Sudan’s Dictator Resigns & Kim Kardashian Plans to Become a Lawyer | The Daily Show

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Women-led protests culminate in a coup against Sudan President Omar al-Bashir, Lori Loughlin makes a losing gamble and Kim Kardashian wants to be a lawyer now.
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Comments • 971

  • حموده
    حموده 4 days ago

    Women did not "drive" the Sudanese revolution . Stop pushing this feminist bullshit

  • B Sly
    B Sly 5 days ago

    40 years?!?!?! Politicians, Bankers, and Hollywood producers have done FAR WORST and yet.........nothing. gtfo

  • Popstyle b
    Popstyle b 7 days ago

    Sentence life in jail

  • Developer Decoder
    Developer Decoder 12 days ago

    Thousands of people with guns?
    our revolution is pacefull and we dont have guns in sudan like in usa
    Travor needs to spend more time preparing his show

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 12 days ago

    That’s a staycation

  • Afri Eric
    Afri Eric 12 days ago

    From Sudan greetings
    Revolution still going on cus military leaders who got supported by KSA and UAE and Egypt refuses to give the power to civilian leaders

  • Ranjith Reddy
    Ranjith Reddy 17 days ago

    I like how you say Sudan's DickTator

  • eRi_ F
    eRi_ F 17 days ago

    Next dictator of Eritrea.

  • Abdulqadir Al-Emad
    Abdulqadir Al-Emad 18 days ago

    What next my friend? I'm completely against dictatorship but what next? Look at Yemen. How does the West help it move ahead after its dictator was ousted?

  • ChristophProbst
    ChristophProbst 18 days ago

    The requirement of 18 hours a week is the minimum. Kim Kardashian is likely studying more than that in order to learn everything she has to know for the baby bar.

  • Vince Wei
    Vince Wei 18 days ago

    18hr a week seems too few, well we'll see if she passes her baby bar

  • JackedMumin
    JackedMumin 19 days ago

    She studying under 2 lawyers!

  • Tosinger Actress & Singer

    We need a revolution .. more African dictators need to be kicked out

  • Sol Encarnacion
    Sol Encarnacion 22 days ago +1

    Amazing women from Sudan 🇸🇩 “Kandaka” Beautiful ... Women with power 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    Lol then he talks about Kim ... Why

  • B Marti
    B Marti 23 days ago

    tbh if Kim can pass the bar it doesn't matter how she got there, I would be impressed.

  • Angel Snowflakes
    Angel Snowflakes 24 days ago

    01:44 aww, you are so cute Trevor 😍

  • Zenobia Russell
    Zenobia Russell 24 days ago

    White privilege...

  • It's Gabie
    It's Gabie 24 days ago

    4:45 ahahahaha brilliant

  • Kory Gurman
    Kory Gurman 25 days ago

    I mean... her dad helped got OJ acquitted. Idk if I’d refuse to have Kim K as my lawyer if I needed one.

  • Pajyama Jyam
    Pajyama Jyam 25 days ago

    I’d love to hire a lawyer who photoshopped the brown skin and baby-fat off of their 6 year old daughter. 🙃

  • Han-Nha T
    Han-Nha T 25 days ago

    Headlines these days are wild

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez 26 days ago

    Wasn't the woman she got out of prison her Grandma, and it was by asking her husband's buddy, trump to pardon her?

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez 26 days ago

    Universe: Uh I can't give you Trump, but I can five you Aunt Becky and a desperate housewife? 🤷‍♀️

  • KingArtoriusTV
    KingArtoriusTV 26 days ago +1

    Loved how all the women cheered when he said "women dictator" Lmao #DoubleStandard

  • Sudan SpotLight
    Sudan SpotLight 26 days ago

    Can you, please, allow us to publish the part of this video about Sudan on our channel with an Arabic subtitle for the sudanese people to watch??
    Here is the link to the video from our channel, which is blocked worldwide because of copyright.

  • Sudan SpotLight
    Sudan SpotLight 26 days ago

    Can you, please, allow us to publish the part of this video about Sudan on our channel with an Arabic subtitle for the sudanese people to watch??
    Here is the link to the video from our channel, which is blocked worldwide because of copyright.

  • Sudan SpotLight
    Sudan SpotLight 26 days ago

    Can you, please, allow us to publish the part of this video about Sudan on our channel with an Arabic subtitle for the sudanese people to watch??
    Here is the link to the video from our channel, which is blocked worldwide because of copyright.

  • Sudan SpotLight
    Sudan SpotLight 26 days ago

    Can you, please, allow us to publish the part of this video about Sudan on our channel with an Arabic subtitle for the sudanese people to watch??
    Here is the link to the video from our channel, which is blocked worldwide because of copyright.

  • Sudan SpotLight
    Sudan SpotLight 26 days ago

    Can you, please, allow us to publish the part of this video about Sudan on our channel with an Arabic subtitle for the sudanese people to watch??
    Here is the link to the video from our channel, which is blocked worldwide because of copyright.

  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'
    Rachel 'RTNightmare' 26 days ago

    Kim will be a stupid lawyer. I’m calling it now. 😑

  • Yasmin Stadler
    Yasmin Stadler 26 days ago

    Toto, thats my first though

  • Ashmit Kolli
    Ashmit Kolli 27 days ago

    That kanye burn tho!

  • natnael. Eri
    natnael. Eri 27 days ago +1

    Congratulations Sudan people! I hope Eritrean dictator Isaias I'll be Next.

  • Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln 27 days ago

    I taught that you didn’t need to attend school to take the bar exam???

  • RieDinBeck
    RieDinBeck 27 days ago +2

    I’m from sudan and trying to do youtube, thanks Trevor for bringing more attention about the protests in Sudan

  • MrSlanderer
    MrSlanderer 27 days ago

    To all those people who commented that Sudan will end up in Shariah Law: Omar al-Bashir is an islamist, and had implemented many facets of Shariah during his reign.
    Also, the protests were largely led by women, who are not really known for liking Shariah. So... busted argument.
    I’m proud of the Sudanese, and I hope the military continues to listen to the people’s demands. They are making good headway.

    • nie mah
      nie mah 8 days ago

      I didn't protested against Shariah law,I protested against al-Bashir.
      It's not about Shariah law because he wasn't applying it anyway.

  • Mo
    Mo 27 days ago

    He is President Trump's friend.

  • Ahmed Emad
    Ahmed Emad 28 days ago

    تسقط بس

  • Abbas Hamada
    Abbas Hamada 28 days ago

    I have sent you a request to say something about what has been going on since September 2018, but it didn't get any attention😢😢😭😭

  • zol chadi
    zol chadi 28 days ago

    If you saw Sudanese revolution its unbelievable they are great peoples even in Europe can not make this history please go to learn from them 👍😍

  • Twadoa Omer
    Twadoa Omer 28 days ago

    Dear TREVOR We did not go to him with guns it was a completely peaceful revelation we did not even come across his house we forced him to step down or I would say kick him out with our voices and only voices and his special army met us with live ammunition and guns tens of people died and hundreds got injured and arrested 5 month of struggling in the streets and we finally made it, you have to correct that because what we did is something great considering "Africa".

  • KonsciousKoonKiller 22
    KonsciousKoonKiller 22 28 days ago +1

    Black history being made right now

  • تبتيي خلب
    تبتيي خلب Month ago

    Thx Noah♥️♥️

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Month ago

    Bouteflika looks like if Hitler were a zombie...

  • Jesse808
    Jesse808 Month ago

    40 years. seems a bit like over kill.

  • Andrea G
    Andrea G Month ago

    “I want a college degree without going to college” don’t we all

  • Khouloud Kiki
    Khouloud Kiki Month ago +1

    From Algeria 🇩🇿 💜

  • MohamedX
    MohamedX Month ago +1

    من القيادة لـ ترڤر 🇸🇩✌🏼

  • ro na
    ro na Month ago

    So happy for my people in sudan

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe Month ago

    4:31 Still does not mean you will be a great lawyer though!🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe Month ago

    4:04 Oh Kim Kardashian wants to be a lawyer aww 🥰 that’s so cute! I do not have faith in her though she doesn’t seem like she would take it seriously because her life is all about the spotlight and being a lawyer means that she will be in the spotlight on rare occasions or not as often it will be a hard adjustment for her.

  • Kilian H.
    Kilian H. Month ago +1

    Ok for real now the daily show has to have a new writer or something! These jokes are just filled with SJW agendas and other bullshit
    For the last coulple of days it realy stuck out
    Idk what it is but i hope they change it back

  • John WhiteLion
    John WhiteLion Month ago

    A lawyer with a (fucking good) resume

  • Kered Rellit
    Kered Rellit Month ago

    Shame on you Comedy Central for what you and Jim Jefferys did to Avi Yemini. You are a bunch of cowardly liars.

  • mr_ahmed1997
    mr_ahmed1997 Month ago +2

    Yooo finally my country it’s in the daily show
    We made it xd

  • amro monim
    amro monim Month ago

    I am from Sudan and I just want to say that Omar al Bashir is actually ranked the n1 dictator in the world even back then in time of qadafee and other dictators he literally killed millions of Sudanese people and mass killing of entire villages of people being gunned down and burned,but this isn't big news as it should be you know why?because nobody cares about Sudan if I asked and everybody answers honestly I would say almost 0% would know Sudan,but this is a change of a history that will help Sudan become amazing,because if you didn't know Sudan has the best farmable land in the world but Sudanese weren't able to use it because of that dictator.

  • Abdulaziz Abubaker
    Abdulaziz Abubaker Month ago

    اذا في سوداني هنا اضغط لايك👍

  • Hudaef Cares?
    Hudaef Cares? Month ago

    Props to Kim tho. Lotta ppl talking the talk but she's walking the walk. That's how the phrase goes right? XD She wants to help ppl, let her.

  • Rodrigo Torres
    Rodrigo Torres Month ago

    they government is trying to use a law that helps people from getting defraud by mail or wire to send this parents to jail. I'm sure no one got money or property stolen from their actions, if anything they are the ones who lost money. goes to show you when the government abuses power.

  • Mohammed Taha
    Mohammed Taha Month ago

    I’m sorry to correct you trevor but the Sudani people used no guns and that what mad this movement work.

    IBRAHIM AHMED Month ago

    It all started from South of Africa and moved up north

  • Samir Elhassan
    Samir Elhassan Month ago

    Congratulations for us to kick our f** persistent ☺❤

  • Mahmoud Ibrahim
    Mahmoud Ibrahim Month ago

    سقطت 🌹

  • My name is Mud
    My name is Mud Month ago

    A Sudan dictator resigns, but nobody claps for that... what, it's not America, so it's not that interesting? I hope it's just a thought :c

  • Wadani NWM
    Wadani NWM Month ago

    you fuck just collect that money you get from the show Albashir was more better than more criminal presidents of South Africa

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B Month ago

    note to self, if I need a lawyer in California, ask where they went to law school.

  • La Rocha de Texas
    La Rocha de Texas Month ago +1


  • Kurt Simon
    Kurt Simon Month ago

    Damn If we all had enough money we could pay to have people rigorously train us to be anything.

  • Carol Lee Pirro
    Carol Lee Pirro Month ago

    Woman power

  • Eisdax
    Eisdax Month ago

    Bluffing? Talking about entitlement.

  • Ronald Harback
    Ronald Harback Month ago

    And another of tRumpfs fellow dictators goes down.

  • dimitri
    dimitri Month ago

    She is just looking to have a excuse to "assist" a lawyer she knows.

  • Layla MSO
    Layla MSO Month ago

    This palace is not Omer Albashir house, it is his office. His House is southern to the military HQ which is very near to the citizens sit-in area.

  • mohammed mubark
    mohammed mubark Month ago

    It .. wasn't led by women ... it was led by the sweat , tears and blood of the people of the country .. women , men , children and senior citizens ...

  • The Kaiser
    The Kaiser Month ago

    Ah! Africa News. Nice!

  • Aidan Benson
    Aidan Benson Month ago

    Trevor is my favorite person on late night TV.

  • Tallowyck62
    Tallowyck62 Month ago

    Kardashian on Law & Order.....BADONKA-DONK!

  • hailab bereket
    hailab bereket Month ago

    Thanks trever 😍

  • genesssisss
    genesssisss Month ago

    Kim Kardashian studying 18 hours a day? Hahahahhahahaha yeah right

  • deathsyth8888
    deathsyth8888 Month ago

    "You can't fire me! I quit!"

  • 17 76
    17 76 Month ago

    This never turns out well. Removed Saddam, al Qaeda took over. Remove this guy.....

  • girlgreenivy
    girlgreenivy Month ago

    Has someone agreed to take her on as an apprentice

  • girlgreenivy
    girlgreenivy Month ago

    Which lawyer let her think it was a bluff?

  • Gobe Long
    Gobe Long Month ago

    Congo is next

  • Karen Hayoun
    Karen Hayoun Month ago

    So bribing colleges gets you more prison time than raping... wow.

  • Luebla Blacknell
    Luebla Blacknell Month ago

    I just hope kim k.- doesn't think she can be in court w/her "gfs" hanging out of her bra.( I guess she figure if trump can be prez-anything is possible) Or taking selfies- of her @$$- to show to the jury! Hopefully she is serious- & can multi-task( being a mother & lawyer)-NOT........

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini Month ago

    It’ll be interesting to see what will happen in Sudan. Military coups don’t usually install a better leadership.
    40 years in prison for college admission fraud? I think serious consequences are in order, but shit... 40 years? Paul Manafort is basically a traitor to the USA, doing shit that literally affects all of our society, and he got less than 4 years.

  • Omar Smail
    Omar Smail Month ago

    Algeria's fight didn't end just yet ! W're So close to bring back Our freedom and take matters into our control !! Long live the people ! We are the only power of our nation and dictators are learning that the hard way

  • Knallbart
    Knallbart Month ago

    40 years to scam someone into a uni.... 3-4 years for raping someone. Justice..?

  • Persiansweetcat1
    Persiansweetcat1 Month ago

    how does Kim think one becomes a lawyer? HAHAHAH by buying the Bar-exam? If there wasn't the long college process I'd be an attorney LOL

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA Month ago

    Kim Kardashian West talents
    1. Branding & Marketing
    1. Research & Law
    Dont say she doesnt have any and isnt this what you wanted as destructive voryeurs of her life?

  • yousif Alzain
    yousif Alzain Month ago +1

    I am searching for kandakat🙂
    Is there any kandaka here🤔

    You know what they cheated on us 😪 they said for us after besha fall dawn they will let us to marry kandakat 💚
    But it fall dawn two time and nothing happened 😢

  • Hillel Rudy
    Hillel Rudy Month ago

    I fucking lost it at " Kim! I just discovered a new energy in my MIND"

  • Shawn Cezanne
    Shawn Cezanne Month ago

    The Sudan jokes were lost on this typical self-absorbed American audience.

  • Holly Maltby
    Holly Maltby Month ago

    When Trevor speaks with his African Accent😍😍

  • killeing
    killeing Month ago

    Take a page from the ruthless dictator, America!

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  • Rosabelle Oben
    Rosabelle Oben Month ago

    I pray this will be Cameroon's president one day.

  • john D
    john D Month ago

    did u make this show in europe or africa?
    i was like "how would Americans are 'smart' enough to know any country called sudan?
    i mean 95% of americans think africa is one country and from the rest 5% ; 99% are naturalizad Americans.

  • Handsome Man
    Handsome Man Month ago

    The joke about law enforcement wasn't fucking cool at all....maybe that was the black side of him speaking!