretty sure it’s important but i cant read hangul so

  • Marc Alejandrino
    Marc Alejandrino Year ago

    My thoery is that euphoria has to do something about the song spring day the shoes hanging on the tree was believed to be jin's shoes and the song is for their friend that got away and miss so much and the end of euphoria jin sacrifices himself to save others

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