Apple Watch Series 4: Unboxing & Review

  • Published on Oct 25, 2018
  • In-depth unboxing and review of the Series 4 Apple Watch in 40mm and 44mm sizes in Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Includes a comparison to Series 3.
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  • Ren Andrada
    Ren Andrada Day ago +3

    I’m excited for mine 😭 I’ve never owned an Apple Watch ⌚️ thank you for this video! 👍🏼

    • Nintendo
      Nintendo 4 hours ago

      Ren Andrada I just got one like 2, or one week ago, you can ask me for tips if you want.

  • Ibrahim Parvej
    Ibrahim Parvej 2 days ago

    Apple Watch Series 4
    BUY NOW :

  • Puppyslimes 34
    Puppyslimes 34 2 days ago

    Can I please have one have been time for an Apple Watch for so long

  • Coolcupcake Coolcupcake

    is cellar worth it? jw

  • sounder rajan
    sounder rajan 4 days ago

    I need this bro this week from Dubai please appa 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 4 days ago

    Love that watch

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 5 days ago +1

    0:09 you mean 2014

  • De Suc
    De Suc 5 days ago

    👍🏽. Good job. I just watched a 20min video for the first time. I wish it was more than 20 I wouldn't hesitate to watch. U d best bro. Keep it up

  • Carlyce Simpson
    Carlyce Simpson 6 days ago

    Very detailed

  • Carlyce Simpson
    Carlyce Simpson 6 days ago

    Your reviews are great!!!!

  • Shailesh kapila
    Shailesh kapila 6 days ago

    Think twice before you buy ... why ?
    Reason no 1.
    Biggest feature ECG is not applicable in India
    2. Dropped it from 2.5 feet and glass broken that too initially it landed on my feet but apple never admit that watch has poor glass quality.
    3. Screen glass cant be more than $ 15 but apple is asking for $400 and will replace the watch as apple doesn’t have the machines to repair the screen glass, hence you are a customer & you need to suffer and pay.
    4. Apple is looting customers for asking $400 just for $15 glass.

  • Samuel Huang
    Samuel Huang 7 days ago

    Hey, I just bought an apple watch series 4, but noticed some issues with the side button below the crown, it feels a little bit loose, and when I press it, it make another slightly clicky sound other than the feedback. Anyone has this problem too?

  • Gabriel Coquillaud
    Gabriel Coquillaud 7 days ago

    You’re amazing and thanks for the video I ordered my Apple Watch 44mm in stainless steal I’m super excited tysm for the amazing video

  • EvolvingPro
    EvolvingPro 8 days ago

    I need Apple watch for school

  • Ansh Suri
    Ansh Suri 8 days ago


  • Troadio Pacheco
    Troadio Pacheco 9 days ago

    You should shave your arms

  • Speed Freak
    Speed Freak 10 days ago

    This is Gold🔥

  • Gio Is lit
    Gio Is lit 10 days ago +1

    I’m from Michigan to

  • Julia Romanova
    Julia Romanova 10 days ago +2

    A voice so good it sounds fake

  • N.A.I 2005
    N.A.I 2005 11 days ago

    I’m MEGA excited cause my dad said that he will get me one (Apple Watch) so I have been watch Apple Watch videos all-day and this is by far the best video so far I watched it all the way through! I mean it was aesthetically pleasing, it wasn’t repetitive, & it got straight to the point! Thank you so much for this video! I loved it 😻

    • N.A.I 2005
      N.A.I 2005 6 days ago +1

      Lt. Surok the 40mm I got it today!!!!!!!!!

    • Lt. Surok
      Lt. Surok 10 days ago +1

      You getting the 44mm?

  • Grace Go
    Grace Go 11 days ago

    I was considering whether I should get one or not and your video really helped!! tysm!!!

    • Preston Thugman
      Preston Thugman 8 days ago

      Grace Go ha. So, do you like it? Cool. Which number did you get?

    • Grace Go
      Grace Go 9 days ago

      Preston Thugman I decided to get one 🤭😭

    • Preston Thugman
      Preston Thugman 9 days ago

      Grace Go so, what did you decide on?

  • Ramandeep Singh
    Ramandeep Singh 12 days ago

    The series 3 looks fake next to the series 4

  • Doctor Syed
    Doctor Syed 12 days ago

    I wish these were sold without the bands, I still have different bands from my old watch that I can reuse.

  • frieswithmayo
    frieswithmayo 13 days ago

    Interesting. Don't have one of these, no smart watch or even quartz. Wearing vintage mechanical sports watches from the 1960s. My oldest is a 1939 manual wind chronograph 😃. Works perfectly, work of art.

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  • Terrie Owens
    Terrie Owens 15 days ago


  • Danielle Stewart
    Danielle Stewart 16 days ago

    Milla what bitch ?

  • rwings01
    rwings01 17 days ago

    Raw stainless steel or Gold Mike? TIA

  • Sabine Wren
    Sabine Wren 18 days ago +1

    This was so helpful. Thanks. Btw u speak so clearly!

  • Adam Soli
    Adam Soli 18 days ago

    Excellent excellent review!!

  • Darryl of Sussex
    Darryl of Sussex 20 days ago +1

    Is it worth waiting until September for a possible update or newer model or do I buy the Series 4 Cellular 44mm watch now?

    • 11 11
      11 11 18 days ago

      There are no rumours of a new Apple Watch this year, but you never know with Apple. So there's always a chance they could supposed us with a new watch.
      I personally would just go with the the Series 4 Cellular 44mm watch now. But there is a chance if Apple do come out with a new watch it will be considerably more expensive two.

  • Mike Thorngren
    Mike Thorngren 23 days ago

    Worse brought ever. My wife charged it at 9:00 pm and at 7:am it was dead. What the hell you pay 400.00 and it can't stay charged what a piece of crap and no she wasn't using it after she charged it. So it didn't last at all. Imagine if you were using it. Don't waste your money on this watch. Apple really needs to really make this watch better for that much money. Not worth the money you pay!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Pardo
    Brandon Pardo 24 days ago

    I got the Fitbit versa should I have got this?

    • 11 11
      11 11 18 days ago

      Yeah, nothing wrong with a FitBit.

  • Jeremy Dean
    Jeremy Dean 25 days ago

    They should have Apple stickers with the Apple Watch

  • xd Soggy1Doggy
    xd Soggy1Doggy 26 days ago +2

    5:50 Like bc that is my bday

  • Trish Page
    Trish Page 26 days ago

    Just got it! This is so helpful thank you!

  • Andrew Vinson
    Andrew Vinson 29 days ago

    16:41 lol it didn't take a screenshot. you gotta turn the setting on. but I love this video it's very thorough

  • angelo palmer
    angelo palmer Month ago +2

    You spoke more about watch faces than health tracking

  • angelo palmer
    angelo palmer Month ago

    You sai d you never take your watch off don't you wash your wrist just wondering

  • Ramdoss Vijayabaskar

    Nice review

  • Me Lo
    Me Lo Month ago

    You’re awesome Mike! Thanks for the best videos always. 👍👍

  • Luka Kyriacou
    Luka Kyriacou Month ago

    love it so much but i have to say i like better the apple watch 3

  • sander duden
    sander duden Month ago

    Should i buy thisss?🙈

  • Kasunsu Edger
    Kasunsu Edger Month ago

    Does the HR sensor work on black African screen?

  • Willow Boles
    Willow Boles Month ago

    does he mean application not compliaction on 15:34

  • Gary Woods
    Gary Woods Month ago +1

    I bought a 44 mm Apple Watch for myself as a Christmas gift on Dec 24 2018 and I’m glad I did great investment

  • Huang Trader
    Huang Trader Month ago

    Bermanfaat audio nya y 😀 Featured Chanel balik y Baik utk Ranking RU-clip

  • Dreise Drais
    Dreise Drais Month ago

    Do you think i will like this ?

    • 11 11
      11 11 18 days ago

      I do not know you... I don't know what you like or what phone you use. How am I or anyone else supposed to know if you would like this product?

  • Shaiwalker Official
    Shaiwalker Official Month ago +1

    6:13 pffttt major reDESIGN???
    Yaggatta be kiddin me 😂

  • Семён Аверин


  • Chan
    Chan Month ago

    Does the metal magnetic band come with the watch or do I have to buy it separately?

    • Chan
      Chan Month ago

      J P I want those fancy bands xd

    • J P
      J P Month ago

      Chan nah bruh just the rubber one that comes with it

    • Chan
      Chan Month ago

      J P Thank you bro! Apple never makes them free huh? XD

    • J P
      J P Month ago

      Chan you can buy it separately, also you can buy it with it but it’s going to be a little more expensive

  • Eng.Mahamed Abdi Abdi Laahi

    The reveiwer of the Year


    5:41 best smart watch for pumpkins

  • Shanda Devane
    Shanda Devane Month ago

    Awesome soooooooooo imformative!!! :)

  • Navap190
    Navap190 Month ago

    does it do weight lifting workouts?

    • 11 11
      11 11 18 days ago

      Yes it does... I used this everyday!

  • Jake M Melvin
    Jake M Melvin Month ago

    DetroitBorg, go check out my first Apple Watch video and tell me what you think. Even if it’s good or bad!

  • ReVisE Rosco 1
    ReVisE Rosco 1 Month ago

    You are soooo lucky you have like 5 Apple watches it’s my dread item!!!

  • Anthony Puente
    Anthony Puente Month ago

    Hey wanna gift me one 44mm?

  • Sharon Dooley
    Sharon Dooley Month ago

    Very Informative, really appreciated the tutorial

  • Dice Perfect
    Dice Perfect Month ago

    Hi good vid

  • Rishit Singh
    Rishit Singh Month ago

    Your reviews are the best!

  • Kartic Uppal
    Kartic Uppal Month ago

    Donate it to me i cang afford it

  • George Wilson
    George Wilson Month ago

    aloominum really

  • Khaliq Zaman
    Khaliq Zaman Month ago

    Apple watch has a bunch of good features but the thing that makes it not that on the top is its battery life, 18hrs on the other hand you have a Huawei GT watch that Battery is claimed to be lasted in 2 weeks but it lasts in 2 and a half weak, we need such a battery life on Apple watch

  • iOS Playground
    iOS Playground Month ago

    Just got a Series 4 from my wife as a 40th birthday gift, so checking out various reviews (as you do!). I went with the 40mm, the 44mm looked huge on my wrist (I’m 6’2 but have wrists just shy of 7” in diameter. The 40mm looked more like a watch on me. It’s a great device, loving it so far and this review is excellent ... very informative.

  • Surch
    Surch Month ago

    ...če je zehhnica

  • Surch
    Surch Month ago

    ...ka ma to na desni....da sam sebe jebe v glavo??????

  • Surch
    Surch Month ago se sploh ne zavedajo wtf

    • Surch
      Surch Month ago

      Ce je prizadeta ura...

  • Liz Martinez
    Liz Martinez Month ago

    Wow! I’m new to Apple Watch so this was very informative and very helpful thank you so much! However, now I regret getting the 40 mm and not the

  • Beach boy Mello
    Beach boy Mello Month ago

    Your the best unboxer in the hold Wide world