The Lincoln Town Car Was the Last True American Luxury Sedan

  • Published on May 30, 2019
    The Lincoln Town Car was the last true, old-fashioned American luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing a Lincoln Town Car to show you what I mean -- and I'm driving this Town Car to show you why the 2005 Lincoln Town Car was the end of the line for old-school American luxury sedans.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  4 months ago +475


    • David Mazzini
      David Mazzini 2 days ago

      I was waiting for him to say all proceeds go to charity.Thats pretty lame Demuro.

    • John McPhillips
      John McPhillips 10 days ago

      I don’t live in America I can’t buy it

    • Colt Lee
      Colt Lee 17 days ago

      @Doug DeMuro review Lincoln Mark VIII

    • Nick Kautz
      Nick Kautz 18 days ago

      @Tanmay Kulkarni If I like them or their cause

    • Tanmay Kulkarni
      Tanmay Kulkarni 18 days ago

      @Nick Kautz u will "donate" to a millionaire?

  • Sofian Amor
    Sofian Amor 4 hours ago

    You should pay us for Subscribing to your channel!

  • Mark Elite
    Mark Elite 5 hours ago

    Can You Say Old School !! Like Over & Over & Over & Over & Over ?? Lol

  • Neil Ouellette
    Neil Ouellette Day ago

    Couldn't beat the Panther Platform. I've been buying the Town Car and Grand Marquis for the last 28 years. I get about 225,000 miles out of them before I dump them for another. Great comfortable and reliable ride!

  • Bouslama Karim
    Bouslama Karim Day ago

    I've never had the pleasure of driving one of these but I love them. For me a car should be a moving livingroom.

  • David Mazzini
    David Mazzini 2 days ago

    All proceeds will be donated to charity,right?

  • Maxx Maxwell
    Maxx Maxwell 2 days ago

    LOL I own and drive a 1997 Lincoln Town Car Executive much in the same condition. Don't judge me, it DOES get 20 mpg and PLENTY of power and get up and GO.
    Also, the lines are MUCH better than this one.
    Man this one kinda sux. Mine being the executive everything is electric giving the dash all electronic . This one is a "step down" from the executive. Plus I have a sun roof.

  • The Amalgamut
    The Amalgamut 3 days ago

    No wonder Max wanted an S class for his limo business. This car looks like crap.

  • Doggieman1111
    Doggieman1111 4 days ago +1

    I'm gonna assume the signed photo thing was a late April Fool's joke

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 5 days ago +1

    As a Lincoln guy I have respect for this car, it was a old school luxury car in a time where luxury cars were trying to be cheaper super cars.

  • Brian M
    Brian M 6 days ago

    after the signed photo gig, i immediately unsubscribed , dude, who are you, 50$ for a photo to limit your expectations for an influx of orders is so pretentious, you should drink a cup diarrhea

  • D M
    D M 6 days ago

    I'm not quite sure I understand. At some point, did Doug say "old school"?

  • Chucky B
    Chucky B 6 days ago

    2009 was actually the end of the era for these

  • TheGetmoneyman
    TheGetmoneyman 8 days ago

    Man I love the town car super comfortable and really nice on the inside

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 8 days ago

    Can I get a signed pic of that deep fried .jpg of the Crown Vic? Thanks.

  • Owen C
    Owen C 8 days ago

    Doug, you’re my favorite youtubers, but I’m not buying some screenshot you pissed on or whatever you said

  • Gemini King
    Gemini King 8 days ago

    i disagree the caddi dts take that cke

  • Phaedrus
    Phaedrus 9 days ago

    My first wife and I rented one of these for our wedding back in '01. I likened it to driving our living room couch around. We liked it.

  • ImTheMan78 !
    ImTheMan78 ! 9 days ago

    I have to disagree with the acceleration score being a one. I have an 02 Town Car it is not slow at all. It's not Lamborghini fast obviously, but it's not slow. Pretty fast for a luxury car

  • Johnny Vegas
    Johnny Vegas 9 days ago

    you aren't Jay Leno's illegitimate son by any chance?

  • Johnny Vegas
    Johnny Vegas 9 days ago

    I appreciate that you review cars like this as well. Thank you!

  • damith goonerathne
    damith goonerathne 9 days ago

    Tesla is shit

  • westy44cal
    westy44cal 10 days ago

    I'd like a personalized signed photo of the GT2RS. It's ghould read as follows. "Honey, this is the car of my dreams that you stole from me when you took half my shit and left with the mailman".

  • erroneous
    erroneous 10 days ago

    $50? Really ? I don’t think Derek Jeter or even the presidents would ask that much. But I guess you are just another greedy celebrity now. Oh , now with one less subscriber. What a snob!!

  • Atluri #YouTuber
    Atluri #YouTuber 10 days ago

    50 Dollars = 3500 Rupees.
    Photo's DougScore = 0.
    A T-Shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch is better than this photo crap.

  • Liam Sauvé
    Liam Sauvé 11 days ago

    why does doug look like he was added digitally behind the car

  • Brian Roman
    Brian Roman 11 days ago

    I would buy a signed photo of you with the ELR.

  • Niaz gaming
    Niaz gaming 11 days ago +1

    Selling Doug's replica cargo pants would be a better choice.

  • ben stolen
    ben stolen 11 days ago

    Ill buy a personalized one
    I want the message to say "rev up your engines"

  • ben stolen
    ben stolen 11 days ago

    People wont wear their favorite youtubers t shirts but they'll wear a signed picture

  • Sounds & Scenes
    Sounds & Scenes 12 days ago

    I describe my 2011 Town Car thusly; Like sitting on my living room couch at 65 mph.

  • Christopher Waits
    Christopher Waits 12 days ago

    I would never pay $47000 for this turd brand new. Doesn’t even have a tach

  • Aran Ignite
    Aran Ignite 13 days ago

    Love it but I like my 2006 grand marquis with the FOG LIGHTS

  • H1TMAN -
    H1TMAN - 13 days ago +1

    Cadillac DTS is arguably a better car but i love the town car.

  • theredbaron057
    theredbaron057 13 days ago

    2 mins to pitch merch kinda long

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar 14 days ago

    Is he trying to laugh it off as a joke that yeah ha ha I know it's a bit expensive. ...NO FUCKING JOKE MATE $15 FOR A FEW WRITTEN WORDS IN A MARKER ....
    This guy is a fucking tool

  • shawn31589
    shawn31589 14 days ago

    Lol, back to drawing board Doug😂

  • Marco B
    Marco B 14 days ago

    A car from 2005! Looks like something designed in the late 80s 😂😂😂

  • Sason G
    Sason G 14 days ago

    Doug DeMuro the type of dude to sell signed pictures of himself to strangers on the internet.

  • David Sabtibanez
    David Sabtibanez 15 days ago

    You’re a moron. 50 for a pic lmao

  • carnstar
    carnstar 15 days ago

    50 dollar photos?? Wtf? Give me some “check out my quirks and features “ shirts and I’ll pay 50 for that

  • paul Wagner
    paul Wagner 15 days ago

    I dont think doug knows what old school is considering he calls this car old school

  • ronch550
    ronch550 15 days ago +1

    Even if those photos are like $5 I don't see tens of thousands of people buying. This is a lousy idea, Duggy.

  • Christian Deußer
    Christian Deußer 16 days ago

    For me the Law and Order Car

  • mopar6800
    mopar6800 16 days ago +1

    So Doug, it's been 4 many signed pics have you sold so far?
    I think you would sell a hell of a lot more t-shirts that say "Doug Demuro: The type of guy...". And the best part is you would be able to find all the content for those shirts right in your comments.

  • Ed Victory
    Ed Victory 16 days ago

    Let’s see, 3 million subscribers times 5% equals 150,000 photo requests @ $35 a pop equals $5,250,000.00. Not bad. Now where did I put my video camera....

  • ContinuEntertainment
    ContinuEntertainment 16 days ago +3

    The opening and closing of the trunk had me dying lmao

  • Ed Victory
    Ed Victory 16 days ago +1

    Hey Doug, love your presentations, but how much for a lock of your hair?

  • Ed Victory
    Ed Victory 16 days ago

    A Doug photo, for the friend who has everything.....or nothing.

  • cookingprof
    cookingprof 17 days ago

    What.. Ther is NO button on the factory key fob for …."Remote Start". Not my idea for s missing feature for something that claims to be a Luxury Car.

  • cookingprof
    cookingprof 17 days ago


  • Joshua Nas Ser
    Joshua Nas Ser 17 days ago

    but i'd actually take a doug shirt how dusappointing

  • Avci 66
    Avci 66 17 days ago +1

    Doug it the type of guy to ask 50 dollars for a signed picture

  • Don Wilson
    Don Wilson 17 days ago

    The signature limited 2005 that is in your video is exact same vehicle that I drive each day. Same color. Thought maybe you stole It's my parents car and they are 95 this year. They no longer drive so I'm the family shoffer. Great car! Enjoyed your video. Thanks.

  • Colt Lee
    Colt Lee 17 days ago

    We'd rather have the T-shirt! My gootness

  • James Aherne
    James Aherne 18 days ago

    All about the money

  • Ingo Berkelmann
    Ingo Berkelmann 18 days ago

    I prefer pictures of beautiful women with cars (For free in the www) , not pictures of a grown man in shorts for $ 50 (-; .

  • Tanmay Kulkarni
    Tanmay Kulkarni 18 days ago

    I understand that for you to make these videos you have to cover up the expenses but this idea of paying for doug to wish you well with autographs is a little too transactional for me. You lost a little respect from me due to this. Hope you realize this was probably not the best thing for your fans

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus 18 days ago

    Huh.I always thought the Buick Roadmaster was the ultimate old person car

  • DemolitionBlueCheese
    DemolitionBlueCheese 19 days ago

    Signed photos? Lol....I’ll bite