Anthony Pettis talks history with Nate Diaz | UFC 241 | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Anthony Pettis chats with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto about how his old swagger is back ahead of fighting Nate Diaz at UFC 241 and how that is combined with his knockout of Stephen Thompson and his history with Diaz and his crew. Pettis says he hasn’t been in a fight this personal since taking on Donald Cerrone and that the buzz on this bout is comparable to a title fight.
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Comments • 748

  • Dave Gutknecht
    Dave Gutknecht 25 days ago

    Talk shit he will beat you again.

  • Krystal Kanalos
    Krystal Kanalos 27 days ago

    You got embrassed by a Real Fighter your going down braa

  • Luis Vasquez
    Luis Vasquez 27 days ago

    Good persona

  • Towallomee sgel
    Towallomee sgel 28 days ago

    I simply CANNOT WAIT to see him fight Connor McGregor.

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    Pettis fought well is that Diaz came in like a different Person all together not the Old Diaz.

  • Artis williams
    Artis williams Month ago


  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins Month ago

    This dude looks like a ripoff Ricardo Milos, Ricardo Yardos

  • Nejun14 Nejun_14
    Nejun14 Nejun_14 Month ago

    What a nice looking guy ...he has a baby face 😊

    LIFE OF WAR Month ago +1

    Now he knows the wrath of Nate Diaz!

  • mahbal Zitch
    mahbal Zitch Month ago +1

    Nate dominated u

  • Bilal k
    Bilal k Month ago +1

    He beat your ass and your fiance

  • Kali Der Löwe
    Kali Der Löwe Month ago +7

    Diaz just dominated Wheaties box dude. Lol and he wanted 5 rounds with Diaz.

  • x 23
    x 23 Month ago +1

    Damn Pettis lost hahah

  • David 419
    David 419 Month ago


  • The tax Collector
    The tax Collector Month ago +2

    Pretty boy for a fighter 🤔🤨Diaz has a fighters head 💯

  • Randy Cowart
    Randy Cowart Month ago

    John J. hating on Chael??!! WTF?? Chael just telling the truth about reckless abandonment John...come on thug...give Chael credit for what's deserved 😉🤔. Just cause man has skills outside octagon and you'll be JAIL BOUND afterwards...please 🖕🖕🖕

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  • bL33d77
    bL33d77 Month ago

    fishing sounds complicated

  • Miguel Valenzuela
    Miguel Valenzuela Month ago

    This fight is going to be like the old days in the UFC! Both guys are well conditioned and love to bang on the feet. I can't even see a clear picture of what's going to happen. But I know this for sure "there will be blood".

  • Goober Mcgoobs
    Goober Mcgoobs Month ago

    Too bad Nate Diaz is a tank and going to eat all this dudes shots like nothing

  • Lil Cartelito b
    Lil Cartelito b Month ago +1

    He looks like a CGI character

  • thersten
    thersten Month ago +1

    Pettis is the better fighter but damn Diaz got a huge melon head and will probably employ his Homer Simpson technique like he did against Conor.
    I got Diaz by attrition.

  • Nba Jay
    Nba Jay Month ago

    This nigga cold

  • Titanoboa
    Titanoboa Month ago

    Man, I respect both fighters...

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago

    the gayest shit about ufc being on espn is they block the curse words. fuck outta here.

  • KeywordManagement
    KeywordManagement Month ago

    Like what I'm seeing with Pettis.

  • W B
    W B Month ago

    this dude is a tool and i'd put my life on nate winning tomorrow.

    only gamma males fan over this closet homo

  • Nate Perez
    Nate Perez Month ago

    Anthony "Weight Cut" Pettis

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance Month ago

    Hello, Humans.
    “At some point you’ve got to decide for yourself who you gonna be. Can’t let nobody make that decision for you.” - Juan, Moonlight

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago

      new challenges. I would love to see Anthony do a fishing show. “Fighting, fishing’s and training” or some shit

  • Ketchup303
    Ketchup303 Month ago

    Rooting for anthony

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago

      Anthony Pettit is an angler? Fuck yea bro I’m on your side now just cuz of that, fishing is such a relaxing yet frustrating hobby to pursue and you can get better and there’s alwa

  • KingTriz412
    KingTriz412 Month ago

    Team Pettis all day!

  • Omar Lara
    Omar Lara Month ago

    shout out to the big Cheese.💯🧀

  • Slow Down
    Slow Down Month ago

    ez to forecast ...
    then it changes with incessant blows to the cabesa
    it will be a good fight

  • Mike G
    Mike G Month ago


  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike Month ago

    Young guy.

  • Ash Mills
    Ash Mills Month ago

    Diaz likes Pettis, respect there. Just wants Pettis to fear him

  • Y0uT008 and P3d0ph1l35

    I didn't come here for fishing is up with ESPN...

  • okow tina
    okow tina Month ago

    Pettis and diaz are my 2 moods

  • Stoned Wolf
    Stoned Wolf Month ago

    I'm proud of Pettis for representing Wisconsin so well

  • La Jenkins
    La Jenkins Month ago

    Excellent interview Brett
    Super siked for these two to tangle up in octagon

  • Jahred Segura
    Jahred Segura Month ago +1

    Team Diaz

    • okow tina
      okow tina Month ago

      Put Nate on the The wheaties box,except he has one foot on an unconscious Pettis...

  • Waves of Java
    Waves of Java Month ago

    i don’t trust a dude who don’t keep & eat good fish. 😒

  • Miz Dixon
    Miz Dixon Month ago

    Showtime Pettis!

  • Boned You
    Boned You Month ago

    I live in Anaheim CA.
    Anyone know excalty where in Anaheim?

  • Jr Juarez
    Jr Juarez Month ago +1

    Anthony Pettit is an angler? Fuck yea bro I’m on your side now just cuz of that, fishing is such a relaxing yet frustrating hobby to pursue and you can get better and there’s always new challenges. I would love to see Anthony do a fishing show. “Fighting, fishing’s and training” or some shit

    • Stoned Wolf
      Stoned Wolf Month ago

      Haha that's a good idea. Check out the UFC embedded vlog episode 2, theres a part that follows Anthony, his brother Sergio, and others fishing near Milwaukee

  • James Hickey
    James Hickey Month ago

    Petit lovs himself. Diaz is a no bullshit gie. I hope he chokes pes in 3

  • coogko moim
    coogko moim Month ago

    Pettis gonna fuck around and roll up on Nate and get smoked like a joint

  • Hunter Newton
    Hunter Newton Month ago

    Chael develop a lisp or have tooth surgery? Haha still talkin tho. dude never stops.

  • Daniel Villeneuve
    Daniel Villeneuve Month ago

    Nate is gonna retire pettis

  • Joe Stith
    Joe Stith Month ago

    Why do these reporters always ask if they want to fight Connor McTapout, first of all. He's too busy taking sucker punches and beating up old dudes in a bar...the first thing these fighter's should say is "I'm wanting to fight someone who actually fights in the UFC....itz been a minute since McTapout has fought anybody

    • coogko moim
      coogko moim Month ago

      Jealous lol mf you higher than diaz

  • Ike Frost
    Ike Frost Month ago +1

    He’s fine AF. Didn’t even know what this video was about.

    • Omer K
      Omer K Month ago

      Ike Frost sus

  • tmac20031
    tmac20031 Month ago

    Pettis all day

  • mei li
    mei li Month ago

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  • keedoopop
    keedoopop Month ago

    Rooting for nate but i think anthony will win by decsion

  • Jumping Jackjeebs
    Jumping Jackjeebs Month ago

    Shit questions!
    When he says "I got another guy I want at 170" you ask "WHO"

  • Detroit Gardener
    Detroit Gardener Month ago

    Please beat the shit out of Nate.

  • Webbit2019
    Webbit2019 Month ago

    Put Nate on the The wheaties box,except he has one foot on an unconscious Pettis...

  • hazel
    hazel Month ago

    Pettis and diaz are my 2 moods

  • Fuuka Yamuma
    Fuuka Yamuma Month ago

    reAl wrAssling

  • Tanner Woods
    Tanner Woods Month ago

    This reporter doesnt know shit about fishing