Every UFC Women's Champion in History

  • Published on Mar 8, 2020
  • In honor of International Women's Day, take a look back through the history of the UFC's women's champions from Ronda Rousey in 2012 to Zhang Weili in 2020.
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Comments • 100

  • NintendoCereal
    NintendoCereal 15 hours ago

    gdr sucks

  • Ray2K
    Ray2K 16 hours ago

    Joanna beat Zhang but we'll talk about that another day...

  • widian setyaningtyas
    widian setyaningtyas 19 hours ago

    Next who

  • Justin O'Connor
    Justin O'Connor 20 hours ago

    Hahahaha Daniel Cormier. Thug rose,thug rose,thug rose. Hahaha

    BORICUA 4LIFE 22 hours ago

    Commentator, if she stays in this position she can't lift, nope she can't lift,
    Whiñe she's being lifted and dropped on her head

  • Carme Carreras
    Carme Carreras 2 days ago

    No me gusta la esparza me da escalo frios esta mujer

  • Tzar Leonardi
    Tzar Leonardi 2 days ago

    I swear I remember Val also winning the 135 belt, where is that??

  • cherish love
    cherish love 2 days ago

    Fuck ZHANG Is a #BEAST

  • KGB Edition
    KGB Edition 2 days ago

    10,14 типа Кевина с Федей.

  • Stelios Kontos
    Stelios Kontos 2 days ago

    what is the average length of ownership of these titles? two weeks

  • StigmaShadow
    StigmaShadow 2 days ago

    Can you imagine if Nicco had fought Valentina? She might have died...

  • BlockedByGinobili Headass

    Thug rose 🌹

  • Yazid HADDAD
    Yazid HADDAD 3 days ago

    I think the title should be Every Woman Champion in the history of UFC. And not in History.

  • Yazid HADDAD
    Yazid HADDAD 3 days ago

    Did Thug Rose say « whatever » to Dana White?

  • Dean Bushle
    Dean Bushle 3 days ago

    6:37 cold chills bro

  • BLankspace
    BLankspace 4 days ago

    thug is the best

  • Ivana Lorena Caceres

    Equipo Rojo que gane el equipo que gane el Equipo Rojo vamos rojo❤❤🎈🎈🎈🎈❤

  • Corpse Grinder
    Corpse Grinder 4 days ago

    I dislike Holly Holmes. She got a good shot in on Rousey, though not a great one but just enough to knock Rousey into a slip then was able to land a great kick. Thats what won Holly the fight, a slip. Otherwise I believe Rousey would/could have won that fight. But I will say that repeated arm bars to win a fight on the part of Rousey isnt a great fighter with good instincts. I think thats a cheap win....but it is a win. Anyway, Holly....meh.

  • eine mächtige Bande

    Amanda nunes is the best

  • chadelle gregory
    chadelle gregory 5 days ago

    dude Zhang went off

  • Mz Learning
    Mz Learning 5 days ago

    Great Channel Great video as great as #MzLearning in I.T ( information technology)

  • SgtPrice1000
    SgtPrice1000 6 days ago

    Could you imagine 5 whole rounds of Cyborg and Nunes swinging at each other like they did in the first one? Those were some "take off your god damn head" type punches.

  • Bernadette Lamb
    Bernadette Lamb 6 days ago

    Rose the most boring, annoying and inactive champion ever. She forever has an excuse to fight as little as possible.

  • Seymour Cox
    Seymour Cox 6 days ago

    Montano worst champion in UFC history to this day. Not a fan of Espraza either. Cyborg vs Nunes was insane and Iike GDR shes the hardest hitting out of all the women imo.

  • Dino Nuggets
    Dino Nuggets 6 days ago

    Rose is so beautiful :p

  • S at
    S at 7 days ago


  • MrSFblack
    MrSFblack 8 days ago

    Of all the women to win a UFC belt, Germaine De Randamie was the only one to get booed.

    UZUAL K 8 days ago

    I can still hear someone screaming thug rose

  • Darkmvz1
    Darkmvz1 8 days ago

    9.18 love her reaction, how i'd react to winning the lottery

  • Day 'N
    Day 'N 8 days ago

    страшно, вырубай

  • sultan khan
    sultan khan 9 days ago

    This is real fight. Not like WWF bullshit showing naked bodies and just acting being wrestling.

  • Steve Collins
    Steve Collins 10 days ago


  • Rajendra Nadarajan
    Rajendra Nadarajan 11 days ago

    Zhang Wei Li would destroy any male 'kungfu' master.

  • Richkad N
    Richkad N 12 days ago

    Russia v. China make it happen👏🏾

  • Rebel Tazz
    Rebel Tazz 13 days ago

    Miesha daaaaamn maaaaaaannn ! Just look at in that Holly fight, her melons bursting out of her top and a perfect huge round pear shaped butt .. legit dope !

  • Moe Bazzi
    Moe Bazzi 13 days ago

    UFC Women Champion Amanda Nunes

  • Peter Selie
    Peter Selie 13 days ago +2

    Tate's the only one with tits.

  • r0b690
    r0b690 14 days ago

    Nunes is a killing machine. Also Rose is amazing.. Was brutal when she got dropped on her head tho.

  • unexpected things!!!!!!!!

    It still hurts my mind that ronda tried to box Amanda and holly

  • leoreo 12
    leoreo 12 14 days ago

    I hate that bitch rousey and that idiot ugly from Poland or what ever country

  • Elle Buddy
    Elle Buddy 14 days ago

    You missed Ronda Rousey versus Miesha Tate

  • Selcuk Can
    Selcuk Can 15 days ago

    Nunes king

  • CSY 8353
    CSY 8353 15 days ago

    Ya'll gotta admit. These UFC women are more fierce on going in for the kill than the UFC men😅

  • Atit Rijal
    Atit Rijal 15 days ago

    Nunes vs Shevchenko
    Book it Dana

  • Pierre Morin
    Pierre Morin 16 days ago

    06:13 black dude sitting front row just chillin' then ''holy shit some action lets go to work''

  • Vincent Pasceri
    Vincent Pasceri 17 days ago

    Jessica Andrade is the
    UGLIEST ' woman ' in MMA.

  • The Decider
    The Decider 17 days ago

    Zhang is my favorite out of all of the champs.

  • James Andrade
    James Andrade 17 days ago

    Rose sjähould still be straw weight thats only fight see where was lucky win and Valentineo beat Nunez both fights secound even more so got robbed

  • hanitoufik
    hanitoufik 18 days ago


  • рэкх рэкс
    рэкх рэкс 19 days ago

    Заржал да яйцеголовый сильно но шас вроде нет

  • Rick Hawxby
    Rick Hawxby 19 days ago


  • Raymond Paenga
    Raymond Paenga 19 days ago

    You should have left Rose alone now I send my ninja after you hahaha I am just saying

  • Kel Hudson
    Kel Hudson 20 days ago

    Nunes v Cyborg was hard to watch. I love them both as fighters.

  • Kel Hudson
    Kel Hudson 20 days ago

    If Rhonda fought somebody with no arms...... The fighter with no arms would win.

  • sbbdb sfbsfbsfb
    sbbdb sfbsfbsfb 21 day ago

    andrade didnt deserve the title, namajunas was litteraly dominating her the whole fight, just a lucky takedown

  • Brayan Jimenez
    Brayan Jimenez 22 days ago

    me gusto que le gano a esa ciborg jiijjiij

  • Daniel Mesery
    Daniel Mesery 24 days ago

    Bad ass

  • Aadidev Yap
    Aadidev Yap 24 days ago


  • Guileón
    Guileón 25 days ago

    Amanda Nunes is the best. 💪🏻

  • Alfred Mejares
    Alfred Mejares 26 days ago

    Nunes vs shevchenko 2 is fun to watch make it happen

  • Tuntun Canabis
    Tuntun Canabis 26 days ago +1

    Zhang weili is scary

  • Symbiote 76
    Symbiote 76 27 days ago

    The Problem with Rousey Her Game is more on Submission...

  • Kells G
    Kells G 28 days ago

    Zhang Weili POOOOOOOOG 🇨🇳

  • لاب لاب لاب ٠ ٠

    1:22 please don't 🥺💔

  • Thomas
    Thomas 29 days ago

    Woah I didn’t know rose had hair

  • merla nitta
    merla nitta Month ago

    Amanda my besties

  • Vishnu Sene
    Vishnu Sene Month ago

    0.46 referee happy with his hands 😂🤣

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez Month ago

    8:03 i love her

  • Joseph Ciorra
    Joseph Ciorra Month ago

    these latina women look like aliens with all that botox

  • Akram Akram
    Akram Akram Month ago


  • Rijesh RJ B
    Rijesh RJ B Month ago

    Amanda Nunes😍😍💐💐

  • Joseph Handibode
    Joseph Handibode Month ago

    Joanna is so ridiculous she quit from punches.

  • Sanay kumar Lama
    Sanay kumar Lama Month ago

    i hate Ronda ....

  • TheGorm1956
    TheGorm1956 Month ago

    God she’s so fucking ugly

  • DanR714
    DanR714 Month ago +1

    Ronda getting knocked out cheers me up every time even in Covid 19 Lockdown

  • Akshay Gurav
    Akshay Gurav Month ago

    Love seeing ronda get beaten ❤❤❤❤
    Holy Holm defeated rondas arrogance and attitude to



  • Eraz Jaxacpanyan
    Eraz Jaxacpanyan Month ago


  • Hasta Bhadur
    Hasta Bhadur Month ago

    Excellent 👍👏😆👍👏😆👍👏😆fantastic 🤘😝🤘🤘😝🤘🤘😝🤘UFC fight 💪👊🔫👊💪👊🔫like ❤❤❤one ☝☝☝champions 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆congratulations 🎉🎊👍🎉🎊🎉🎊one ☝☝☝nice 😄😄😄pick 👌👌👌me aFromindia

  • wolfbrigade aka
    wolfbrigade aka Month ago

    when holy wun over a fail rounda did than all hope off true champion was lost that skinny bone anoretic bitch cant even fihjt and she wun over a fail its just pure sad after that shit match ufc lost its glory!fuck ufc bullshit!!!!

  • Max Rockwell
    Max Rockwell Month ago

    I'm surprised she didn't break her neck! The audience would love that......

  • Mike Mikeloson
    Mike Mikeloson Month ago

    i want one..

  • Felipe Ferreira
    Felipe Ferreira Month ago

    Amanda Nunes 😍

  • Junt 15
    Junt 15 Month ago +1

    Amanda nunes the best fighter

  • kartik chettiar
    kartik chettiar Month ago

    Good move

  • balão baloon arte
    balão baloon arte Month ago

    Ronda só queria ganhar e ser a queridinha quando perdeu ....apagou

  • Alexandra Hubert
    Alexandra Hubert Month ago +1

    Every UFC woman's champion in this history let's relive all the history of woman on the UFC woman's roster who has held the UFC championship belt then now and past and always forever

  • can fz
    can fz Month ago

    9:55 is...

  • Ranveer Ad
    Ranveer Ad Month ago

    Raneer Ad

  • netep Fernandez
    netep Fernandez Month ago +1

    Jessica Andrad and Amanda nunes look same

  • Tyler Bynum
    Tyler Bynum Month ago

    0:39 did her arm dislocate right there?

  • Geralt De Rívia
    Geralt De Rívia Month ago +3

    2:22 ioanaaaa Iôjgjwwejwkczjejéééé

  • I Dunno
    I Dunno Month ago

    Holly never tapped

  • DD Sweety
    DD Sweety Month ago


  • Kering Chewang
    Kering Chewang Month ago +1

    If women can go to UFC then men have every right to go K-POP. XD

    MITO ALLEJO Month ago


  • Abdul Baqi
    Abdul Baqi Month ago

    good luck

  • chad johnson
    chad johnson Month ago

    I'm pretty sure some of these champions pee standing up.

    • Kells G
      Kells G 28 days ago

      chad johnson lol bruh

  • Mariangela Paglialunga

    What to say you are unique