Third Age Total War: The Battle of Helms Deep - Patch 3.0 Custom Settlements

  • Published on Dec 24, 2011
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Comments • 404

  • Ryeley Grice
    Ryeley Grice 4 months ago

    Are you still playing this game

  • GandalfGaming 2144
    GandalfGaming 2144 2 years ago +1

    my first ever total war video i ever watched

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy 3 years ago

    and now he's dead. (christopher lee) :*( RIP

  • Danial Syah
    Danial Syah 3 years ago


  • adam thompson
    adam thompson 3 years ago +1

    How do you increase the amount of men in a unit

  • ojohnsonfilms
    ojohnsonfilms 4 years ago

    I can't find the map. is it called something different than helm's deep?

    • Derpy Para
      Derpy Para 3 years ago

      +Tony Ahonen its hornburg

    • Tony Ahonen
      Tony Ahonen 4 years ago

      Its called hornburg or something like that

  • Jake Regehr
    Jake Regehr 4 years ago

    All elves in the battle got killed

  • Thomas Hillard
    Thomas Hillard 4 years ago

    If you're still making these, make the battle of Pelonnor Fields and the begging battle of The Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Powelsie
    Powelsie 4 years ago

    deeping wall

  • Te'sai Sides
    Te'sai Sides 4 years ago

    I wish surreal could teach me how to be this strategically

  • Seth Nix
    Seth Nix 5 years ago

    umm the elves helped in the actual story so?lol

    • William Knapp
      William Knapp 4 years ago

      In the movie elves were on the walls and mainly were used as archers at first

    • Andrew L
      Andrew L 4 years ago

      They didn't. I'm not going to pretend like ive actually read lord of the rings because I haven't (im starting this weekend) But in the extended cut of the DVD's that I just watched peter Jackson and his team did a lot of stuff apart from the book and the elves showing up at Helms deep was one of them. They justified it as the last time the elves would fight along side man as they left middle earth forever.

  • maggoli67
    maggoli67 5 years ago

    Yeah, some elves must have escaped. They just seemed to be unrepresented by the end of the film.

  • SlicendiceSM
    SlicendiceSM 5 years ago

    That is the Deeping Wall, I think.

  • DivePunch Gaming
    DivePunch Gaming 5 years ago

    those kind of actors are real 'thespians' in england our actors of that calibre are always stage trained so previously early on in their career they all were members of the royal shakespeare company

  • Joseph Haltom
    Joseph Haltom 5 years ago

    actually you see about two elves barricading the door before they charge out
    To answer his question about if they all died

  • Ben Grass
    Ben Grass 5 years ago

    what happened to the mordor and eriador lets plays

  • Ur Conscience
    Ur Conscience 5 years ago

    Iets called the deeping wall, surreal :p

  • Zac Preston
    Zac Preston 6 years ago

    It's called the deeping wall

  • Jason Castro
    Jason Castro 6 years ago

    He surrealbeliefs after u download patch 3.0 part 1 and 2, how can u start playing just patch 3.0 only. Plz respond

  • JmonsterTW
    JmonsterTW 6 years ago

    I suppose you can site this then? It's not anything I've ever heard of.

  • Al Aurelio
    Al Aurelio 6 years ago

    No not all elves died, there was a group of elves that escaped to the caves or higher grounds if u watch it again and look closely, then you'll see them when there are retreating

  • kees v
    kees v 6 years ago

    Yes all elves died , but legolas lived, when aragorn charged most of the elves died there, and later they died because only Theoden and aragorn and gimli and a few rohan men lived but yeah all elves died.. ;(

  • JacHarBen JessBri
    JacHarBen JessBri 6 years ago

    It is the Deeping Wall. :)

  • JacHarBen JessBri
    JacHarBen JessBri 6 years ago

    You need total war, and total war medieval kingdoms

  • Kaleb Ouellette
    Kaleb Ouellette 6 years ago

    Its called the deeping wall

  • Dinko stoyanov
    Dinko stoyanov 6 years ago

    where you drunk whilst reading the book?

  • Daniel Kielty
    Daniel Kielty 6 years ago

    Hey Surreal, you've got a great channel going here bro! I absolutely love your videos and duplicates of the battles that occur in lord of the rings, but this one is my favorite. Great stuff, earned yourself a sub :)

  • MultiAsssasin
    MultiAsssasin 6 years ago

    Its hornsburger lol jk

  • Tezzeen
    Tezzeen 6 years ago

    It's a mod for Medieval 2 Total War.
    You need Medieval 2 Total War and the "Kingdoms" expansion. Or you can just buy the Gold edition. I think you can buy it for 18 EUR on steam.

  • lewmar321
    lewmar321 6 years ago

    were did you get this game and how much ?

  • Ereklandor
    Ereklandor 6 years ago

    Yes sadly all those elves did die poor Halidir.

  • Nateorius Me
    Nateorius Me 6 years ago

    the HORNBURG not hornsburg haha

  • Diomedes684
    Diomedes684 6 years ago

    Haldir arrived at Helms Deep with one Elven contingent of around 120 Elven Galadrim and they were charged with the defense of the Deeping Wall but after the death of Haldir at the hands of an Uruk-Hai Berserker's blade and the explosion of the Deeping Wall, the chances of any surviving was very minimal.

  • max wailes
    max wailes 6 years ago

    What graphic settings are you using ? Please anwser cos i aked like ten people ! Thanx

  • Nathan McCombs
    Nathan McCombs 6 years ago

    thank you for correcting my mixing up of the Terms ( I should know because LOTR is my childhood, i feel terrible that I mixed up the terms!) kcco69er and Anonie324, but Fortress: Helm's Deep. Hornburg: courtyard behind the gate. But i will make sure that it is 100% correct

  • kcco69er
    kcco69er 6 years ago

    The deeping wall dude

  • Anonie324
    Anonie324 6 years ago

    The Fortress is the Hornburg, and the wall is the Deeping Wall

  • Nathan McCombs
    Nathan McCombs 6 years ago

    wall is called the hornburg

  • Alex D
    Alex D 6 years ago

    it was really good video and glad that you had did it at night

  • Manzoni Matteo
    Manzoni Matteo 6 years ago

    Hello from germany

  • Ladioz
    Ladioz 6 years ago

    @SurrealbelifesThat long wall is called the '' Deeping Wall '' :P

  • Bernardo Colon
    Bernardo Colon 6 years ago

    yo lol when your swordsmen came up the stairs they slaughtered a portion of the berzerkers they killed like 24 of them so easily tht was cool

  • Bernardo Colon
    Bernardo Colon 6 years ago

    not to b mean but u gave them 5 ladders and they r only using 1 were u seriously complaining bout that i would've been glad that happened

  • alma perez
    alma perez 6 years ago

    awsome game

  • Ben Phelps
    Ben Phelps 6 years ago

    you are so awesome but i downloaded third age total war 3.0 and it did not work

  • Lucas Gaines
    Lucas Gaines 6 years ago

    or goblins

  • Lucas Gaines
    Lucas Gaines 6 years ago

    how about the dwarves vs. the wargs like in the hobbit

    WH1SK3YJ4CK 6 years ago

    I could be your girlfriend. Mwah :{}
    Um. I dont know where to go from here.

    WH1SK3YJ4CK 6 years ago

    Why are you arguing with this idiot and not streaming or something? D':

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    I do not wish to spend the next hour debating insignificant topics, back to my original point, I am sure you can find many others to do so with, my original point was that I have seen official pages that suggests a company of elves went to the Hornburg, I never claimed I would source them OR that this was now fact, I even said to you not once but twice that this may or may not be consequential. Also, I was shown it by somebody else, I then bought that version myself, I never claimed otherwise.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    I believe you are completely misinterpreting what I am saying, but alas I don't wish to sit here all day debating sentence structure and sourcing, I do that enough on Wookieepedia, I may return to this exchange at another time.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    Given how much Tolkien's mind varies and the sheer immensity of different versions of all three novels, I find it hard to believe that you would suggest, simply because your sources don't say so means the many other and varied versions wouldn't either, you may also believe as you wish, perhaps I will run through my book shelf and see if I can find the passage, version and even page to give you, until that time, I think this conversation has run it's needed course.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    Have you forgotten of the large swathes of Elves led by Celeborn to annex Dol Guldur and rename it east Lorien? most of the sindar left, the rest however remained more than they vanished into the west. but again this is not my point.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    I know full well of the adventures of Elladan and Elrohir, as two of my favourite lesser known characters, I also know of the Dunedain whom Aragorn led into the Pelennor fields. That is not what I refer to, I explicitly remember the page mentioning that Elven rangers, numbering around sixty met with the Rohirrim, they demanded to see the prince of the woods, they were not trusted and only when Legolas confirmed them were they allowed to remain to guard him in battle.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    It was not even I who found this out, again at a club meeting I was shown the evidence, I didn't find it, perhaps it's obscurity as you have suggested, makes it a moot point and is not worthy considering as part of the lore, my whole point this entire time though, has been that PJ's 'addition' of the Galadhrim might not be as big a stretch as is often believed, I actually find the addition of the elves small in comparison to his other changes, such as removing Glorfindel/Bombadil.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    The War of the Ring had a northern theatre, it was all one war, the war of the ring isn't confined to it's southern theatre, the northern theatre became generally known as the war in the north in the fourth age.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    I honestly take no stock in online discussions as it almost always boils down to the Ringers vs Tolkienites fanboy war that simply refuses to die, I much prefer social debates at club meetings, etc...

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    Lothlorien, Greenwood, Dale and Erebor were all attacked, the Easterlings even destroyed Dale and laid a major siege on Erebor, Lothlorien was not only attacked from Dol Guldur but many goblins of Moria attacked from the west to, then of course the main forces of Dol Guldur attacked Thranduil's holdings.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    Yet the Unfinished Tales is basically one big notebook but is accepted as lore regardless and according to both the appendices in one of the main anniversary editions(I'd have to go and read through them all to find out which one) and his own notes, sixty Lorien rangers meet Eomer's rohirrim as they evacuate to helm's deep, it is here that Legolas learns of the war in the north.

  • EternalXSamurai
    EternalXSamurai 6 years ago

    Not it is the Deeping Wall.