My Doctor Failed My VERY Private Surgery - BitLife

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • My doctor completely messed up my extremely important and private surgery in Bitlife. How will I ever recover from this? Should I live with it or sue him? Find out in this episode of Bitlife gameplay!
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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  20 days ago +5441

    Crime question mark

  • Vercelis Garcia
    Vercelis Garcia 4 hours ago

    Idk what is the hello in irish

    TOXIC SLOTH 6 hours ago

    "surgery is the only way you're getting pretty bitch" -Jackseptickeye 2019

  • Isaac Kuhls
    Isaac Kuhls 10 hours ago

    Got an ad for bitlife in this

  • Herodotus
    Herodotus 11 hours ago

    I had far too much fun with myself playing BitLife by just dicking around.
    At the age of 60 through the same year, I constantly hooked up with hookers and filled the amount of Exes I have till it reached 38. I gave half of them HIV.
    I wheezed way more than I should have.

  • Alan Cohen
    Alan Cohen Day ago

    I played this game and my classmate killed me at the age of 7 because I told on him.

  • Jayden Caban
    Jayden Caban Day ago

    Jack:surgery is the only way your getting pretty b####!

  • Jayden Tan
    Jayden Tan 2 days ago

    I really want the next episode of this game. It is so good!

  • Sakbar30
    Sakbar30 2 days ago +1

    Jack: *goes to a pet shop and looks for pets* don’t u guys have dragons?!

  • Melvin Cordon
    Melvin Cordon 2 days ago

    Di it

  • arroganter Fels
    arroganter Fels 2 days ago


  • William Fitzpatrick
    William Fitzpatrick 3 days ago

    My name is William Fitzpatrick yaaaaaaaa 😂🤣

  • Stacia Lizer
    Stacia Lizer 3 days ago

    Can't wait to see more of this game!!!

  • Winkus Wonkus
    Winkus Wonkus 3 days ago

    “Men only want one thing and it’s making sure that other people are happy” I can’t tell you enough how true to me this statement is

  • theory space and more


  • Sandeep Sagar
    Sandeep Sagar 5 days ago

    Do more bitlife

  • Debra Powell
    Debra Powell 6 days ago

    And now I have to try BitLife. Lol

  • TheRiddler 0177
    TheRiddler 0177 6 days ago

    I was playing this game and decided to be born in Afghanistan. My mom was shot when i was 2 and at 3 i died because i was shot.

  • WalkerPlaysSports
    WalkerPlaysSports 6 days ago

    Jack: let me go get plastic surgery so I can get it freaked up to sue them for money

    Jack 2019

  • Bryan Abreu
    Bryan Abreu 6 days ago

    You said "Okay Boomer" and my phone activated voice recognition. Should I be worried?

  • Dawn Mayer
    Dawn Mayer 7 days ago +1

    Wait isnt ur name saun shawn or shona???

  • rxb _
    rxb _ 7 days ago

    Jack got engaged to Ciara but still cant pronounce her name 🤣🤣

  • Johnny Melville
    Johnny Melville 7 days ago

    “If this was America, it woulda cost me $417,000”
    If this was America, they’d catapult your ass outa the clinic for asking for Health Care

  • Blood- BrotherZ
    Blood- BrotherZ 7 days ago

    Go subscribe to bloodBrotherz

  • kk Moore
    kk Moore 7 days ago

    Here is a song that would make you deprested the name of THE song is it is over mate

  • Nicholas Sugay
    Nicholas Sugay 8 days ago

    Do you actually hate your fans.😥😥😥😥☹☹☹☹😓😓😓😓😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

    • Jess x
      Jess x 6 days ago +1

      It was really obvious he was lol

    • Jess x
      Jess x 6 days ago +1

      The guy that said that was lying.

    • Nicholas Sugay
      Nicholas Sugay 8 days ago

      The man who said this he said you punched a kid in the face.🤯🤯😰😰😱😱

  • DoofusBoy
    DoofusBoy 8 days ago +1

    13:27 "Pockets are just the houses of your pants!"
    - Jacksepticeye 2019

  • Unknow0059
    Unknow0059 8 days ago

    11:12 ahahAHAHHA

  • kk Moore
    kk Moore 9 days ago

    Jack you is 79 looks in real life

  • jordan cole
    jordan cole 9 days ago

    Jack play the outer world's it's a really fun game kind of like a mix of borderlands and fallout

  • Chase
    Chase 9 days ago

    when is next episode

  • James Dean
    James Dean 9 days ago

    One of my life's on this was a woman she lived to well over 100 and had all stats maxed or near max most of her life.

  • zach lor
    zach lor 9 days ago

    You know Jack, you could kill your stepfather.

  • Nie
    Nie 9 days ago

    Am here for wholesome content. Do nice life 👌🏻 Maybe small crime.

  • Katie Lee
    Katie Lee 9 days ago

    Sean you should still be good but throw some mischievous choices into it too ;)

  • Cyko Playz
    Cyko Playz 10 days ago

    When I played it my looks was 73% I was a sexy beast

  • Eventerre
    Eventerre 10 days ago

    Has 22k in the bank. "I'm almost broke" . Oh... That's not broke at all!

  • MelodiesBlue
    MelodiesBlue 10 days ago

    go to the spa/salon itll hellp u look hawt

  • Matt Clarke
    Matt Clarke 10 days ago

    Who else enjoys sharing DANK memes?

  • Christy A
    Christy A 10 days ago

    Gotta be careful with suing there. I sued all the Drs. in the country my character was in and then had to immigrate to a new country to treat my character staph infection because no Dr would treat my character.
    Edit: I no longer start in the US because even in the game the medical bills are soooo high!! Get a staph infection at the gym? Pay $500 usd for treatment. Good luck getting rich.

  • TheGamingGladiator
    TheGamingGladiator 10 days ago

    Jack: has 27% looks
    Me: has 0% looks
    Also i *killed* someone when i was 14 with 100% on everything at 25

  • Ulis Lingar
    Ulis Lingar 10 days ago +1


  • Mud the Tactician [GER]

    When you said Ok Boomer it activated my Google Assistant lol.

  • Potato Powerz
    Potato Powerz 10 days ago

    i love your new-ish style content. idk if anybody else noticed the change but i like how this is more you.

  • Jacob Nagy
    Jacob Nagy 10 days ago

    When he said a staph infection I thought of the movie IT

  • Dioptric Basil
    Dioptric Basil 10 days ago

    Fan girls: Jack is so inspiring!
    Jack: Surgery is the only way to get pretty!¡!
    ....I see you-

  • Raimboombox
    Raimboombox 10 days ago

    0:43 That voice crack tho 👌

  • Fergusona92
    Fergusona92 11 days ago

    When he said, "I can't eat a cob of corn without thinking of you", I literally cried from laughing.

  • TridentGamer 078
    TridentGamer 078 11 days ago

    First things first, you need to get more money lol

  • LegitOreo64
    LegitOreo64 11 days ago

    While playing bitlife my girlfriend killed me with her dildo

  • The Shoning
    The Shoning 11 days ago

    Why u making love with my sister jack

  • Sharmistha Hazra
    Sharmistha Hazra 11 days ago

    His bitlife version is different than mine

  • Heather Galloway
    Heather Galloway 11 days ago

    Sorry jack

  • Heather Galloway
    Heather Galloway 11 days ago


  • Trevon Zarmas
    Trevon Zarmas 11 days ago


  • Jess Hill
    Jess Hill 11 days ago


  • Cody the Dog
    Cody the Dog 11 days ago

    I can barely understand this man half the time and I love it

  • Rebekah Wordsworth
    Rebekah Wordsworth 11 days ago

    Crime, cute cat moments, and My fair lady references.
    'Ight I'mma head in.

  • Lenzie Boomer
    Lenzie Boomer 12 days ago

    And I ooop

  • Pug Mug69
    Pug Mug69 12 days ago

    Your pen15 enlargement surgery was botched