Instagram vs Reality 2019 | Kylie Jenner Kim K Sommer Ray and more

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • Instagram vs Reality 2019 | Kylie Jenner Kim K Sommer Ray and more

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  • Rach Frierson
    Rach Frierson Month ago +2014

    Please remember to click like

    • brizzy kayy
      brizzy kayy Month ago

      Ah jeez your beautiful

    • jenny lee
      jenny lee Month ago +3

      @galaxy Ocean oh! Lol. Thankyou😘

    • galaxy Ocean
      galaxy Ocean Month ago +4


    • jenny lee
      jenny lee Month ago +7

      Love this video!! Who was the person at the end that we weren't expected to see? Sorry i missed it. Love you!😍

    • galaxy Ocean
      galaxy Ocean Month ago +3

      I was the 94th or 96th

  • mobbishlove
    mobbishlove 16 hours ago +1

    NICE !

  • The Jennings Family

    I absolutely love your hair!!! I'm a new subscriber. I'm looking forward to watching your videos.

  • ashley cookies
    ashley cookies Day ago

    I don't do Instagram you KNOW all of these accounts have edited photos. I don't see the draw of taking a photo of myself, photo shopping it where it no longer even looks like me, and then posting it because this is supposed to make me feel better?? I guess if you are serious about being an instagram "influencer" and making money out of it I can understand it a bit more but its just sad to think about the millions of young girls who see these photos that take HOURS of hair, makeup, clothes, photography, and editing to get this one picture think that this is the standard of how their bodies should be in real life. I see so many asses that are trying to look like Kim Kardashian/Nicki Minaj but you know it's photo shop. I wouldn't feel comfortable photo shopping butt 3X what it normally looks like and then having someone meet me in real life to see that I don't look anything like I do on instagram

  • Royal Ness
    Royal Ness 2 days ago

    You look beautiful without the editing!!! Funny how we see differently.

  • amanda bee
    amanda bee 2 days ago how do we not compare ourselves to you🤔

  • sun leo
    sun leo 2 days ago +1

    Kylie: eyelid surgery and botox on her eye brows and eye brow bones. Filler and botox in the jaw line and chin and neck, filler in the nose (nonsurgical nose job) Smile line and lip filler. Then Cheek filler and botox for cheek bones for a slimmer face shape, if not- its just a maturity thing bc my face slimmed down and my cheekbones popped! But she got everything else. I look so much different now at 22 vs. 14 or something but you can tell its mainly maturity, not fillers etc. bc I still look like the same person, just younger. I did get lip, chin, cheek and eyebrow filler BUT i only got a minuscule amount and I still LOOK LIKE my teen self. Even my toddler self

  • sun leo
    sun leo 2 days ago +1

    Kylie gets and got so much filler. It must be thousands to keep up with.

  • sun leo
    sun leo 2 days ago +3

    And the “fat” is actually just skin. Idk why celebs care about skin. Its not fat rolls. Im 100 lbs and I GET rolls. Its skin elasticity, not fat.

  • sun leo
    sun leo 2 days ago +1

    WHY would Kendall do that, knowing we all see her very slim pencil figure on runways etc?

  • sun leo
    sun leo 2 days ago +1

    how can Sommer look like that? an arched back etc. and some editing would NOT make her waist and hip ratio that different or ass that big, unless the camera lens was weird or some shit. thats crazy

  • sun leo
    sun leo 2 days ago +1

    Thank you for saying they look beautiful in BOTH photos. ❤️

  • Renee Renee
    Renee Renee 3 days ago +1

    Just imagine walking around for 39 years with a lazy eye.. It literally points at my nose. Then about 5 years ago I lost 20 lbs from autoimmune disease. My butt collapsed,now i have 4 butt cheeks. I bet i would be envious of all of you! People have accused me of being a tweaker and laughed at me because of my eye. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU GUYS! If I can feel pretty, you can too!

  • Emma M
    Emma M 4 days ago

    I don't agree with every thing you said, I feel like the way you word things could be better. But I get what you mean, love this video ❤️

  • Jasmin Jasmin
    Jasmin Jasmin 5 days ago

    If social media would show these on the daily no one would probably bat an eye..but it's such a shock when we do see them naturally. Compare to retouched photos.

  • Selena Boodoo
    Selena Boodoo 5 days ago +1

    At the end of the day we are all humans...we have one's perfect...if you think someone is perfect, its not real... we're all beautiful...own it❤️💯

  • Kelsey Blalock
    Kelsey Blalock 5 days ago

    I didn’t realize how badly I needed this 🙌👏🙏

  • Mat -
    Mat - 6 days ago +1

    Paid paparazzi ??? Really? This world is crazy

  • Jessica Amethyst
    Jessica Amethyst 6 days ago +1

    Quite disturbing how different they look...

  • Mallory
    Mallory 6 days ago

    Please stop saying they’re beautiful in both versions of some of the pictures; it’s not true. You even said the rolls are “beautiful!” Fat is unattractive that’s why it’s edited out. That being said, you are super nice, smart and pretty so I subscribed!!

  • Ingrid Ramirez
    Ingrid Ramirez 6 days ago

    true reality

  • Kimmi Yh
    Kimmi Yh 6 days ago

    those kylie pics u can tell which is paid paps... the lighting in the pics are too good.. what a bunch of phonies ... they are so vain ...

  • Marina Heath
    Marina Heath 8 days ago

    Needed to see this

  • Your lucky Charm
    Your lucky Charm 8 days ago

    Moral story: dont compare yourself with other person.

  • sarah khatab
    sarah khatab 8 days ago

    Yoy speak the truth 👏

  • Ghost Commentor
    Ghost Commentor 8 days ago

    this girl needs to brush her teeth and shut up

  • Blonde Creature
    Blonde Creature 8 days ago +2

    SO glad you covered this. It is scary that people (people i know) think these girls/pictures are real!!!! These woman are a bad influence on our youth. Constently comparing themselves to girls that are not real. Its sad ! So glad i got to actualy enjoy being a kid, life was a happier place without social media.
    Thats just my opinion.

  • Richie El
    Richie El 9 days ago

    Why are u putting these celebrities and stars down and body shame ing them.
    You really don't like women do u

    • Ali Cat
      Ali Cat 4 days ago

      Richie El she wasnt though, she was being super respectful. She’s showing us that we shouldnt compare ourselves to these pictures because it’s all modified and unrealistic. She hasnt once shamed anyone or called anyone ugly.

  • cat server
    cat server 9 days ago

    Very cool. Every time I hear someone say "I wish I had hair like so-and-so" I answer "Yeah, so does she.". And dang, what is up with the number of thumbs down on your videos? That's just weird. Go watch something else, trolls.

  • nawal10
    nawal10 9 days ago +1

    Thank u for uplifting their natural bodies/faces as well rather than just bashing their true selves and praising the photoshop! There’s a guy who’s done a similar vid to this and all he was doing is making fun and insulting how they naturally look although they were beautiful both ways! He sounded like an angry hater

    • nawal10
      nawal10 2 days ago

      Mallory no not him I liked his video

    • Mallory
      Mallory 6 days ago

      Lol that h3h3 video was hilarious stop being so sensitive

  • Dian Elmaya
    Dian Elmaya 10 days ago +1

    Ur Beautiful without makeup 👌🏻 Anyway Body positivity its a must 🖤

  • Cindy Cahalan
    Cindy Cahalan 10 days ago +2

    some of these are really just about the angle tho, beacuse if u watch tana in her videos u can see

    #TEAM TRUMP 10 days ago

    Liked and subscribed ..your a great person keep it up

  • Jeanne-Marie Guerlais
    Jeanne-Marie Guerlais 11 days ago

    Thank you so much for posting these kind of videos

  • Haley Ryan
    Haley Ryan 11 days ago

    Got a subscribe from me because of this video. You’re awesome!

  • Livvy Maher
    Livvy Maher 12 days ago

    This video is so refreshing... Wow..

  • Katy61F Mandy
    Katy61F Mandy 12 days ago

    I love your hair to die for !!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I n e s
    I n e s 12 days ago +3

    You really have to be VERYY insecure to get plastic surgery and even add photoshop on top👏🏻

  • Hannah Rustenhoven
    Hannah Rustenhoven 13 days ago

    This video is so important ❤️

  • John Cattle
    John Cattle 13 days ago


  • ItIsWhatItIs
    ItIsWhatItIs 13 days ago +1

    I have Melasma too girl! Like baddddd

  • Anthaliyah Divini
    Anthaliyah Divini 14 days ago

    These videos is NEEDED! thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S 15 days ago

    your original photo looks so much better then the one you edited

  • JamieLynn Murray P.A.
    JamieLynn Murray P.A. 15 days ago +5

    Amen!!! Love that you included a guy too, girls are not alone when struggling with body image.

  • paeprheart
    paeprheart 15 days ago

    10:45 she looks way better unedited..

  • paeprheart
    paeprheart 15 days ago +1

    4:20 not really good example, she's gorgeous in both pictures

  • Beth S
    Beth S 16 days ago

    The last pic of you sitting on the couch you look stunning 😍😍

  • Makayla Dibble
    Makayla Dibble 16 days ago

    I LOVE that you made this video! More people need your kind of energy ❤

  • Khianna Sprock
    Khianna Sprock 16 days ago


    OFFICAL_HOWARD 16 days ago

    Umm sis in that pic she was pregnant

  • Skyla Stylinson
    Skyla Stylinson 17 days ago

    Also I am starting to model for brands on Instagram and other than an aesthetic looking filter, I dont really edit my pics. Even if it means I dont become "insta famous" idc, I dont wanna edit my body and make everyone think I look a different way. I edited 1 pic cuz I looked like I gained 20 pounds and ik I dont look like that, my mom took the worst angle😂😂 so I edited it and still felt guilty even tho I still looked big 💀so ya I'm not really a body editor at all lol

  • ashley matthews
    ashley matthews 17 days ago

    love this video, i liked and subscribed :) cant wait to watch more!!!!

  • Lana Cubanova
    Lana Cubanova 17 days ago

    You probably just like making fun off ppl

    • sara 15
      sara 15 11 days ago

      She in any moment made fun of anyone

  • Tan Poliak
    Tan Poliak 17 days ago


  • Sophie Anne
    Sophie Anne 18 days ago +1

    for most of the Kardashians they look the same in most picutes but just ready for the picture

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 18 days ago

    These body standards are just unrealistic and a lot of the time also unhealthy. It's really damaging to see all these super edited photos there is nothing wrong with a normal body they're not meant to be perfect.

  • Pink Giraffe
    Pink Giraffe 18 days ago

    This is super important. I hate that so many influencers do this it's really damaging.

  • Amy-Lee Angel
    Amy-Lee Angel 18 days ago

    Love this vid! Being a woman is tough enough. Having to look at famous women who don't even look like that in real life, makes us nitpick every flaw we have. At 34, I'm still guilty of doing this. We need more videos like this to help reassure men and women (especially the younger crowd) alike that no one is perfect.

  • Samantha Haines
    Samantha Haines 18 days ago

    I agree with most of this but tbh when youre comparing images of people when they are younger VS years older I personally dont think we can really all just blame face change on plastic surgery I know I myself have a very different shaped face now being 21 to what I did when I look at photos of me when I was 16,17 and 18. Im sure there has been a lot of work done on most of the peoples faces you have shared but just keep that in mind too that faces can change in shape etc naturally too :) Not discrediting at all just sharing my thoughts from someone who sees the change in my own face over the last few years naturally :)

  • Disha Naveen
    Disha Naveen 18 days ago

    Lovely lady😍😍