• Published on Aug 15, 2017
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Comments • 387

  • ItsGeorginaOkay
    ItsGeorginaOkay  Year ago +663

    I'm a really emotional person so I'm predicting this drama WILL KILL ME

    • HIME YUI
      HIME YUI 2 months ago

      You didn't notice that when Jimin tried to film the girl she caught him and he drops the phone :)

    • Panda lover
      Panda lover Year ago

      ItsGeorginaOkay me to why have to be sad song my cry is in inside my heart I can't keep thinking about that video when am sleep and when I wake up I cry for the
      video :'(:'(:'(:'(

    • J U N G S H O O K
      J U N G S H O O K Year ago +2

      ItsGeorginaOkay you will be pouring with tears on the third hilightreel! Srsly I'll give u a spoiler lol! If you don't want to find out about it yet don't read this

      Jhope starts dancing with his girl instead if Jimin, Jimin gets upset and tries to kill himself. V gets caught by the cops whilst with his girl, jungkook is off a wheelchair, Jin's girl gets hit by a car, Suga was going to take flowers to his girl but there was a storm and the flowers (expensive flowers) got ruined. There's more but I don't wanna spoil it too much.

      KRiS IN DA HOUSEEE Year ago +3

      ItsGeorginaOkay me too.. I very 2 sad the part that i know my bias sit at whellchair.. 😭😭😭

    • reem bts
      reem bts Year ago

      Love you

  • Y HU
    Y HU 2 months ago


  • sassy Emily
    sassy Emily 3 months ago

    Don't worry I cried when I saw jungkook💜 in a weel chair

  • hs k
    hs k 6 months ago


  • Keyzha Azzahra
    Keyzha Azzahra 7 months ago

    Poor jungkookie😭😭😭

  • Keyzha Azzahra
    Keyzha Azzahra 7 months ago

    I cried 😭😭😭😭

  • 청산적페
    청산적페 7 months ago


  • yulissa Brook
    yulissa Brook 8 months ago

    Don't worry I cried too

  • hs k
    hs k 9 months ago

    항상 잘보고 갑니다^*^♡

  • byungwan kang
    byungwan kang Year ago

    Ur blue eyes are so beautiful ^^

  • Im not racist but I hate niggers

    since you liked this, have you considered watching kdrama? its the next evolution after kpop

  • Jooniecle
    Jooniecle Year ago


  • Van Tae
    Van Tae Year ago

    I hate these they are tooooo sad for me..

  • Do you know Army
    Do you know Army Year ago

    Don't cry..... my heart

  • hwangel hyunjin
    hwangel hyunjin Year ago

    I cried too when I saw that video😭💕

  • iPurpleMaBoyz Heheh

    Me too I feel like I'm gonna cry more and more by every part but the first one made cry so muuuuuuch 😭😭😭💔💔💔

    [SAFA KOOK] Year ago +2

    you are so cute
    I'm #arabarmy😊

  • Nia Ava
    Nia Ava Year ago +1

    I had the same reaction. I dont know why im crying. Bcs it was too beautiful, and the boys 😍

  • J U N G S H O O K

    Does anyone know where I can get the third reel?

  • Pun Nirmola
    Pun Nirmola Year ago +1

    I Love you Jungkook

  • Nursyazwani Izleen
    Nursyazwani Izleen Year ago +1

    You are so beautiful :')

  • God Doo
    God Doo Year ago +1

    Why are you so beautiful 💀

  • kake m5
    kake m5 Year ago

    I looked at the tune and stardet to cry almost.😢

  • Jarrette Naope
    Jarrette Naope Year ago

    Feelings Aren't Stupid

  • Jarrette Naope
    Jarrette Naope Year ago

    You thought they were Stopping at Billboards?...Naahhh We're going after an Oscar

  • Bae Danisa
    Bae Danisa Year ago

    She is so beautyful

  • Luzie
    Luzie Year ago

    Please react to the second one as well! Your reactions are so dope!

  • aiman hakim99
    aiman hakim99 Year ago

    I love you:)

  • SubscribeToJaeSix

    Pt.2, pleeease

  • huỳnh vy
    huỳnh vy Year ago

    OMG!!! My heart is OMG :((

  • DK Lee
    DK Lee Year ago

    here is a theory. After jin picked up a diary that a girl fell down, the other members went back to the past and met their own mother. The manner of performance that jin opened the diary and the train moved fast is like cliche that japan animation mostly uses. And jin's posters have the phrase "If I could turn back time..."
    1. jungkook : his mom stopped his wheel chair running. it's like his traffic accident that suggested at i need you series.
    2. suga : his mom took a lighter. it's like his mom wanted to stop suicide by fire at I need you series. ->and at the wings concept book, suga's artistic temperament is from his mom. and in the teaser, the girl grabbed a guitar so maybe the girl is his mother.
    3. rapmon : namjoon worked at oil station part time job and in the teaser, the girl worked distributing leaflets part time job. it means passing down poverty. so he wanted to help his mom.
    4. V : In I need you series, V's home environment is too bad. and at the past, his mom is a juvenile delinquents. so when V went back to the past, he solved hia mom's stealing.
    5. J-hope, jimin : lots of thoeries. one of them is here. hoseok is abandoned by his real mom. hoseok is adopted and jimin is a son of the adopting parents. they took cares of hoseok so jimin underwent lack of affection. (so hoseok is celebrated birthday cake on not his birthday that means the girl maybe mom thought his birthday is his adopted date.) they related to same mother. In I need you series, jimin went into the tube's water. the water means mom's amniotic fluid. so he misses his mom because of lack of affection. it suggested at the jimin's poster phrase.

    So at bts's past, they met their mom, they gave a message to mom or took a message from mom and through the meeting, they grew into adulthood. and came to maturity. It is "Love yourself". In teaser, the impression of a worn out color and introduction Jin's narration about time are related to Time Leap hypothesis.

    • DK Lee
      DK Lee Year ago

      so I think it's not just love story!

  • NyCJT62
    NyCJT62 Year ago

    i think its the piano part...every time its playing you start crying haha

  • Angelika Pardillo

    Please react to "sure thing cover by blackpink"

  • BlooddzGgeazy
    BlooddzGgeazy Year ago

    please react to Chanyeol all of me or EXO - EL DORADO LIVE please

  • Jimin-ah
    Jimin-ah Year ago

    I am gonna be honest, i know some other ARMYs are like "Yes my bias is dating! yay!" Honestly, i would not like it if Jimin was dating, obviously I wouldnt hate on him and his girl but I would just silently leave and walk away from ARMY because I want him to be at peace with support, but I know I will get uncomfortable

  • *dodo dodo*
    *dodo dodo* Year ago +2

    احبج هواااي i love you vire 💕

  • Agust D is my husband

    I want to hug you ❤️

  • Amomo
    Amomo Year ago

    I cried just like you when I saw this drama....just heartbreak but still love them

  • Sydney McLaughlin

    I swear if they release anything else i'm sueing

  • CutexxTae
    CutexxTae Year ago

    Your not alone Georgina, I cried too. It was so beautiful. Heck we're already crying and the drama nor the comeback is here yet!

    INFIRES MAN YEAH! Year ago +1

    i cried too, dw

  • Anna Fabian
    Anna Fabian Year ago

    можно на русском

  • Emilee Barela
    Emilee Barela Year ago

    I cried ooops

  • MysticARMYsUnite
    MysticARMYsUnite Year ago +1

    I sobbed my eyes out the first time I saw it
    And the second time
    And the third
    Then the second one came out and I cried the first time I watched it
    And the second
    And the third

  • jikookmin shipper
    jikookmin shipper Year ago +1

    why are u crying??

  • Hope Prince
    Hope Prince Year ago

    Your reaction is so relatable omg

  • nona ali
    nona ali Year ago

    الله ياخذك ما في داعي للبكاء

  • • Davina •
    • Davina • Year ago

    Girl girl jabskabjwbz THERES A SECOND ONE

  • Bhumikala Thapa Sherchan

    The next highlight reel is out!!

  • Eiji Nico
    Eiji Nico Year ago

    Highlight reel part 2 is out 😊

  • sxltysushi
    sxltysushi Year ago +2

    I was so sad looking at jungkook in a wheelchair and DAMN lookin at bts acting with girls was fun even tho they are trainees of jyp and sm . All the girls age are from 15 to 18/19 . Except V is acting with a 30 yr old (she looks so young)

    YEOJIN LOONA Year ago

    Have u watched part 2 yet

  • 张梦迎
    张梦迎 Year ago

    That's me ……

  • Iza Czerniakiewicz


  • azi ta
    azi ta Year ago

    they just dropped an second one hurry and watch it!!

  • taes thetic
    taes thetic Year ago

    I cried

  • J-hoe is ARMYS little ball of Sunshine

    React to highlight reel 2 pleaseee

  • Geovanna Reis
    Geovanna Reis Year ago

    I'm are drama bts yes

  • clamp5
    clamp5 Year ago

    I got really emotional when I saw Kookie in the wheelchair too!!TTTTT

  • 도준
    도준 Year ago


  • Dr Boom
    Dr Boom Year ago

    Does this mean that Jhope is gay since he didn't have a grill?

  • • Davina •
    • Davina • Year ago

    Don't worry girl i cried too

  • y_sana
    y_sana Year ago +1

    Please react to BLACKPINK-SURE THING( BEST COVER....really really )

  • Hafsa Mokadem
    Hafsa Mokadem Year ago +1

    I only cried when jhope's mother left him at the end

  • Ella
    Ella Year ago

    this video hurt me too girl, all these theories r hurting my head

  • Malena
    Malena Year ago

    Don't worry, I cried too xD

  • Michelle Byun
    Michelle Byun Year ago

    ur good. i cried too

  • JeonJungkookie99
    JeonJungkookie99 Year ago +1

    This is like my favorite reaction to this video cause it's exactly how I reacted omg

  • 정서희
    정서희 Year ago

    U so sweettttttt💖

  • You Like!?
    You Like!? Year ago +1

    Can you react to Big Bang member Taeyang's new M/Vs "Wake Me Up" and "Darling"

  • Lily
    Lily Year ago

    I sobbed don`t worry

  • kristel soriano
    kristel soriano Year ago

    I'm gonna cry too.

  • Michelle Hawk
    Michelle Hawk Year ago

    I swear if i'm gonna see a single Tear in Hobi's Face, i'm gonna have a freaking meltdown. I already cried when his mother said "Hoseok-ah, close your eyes" in the end. Like god damn, that line got me 😢

  • Khushi Kate
    Khushi Kate Year ago

    kookie making army's cry ..hobi u too

  • Soft_Enigma
    Soft_Enigma Year ago

    maybe that girl is Hobi adopted sister..since he doesn't have anyone to go to when his *MAMA* left him? The fact that the girl say "I know" is convincing enough..and Jimin have crush with her..but doesn't want to ruin his friendship with J-Hope and he *LIE* .. since I'm have a sister..I will feel weird if my friend dating my sister..I dunno if it just me thou 😂

  • Putra Perdana
    Putra Perdana Year ago +2

    Pls react to blackpink sure thing cover,its a great cover and full english,thanks

  • audrina
    audrina Year ago


  • Sugaxsavage
    Sugaxsavage Year ago

    You are so not stupid! I cried heaps 😭😂

  • vtaegii
    vtaegii Year ago

    MK, so on the 3rd time watching it i actually burs ted into tears. send help

  • nads
    nads Year ago +1


  • g ma
    g ma Year ago

    OMG you so cute

  • En Lig
    En Lig Year ago +1

    The girl was stealing and v paid for her stuff in case you missed that part



  • Inggit Ahsanadia
    Inggit Ahsanadia Year ago

    Same reaction here....! 😭😭

  • Wonhi Monie Monie

    Don't worry girl, I also cried when I first watched I was also overwhelmed. 😢 Especially when I found out it was a mini drama I'm

  • Bethany Thao
    Bethany Thao Year ago

    I cried😂😭😊

  • Jhopefirsthixtapemademyday

    bighit is cruel they make our brains bleed!i love the short film though and im not jealous i actually wasnt expecting that im not jealous hahaahaah i love the acting

  • Everyone's Fairy-Bangtan-Mother

    what does everyone mean when they say "drama"? ive been in and out of the bts loop since june lol can someone fill me in? there isnt a drama coming is there? (im aware of their comeback next month)

  • Cute Princess
    Cute Princess Year ago +3

    U should react to agustd the last lyric video plzzzz

  • Adiba Monon
    Adiba Monon Year ago

    i ssooooo feel u fam

  • random commenter
    random commenter Year ago

    i cried when i saw tae idk why my heartue😭❤

  • Hals Kimchi
    Hals Kimchi Year ago +1

    Who else was so sad when they saw Jungkook in a wheelchair? 😭

  • Bennyza BTS_ONLY
    Bennyza BTS_ONLY Year ago

    To be continue.The army must analyze stories MV 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kiana S.
    Kiana S. Year ago

    Oh trust me you aren't the only one that cried 🙂 Idk all the time I was at the bridge of tears and then when Hobi looked kinda sad in the camera I just cried so hard omg 😂

  • xhobisunshine
    xhobisunshine Year ago

    Wait is this for their comeback or for a drama? Im so confused ;-;

  • Rayén Inara
    Rayén Inara Year ago

    Why do some people think Drama and Comeback are different things? They are part of the same thing. Drama will be broadcasted few days before the comeback, and then we will have just a very short teaser for the title song, or they will upload a short video showing little parts of the songs and then the Official MV of the title song. They are not different things. It is like the Festa of BTS anniversary, with many videos, songs, pics, but all part of the same celebration

  • Hello Panda
    Hello Panda Year ago +2

    I didn't cry at all, more like the opposite I was smiling until the end. It was so sad that j-hope's mom left him like that!

  • jesshobi
    jesshobi Year ago

    I cried so much

  • Julia Prusha
    Julia Prusha Year ago

    Me too girl