AirPods 2: Literally Everything New!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Literally everything new about the second generation AirPods in 6 minutes.
    That wireless charger:
    AirPods skins:
    MKBHD Merch:
    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:
    Intro Track: Do It For Love by P-Holla
    Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:
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  • Kevin 45
    Kevin 45 34 minutes ago

    Who else is watching on AirPods 2

  • Josh Caleb
    Josh Caleb 8 hours ago

    2012: Every kid wants or has an iPod
    2019: Every kid wants or has AirPods

  • Grover Alexander
    Grover Alexander 22 hours ago

    late to the party lol but greetings from Minneapolis, I like your shirt!

  • Gavin Tu
    Gavin Tu Day ago

    No usb-c lighting is better

    • Taha Anwar
      Taha Anwar 4 hours ago

      You are clearly Apple fan boy who knows nothing about tech LOL

  • Michael Blanco
    Michael Blanco Day ago

    Who’s watching this while using their airpods 2?

    • Air Canada 001
      Air Canada 001 Day ago +1

      Not sure that you are even watching with AirPods 2.

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter Day ago

    USB-C is faster than lightning cables correct?

    YOBRO Day ago

    People that buy airpods are poor cause they cant afford the wire

  • Solobea
    Solobea Day ago

    should've made this video 1 second 😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • Erica Adelis
    Erica Adelis 2 days ago

    Liked and subscribe because he gave me what I’ve been asking from all the other videos

  • Tiim Smiith
    Tiim Smiith 2 days ago

    To buy the airpods 2 or wait for airpods 3?

  • Laith Amer
    Laith Amer 3 days ago

    Wallpaper please

  • Zach Hampton
    Zach Hampton 3 days ago

    Most important question - what about the sound quality? Worst review ever

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist 3 days ago

    When you said Hey Siri, my phone woke up

  • Rasheed Abida
    Rasheed Abida 4 days ago

    How many hours will work this one for calling...

  • NinoBasicYoutube
    NinoBasicYoutube 4 days ago

    I mean y’all can’t get mad, they didn’t call it AirPods 2 for a reason😂

  • maltatea
    maltatea 4 days ago

    just found your channel and I really like your videos!

  • shivangi singh
    shivangi singh 5 days ago

    *Come on apple you troll*

  • Miss Con
    Miss Con 5 days ago

    I just got mine yesterday and im lovin it!

  • Shivam Sohal
    Shivam Sohal 5 days ago

    Wallpaper link?

  • aliyyahawnah
    aliyyahawnah 6 days ago

    ...soooo can I have those???

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman 6 days ago

    Do It For Love by P-Holla just made a ripped-off chipmunk version of Sara Bareilles’ Bottle It Up. Not cool

  • Ahamed Maluk
    Ahamed Maluk 8 days ago

    Me Watching this video wearing airpods*

  • dakota emily
    dakota emily 8 days ago

    "if they feel like being nice"

  • Sheikh Abdullah
    Sheikh Abdullah 8 days ago

    I hate myself for wanting the latest version of anything even tho i know these literally aren't different from the originals that I have except for a few minor changes.

  • Dylan_YHJ
    Dylan_YHJ 9 days ago

    Same Sshape
    Same Ssound
    Same Sshit

  • mmcooe
    mmcooe 10 days ago

    Whos going to charge these things, I just use the old fashioned wired ones, they Work!

    VALENTINI26 10 days ago

    at 0:48 he spelled aactual not actual lmao

  • Jaxon Hansard
    Jaxon Hansard 10 days ago +1

    When he said hey Siri my Siri heard that and activated

  • Ksm_ Agent
    Ksm_ Agent 12 days ago

    Video starts at 1:08

  • Jayden King
    Jayden King 13 days ago

    He literally has the best tech RU-clip aesthetic

  • Muhammad Fahim
    Muhammad Fahim 13 days ago

    weird flex but ok

  • Linus Mjelle
    Linus Mjelle 13 days ago

    App Reveal at 1:34

  • Apple biggest fan
    Apple biggest fan 14 days ago +1

    Just wanna say can you give me 1 Air Pod you have so many of them plz it’s a request *Dont have money to buy

    • HazerPro
      HazerPro 13 days ago

      1 Airpod or a pair of airpod?

    • HazerPro
      HazerPro 13 days ago

      1 Airpod or a pair of airpod?

  • Safiy Farooqi
    Safiy Farooqi 14 days ago

    congrats on 9 Mil. I know i am a bit late

  • Oliver Caine
    Oliver Caine 15 days ago

    $10 worth of Bitcoin to anyone who can name the wireless charger at the beginning of the video

  • Arash Singh
    Arash Singh 16 days ago

    Bro lost my charging case there any alternative to charge it through duplicate chargimg case

  • Jimmy McShlong
    Jimmy McShlong 16 days ago

    Wireless charging that's it

  • GreenStorm01
    GreenStorm01 17 days ago +1

    aactually I am recognizing quite a few typos in your videos. U ok mate?

  • Brown Thug
    Brown Thug 17 days ago

    thanks and I like the t shirt

  • Andrej Daskalov
    Andrej Daskalov 19 days ago

    What's that wireless chager tho? Looks kinda dope

  • OG Nick's JUUL
    OG Nick's JUUL 19 days ago

    Still no volume functions like the galaxy buds besides stupid siri assist? 😂

  • RAY -49-
    RAY -49- 19 days ago

    They should make AirPods how like you use Siri for double tap like the other air pod should have volume buttons to tap to lower and raise volume

  • C Mac
    C Mac 20 days ago

    Still wanting/waiting 4 Apple to do something different with the Beats line of headphones..

  • julioalmaraz09
    julioalmaraz09 21 day ago

    Hi, can anyone help? I bought new gen 2 AirPods on eBay, I just received it and when I pair it, the name never changes to my name and it stays “AirPods” and therefore it doesn’t work across all of my apple devices. I can’t access the AirPods settings either. I really hope I didn’t get fake ones. Can anybody help? thanks.

  • Christian Marcelo
    Christian Marcelo 21 day ago

    So they’ll still fall out if you do any vigorous exercise?

  • Parham Bahrami
    Parham Bahrami 22 days ago

    I think it's better if Apple sticks with lightning on the 2019 iPhones and even the 2020 and later iPhone models for two reasons one, it makes Apple a lot of money and profit and two,it's better for their long time iPhone users that have a ton of lightning accessories, like lightning is such a common port now days, I went to a shop that had these drawers which you could put your phone in them and it was a modern shop but the connectors in the drawer were USB 10 pin, 30 pin dot, Micro USB and lightning and there was no USB C; what I'm trying to say is that iPhone users have used lightning connectors for 7 years at this point and I don't mind carrying another cable.

    LOVEEZ FABELA 22 days ago

    They need to work on speaker quality anything with base is horrible 😏

  • Zaid KURESHI
    Zaid KURESHI 22 days ago +1

    Apple is the FIFA of tech

  • aviral gupta
    aviral gupta 24 days ago

    Which wireless charger he is using in the video?

  • happy rogue
    happy rogue 25 days ago

    for some reason I got airpods 2 cheaper than gen 1 on amazon so epic victory cheeks

  • Dude purfect Corner
    Dude purfect Corner 27 days ago +1

    You have a Tesla
    I saw the app on your phone Marques

  • Jack Maloof
    Jack Maloof 27 days ago

    This guy sounds so white I never would have guessed he’s black

    HIGHnRICH 27 days ago

    Haha! Stop saying "Hey, Siri" All my devices are responding to you.

  • Max Fosile
    Max Fosile 28 days ago

    He has a tesla

  • WiiLikeGames
    WiiLikeGames 28 days ago

    Save $120 and get the Sabbat E12s. Literally the same features (including wireless charging) and better sound quality at $80.

  • Emangamer
    Emangamer Month ago

    Talk about copying galaxy pods still bad part on apple makeing new changes

  • Syd H_1
    Syd H_1 Month ago +1

    I think it’s kind of funny with the wireless charging AirPods that they have to charge on a charging pad that plugs into the wall, yes I know they can charge on the back of that phone but...

  • chowdawg
    chowdawg Month ago +2

    That intro song hit me with them mw2 trickshot nostalgia :'(

  • herohunter81
    herohunter81 Month ago

    Pro tip if your AirPods aren’t showing up in Airplay double tap on one. They will send out a signal and show up. 👍

  • Matty B
    Matty B Month ago

    Me gets AirPods for birthday
    Apple: we re-engineered wireless charging and wireless headphones. Our headphones are the future
    Every single being on this planet: DON’T LIE TO YOURSELF
    Apple:I don’t understand is this some type of peasant joke

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe Month ago

    “Always listening...” omg lol

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe Month ago +2

    2:50 look at the AirPods... WTF Marques?!

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe Month ago

    What should I buy?
    Like: *iPhone XS Max*
    Comment: *iPhone XS*

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe Month ago

    What should I buy?
    Like: *Wireless Charging AirPods*
    Comment: *AirPods Without Wireless Charging*

  • Artform Insights!
    Artform Insights! Month ago +1

    Airpods still has the best mics in the true wireless business that makes conference calls on the go a fuss free experience.👍 Everything else...bleah....😆

  • StevenPlayzGamez
    StevenPlayzGamez Month ago

    Marques my last name is Marquez

  • Larry Branzuela
    Larry Branzuela Month ago

    Is siri work without wifi in that airpods?

  • Rodrigo Ferreira
    Rodrigo Ferreira Month ago

    Do airpods work on android?

    • Rodrigo Ferreira
      Rodrigo Ferreira Month ago

      @hello hello What you mean? I thoguht airpods were meant to work better on IOS

    • hello hello
      hello hello Month ago +1

      Rodrigo Ferreira yes higher specs of androids i think

  • Nigga
    Nigga Month ago +1

    I don't have Airpods. I have ears

    Not made by apple. Made by God/Allah! 😁😁

  • Findoherty0697
    Findoherty0697 Month ago

    0:34 weird flex but ok

  • Haikal
    Haikal Month ago

    Hmm.. I hope that i could get the airpods.. Hope that mkbhd read this and text me😂 (impossible)

  • John J
    John J Month ago +1

    All I wanted was a volume slide bar.

  • Bryce Charrier
    Bryce Charrier Month ago

    My case won’t charge on my wireless charger, I don’t know what to do, it’s kids making me worried, does anyone have any ideas?

  • ClankyRochet
    ClankyRochet Month ago

    Ffs I was hoping for a black airport.

  • Subscribe Cort
    Subscribe Cort Month ago

    AirPod users: I have AirPods poor man
    AirPod 2 users: hey Siri what is *poor*