10 Times Gamers Got BANNED For The Right Reasons

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Getting banned in games can be a controversial thing, but these extreme examples are a bit more justified.
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  • Itz FlameZ
    Itz FlameZ 33 minutes ago

    I got banned for 30 minutes on super smash bros because i kept going afk 😢

  • Waikiki HoundDawg
    Waikiki HoundDawg 53 minutes ago

    This list would be 7.63x better if it replayed the streams with their audio.

  • Benny Brown
    Benny Brown 2 hours ago

    Hey it’s the guy from the Watch Dogs Legion Demo (In the Thumbnail)

  • Toxic Toast
    Toxic Toast 2 hours ago

    Got banned for disliking fornite from one of my friends Minecraft servers

  • Master Sethern
    Master Sethern 5 hours ago

    Ahhh.... Is this the only 10 people in all of the gaming world that got banned? Because, I think I remember thousands of players that have been banned for various reasons, including myself, once for 3 hours.

  • Johny Cash
    Johny Cash 7 hours ago

    1.6 or source or GTA have annoying rule they never let cheaters got banned fast so I screw em with some program assistance and get out before admin come then admin come with 5 people stay 1 day get to see the cheater and ban him but u can't A ways ban players ....

  • Lxxxs Y
    Lxxxs Y 8 hours ago

    cheating in gta v is the best thing to ever do

  • Jwala Seethal Chandra
    Jwala Seethal Chandra 11 hours ago

    Cheaters never prosper. Yes they do in reality. But I really liked the part " not in this list anyway" lol 😂

  • Andrea Hanshaw
    Andrea Hanshaw 14 hours ago

    not all mods are created equal like mods to add content lol but yes cheating mods are bad mkay

  • FrostTrapQueen
    FrostTrapQueen 14 hours ago

    People who cheat in rust can all go step on legos fr

  • hilolman13
    hilolman13 15 hours ago

    Where the fuck my boi Tyler1 at?

  • ilumin8trx Army
    ilumin8trx Army 15 hours ago

    i got banned on my main account for CS because i forgot to turn of a script that was running in the background for another game (Aim Assist for fortnite lmao)

  • Un1k00rn 5577
    Un1k00rn 5577 15 hours ago

    I don’t even know how to hack I play in nintendo

  • SomeHobo1
    SomeHobo1 16 hours ago

    Used to mod WaW zombies on 360. Never got banned. Made quite a few kids’ days. Got bored never modded a game again.

  • Buddy Lawn Tire Iron
    Buddy Lawn Tire Iron 17 hours ago

    I got banned from a few places online. And when I take out my girlfriend, I am going to hang up a few answering machines to get my bans removed. Happy hunting!

  • lamar76 metal
    lamar76 metal 18 hours ago

    I've gotten random messages from ppl on xbl that I was lag switching or hacking or something of the ilk and it's always been funny that they want to 1v1 me and half the time it was on vanilla destiny where that wasnt a thing yet and then the other times we did it and I would own him and he gets even saltier lmao

  • Venge Ance
    Venge Ance 19 hours ago +1

    Kumawat - Imagine my shock, an Indian tried to cheat.
    Who would have thought!? (Apu accent)

  • Something Unoriginal
    Something Unoriginal 21 hour ago

    I don't see modding in a halo weapon as cheating if it's not better than the weapons already in the game

  • Billy Rozinski
    Billy Rozinski 21 hour ago

    Lol I used to cheat in Minecraft 😂

  • dietkster 99
    dietkster 99 22 hours ago

    I was playing rainbow six siege and these 2 kids kept going into every game I was in

  • DevilMaster
    DevilMaster 22 hours ago

    The guy who got banned for including cuss words in his profile reminds me of another idiot who pulled a similar stunt when the Xbox 360 was new. At first, he mad an account with the username "MINKIE THE NINTENTARD" and got banned. Then he made another account, with the username "WIIMOTE UP THE ASS" and got banned again!

  • mihai12243
    mihai12243 23 hours ago +2

    So, let me get this straight. Dafran was NOT in this?

    • Liantis
      Liantis Hour ago

      Why would he? Do you mean the whole Torb thing

  • Luke WS
    Luke WS Day ago

    Freedom Of Speech is nto allowed in XBOX live? Heck Im on Xbox everyday and everygame I play tehres mroe adult's then 10 YEar old's.

  • Theo Stokes
    Theo Stokes Day ago

    I always love the Falco intro. Dat face makes me snigger.

  • Derpy Zombie
    Derpy Zombie Day ago

    dude, i cheat all the time! singleplayer ofcourse and i have seen so many hackers on rainbow six siege and other fps games and its just so stupid how op most of the hacks are nowadays

  • PhilChill
    PhilChill Day ago

    Games are getting filled with cheaters especially CS:GO. Valve needs a real Anti Cheat.


    it called esp aim assisting

  • Reese’s Puff
    Reese’s Puff Day ago

    Why play video multiplayer video games to cheat just play gta story mode to cheat 😂

  • Renouccie 205
    Renouccie 205 Day ago

    Why does the the brain ignore the second the

  • Aaron Cross
    Aaron Cross Day ago

    MS DOES take government subsidies. Xbox is owned by MS. So yes, the 1st Amendment does apply legally. No one has successfully challenged them yet is all it is. Just like Google/RU-clip, Twitter, and all these other censorship heavy platforms they actually ARE beholden to following the Constitution since they ARE taking government money and are publicly traded companies. Thats just a bs excuse they use.

  • oximity
    oximity Day ago

    I have gotten banned about 3 times on rainbow 6 cus people thought i was hacking

  • TJLAL91311
    TJLAL91311 Day ago

    My first time playing csgo there was a hacker

  • koldaussie
    koldaussie Day ago

    Thanks for this list! I had quite a few chuckles I can tell you!

  • ben amv
    ben amv Day ago

    U got banned on r6 for dying with a cooked grenade and teamkilling my teammates

  • Exotic Criminal
    Exotic Criminal Day ago +1

    I got banned in Minecraft for sending too many reports on ExtremeCraft , I've been unbanned , it was only for a month

  • ItzMichaelPhillips
    ItzMichaelPhillips Day ago +1

    Drinking game:
    Take a shot every time gameranx uses a wave effect.

  • Micah Allred
    Micah Allred Day ago

    Apex is shit, mainly because of its creator EA THE STEALER OF MONEY

  • Brady Flockton
    Brady Flockton Day ago

    Got banned to the hacker server in a roblox game I didn’t do shit

  • Someone Who comments

    The opening ad for this was WeMod

  • LemonPie
    LemonPie Day ago

    i mostly a tf2 player but i mostly just see aimboters and other stuff

  • Piano
    Piano Day ago

    Ok RU-clip I get it

  • iKirittoOnline
    iKirittoOnline Day ago

    I hate cheaters really there the worst gamers well I don't even want to call them gamers ...

  • kahcy cousins
    kahcy cousins Day ago

    I do mod myself in GTA but not for money or greifing . I do it so when I go to car meets my car will stay clean and scratch free while helping anyone else who asks.

  • CreatureFiend94
    CreatureFiend94 Day ago

    my boy maximilianmus

  • steven goulding
    steven goulding Day ago

    Can falcon not just do all the commentary please :)

  • Curtis Martin
    Curtis Martin Day ago

    I wanted to cheat, but my girlfriend (at the time) became my ex-girlfriend... I could explain why, but I think this speaks for itself....

  • PekazGaming
    PekazGaming Day ago

    Ive been banned for a day on roblox for making a really bad clickbait ad for my rblx

    Im not proud.

  • Raspy
    Raspy Day ago

    Got banned in fortnite for having a csgo cmd hack running. Spoofed my shit and I can play again tho

  • Chaotic KaT
    Chaotic KaT Day ago

    Cheating in a solo game that you have already finished is fun. However cheating in multiplayer just destroys the fun for everyone else.

  • fr0sti
    fr0sti 2 days ago

    cheating in cs or apex is rly fun tho

  • sNovah Cloud
    sNovah Cloud 2 days ago

    where's shaiiko?

  • Poo P
    Poo P 2 days ago

    Im going to cheat in roblox now

  • sdry
    sdry 2 days ago

    Great thing about these heroic anti-cheat actions there is not cheaters anymore on CS:GO :DDDD "Griefing" these streamer clowns is so much fun. Totally uncalled ban.

  • A Wolf’s Howl
    A Wolf’s Howl 2 days ago +3

    So it’s literally consol (idk how to spell :/) ban?

  • TigrasGamez
    TigrasGamez 2 days ago

    Csgo got boring for me so started cheating and got banned on alot of accounts

  • Yen sing
    Yen sing 2 days ago

    Got banned for cheating on my gf

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat 2 days ago +1

    I stopped doing a lot of PVP. Have a bad round and people promote it as your entire skill set. Do too good regularly, wind up under investigation and get slandered and harassed.
    I'll just do a little for fun here and there but i rather enjoy some co op now instead. It breeds better gaming environments and better people.

  • Kashan Rauf
    Kashan Rauf 2 days ago

    8:03 his chat forgot to spam PogChamp and f

  • Ian Purple
    Ian Purple 2 days ago

    Cheated for money in GTA V, banned twice out of about 10 times, each ban for a month. Didn't ruin the other players' experience tho, just improving my own. Didn't use the things I bought in competitive mode whatsoever. Didn't even PvP that much in a free roam

  • Tactical_Un1corn
    Tactical_Un1corn 2 days ago

    someone used aimbot in BOIV

    ARZAK 2 days ago

    holy over explanation batman
    "there are only a few reasons you would have an aim assist program open during a tournament, and all of them are cheating, theres's not one of them that isnt... cheating. the number one reason you would do that, for instance, is to assist you aiming, which is particularly uncool in a tournament, where you're trying to find out who plays the game the best."
    Holy fuck

  • Brutal Beat
    Brutal Beat 2 days ago

    Most of the hackers are chines . Because they are noobs

  • kai weir
    kai weir 2 days ago

    I got banned from servers on minecraft for using Wurst...


  • Vince Crisostomo
    Vince Crisostomo 2 days ago

    i wanna use n aimbot just for an expierience but i never actually use 1

  • This Is Merica
    This Is Merica 2 days ago

    My friend came over to my house and downloaded tf2 mods onto my PC. The next day I loaded up tf2 and was vac banned. Havent played tf2 in like 3 years now because of that dick head.

  • SanitaryHail50
    SanitaryHail50 2 days ago

    Cheaters in team fortress and counter strike man, why the valve games?

  • S.c. Mcgowen
    S.c. Mcgowen 2 days ago

    cheat in my SP games : IDC go on, do whatever floats ur boat
    cheat in my MP games : BAN BAN BAN

  • OroboroTheNinjas
    OroboroTheNinjas 2 days ago

    may have cheated in solo player games on different account to be safe but never tried multiplayer and this is many reason why i don't. after seeing this i'm just glad i ain't on that list.

  • Falwen Valendur
    Falwen Valendur 2 days ago

    Banning someone from a game they pay for is illegal. It's a nuisance to get rolled on by cheaters, but technology today can restrict you from entering a match or game until cheating programs are not running. It's not that hard, but it's especially douchy to ban people from a game they spent money on and now have the rights to do whatever they like with it. It is their property they can do anything they want with it aside from altering it and remarketing it as their own project.

  • justin hillman
    justin hillman 2 days ago

    yea in battlefield V

  • Stormray Purple rose

    Apex reminds me a bit of Halo

  • Andreas Strauss
    Andreas Strauss 2 days ago

    Got banned for cheating in gta all my friends did that too but i was the only one who got caught because i was stupid and cheated on a update day when rockstar was looking for cheaters

  • Elijah Delgado
    Elijah Delgado 2 days ago

    when I was in school, there was a lock down announcement and then cops were checking the rooms with weapons drawn and there were swat ,bomb squad waiting and the call was from Chicago

  • Star Lightscythe
    Star Lightscythe 3 days ago

    yea really thought about cheating in csgo. cause of dat new Trustfactor bullshittery. 9/10 games are matching with cheaters literally. so fortunately i got over it and went into faceit. which is really great. but still sometimes when i play da freaking mm it's pain in the butt.

  • SuperHyper DarkLink
    SuperHyper DarkLink 3 days ago

    I encountered a hacker in a roblox game called wild revolvers, appearantly moving the cursor to him to shoot doesn’t work, I tried shooting a wall and it did but for some reason the dude couldn’t get shot because it Didn’t let me, probably a hack or bug idk

  • Reapers
    Reapers 3 days ago +1

    I DO NOT CHEAT IN VIDEO GAMES! That being said i am 34 year old gamer who has been gaming all of his life. I fell in love with coding because of it. Self taught of course. Video games are being more noticed as a sport then ever these days. The amount of skill it takes to play videos games specially in this generation of gaming is becoming more and more prevalent. Esports should be part of the Olympics OR the Olympic organization needs to finally recognize this and start an E-Olympics once every 4 years. but i think the pain problem is that games like League of legends would fit more Family oriented game play, where games like StarCraft and counter strike do not. and this is where i think the issue stands. Personally I would love to see a SC2 LOL CSGO and a blade and soul like or Dark souls PVP like event.

    Oh i would also like to say. There is also a sence of Honor in video games. that ALOT of gamers in the community have forgot about. I remember a time when before you would duel someone, you looked at them and bowed to them out of respect for a fair fight 1v1. those times need to come back.

    • Aaron Cross
      Aaron Cross Day ago

      Nerd.🤣🤣🤣 You need slapped for even saying video gaming should be considered a sport. It's not and it never will be. It's the only way lazy people can feel good about being lazy slobs though.

  • Krumple Themal
    Krumple Themal 3 days ago +9

    Cheaters have no skillz, the ONLY person with the skill, is the person who wrote the hack.

    • Aero 神
      Aero 神 13 hours ago +1

      I honestly don't care if you cheat in an online game in an extent where you're not affecting other people. Take adding money to your GTA Online account with a mod menu for instance, you can argue that the game will be boring since you'll be able to buy anything from day 1 and have nothing to play for anymore but you're virtually not screwing anyone else.

    • Kea Cluster
      Kea Cluster Day ago

      Cheating in single player is even supported by some devs which I find it cool.
      I personally think that if it's your own gameplay you're modifying it's all good. Just don't mess with other players'.

    • BroodRiven
      BroodRiven Day ago

      Used to cheat in csgo casual but after a day i just felt like shit and beat myself up i only cheat with bots now

    • Kea Cluster
      Kea Cluster Day ago

      Wisdom to live by

  • DaFlooferNutter
    DaFlooferNutter 3 days ago

    I caught a hacker in mincraft on a online sever. he was flying and teaming with another player on skywars

  • bad cop
    bad cop 3 days ago

    I got communication banned for telling someone “I hope a crackhead sucks your toes”

  • jmbrady1
    jmbrady1 3 days ago +1

    honestly, if people can't handle mean words, they should be put in solitary

  • Jackson Michale
    Jackson Michale 3 days ago

    For being to good at cod kid says I was hacking banned for a week

  • doug harvey
    doug harvey 3 days ago

    trick2g still going strong lol. don't know why it was low on the list, should've been on the beginning on the video. nobody got hurt or would've got hurt, he wasn't trying to cheat, he is an entertainer. i don't agree him normalizing swatting but i think his version of breaking the rules were probably the safest and most entertaining

  • Wilco Hillebrand
    Wilco Hillebrand 3 days ago

    It goes against my nature to cheat in a game.. No point, unless you already finished it and just messing.

    if you cheat in a MMO, you're not just dumb, but an asshole as well

  • Zak Kaufman
    Zak Kaufman 3 days ago

    Not me, but my nephew was banned because he was on a team with a modder
    I'm thinking he was just booted and he couldn't get back in

  • Gabz87
    Gabz87 3 days ago

    If I ever meet Falcon in person I'll be very unimpressed if it turns out he is not actually a drawing of a falcon on a cardboard with a charming voice coming out from thin air.

  • Stinky Tactics
    Stinky Tactics 3 days ago +2

    The video is mostly enjoyable, though I wish you would use more of the footage from the examples in question. It hit me when you did the "Clara" one, that you decided to transcript for some reason, instead of showing the clip. I find this interesting considering most videos of this ilk (10 Times ___ Happened) are usually meant for people that want to see what happened, rather than be merely told what happened.

  • Jaketin
    Jaketin 3 days ago

    7:28 went by the name of trick2g??? he still goes by that name and is likely not gonna change it for quite some time

  • WolfeBane84
    WolfeBane84 3 days ago +4

    9:01 if they're going around telling people they are scamming and someone STILL gets scammed after the warning....well....that's on that person.

  • Slicer Plays
    Slicer Plays 3 days ago

    Only cheat on non multiplayer games

  • roBPert
    roBPert 3 days ago +1

    Modding Is ok In multiplayer lmao

    • Sevicify
      Sevicify 2 days ago

      That really depends on what the mod does and the game in question, generally only things that don't give the player an unfair advantage or aren't detrimental to other players or the game itself would be considered acceptable. Even then many games just blanket disallow any modifications to the game in their rules regardless of intent and while some may tolerate/accept the usage of certain modifications players use them at their own risk.

  • SufferingRex
    SufferingRex 3 days ago

    Ok, fine. I gave myself money and RP in GTA Online.

  • A m
    A m 3 days ago

    I cheat am working to learn game reversal so i can start making my own cheats 👍 in my mind if someone works, not buys off some site, but works to create a cheat and beats me with it, its ok they put all the effort in they deserve to win

  • Slap of Reality
    Slap of Reality 3 days ago +1

    In Dark Souls 3 I constantly deal with this one hacker that goes by the name of Jon and it is always fun to beat him with the in game mechanics that he “forgets” to make himself invincible to

  • Duncan Palmer
    Duncan Palmer 3 days ago +5

    Black ops 2
    Thats all that needs said
    Just Black ops2

  • Rich Malishefski
    Rich Malishefski 3 days ago

    Modded lobbies in mw2 were fun as hell, idgaf if they're cheat or not

    • Sevicify
      Sevicify 2 days ago

      Except when you came across a dickhead that either unlocked everything on your account, thereby removing any fun a person may have in unlocking them themselves through normal play, or even worse reset you back to nothing. I played on PS3 and the game was great fun until these lobbies started showing up there and were a large role in why I stopped playing, despite my efforts to avoid/leave modded lobbies my account was quickly unlocked which annoyed the fuck out of me though I could live with it until it eventually got reset as the lobbies became more prevalent which really pissed me off pretty much killing any motivation to continue playing.

  • aediway
    aediway 3 days ago +2

    I got banned from multiple server back on MechWarrior 4 for using a build with weapons that were not restricted, in other words usable. Just happen to find a build for a Vulture/Mad Dog, that can hold 10 tons of HE, move 100 kph, and be undetectable to radar. *shrug* People apparently don't like being blown up by people running up to them and self-destructing. Oh well...fun times.

  • Eldibs
    Eldibs 3 days ago

    I saw a guy aimbotting in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 one time. I waited for him to reload, knifed him while he was reloading, mocked him in the chat, and then logged off so he couldn't get revenge.

    • roBPert
      roBPert 3 days ago

      Must have felt good!

  • ultament 2
    ultament 2 3 days ago

    so i got ban once on a newish type game whith a bad ban sistem so i won and one NOOB (probaly a 6 year old) he said "YOU ARE CHETING YOU ARE USEING AIM BOT AND umm INTA WIN " and i got ban but only for a day

  • Alpacagaming1248
    Alpacagaming1248 3 days ago

    I played against a hilarious hacker in a crappy .io game.
    It was funny because everyone else left the match, and then I got some friends to team up with me against the hacker. We destroyed him for a few minutes and then he got more hacks. They were the kind of hacks that are so obvious that it was almost comedic.

  • lincoln Fajardo
    lincoln Fajardo 3 days ago

    I play roblox wich is multiplayer and have encountered many cheaters and one of them even took control of my sister's player to say non age appropriate stuff.