Solving The IMPOSSIBLE PACHINKO Puzzle!! Level 10

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
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    Today I'm going to attempt to solve the Extremely Difficult level 10 Puzzle by Wil Strijbos known as the Pachinko Box!
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    Chris Ramsay
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    St-Sauveur, PQ
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  3 months ago +1355

    Had to Reupload.... Sorry! Thanks to those who watched both!! :)

    • S. Delaurier
      S. Delaurier 5 days ago


    • Mario Gjolena
      Mario Gjolena 11 days ago

      When you said
      ....I am gonna Google....
      you triggered my Google Assistant

    • Aelfort
      Aelfort 20 days ago

      saltyy fruit llp

    • Aelfort
      Aelfort 20 days ago

      Pachuck01 Dial

  • Peter Willison
    Peter Willison Hour ago

    "Great Scott it works!!"

  • Amberlicious
    Amberlicious 12 hours ago

    It is Wednesday my dudes

  • Lars Murphy
    Lars Murphy Day ago

    Look at the coin

  • Jesse
    Jesse Day ago

    Fun story about pachinko. Gambling is illegal in Japan so you trade the balls in for toys then go around the corner and sell the toys for money.

  • Walton Huggins
    Walton Huggins 2 days ago

    I’m worried he is going to knock his coffee over and spill it lol... why in the hell is that bothering me? Lol

  • The gacha studio channel

    🅿🅾🅾🅿that puzzle is

  • MerryMustu
    MerryMustu 4 days ago

    Anyone worried about that coffee cup spilling?

  • Dian Zee Wiejaya
    Dian Zee Wiejaya 4 days ago

    waowww AMAZING 😍😍👍👍

  • zul azmi
    zul azmi 4 days ago +1

    Have you check your heart rate when solving the puzzle using the apple watch?🤣🤣

  • kaleb hopper
    kaleb hopper 4 days ago

    I'm glad I'm the only office worker at night for I just screemed dor like 30 minutes into my phone "use the damn coin!!! There is another slit in the box that's coin snapped for a reason!!!!"

  • S. Delaurier
    S. Delaurier 5 days ago


  • Kay12ization
    Kay12ization 5 days ago

    Great Honey ad, just joined!

  • Shreyas Deshmukh
    Shreyas Deshmukh 6 days ago

    What if the 3 means there are 3 coins ?

  • Ted K
    Ted K 7 days ago +2

    Anyone else cringing at how close the coffee is to being knocked over?... Just me? Ok

  • The Violet Imagination
    The Violet Imagination 7 days ago +2

    Imagine you were shifting things around and you didn't notice that pin fall out onto the floor. Would never get solved.

  • Rocky jet Daguyen
    Rocky jet Daguyen 7 days ago +1

    Im litteraly banging my fone shouting do the pachinko ball launch! Jesus christ!

  • Pulse Fel
    Pulse Fel 7 days ago

    you saved 40 bucks on shoes? did you pay 10 bucks? cause if that wasnt near your price that tells me you put too much money on your feet

  • a ghost
    a ghost 7 days ago

    Im curious whats inside

  • Ashley Cook
    Ashley Cook 7 days ago +1

    Chris: How do I solve this...? Hmmm
    *spends the next 20 or so minutes shaking and smacking it* 😂

  • T BAG SWAG 69
    T BAG SWAG 69 7 days ago

    Omg it's beautiful 😍

  • Safety Wizard
    Safety Wizard 7 days ago

    the whole time i was yelling put the coin in the coin slot! haha

  • Faith Pickles
    Faith Pickles 8 days ago

    Everytime you get somewhere you go *woauh*

  • Deedoozy
    Deedoozy 8 days ago

    Repeatedly saying PUT THE COIN IN when asking what to do 😂

  • b!tca lasagna
    b!tca lasagna 8 days ago

    Everything is grey his safe his hands and jeans- new song from hasley

  • EvilGamer
    EvilGamer 9 days ago

    Wait a minute! Do you live in québec?! (I say that because of the address to send you "Stuff that I think is mostly puzzle" )

  • Adam
    Adam 10 days ago

    It is spelled "Pikachu". You"re welcome.

  • Brad Forrest
    Brad Forrest 10 days ago

    I would push the ball in the hole where the coin was

  • Игорь Каратай

    Хватило одной детали произведенной в России, что бы потом руки были как после ремонта девятки)

  • Mike Arden
    Mike Arden 10 days ago

    Here's a fun add on to these awesome Ramsay puzzle vids... drink everytime he says "boom" , 2 drinks when he says "let's go "

  • Logan Brinker
    Logan Brinker 11 days ago

    great video mate

  • yummysouras rex
    yummysouras rex 11 days ago

    He missed the opportunity to say "It is Wednesday my dudes"

  • Jennifer Milam
    Jennifer Milam 13 days ago +1

    “The solution is not included”makes me feel like you need something else to solve.

  • Jet Black
    Jet Black 14 days ago

    17:27 The same thing I try to do every time Chris. Try to take over the world

  • epebh gaming
    epebh gaming 14 days ago

    bad solusion..this simple i think 🤣🤣

  • Bonk
    Bonk 14 days ago +5

    "Instructions: Do not bang, shake or spin" Followed by 2 hrs of Bang, rattle rattle rattle, BANG, SMASH, RATTLE, SLAM! "Oh this is the coolest puzzle I've ever solved. I'm a genius."

  • Jon Henry Wave
    Jon Henry Wave 15 days ago +1

    "OMG I'm a Geniuzz!" Lol

  • garbage
    garbage 16 days ago

    Is it just me or did make a thwamp noise

  • jon dougherty
    jon dougherty 20 days ago

    I found the answer and way to solve it on Google tbh

  • bsmb091011 B
    bsmb091011 B 20 days ago

    Wouldn't honey make my phone sticky? Or am I confusing it with xnxx?

  • Surf Supash
    Surf Supash 21 day ago +1

    I feel like you’re an XQC fan

  • AnotherYasuo Main
    AnotherYasuo Main 21 day ago

    Bust it open i wanna see inside

  • Esmeralda Gomez
    Esmeralda Gomez 22 days ago

    On 17:42 I would try to unscrew the thing that shoots the ball or try to put the quarter in another way

  • War2827Eagle
    War2827Eagle 23 days ago

    Use the coin!!!!

  • War2827Eagle
    War2827Eagle 23 days ago +2

    Has spinning them ever worked? 😂😂😂

  • Sister Queen
    Sister Queen 24 days ago +1

    Honey just sponsors RU-clip like spilling glitter..

  • TheNolinator 32
    TheNolinator 32 24 days ago

    Thanks for making these videos every time you make a video about puzzles I always want to try that puzzle or another puzzle you have tried and do it

  • DaVeganZombie
    DaVeganZombie 26 days ago

    Puzzles that rely on "blind" luck dont really feel like 'puzzles' to me... that just seems cheap...
    It would be like blindfolding a person and telling them to go in to a forest to find a marble somewhere. Sure, you can eventually find it, and if I hid it in the same spot you would find it again sooner, possibly. But the fact is you could accidentally find it, and learn nothing. The initial experience is based on chance, not tactile skill.

  • DarkVenom469
    DarkVenom469 27 days ago

    I would of got a screwdriver and thrown it at a wall

  • Juan Brand
    Juan Brand 27 days ago

    How about using one of those "micro snake" cameras to try and get an inside view of some of these puzzles you play?

  • Sarah james
    Sarah james 28 days ago

    i like watching these before bed .... like asmr the sort of clicking tapping sounds r nice lol i do enjoy rematching them in the morning tho wide awake ahahahah

  • Snazzy_Lynn 03
    Snazzy_Lynn 03 28 days ago

    He said what would you do, I said put the coin in the slot thingy


    haha, it is a funny video. Did u notice there were 2 rubbles coin which is Russian currency, not Euro ;))

  • Will Herrington
    Will Herrington 28 days ago +1

    When he asked what we would do, I told my self that I would just melt the box down

  • SexxxyStarGirl
    SexxxyStarGirl 29 days ago

    Stop banging and spinning 😕 U not supposed to

  • Peyton Cooley
    Peyton Cooley 29 days ago

    Where do you get these puzzles

  • uvekolarz
    uvekolarz 29 days ago +4

    I kind of hoped that the "solution not included" card will somehow be a solution

  • Kristins Adventure time
    Kristins Adventure time 29 days ago +2

    24:06 I’m pretty sure it’s just his pant fabric caught in a unusual angle, but....yeah that’s all I can see now.. 👀🍌 i can’t even remember if he kept talking after that point 🤣

  • Olivia Elizabeth
    Olivia Elizabeth Month ago +2

    2:50 skipped the long intro, your welcome:)))

  • Ender Ben
    Ender Ben Month ago

    you got a regular Russian 2 ruble coin, and some random lotus one.

  • zasha medina
    zasha medina Month ago

    I was so excited seeing you get that 1st coin

  • mr VV
    mr VV Month ago

    в самом начале увидел старые новые два рубля)))

  • Sheyenne LaPoint
    Sheyenne LaPoint Month ago

    17:30 HAMMER TIME!!! 😈🔨🔨

  • Christopher Felix
    Christopher Felix Month ago

    Have you ever thought of making a 360* video when solving a puzzle? maybe it will be more interesting to watch. :)

  • Jacob Diller
    Jacob Diller Month ago

    your camera angles could be so much better. its a real shame, actually..

  • Wysp
    Wysp Month ago

    second coin is a chinese 10 cent coin i think

  • Starscream
    Starscream Month ago

    So that's what Anakin meant when he said "I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!" in Episode 1

  • Generro Giuliano
    Generro Giuliano Month ago

    Box drops coin.
    Box has coin slot
    Proceeds not to put coin in coin slot...

  • kevin bacon
    kevin bacon Month ago

    Lmao it’s like free money. That made no sense.

  • Carrol Anne Thompson

    Lol! 'think it went through a hole somewhere ...?' picks up device - thar it tis ..LOL! Thanks for the smiles and laughter!

  • R1ku Exposures
    R1ku Exposures Month ago +1

    "What would you do? Right here?"
    Throw it to the wall propably.

  • Kyan caPluse
    Kyan caPluse Month ago +1

    I did not expect to see 2 Russian rubles here.
    Yep I am from Russia ))

  • Brendan Way
    Brendan Way Month ago


  • abrar0063
    abrar0063 Month ago

    The impossible was solved this man should cure cancer!

  • Korewu Ash
    Korewu Ash Month ago

    NICE BIG FOOD!, like me :D

  • Korewu Ash
    Korewu Ash Month ago

    Co je přesně na tomhle puzzle? Když musíte jako šílenec navést tu kuličku prostorem bludiště tam kde jí chcete mít? Jakou to má logiku? =_=

  • ipathboy
    ipathboy Month ago

    You’re so fucking awesome!!!

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw Month ago

    how did you not immediately realize that the coin goes in the coin shaped hole. that was the most frustrating thing to watch

  • Stephany-Marie Jones

    A leever?

  • Cloud Queen
    Cloud Queen Month ago

    Actual Rage Against the Machine.

  • sapphire glaceon
    sapphire glaceon Month ago

    i solved it in 3 mins

  • MotoCzar
    MotoCzar Month ago +7

    I think it's cool that there are people out there with the patience to do these, mine would get thrown through a wall and then drilled into in about 40 seconds.

  • Conor Hudson
    Conor Hudson Month ago

    It's Wednesday my doodes

  • Clint Doolittle
    Clint Doolittle Month ago

    That key hole u thought I bet that's where the coins go like a T. 1 sideways and the other up and down at 4:18

  • Subhadeep DS
    Subhadeep DS Month ago

    Background music?

  • MuseOfHeart
    MuseOfHeart Month ago

    Manhandling the puzzles like that stresses me out lmao

  • Dovy
    Dovy Month ago

    We like your charisma Chris. I also like the outfit that you are wearing. What are those trousers, may I ask?

  • GhostDust97
    GhostDust97 Month ago

    i feel like he should of figured out he had to put the coin in the coin slot waaaaay sooner than what it took him to ...

  • петр платайс

    это два рубля

  • Μιχαλης Πτρ

    9:17 trying to get lucky on them dice

  • hmongpanda1234
    hmongpanda1234 Month ago

    "When in doubt, Spjn it out".

  • Gardiken
    Gardiken Month ago

    17:36 I would put the ball in the spot that the 1st coin was

  • slater hill
    slater hill Month ago

    Love seeing a Toronto guy wearing a golden state hat lol warriors in 6

  • Doobie Skoo
    Doobie Skoo Month ago +1

    Do "the waiters trey" puzzle. Level 10 check it out

  • Blaze Osirus
    Blaze Osirus Month ago

    What would I do?
    Unscrew it

  • GOlub' ПETЯ
    GOlub' ПETЯ Month ago

    русские есть?

  • BUXB
    BUXB Month ago

    Try the coin in the t slot.

  • J-G
    J-G Month ago

    Even knowing how to solve this puzzle I couldnt be arsed to do it

  • Shokiwaru
    Shokiwaru Month ago

    why the fuck are you telling people to install that cancer? Its nothing but adware and malware. It slows your pc down when browsing the web. Stop it.

  • Владислав Бусовиков

    Not 2 euros, but 2 russian rubles :)