Instagram vs Reality 2019 | Kylie Jenner Kim K Sommer Ray and more

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • Instagram vs Reality 2019 | Kylie Jenner Kim K Sommer Ray and more

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    Kylie Jenner
    Kim Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian
    Bella Hadid
    Tana Mongeau
    Nicki Minaj
    Stassi Baby
    Sommer Ray
    Alan and Alex
    Christina Randall
    and more....

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  • Rach Frierson
    Rach Frierson 3 months ago +2189

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    • brizzy kayy
      brizzy kayy 3 months ago

      Ah jeez your beautiful

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      jenny lee 3 months ago +3

      @galaxy Ocean oh! Lol. Thankyou😘

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    • jenny lee
      jenny lee 3 months ago +7

      Love this video!! Who was the person at the end that we weren't expected to see? Sorry i missed it. Love you!😍

    • galaxy Ocean
      galaxy Ocean 3 months ago +3

      I was the 94th or 96th

  • Trevor Goodie
    Trevor Goodie 14 hours ago

    Secondly, if you struggling with body image, face image, whatever the fuck media is the last thing you should be participating in. Delete the entire account!!! Get offline completely.

  • Trevor Goodie
    Trevor Goodie 14 hours ago

    No wonder why I’m impressed by ZERO females in person. Pretty sad generation.

  • Robbie Luv's Makeup
    Robbie Luv's Makeup 2 days ago

    Love this!!!

  • caviar fortytwo
    caviar fortytwo 2 days ago

    But lol I love Kourtney she actually looks fucking amazing

  • caviar fortytwo
    caviar fortytwo 2 days ago

    At this point it’s just ridiculous, we all know they got great bodies why they gotta make it so alienesque

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 3 days ago

    People wanna look like people who don't even look like the same people.

  • ßlμêßêll
    ßlμêßêll 4 days ago

    Why can't anyone just accept who they look like? Everyone is gorgeous and beautiful just the way they are, and we now live in a world where no one can accept how they look, even though they look beautiful, they can't recognise it. Hopefully, one day, humanity can finally accept who they are.

  • SoniaLuna16
    SoniaLuna16 4 days ago

    How did you get the “real” pictures in the first place

  • Neisha Marie Belliveau

    Why is everyone so obsessed with wanting to show everyone's flaws,would you enjoy it if someone else did this to you probably not,remember the golden rule...not the bar of gold .....guys come on!!!!

  • April Harris
    April Harris 5 days ago

    You talk too much. I mean I dont mind commentary, buuuut too much.

  • Tristen Sullivan
    Tristen Sullivan 5 days ago

    I love Christina's Intro so cute!!

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    Anna Del Fade 5 days ago

    Are you 40 years old? Im confused...

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    Daja Kangal 6 days ago

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    Daja Kangal 6 days ago

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    cheyenne romero 6 days ago

    I love you freckles their soo beautiful and attractive

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    cheyenne romero 6 days ago

    Thank you for making us feel better about our bodies!

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    Reba Johnson 6 days ago

    So I'm a new subscriber! It's so beautiful to see what kind of beautiful soul you have!

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    Kaarina Moongo 7 days ago

    I love her face, it's so unique

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    Zipster 8 days ago +1

    made my self confidence go from 0 to 100 real fast 😂😂💕

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    Kay Justus 8 days ago

    I love that u love your self and you show reality in every view love your video's girl

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    I get chills when I hear her laugh

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    AndyFromCaton 696 10 days ago

    Why you mad jealous just let them be 💀

  • Randolph, Hagan
    Randolph, Hagan 10 days ago

    Christina Randall I love this video! I’ve watched it twice in the last month or so and I love how you are so kind and you don’t bash the celebrities. You have so much compassion in your voice for “normal” women like us, as well as these celebrities that just want to be seen as beautiful as well. Thank you for spreading your positivity 💗💗💗

  • Kayleen South
    Kayleen South 10 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Courtney Veatch
    Courtney Veatch 11 days ago

    I appreciate the angle you took with this video. I feel like your critiques were respectful and genuine. Much love to you .🧡

  • PLK
    PLK 13 days ago

    Hello. Ummmmm,
    I'm pretty sure many will agree that whenever you turned iff your ring light Christina, I swear to god I thought you looked really good. I am brutally BRUTALLY honest. so that's my opinion & I'm stickin to it. p.s. your malasma ?
    on your face actually isn't that more common for someone,like yourself that grew up in Sunny🌞Florida. 💚💜🌼

  • Mariah fayette
    Mariah fayette 13 days ago

    Christina I love how kind u are great job stating ur point without body shaming love u girl

  • Kerene Rodriguez
    Kerene Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Omg Kylie she wasn’t pretty at all

  • Sophie 123
    Sophie 123 13 days ago

    I’ve fallen down a RU-clip worm hole of this amazing women and her prison experience. I’ve ended up here!

  • Neyssia Himawan
    Neyssia Himawan 14 days ago

    Thanks for this video, Christina! I think I need to see this for once in a while just to see things from a different perspective (called reality) :)

  • Katalina
    Katalina 14 days ago

    Thanks for the video to remind myself no one is perfect no one has that perfect body.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 14 days ago

    Your pretty no matter what . not everyone got that .

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    Mae Auditore 14 days ago

    Ur unedited pic is very beautiful vs the edited one

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    Mae Auditore 14 days ago

    I thought she just woke up lol

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    Jolee Jewell 24 days ago

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    rm ツ 26 days ago

    Just come to the fkin point. Thumbs down from me🤬

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    Nye 27 days ago

    Wow, first time here and I love you even more. That is me in reality everyday!

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    I don’t get the hype, it’s a butt, where crap come out of!

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    simply millie 29 days ago

    You can't do Nicki Minaj cuz that was an old picture

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    Christina!! I have been obsessively watching your videos for DAAAYYYSS. And I love you SOO MUCH! I'vw noticed you're a bit of an investigator like myself and am BEGGING you to do a video over the Elisa Lam case!! I'd love to hear your input!!

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    i have been here since 55k, its insane to see how much youve grown.. I think the first time ive watchd you was in march of 2019.... you made the best videos. first one was about you being abused by your mom :( i love that you are soooo honest. i even allow my daughtet who 11 to watch you because you keep it 100 ! so happy for your new found success, i hope you take over these trashy youtubers and girls can look up to you

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    kso 40 Month ago

    Is the girl in the blue gigi hadid? 4:14

  • JustJulia
    JustJulia Month ago

    I love that you don't shame these celebs on how they look in "reality" but instead focus on that you shouldn't compare yourself to these insta photos. Not everyone does these types of video's that way. Love the positivity!

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