Windows Now Comes with Linux - WAN Show May 10, 2019

  • Published on May 11, 2019
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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Matthew Potato)
    0:00 WAN Show late again
    0:06 Linus building his dream teenager PC
    1:23 stream issues
    2:20 intro
    3:13 more stream issues
    4:58 Microsoft shipping full Linux kernel within Windows 10
    9:13 Minecraft with ray tracing
    13:33 AMD Ryzen 3000 series rumors
    19:56 Linus story time about non-techie family members
    26:28 everything is technology
    28:38 Linus has autism?
    30:16 SPONSOR: Ridge Wallet - What's in Linus and Luke's wallet?
    39:03 SPONSOR: Honey
    40:22 SPONSOR: Madrinas Coffee - Lots of talk about The Roast
    48:08 LTT merch
    49:36 brief mention of Google IO, Android Q, Pixel 3a, Google Maps AR
    51:00 random stuff
    55:53 LTX - editing den, tickets, creators
    57:32 super chats
    59:00 PayPal being buttheads
    1:00:10 back to super chats
    1:02:20 Floatplane stuff
    1:06:16 BOINC Pentathlon
    1:07:00 sudden ending (RIP outro)
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  • Abcde fghij
    Abcde fghij Hour ago

    They never said what PayPal did... All they did was say that PayPal were being buttheads but they never said what for.

  • Poop Face
    Poop Face 6 days ago

    Why is this in KazoWAR's Sun and moon walk animation playlist?

  • Nathaniel Cade
    Nathaniel Cade 7 days ago

    Just wondering if you all are working on the recent update issues with the Windows 10 product.

    My mind set has been that they need to start fresh developing a new operating system.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Auna Breslin gaming
    Auna Breslin gaming 18 days ago

    To add to what like was saying: you'd generally add ray tracing mod, an optional texture pack, and realistic shaders (that one didn't seem that far off stock 1.13 or 1.14 though.. it had a very OG texture pack) it could literally just be EXTREMELY demanding shaders though..I don't know

  • Tony Burzio
    Tony Burzio 20 days ago

    The difference that's important between Linux and Windows is that the length of the executable is stored in the Linux executable file, but it is omitted in Windows. See "cavitation virus".

  • BryanChannel
    BryanChannel 22 days ago


  • Andrei Tache
    Andrei Tache 29 days ago +7

    Windows selling point: _Now comes with Linux!_
    Linux selling point: *_Doesn’t_*_ come with Windows!_

  • Joe's World
    Joe's World Month ago

    The Tech Influencer is often making purchasing recommendations/decisions for their business.

  • Byte Me
    Byte Me Month ago

    Windows is taking your keystrokes in linux now. Cause folks are not going to latest windows when seven dies. Since MicroSoft needs all your key stokes for security purposes.

  • KÎMØ
    KÎMØ Month ago

    Lack of the audience reaction audio in the roast made it so cringy.

  • SleeplessDev
    SleeplessDev Month ago

    The problem with the Roast was that the lack of audience reaction made the jokes seem like cruel jabs.
    It's pretty awkward and cringy when the only feedback you get are tense laughs from the cast and uncomfortable fidgeting by the person being talked about...
    I can only watch it for a few minutes at a time

  • tsartomato
    tsartomato Month ago

    "special occasions" were inside job

  • tsartomato
    tsartomato Month ago

    when i got into PC i wanted a PC which can play doom
    also 3d acceleration was scary spooky word thrown around and i wanted one of those

  • Chexsum
    Chexsum Month ago

    microsoft has just prioritized the mobile/cloud future and they accept gmail login too. if you hate them now you are on the wrong team

    • Chexsum
      Chexsum Month ago

      the reality of technology is its abundant, complicated and inherently necessary

  • Zecatfish
    Zecatfish Month ago

    No mans sky is the latest crysis

  • Knil Cross
    Knil Cross Month ago

    My problem with amd is the very first ati graphics card I bought it burned...

  • Weta
    Weta Month ago

    Shaders in Minecraft are not a new thing. Most people don't play with them because the game is already very laggy without it. Surprisingly MC is very hard to run as soon as you try to build technical stuff.

  • Oscar Wong
    Oscar Wong Month ago

    Linus' solar light story resonated with me

  • ChaosTherum
    ChaosTherum Month ago

    Linux on windows is super old news. Been using WSL for like a year at this point.

  • Mathieu Brassard
    Mathieu Brassard Month ago

    all i can see when i look at the thumbnail is LinuS inside windows? instead of linux.... and the image is disturbing

  • Jeremy Willis
    Jeremy Willis Month ago


  • Ian Zainea
    Ian Zainea Month ago

    Let me cut a show remotely ... And I gaurantee you I can cut a show in an hour. No probs.

  • Mark Gilbert
    Mark Gilbert Month ago

    @ Luke Google VOICE DUH

  • lazypizzaguy
    lazypizzaguy Month ago

    i have recently been diagnosed with aspergers and it explained so much about me.

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone Month ago

    The thing with the older generation and tech has nothing to do with "Its similar ENOUGH" or that they cant learn new things, it has to do with them feeling uncomfortable and stupid if they dont understand something that they feel they are forced to understand. Just because there are Android phones which are basically iphone clones, your nan might not want to stray away from iPhone due to the fact that she has learnt a behaviour and can expect her phone to behave in a, to her, predictable way.
    I work at a government installation here in Sweden and a part of my job has to do with helping the elderly adapt to the increasingly techy future we're all inching towards.
    Most of the time the person im talking to is too afraid to break what they see as a delicate and VERY expensive thing they dont really understand.
    There is a lot of pride (they should know this as they are old and often much wiser than us younger folk), fear (becoming older and realising that they dont work as well anymore and they know what they have coming) etc mixed into all of this.
    The old cliché pertaining to old people wishing everything is as it was, has a lot of merit to it. Just give them something similar to what THEY are used to, not what YOU think is simple or similiar Enough.

  • Ivz
    Ivz Month ago

    9:56 no it wasn't Digital Foundry it was Sonic Ether

  • Mädväď Yogi
    Mädväď Yogi Month ago

    Luke was a poor kid like me. Yay

  • ShadowMassacr13
    ShadowMassacr13 Month ago

    Also the Minecraft portion is proof that Linus doesn't know how to play a game that doesn't hold your hand

  • ShadowMassacr13
    ShadowMassacr13 Month ago

    If you want to have Ray-tracing in Minecraft, you can also donate to SEUS's Patreon to get the shaders (or download them via illicit means). I'm currently waiting for when a free version is released

  • Elijah _
    Elijah _ Month ago

    Why not give your aunt an iPhone 8?

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson Month ago

    @Luke: the solution for your "second phone number" problem is to get a dual-SIM phone; you can assign per-SIM ringtone and notification sound. Now, you CAN'T control the volume on a per-SIM basis, but you CAN set a really loud (or otherwise really distinctive) ringtone for the Floatplane SIM.

  • xSaKage ᛁᚴᛋ ᛋᛅᚴᛅᚴᚬ

    LAN party live playing minecraft with shaders? (i recommend Default Improved texturepack)

  • Msk_SHN0
    Msk_SHN0 Month ago

    I want to hear about Luke's story...

  • SwordQuake2
    SwordQuake2 Month ago +2

    So what is going on with PayPal? You couldn't have been more useless there.

  • SwordQuake2
    SwordQuake2 Month ago +1

    That wallet is fucking retarded. So where am I supposed to keep my coins? And it's so fucking expensive.

  • SwordQuake2
    SwordQuake2 Month ago +1

    16 core Ryzen 3000 series has been rumoured since December. Have you been living under a rock?

    • Elijah _
      Elijah _ Month ago

      Did your dog die or something? Both your comments are so ridiculously hostile.

  • Deki Petro
    Deki Petro Month ago

    Heard about the future augmenter reality Minecraft project?

  • RayneAngelus
    RayneAngelus Month ago

    Hmm. Just checked on my non-Samsung (it's an Asus Zenfone 4) Android phone, and in Sound settings I can de-link Ringtone and Notifications volume (though they default to linked). Don't know if this helps any.

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott Month ago

    Linxu is now built into Windows, and I *_STILL_* have no use for Linux.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Month ago

    0:13 You still look like one, Linus. I don't know why. 🤨

  • 34486
    34486 Month ago

    We now have automonious tractors. We need an automonious quadtrac. There most certanatly is crossover, I saw a video of someone who made an autosteer gps guided system for an International 400 I beleive for planting, he wouldn't have to touch the wheel, it had a servo and idk how else it worked. I wish I had that for my 1066.

  • jootai
    jootai Month ago

    I have a Intel 3930k and when I benchmark it says faster then 93% of the systems..

  • Chuck Anderson
    Chuck Anderson Month ago

    Are we confusing autisim with OCD? Are they even mutually exclusive?

  • David Imrie
    David Imrie Month ago

    The whole concept of a roast is lost on me. Seems like a very american thing. it seems so forced and fake like an award ceremony. I know lmg is canadian.

  • Jerid Cozart
    Jerid Cozart Month ago

    I wish kotor was allowed to be redone by apeiron rtx would be awesome in it

  • Maxime Royal
    Maxime Royal Month ago

    I LOVED the roast xD

  • Pete Nielsen
    Pete Nielsen Month ago

    I have 2 phone numbers in my cell phone, but 1 I cannot retrieve messages from because my MagicJack goes to my cell phone via its app. In fact, my actual MagicJack JACK is deactivated and even if it were not I would not use it since it requires the use of an old fashioned plug in land line type phone. I only have a cell phone number (my 2nd number) for data usage and so the MackJack one does not depend on Wi-Fi. Everyone just calls or texts to my MackJack number and it is also the number where I check voice messages.

  • Greg Bester
    Greg Bester Month ago

    I was 11 and looked online... HAHAHAHA.
    Ah, youth.

  • username
    username Month ago

    so what is the take home message from this podcast ?

  • Nic Wilson
    Nic Wilson 2 months ago +3

    Go see, you won't regret it, I apologise in advance for the hours you're gonna lose

  • Nic Wilson
    Nic Wilson 2 months ago

    Still using an OC'd 3570k on one of my PCs and there's nothing game wise it struggles with still, so yea

  • OMG Puppies
    OMG Puppies 2 months ago

    This is probably motivated by the Azure cloud service, not because anyone gives as shit about Linux on their desktop.

  • Raifsevrence
    Raifsevrence 2 months ago

    A nanny who couldn't or wouldn't sort silverware into its proper slots? I probably would have fired them. I couldn't trust somebody like that with my children.

  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett 2 months ago

    A physical button is great- had a friend that had a tablet without one and whenever an app froze or crashed, he wound up powering the device off b/c there was NO WAY to access software buttons or gestures, effectively temporarily bricking the device until it lost power and could be rebooted.

  • Mitch Nonya
    Mitch Nonya 2 months ago

    Linus does a Minecraft let's play

  • Nathan Trickle
    Nathan Trickle 2 months ago

    Thanks for setting a 5 am alarm on my Google mini..

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams 2 months ago

    I have a 4670K o/c'd to 4.1Ghz (nice and safe for super long term reliability. Also chip is not the best) and a EVGA 1060 6GB (first gen. The good ones) and I can play everything just fine. Most games on high @ 75fps or better. Which is just fine despite what anyone else is gonna say.

  • TheMegaMrMe
    TheMegaMrMe 2 months ago

    "Windows Now Comes with Linux" is the title, you guys aren't informed about the main topic. I know you focus on hardware, I get it, but I thought the clickbait would stop. It's not that hard to ask some of your colleagues, I am sure some of them develop software and know what this is all about.

  • objBobby
    objBobby 2 months ago

    TechSwap would be a cool idea.

  • Davee Dee
    Davee Dee 2 months ago

    Is no-one going to mention the way Linus said cornered? 16:52 Or plagued? 18:36 Is this some sort of in-joke I don't know about?

  • Marty terrebonne
    Marty terrebonne 2 months ago

    That forum post is about to get a heck of a lot more activity. XDDD

  • Marty terrebonne
    Marty terrebonne 2 months ago

    I'm so glad you guys added sub titles to Linus' old boss. I couldn't understand him at all on the live stream.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 2 months ago

    Guys, it's up and working and great. Especially with the non-existent documentation, but I have openSuse up and running inside W10-64, no problem. (Not that I would know if there's a problem, but I'm trying to run a Mac inside Linux inside Windows, let's see what happens! You should too.

  • XeoN srq
    XeoN srq 2 months ago

    The roast wasn’t even bad. Like you have to understand it’s friends messing with each other

  • XeoN srq
    XeoN srq 2 months ago

    Shit I’m running Ryzen 3 and still pushing 100 fps on new games

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi 2 months ago

    yes i would bc i will and can google or watch a yt video about anything and i learn fast so yeah

  • Leon Andres Rojas Martinez

    So? clickbait title? and i thought that i was going to learn aboit windows with linux.

  • deminybs
    deminybs 2 months ago

    Cool so I can get Linux (which is free) by paying for windows? Lolololololololololololol

  • Steven Randall
    Steven Randall 2 months ago

    "they'll probably get what you say and if they don't get what you say, they'll probably regret it and get what you say next time" I have one piece of advice I give people when buying computers now, as long as there are no special exceptions, buy the one with the SSD, that's it. If HP was putting out laptops with pentium gold CPUs and 128gb SSDs (and I don't know why they don't SSDs are cheap now) I'd sell them like hot cakes.
    My absolute favorite thing to show people when selling them a computer is two computers turning on, a "worse" computer with an SSD and a "better" computer with an HDD and watching them amazed as the "better" computer takes 4x as long to get ready, when all they want to do is go on the internet and use Word.

  • Spike20101000
    Spike20101000 2 months ago

    16 gig of ram in a workstation? CHEEP SKATE! 32 minimum, not like you dont have a stockpile of it lol.