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    And then there was a webtoon

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    I am out of My mind right now😭

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    People are crazy! BTS's message it's about events who can happen in real life. There's no angel or demon or Abraxas. I recommend to you watch the theories videos by MMJ, she's a brazilian youtuber. She makes connections with all the mv's and notes by BTS. She takes all the informations that Bighit and BTS show us and put all together.

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    Ever album has a meaning tho:
    WONDER (EUPHORIA) -Jungkook

    Wahh daebak!!!

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    A bt21 ad just spawn.....what the flip?

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    That reply at 8:00 is soooo totally me😂

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    If you read the funky looking letters as chinese it means;
    承: During
    轉: Turn
    结: End

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    Lol like what jin said... " but its my fate oowah.... Yeah its my fate ooowah..."

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    Love yourself: wonder is not an actual album .-.
    Someone 👏 explain 👏

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    Plz react to Spring Day explained

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    “Shut up phone” 😭😭😭

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    All I can think of is one movie: BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

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    THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! MAN I WAS SO LOST. So jimin in the music video DID kill himself in that music video, remember he drowned himself in the tub, AFTER he burned the picture of him and everyone together. Everything makes SO MUCH SENSE. 💡💡💡💡👏👏👏

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    Water Melon 4 месяца назадвидео.html have you watched this?

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    I don't know anything
    even BTS says they don't know what's all behind these theories

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    I pretty much already knew the theory, I just came here to make sure that I'm not the only one whose mind had been blown to pieces.

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    I do agree with this theory, but I think that Jungkook is the child in Omelas. In Spring Day he's weirdly separated from others, there's a moment on the train when RM walks past him in the train like he's not there.. Then there's the part with Magic Shop and how everyone gave something and got something in exchange. Jungkook was the only one who stumbled in there, looking around curiously as like he knew something more than others. He didn't trade anything, apart from maybe himself alone.. and got a key back.. Maybe he only wanted his hyungs to be happy, so he traded himself and became the child in Omelas willingly. Lyrics of Begin: "I can’t take it anymore. Because you are crying, I want to cry in your place". In Fake Love, you can see him wearing old and dirty clothes, beeing in darkness, looking at others only through holes in walls and through the mirror. I even think that Jin knows that Jungkook sacrificed himself for others and he let him, based on the start of Fake Love where he's closing the curtains on him.

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    Ok is it sad that I cried?

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    It’s actually good theory but we need to make sure if it’s actually the answer to our questions ?

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    Hint:The booklets that come with the albums tell the story. Translator is required though lol

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    Vrinda Bathwal 6 месяцев назад all makes sense accuratly. I really think this theory is correct.

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    I can’t find the Wonder Album.

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    What is the name of rhis song? 0:10
    Please,i need it

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    Am so done with BTS theories at this point , imma just wait another century for the book to come out .
    Cause everytime a read a new theory I feel my brain losing a brain cell

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    Well umm actually jungkook is the person not jin because love yourself is a continuation of wings because of the clips shown

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    WHY DID I CRY!?!

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    She should have linked blood sweat and tears with the theory

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    the “illiterate flop” tweet had me wheezing

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    I know the righter of this theory!! That's my friend!!

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    Now I'm gonna have to go back watch the whooooooole thing and catch whatever was missed!!

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    Maaannn...I was so sad and so into the story and then you phone rang and you said "shut up phone" I crack..

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    I think there's gonna be another "Love Yourself: Answer." Since the "Love Yourself:Her" has 4 editions that spelled "L.O.VE" and the "Love Yourself: Tear" also has 4 editions that spelled "Y.O.U.R" so I feel like there's gonna another "Love Yourself" that has 4 editions that spelled "S.E.L.F"

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    This is amazing

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    Thanks a lot for this video. Yeah, I am a new army when DNA release and some Army said that these MV's are had some theories. And I check out. Watch all the videos (yeah, I mean the actual MV videos only and I didn't watch yet the other teaser ahhahaha but I try my best) last month that I know that there are some theories and last week I started. Yeah, it's kinda hard because I am now a SPAZZER and I am the one who gonna makes some theories. Btw, thanks a lot. It connected all into my brain (yeah, my brain cells in kinda mess literally right now hahahah) and, the teaser FAKE LOVE 1 tho, the highlight reel aish! My brain can't hold it anymore hahahah. But thank you so much, thanks a lot.

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    and when tea is up in the tower everyone was calling him down and panicking but when jin is on the tower everyone is happy and waving at him goodbye...

  • Katrina Isabelle
    Katrina Isabelle 9 месяцев назад

    So what’s this all about, something ongoing with BTS or all part of BTS’s past hinting at things? Or is it all deliberately artistically vague (which of course there’s nothing with)?

    • Katrina Isabelle
      Katrina Isabelle 9 месяцев назад

      someone pls answer cuz as far as I know Angels can't turn to humans.. If this is real then it is weird that JIN IS A FUCKING ANGEL

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    *reading the theory* *phone rings* “shut up phone” 😂😂😂LMAOOOO

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    All of my EUPHORIA the EPIPHANY to that
    I call you SERENDIPTY cuz you´re my SINGULARITY.

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    OMG I hope that is not the real storyyy even though it makes a alot of sense but if it ended by jin dying then it will be a sad ending and WE ARE GOING TO BE DEPRESSED FOR EVER😣
    Or am I the only one who gets depressed for a year after a sad ending story 😂😂😂😂

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    Makes complete sense

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    Ok so this theory explains some but doesn’t explain EVERYTHING like another video I saw does. If you would pleaseeee react to justtally theory on euphoria you would be SO AMAZED like she goes all the way through from the beginning to end. Its kinda lengthy but pleaseee it would be worth it

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    whats the intro song?

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    This made me cry though.

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    I just got stressed again.
    I lost it when he said *"shut up phone"*

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    My queen jintellectually 😭

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    What happen with rm ?

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    She did a good job it makes sense!

  • Queeny
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    This is why u never leave Chim Chim alone I also can't amagine if he died that would be so sad:(

  • Angelika Sauveur
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    im late af but i like this theory but its missing some big parts. the focus on the video is not just mostly focused on jin. it has a whole lot of kookie as well. one could assume that its because he sand the song, but the ending shows much diffrent. why is it endding o kookie if he reversed everything? and why does taehyung recognizes whats going on? the only one not always smiling? what does not just i need you and prologue but run and the highlight series play into this

    now my theory is basic af but ima share it anyways. lol
    So I do agree Jin is going back in time but I think it's not just to stop the others from "dying or such" I think it's either 1, to fix his own mistakes or 2; to stopping how the highlight series escalated too. The hilight series was the first time we saw jin literally rewind everything. ill come back to the highlight series in a moment but for now, I'm going to focus on the first one i had. Jin fixing Jin
    s mistakes.
    Theory 1: One of the very popular theories why hyyt videos where compleated is that everyone might be a part of Jin. every member its a version of Jin. The black har could not just signify the past like @Juliana Mortera stated, but it might be when jin was one being. You see the members (in i need you) go through pain and troubles that was never really explained, but not just that, never together. They where never together unless it was happy seen, saturated (the past). Jin is the only one inwhite and not going through anything dramatic really. Just in a bed, curling into a ball, as if he is replaying it in his head. The flowers also burned in the mv witch could represents innocents lost. Its also lillies, so it could also mean death. Death of one's self. Dying in the inside.
    Another momment that also brought this and theories alike up was in the wings short films. Besides each member's connecting, Jins was the longest, and ad the only one that had pictures of scenes of each other film. he leaves them behind, maybe leaving the past behind him. But what does the ending of Euphoria comes to this? the scene with kookie getting hit? I explore this in the next theory.
    Theory 2: So I didn't necessarily think this through all the way, until the last phrase in korean, before kookies last scene in the euphoria film. "Hyung, is there anything you're hidding from us?" Ishe hidding something from them? Well yeah i honestly do. He saw, at least most of this shit break down, and didn't say anything. More imortantly, i think Jin caused one in importantly. InWuphoria we see that he opened his window like in i need you, and he see the flames, what if he did indeed see the flames of suga's appartment and said nothing? did nothing? What if jin was the one who through the money out the truck at rm. In the series he drives that truck. that is Jin's truck. What if Jin turned his back on them and the group fell apart.
    By Run we see the aftermath of i need you, they treat jin roughly, certain people are grouped together. rapmon and v getting arrested, what shocked v then? why was kookie and suga fighting? Jimin and jhope are in the mental house and they are day dreaming eveyrthing being fine. then in the highlight, we see the continues after wings. jimin and jhope are in the mental hospital together but not really. v gets arrested again and tries to call rapmon, rapmon can't bring himself to get to it. kookie calls out to suga when the painting of him bursts into flames. and then jin walks away from it all? hmmmmm
    And more importantly, the highlight series witch one could assume is the end of the real story. Suga, is a smoker, kkookie is in a wheel chair, jin i trying to be normal. jhope and jimin are together.. but not.RM is being a creep and V is being ..well V but a bit more sour. At the 3rd or last clip, we see everything escalating. the girl that was would suga has his lighter, witch kookie recognized. v used a golf club to toss his phne like rm did in proluge. jin meets a girl and if going to meet her an jimin is acting strangely. as if he is crazy for real.(side note, i think clip one shows whats wrong with jope, being bndon by his mother and that connection to him taking pills to deal and mamma and blah)
    At the end, kookie heals and his girl dies. rapmon is still beaning a creep, v hides his girl and get arrested again, jimin is getting hurt like the girl jhope is helping that was with them. and right before jin rewind, jimin's girl got hit by a car. hmm. He doesn't cry, but stare in shock. then he suddenly started his rewind. Who else got hit by a car? hmmm kookie. ...What if (plot twist) Jin was the one who hit kookie in i need you? What if kookie never knew? no one knew? he got away with a hit and run and that was karma breaking his act? Bringing him down to earth finally? In Euphoria, you see a lot of Jungkook because Jin (if he is either dreaming or actually rewind) is trying to make sure, out of everyone, Kookie s alive and happy. there was even a point in euphoria where a cam is recording kookie for a good moment. At the end of when Jin think he is going to finalize the changes, they look up t him just like they dd to V when he was up there, and yet V is the only one not happy. Completely serious. Maybe he is recognizing that Jin is trying to erase his death(past) and is the voice of logic. Its not going to be ok, because he still hasn't admitted to being the "murder" in that sense. He didn't stop v from jumping, he hit jungkook, he saw such die and so on and so forth. Yet he isn't admitting to his faults. He is trying to get rid of them. In the end, its still not ok, because V still knows this is wrong. It could be either v or kookie who asks Jin if he had to tell them something, but the ending, kookie getting hit states that someone knows there is a Lie (hehe caught in a lie)
    This could be TOTALLY off but hey this is what is in my head when i try to sleep lol

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    i feel so bad for jin i am literally crying now ;-; good thing this is all fake and in real life there all happy :D

  • Hana Pichalsky
    Hana Pichalsky 10 месяцев назад

    Bris this is really deep and sad but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for making this video. I love all of your videos and what you do. This is the best kpop channel and nothing can compete. Have a nice day!

  • prkjxon
    prkjxon 10 месяцев назад

    also after the credits a sentence in korean popped up and after that it showed jk being in a car accident
    im pretty sure it’s important but i cant read hangul so

  • Marc Alejandrino
    Marc Alejandrino 10 месяцев назад

    My thoery is that euphoria has to do something about the song spring day the shoes hanging on the tree was believed to be jin's shoes and the song is for their friend that got away and miss so much and the end of euphoria jin sacrifices himself to save others

  • Alejandra Fimbres
    Alejandra Fimbres 10 месяцев назад

    This theory has some facts wrong man. You need to wacth JustAlly theory videos.

  • chey_yoongi
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    Her theory makes sense wow I'm shook

  • M.I.A !
    M.I.A ! 10 месяцев назад

    Let’s not forget In the mv when taehyung looked at Jin when he was on the tower signaling that tae knows what Jin had done!!

  • Kennedy Thompson
    Kennedy Thompson 10 месяцев назад

    It’s pretty accurate except for Jimin doesn’t die , at the end Jin is the only one

  • ErCh
    ErCh 10 месяцев назад

    This theory has got to be right xD In spring day, the motel was also called Omelas

  • Geny
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    You should watch some of theories that are on RU-clip.. There are so many good theories and if you watch a lot of them you might make up your on theory.. The main ones are that: jin is the only one alive, jin is the only one dead or he suffers of schizophrenia... But they can all be true. Hope Big Hit reveals something someday 😂 Thank you for your amazing videos. Keep it up 👌🏼

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    Taebae Turnsup 10 месяцев назад

    I was reading jadey B’s comment down below and that got me thinking that maybe ARMYS are the ones writing the story. The most popular theories and the ones that make sense (like this one) are the ones that are chosen by bighit to be the continuation of the storyline. Sort of like an OUTCAST situation (read the fan made story if you haven’t) this would explain why BTS themselves didn’t know the story of hyyh
    I’m most likely completely wrong so no shade to bighit and their writers. They are extremely talented and creative💜

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    Kamryn Gleason 10 месяцев назад

    OMG did Sophia figure it out!!!!!???? I thought that jin is going to the military...?

  • Eunwoo is worth more than his looks
    Eunwoo is worth more than his looks 10 месяцев назад

    Could you do videos like this for other music videos and short stories? Just because there is so much to explain 😊

  • these 7 boys are going to kill me
    these 7 boys are going to kill me 10 месяцев назад

    I think it's because Jin is going to the military soon on 2020 and wont be able to be in BTS for 18 months. Then in age order they go into the military

  • Yourglobalidiot
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    Luana Vidak to everyone commenting and who gets this notification please give me your Twitter so I can dm you with more and we can talk. After rewatching all the BTS mv's I came up with a theory. So you know how in no more dream, "Stigma" was sprayed on the roof and their was a butterfly curve on the board. Hinting to V's song and soon the butterfly affect with Jin. In just one day there's another butterfly and in most of their music videos we see the men in Black and black birds, right? Keep that in mind. In the wings short film for Jin titled, "Awake". The title is AWAKE. Rm says a quote about a bird and an egg and it links to the good Abraxas. Go watch the first 30 seconds of the video if you don't believe me. The word Abraxas was in Stigma and v was scratching the word. If you search Abraxas pictures of him with sun's come up. That reminded me of serpenditiy, but there's probably no link to that. So what Namjoon said is, "The bird fights it's way out of the egg. The EGG is the world. Who be BORN (awake & Jin was born before all of the other members) must first DESTROY "a" world. The bird flys to God. That God's name is Abraxas." Now for those who don't understand this. Look at the blood sweat and tears mv. Here's an explanation. Abraxas is the god of good and evil and it's said that he created 300 or so worlds. Their was an angel who created our world and became known as god. V was a fallen angel in Bst mv. Jin kissed the dark angel statue in the mv. The statue wasn't a representation of Jin making a deal with V but with the god of world or perhaps Abraxas himself. Now back to the awake short film, Jin sees a painting of a black bird, and in Jungkook's short film he had a bird on his shirt or somewhere near him. (Can't remember where exactly but check the video out) . Now, in awake the lyrics link to Jin taking the members to euphoria. In the euphoria video jin had a similar camera to the one jimin had in lie. Notice how in run jhope and jimin were hitting each other in feathers. In the short film, they're both separated but in the same place unable to see one another. White feathers are shown in both of their short films. At the end of the Mama short film, jhope eats a Snickers bar which is another reference to the earlier quote. There's also another story about a mother who gave chocolate to her son to have him calm down. Her name was Eva and that was the picture of the child and mother as well as the name at the bottom of the picture. In reflection, rm's message comes back to him from a mv he previously wrote it in. Taehyung is calling him in the mv because he's going to jail, but rm can't answer it. Taehyung feels betrayed and calls rm a liar. Now just stay with me a little longer please. THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS MV AGAIN. The panting Jin is looking at seems to be a battle of right and wrong. (Abraxas is the god of good and evil) the evil world rm talks about is the euphoria Jin is going to take them to. (Jimin's video lie where he's not talking about thinking the members are there but about them all being in euphoria so he's caught in a lie) jimin then is in reality. The Latin or Greek quote I forgot the language (i translated this) it said, "(someone) must still have chaos in itself to be able to give birth to a dancing star" now I have a couple ideas to what this but that's for another time. In the first love yourself highlight reel everyone gets a date except for jimin. Did you notice that? In order it's Suga, Jhope, Rm, Jungkook's, v, then jin. That's the order of the dates.
    Now what y'all said about spring day. I agree. That child Is actually Jimin. Now remember when I mentioned the men in Black? They're in fire, not today, spring day, and mic drop. I think they're in more but I don't remember which. Just something I think is related to that is the mv of N.O, which has the men in white making bts swallow pills. They end up fighting the men in white and jimin is almost hurt but the members jump in to protect him. In not today they're fighting the men who want to take jimin away same as in fire and mic drop. In mic drop there's a camera filming them hinting their every move is being watched. (By the men in Black) people think the men in Black are the haters and yes they are but they're there to take jimin. It ends with the men burning and falling. In spring day it's talking about missing someone and that's the members missing each other.
    The same is with the I need u mv where they talk about needing a girl but that's just a symbol. They actually need each other. Yoongi is telling Jungkook off in I need u and that's why Jungkook apologizes and they end up fighting. Jhope passes out from the drugs he took too. Towards the end, jhope dumps the pills in fire, Jungkook and suga were hugging(their wings short film symbols merged), and rm put his lollipop down in the fire. In the next mv that was released after it which I think was run, rm is with the lollipop again.

    Tell me what you guys think is connected and isn't ?
    My Twitter is @Heu_Lin
    Feel free to follow me, I follow back and dm me as well. Bye!

  • Yourglobalidiot
    Yourglobalidiot 10 месяцев назад

    Also did you know this all started with their first mv. Check it out

  • Yourglobalidiot
    Yourglobalidiot 10 месяцев назад

    I think most is true but something is missing

  • JiminieHalo
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    I am praying on my knees that after all this ends, BTS explains the real theory or else I will probably die

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    I thought that Jin threw the camera. He was always seen filming them in past eras so maybe he was throwing away the camera with the memories in it. UGHHH MY BRAIN IS IN PAIN

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    OMAGERD THESE THEORIES AHH OOOO (btw you are one of my favorite yter)

  • Saul Medina
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    Ayee funny thing is that I shared my theory a while back and a lot of what was said here was what I said, nice helping out the ARMY figure things out with these complicated theories. :D
    One more thing..I feel like their comeback is going to go more in debth in what will happen to Jimin in Serendipity since that is how that part (yes part, there is a ton more left in the story) or the LOVE YOURSELF Era ends, now it's the FACE YOURSELF Era and since we covered how Jimin is alone in Serendipity , we will see in FACE YOURSELF Era and what happens next for Jimin. Will he ever find his lover? We'll never know until their comeback.

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    Im crying while watching this!😭 alose me i get the theory 😭😭😭

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    When they all have dark hair, it feels like it could be a symbol of them being younger, like in their beginning-era of bts.
    And in the video i kind of think it looks like a classroom or something, and then they are running in a corridor
    Just me?

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    when they mentioned the omelas I automatically thought of the spring day MV witch is bases off of the one who walk away from omelas

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    Can anyone give me the song that on Bris intro..??!

    • GeeMeX Reaper
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      Akdn 02 yes..!!

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    so the hands with the flowers...those are Jin's hands and not Taehyung's... I dont know if that changes anything :P but I can recognise Jin's hands anywhere :P

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    This is amazing, so for utopia/euphoria era, SAVE JIN!

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    BRIS! BOYS MEETS W H A T !! Nfkckdkfkdkk you remember?

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    That is freakin awsome... there is a twist in their albums..

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    This proves that Jin was God in BS&T however I don't know where Tae can be the devil, could it be where he jumps off and drowns?

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    Whyyyyy did jimin havvve toooo dieeeerrrrrrrreeeeeee

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    I know I'm late so, I'm sorry. But more sorry to my professor at the front😂😅

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    I'm part of ARMY, but another really amazing group is vixx. You should react to them (voodoo doll, eternity, chained up, and shangri la)

  • Terri Manous
    Terri Manous 10 месяцев назад

    She did a magnificent job and it makes sense. What I think about is Jin is the eldest of the group and first to leave for the military. I wonder it if means something.

  • DarkAngelvalo
    DarkAngelvalo 10 месяцев назад

    am sure you already know but Omelas connects also to the Spring day mv, also i feel like they forshadowd Jimins death in spring day, what with his shoe´s hanging from the tree.

  • ThePatchworkMonster
    ThePatchworkMonster 10 месяцев назад

    That was an awesome theory, it made a lot of sense actually but holy shit that was deep

  • jimin’s jams
    jimin’s jams 10 месяцев назад

    "it's a parallel of shut up phone" im dying

  • cínnαmσn mσchí
    cínnαmσn mσchí 10 месяцев назад

    Not gonna lie a tear sorta fell for my eye my bias died 😢

  • sun flower
    sun flower 10 месяцев назад

    i dont think jimin us dead.
    i think jimin being left alone gave us serendipity. look @ the colors !!

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 10 месяцев назад


  • Kera Barber
    Kera Barber 10 месяцев назад

    It started to make sense

  • Bárbara Marichalar
    Bárbara Marichalar 10 месяцев назад

    I think the final goal is that each person can put the significance they want to the story, everyone should be able to relate at some point, thats why i think the story is so vague and impersonal cause everyone of us can give the meaning we want and put our own personal story in it. Bts and bighit are so creative and so smart cause this not made for a certain type of people, we all can relate, we all have been though a moment of sadness, loneliness, frustration, feeling like giving up etc... and i think its your job to give your own personal meaning to it.

  • Nyran Weldt
    Nyran Weldt 10 месяцев назад +1

    React to Yoongi's Confession!

  • Idil Hassan
    Idil Hassan 10 месяцев назад +1

    I think people forget that theyve been planning ALL these theories and comebacks for years. Its up to ARMYs to put two and two together until we have a connection. And @jintellectual did a great job

  • Jeanne Meryl Osias
    Jeanne Meryl Osias 10 месяцев назад

    BRISxLIFE Can you please react to BTS - Ma City (Live) this is one of their best live performance you can just see them have fun but still slay the stage especially the rap line. I'll be looking forward to your reaction vid. Thanks!
    Here's the linkвидео.html

  • Jimin's Double Chin
    Jimin's Double Chin 10 месяцев назад +1

    Also just to clarify: euphoria and utopia are not the same thing. Euphoria is the feeling of happiness and excitement, while a utopia is like the "perfect, ideal" world. Sorry, I got grammatically triggered when the theory said they're "living in a euphoria or utopia" because iTs nOT thE sAMe tHiNG

  • Jimin's Double Chin
    Jimin's Double Chin 10 месяцев назад +1

    "We all couldn't breathe when he jumped off that tower"
    I haven't able to breathe since BTS debuted