10 Times Gamers Got BANNED For The Right Reasons

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Getting banned in games can be a controversial thing, but these extreme examples are a bit more justified.
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  • L P
    L P 2 hours ago

    Shows zero clips of people in the act because they're afraid of copyright protections and instead talks about the situations whilst showing stock clips of the game being played for over 10 minutes so they get youtube revenue...

    This video is garbage and basically cheating.

  • KybeR
    KybeR 2 hours ago

    Why not just: Top 10 times gamers got banned

  • Cesar Camacho
    Cesar Camacho 2 hours ago

    Haxs are for fags

  • Music for madmen
    Music for madmen 3 hours ago

    Cheating is only ok if it does not affect any other players

  • PengweenBoxYT
    PengweenBoxYT 3 hours ago

    What the thumbnail

  • Nikki nuuk
    Nikki nuuk 5 hours ago

    yup griefing happened t o me

  • ShootDaCheese
    ShootDaCheese 6 hours ago

    So, I’ve been VACed before. Reason? I was using aimbot on a TF2 valve training match, fighting nobody but bots. WHY I was doing so is because I wanted to see what it was like and had no intention of using it on other players. It’s been 2145 days since then as of today and I’m unable to play with other players on that account since multiplayer is banned for me. :v

  • DTobi 100
    DTobi 100 8 hours ago

    12:25 Just a normal day in Rockstar Games well made product Grand Theft Auto Online.
    I guess it's the only game in which you can find a modder/cheater in nearly every lobby.

  • I_noSc0pedJFK
    I_noSc0pedJFK 8 hours ago

    I have thoughts about cheating

  • AlchemistOfNirnroot
    AlchemistOfNirnroot 9 hours ago

    Whenever you went flawless in SnD you get accused of cheating. Every gamer knows there's no better feeling that being accused of hacking :D

  • Narblo
    Narblo 9 hours ago

    I've never cheated on an exam why would i cheat on a game... But yeah i did hahah i used wall cheat in cod4 4 times and then stop using it couse i knew how everyone moves

  • imgaylolxd
    imgaylolxd 9 hours ago


  • Yenda
    Yenda 10 hours ago

    People who ruin games for other people just want attention or in other cases just want to here other people’s reaction

  • LOLPIREK DestinyProPlayerBoss

    Wow "10 times some random guys got rightfully banned."
    You really run out of ideas there.

    Not to say it isn't interesting though.

  • Karam Kamil
    Karam Kamil 14 hours ago

    I never got bannad

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star 15 hours ago


  • Mikes 🔥 stuff
    Mikes 🔥 stuff 23 hours ago

    I wanted to try cheating once and I used the BO3 mod menu aim bit and got banned for a few hours and was like ok cheating is lame

  • The Original
    The Original Day ago

    I used to hack a game called unturned for a few years but i wasn't rely abusing them, I just used the esp to avoid hostile encounters from other players.

  • Bradley Freitas
    Bradley Freitas Day ago

    I once had a 2 week ban on Xbox live just for going online on GTA 4 and happened to join a server that had a modder in it ._.
    Reached out to Microsoft and they basically said oh well

  • Nikola Glamocic
    Nikola Glamocic Day ago

    You already know that THE EL TRUCO IS ON THE LIST

  • Alejandro Mujica

    That Jack Nicholson clip was perfect.

  • Daniel O’Brien

    You’ve never spawnpeeked in Casual on Rainbow Six: Siege.

  • MY WAY
    MY WAY 2 days ago

    10 times not to watch this shit video....

  • CaptainBeatDown
    CaptainBeatDown 2 days ago

    I sware there was sometimes I was playing apex legends n you pump the guy with bullets n you see the numbers go up to the hundreds n then he shoots you like twelve miles away with two shots with like an SMG.

  • Dale Smith
    Dale Smith 2 days ago

    For Honor.

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade 2 days ago

    I mod games in singleplayer but if i decide that i want to play multiplayer on that game i delete or move the mods to a defferent folder before i play multiplayer. Because i don't want to destroy other peoples time.

  • iRoyale 584
    iRoyale 584 2 days ago

    i have played against alot of cheaters in cs go

  • Psychobob
    Psychobob 2 days ago

    I've only ever been banned by admins on player run servers. One time I wrecked two of them on some ArmA 3 gamemode server and they banned me. A few other times it was Battlefield 3 infantry servers. I'm sure I have the videos and screen shots around. Lol.

  • Worshipper of Cowbelly
    Worshipper of Cowbelly 3 days ago +1

    Got permabanned from Overwatch for toxicity... Deserved it

  • Netherz
    Netherz 3 days ago

    Apex died out already

  • donald deffely
    donald deffely 3 days ago

    Cuz all the cheaters that I fought with made me lose interest in playing matchmaking on any Halo starting with Halo Reach because that's the one game I mainly started with matchmaking

  • SpwanSpeaks
    SpwanSpeaks 3 days ago +1

    I got banned on GTA for," Suspicious Transactions" because i had 2 mil in my bank and had just won the Casino car on my first Wheel Spin, and all they comp'd me with was a $900,000 car even when they took the 2.5 mil car and my 2 mil in my bank.

  • kelly greatrex
    kelly greatrex 4 days ago

    RU-clipr: talks about apex legends and how “good” it is
    Me: I’m unsubscribing disliking and I’m deleting youtube

    • kelly greatrex
      kelly greatrex 2 hours ago

      Yeah we’ll stay out of things that ain’t yo business

    • Orri Rosman
      Orri Rosman 2 days ago

      @kelly greatrex To be honest the only reason I said the second bit was to try to defend apex.

    • kelly greatrex
      kelly greatrex 3 days ago

      Well it’s a joke and I made it for fun

    • Orri Rosman
      Orri Rosman 3 days ago

      Well this was made ages ago, also people can have their opinions

  • Skyrim deA
    Skyrim deA 4 days ago

    Got banned on bo2 for using mods

  • Vertexee
    Vertexee 4 days ago

    The guy at number 7 is named forsaken not Kumawat, unless you’re talking about his real name. Which I don’t know what his real name is.

  • Political Tempist
    Political Tempist 5 days ago

    Actually the supreme court has ruled that if you alllow the public into a private property your private property rights are restricted and constitutional rights come in play so Xbox is actually wrong to do so and now with the social media summit they will make even more regulations for Xbox and facebook google youtube ect... That they cant ban people who have a free speech because they are on a privately owned public space which means according to Marsh V Alabama the first amendment does apply to Disney World, Disney Land, Universal, Xbox Live, PS Plus, ect... They opened to the public they have to follow US Constitutional laws

  • Joshua Snyder
    Joshua Snyder 5 days ago

    Honestly, it's all of the older games that I have a problem with when it comes to cheaters.
    I love BO2, but I can't play on line multiplayer anymore because it's constantly being hacked. My brother and I now have to resort to playing local matches with bots because it's literally impossible to find a legit match on line. It sucks, microsoft doesn't care about their older titles being hacked (we called and complained a few times) and I wish anti-hacking and moding softwares was utilized for all titles. My brother has health problems and so the time I can spend with him is precious, it ruins what little time I'll have with him, you know?

  • Technosaber
    Technosaber 5 days ago +1

    i got banned for saying yes

  • Tactical Nation
    Tactical Nation 5 days ago

    only cheats i ever use in game is spawning cheats or map cheat love making my own maps on just putting them into games on Private lobbies

  • Stormdust Pony
    Stormdust Pony 5 days ago

    I prefer cheating in single player games... And Monopoly

  • HappyHippieGaymer
    HappyHippieGaymer 5 days ago

    Why play a game just to ruin it for others? What is wrong with the mental state of people who are so mentally weak they get entertainment from making other angry?

  • Glitchy Clover74
    Glitchy Clover74 5 days ago


  • Elias Johnson
    Elias Johnson 6 days ago +7

    I got banned from the local Walmart because I kept walking around in there wearing a astronaut suit.

  • XL 40 OUNCE
    XL 40 OUNCE 6 days ago

    Why would someone just ruin a game for someone else?
    GTA5 every fucking raid I join. It’s ruined by someone leaving, it glitching because the game is built like shit or because of other players screwing around...
    But I guess that is just the premise of that game now.

  • Night
    Night 6 days ago

    I want to cheat in fortnite just to get people off it, theres game like csgo and rainbow six siege that teach people how to play pro tournaments and how to take gaming seriously without flossing..

  • Rob Stephens
    Rob Stephens 6 days ago

    Cheats should be boiled in a vat of their own piss

  • jaguar warrior
    jaguar warrior 6 days ago


  • john green
    john green 6 days ago

    some asswipe got me band by passin gold to me like a twat i help him pass gold only he took ss of me with gold and i pass it all back to him when a fking twat gues i didnt diserve the account being as dumb as i was but i got bk in and got him band i never play it again after i was able to report his ass................

  • sibling warriors
    sibling warriors 7 days ago

    Someone took my diamond sword

  • unrepeatable raddish

    sea of thieves at launch was full of pc gamers cheating......invincible cheat etc.....they were selling the cheat stuff on ebay.....not seen any for a while though

  • unrepeatable raddish
    unrepeatable raddish 7 days ago +3

    could be seen as cheating if someone uses a pc with mouse and keyboard.....against someone on console......theyre not better, they just able to do it faster because of the hardware.....aka unfair gameplay advantage

    • ReZisT Lust
      ReZisT Lust 43 minutes ago

      I play with an xbox controller on pc cause I'm a rebel

    • Vertical Disaster
      Vertical Disaster 6 days ago +1

      unrepeatable raddish it's so true i was a victim for that which forced me to buy a pc just to be equal with other players

  • unrepeatable raddish

    you said its fun to cheat in single player games, but not multiplayer......then you have the guy doing the speedrun on A SINGLE PLAYER game.......as right to be banned?? your video is confusing

  • Shawn MacDonald
    Shawn MacDonald 7 days ago

    Sad so many cheat to play a video games. Pathetic if you abuse others too

  • I'm Just a Fox
    I'm Just a Fox 7 days ago

    cute birb

  • Ultimate Gaming Videos

    cheats are for p*****

  • redshirt49
    redshirt49 7 days ago

    Meanwhile GTA Online getting players banned left and right just for being in the same lobby as a cheater, last year or two years ago not sure anymore. Their automated anti-cheat is so horrendous that players regularly got BS bans x) They got so many ban appeals that their secret-not-so-secret in-house rule is to close any support tickets with the word "ban" in them x)

    I don't think it's that bad anymore, but for a while it was out of control and a lot of people got hit with it, initially it wasn't much of a problem, because bans were short and didn't really affect your account until they changed it so that a ban deleted all your progress automatically, so that even if you got your ban lifted (like I did), your progress was still gone and there was nothing they could do about it.

  • SkullInBones
    SkullInBones 7 days ago

    Ok I know I'ma little late be this just reminded me of something that happens when my account was taken over when I got my account back I got notified that I was banned by one of the development crew that was playing in a match for for the youse of volger language Wich is completely aseptible besides the fact that it wasn't me or any of my famlie members because I couldn't get in to my account and I haven't played the game in a year or so, do I was pissed at myself for being stupid and loosing my account for a month and not doing more with steam support to get my account back before hand
    The game was pubg

  • DAVID77893
    DAVID77893 8 days ago

    Rules of gaming
    Offline cheating: ok you do you
    Online cheating: AWWWW HELL NAH!

  • LiFE Yappy
    LiFE Yappy 8 days ago

    Seriously guys don’t cheat lol

  • Beast 667
    Beast 667 8 days ago +2

    In EVE Online scamming is a legitimate profession (although looked down on)

    • Hooked On Chronics
      Hooked On Chronics 2 days ago +1

      Beast 667 thank you, I’ll be sure to rob nine year olds for no reason. Even though I don’t own EVE

  • Ivan Crnac
    Ivan Crnac 8 days ago

    yes, yes and yes

  • soju69jinro
    soju69jinro 8 days ago

    cheating in pubg...
    didnt they ever think about the fact that took other legit people's potential seed into the tourney?

  • Kole 1444
    Kole 1444 8 days ago

    alot of people cheat on the game "Subway Surfers"

    • Labedz
      Labedz 6 days ago

      not an online game...

  • Eric Sample
    Eric Sample 8 days ago

    Blind leading the blind

  • Eric Sample
    Eric Sample 8 days ago

    Of course he going to tell you he is cheating sounds like a job for scooby doo...lol

  • Eric Sample
    Eric Sample 8 days ago

    Magicians call that miss direction...

  • codytyran
    codytyran 8 days ago

    apex is garbo

  • Jim Foxx
    Jim Foxx 8 days ago

    Yeah as far as single player goes I’ll throw in a cheat or (mostly if it’s a gta game and i try to wait until the story is over before using them)

  • † Armitage Soulshroude †

    Awww... "cheating isn't a 'cool' thing to do in a MMO game? I call BULLSHIT. Cheating IS the best way to cheat in any game, why? Because it's a fuckin' game, you 'tards! Cheat any way you can, LEGALLY. It's not going to hurt someone else's scores, no.

  • Freedom Gaming
    Freedom Gaming 9 days ago +2

    I played with a pc player on Xbox and on the game it was cheating.

  • Sethronskillz
    Sethronskillz 9 days ago

    In my prime on cod: mw3, I was briefly ranked in the top 200 and regularly within the top 1000 players in my game mode, I used to get accused of cheating ALL the time, from simple things like winning a gun fight to more tactical things like knowing that dropping to the ground avoided bouncing Betty damage, literally just everything, I even got accused once of cheating because I had a bad match and was ranked so high, like what the fuck are you supposed to do lol

  • Mister Csgo Bhop Fucker

    fun thing is i play hvh (hacker vs haker) in csgo and i got banned its a HVH sever your suposde to hack

  • Romano
    Romano 9 days ago

    I used to cheat in Maple Story and GunZ

  • SteamworksStudios
    SteamworksStudios 9 days ago

    I’m a cod zombies player, and I don’t cheat. However, a lobby with a cheater can be fun for a casual game, so long as the cheater uses cheats for everyone and doesn’t screw anyone over, so if you’re cheating, make sure everyone else benefits from it as well

  • Goldtrash YT
    Goldtrash YT 9 days ago

    I have seen many hackers on csgo and i got banned from gta 5 online because i was lagging so bad that i looked like a hacker like bridges didnt load but i could drive on them yah it was pretty annoying