Chris Paul & Grayson Allen Hoop with TOP High School Players! 👀🔥

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • Chris Paul, Grayson Allen, Harry Giles, and more were hooping with the top high school and college prospects at the CP3 Elite Guard camp. It was obvious that the pro players had the advantage, but at the same time LSU's Tremont Waters was putting on a clinic. Does he remind you of a young Chris Paul?
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Comments • 175

  • B3W Productions
    B3W Productions 2 months ago +2

    Hmm . . . number 70 seemed pretty invisible, huh? He kinda looks like the kid who was drafted at number two by the Memphis Grizzlies this past 2019 NBA Draft. #TrustTheProcessKids 🙏🏿

    • Showering Panda
      Showering Panda 2 months ago

      Are you talking bout ja morant bc he had surgery

  • Kofi
    Kofi 3 months ago +1

    Ja Morant got cooked by CP3, he better get his payback this season

  • owen tipples
    owen tipples 5 months ago

    That first clip was ja morant on d

  • canban fok
    canban fok 5 months ago

    wow I saw Morrant!!

  • Nosa Chamberlain
    Nosa Chamberlain 6 months ago

    Ja morant woah

  • Deandre Enoch
    Deandre Enoch 6 months ago +1

    Ja Morant was in this but only got a layup that was assisted by waters...these “highlights” only highlight known players

  • Baker Mayfield The Puppet Maestro

    Damn these kids are nice, so satisfying to watch (no homo tho)

    • Ben2bwild
      Ben2bwild 2 months ago

      Why would it be "homo" tho? 🤣🤣

  • EastCoast Flame
    EastCoast Flame Year ago +1

    Tremont waters 🔥🔥

  • Doyoan
    Doyoan Year ago +1

    Chris paul teaching them

  • Baller Doge
    Baller Doge Year ago

    didn't know Jamal Murray was still in HS

  • Ralph Bryant
    Ralph Bryant Year ago +1

    Other than CP3 killing in these highlights Tremont Waters was destroying the competition and by far the second best player in these clips. I mean damn for a minute I thought I was watching his mixtape. Him and Darius Garland destroying the other PG’s in College this year.

  • sWampY
    sWampY Year ago

    5:25 Why CP3 cooking lil kids like that tho?

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor Year ago

    2:00 Josh Okogie part of "and more."

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor Year ago

    HELLO? That's f*cking Jamal Murray! How the f*ck you talking about Grayson Allen?

  • Camo Rambo
    Camo Rambo Year ago

    Allen is gonna be something serious this year

    • LOSO
      LOSO 14 days ago

      Yeah serious flagrant fouls.

  • David Kountz
    David Kountz Year ago

    Travel at 1:10

  • MEECH !!
    MEECH !! Year ago

    I’m still a dumbass for saying Tremont should of been a mcDAa 🤔

  • Kushtrim Gashi
    Kushtrim Gashi Year ago +2

    Jamal Murray is a problem 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sincere Xx
    Sincere Xx Year ago

    CP3 has never not been a top 3 PG in the league since he got drafted. Guy is brutally efficient and consistent.

  • Zay Stupendous
    Zay Stupendous Year ago

    Cp3 just too good. Makes it look so easy. No matter who he plays against . Be doing it since high school still killin em

  • Massive Conn
    Massive Conn Year ago

    Remember a few summers back when Dennis Smith went bananas here

  • Rishi Montesdeoca
    Rishi Montesdeoca Year ago +1

    Let's go Tremont .. CT represent

    PG 13PACERNATION Year ago +1

    CP top pure PG remaining in the league

  • TyKaiTV
    TyKaiTV Year ago

    peep it-

  • A
    A Year ago

    Who is Jamal Murray

    • Contrition
      Contrition 11 months ago

      jo He's a pretty decent, up-and-coming combo guard for the Denver Nuggets; can shoot it from deep and has a respectable handle.

  • day vs night
    day vs night Year ago

    is no one gonna address the travel at 1:12

  • Willy Prince
    Willy Prince Year ago

    This motherfucker tried to kick someone again. 00:48 they're going to fuck him up in the league. Can't keep his legs to himself.

  • Getloose360
    Getloose360 Year ago +15

    Lesson here. All these young dudes over dribble the rock. CP3, pace, vision, dribbles enough to get to where he needs to go and makes the play. Great video.

    • Zay Stupendous
      Zay Stupendous Year ago +1

      Getloose360 yes it is. The kids try to emulate the pros and bypass the fundamentals . That’s why there pros they mastered the fundamentals. But now we live in the mixtape highlight era we’re all these kids have mixtapes and flashy plays, and they get to into the flash instead of the basic way to play.

    • Getloose360
      Getloose360 Year ago +1

      @Zay Stupendous 100% agree, was just an observation, seeing content like this shows cerebral play. Athleticism is important yes, but the mental approach e.g. pick your spots, moving the ball, pick and roll, down screens, baseline cuts. It's just all absent in today's game.

    • Zay Stupendous
      Zay Stupendous Year ago +3

      Getloose360 exactly. They do over dribble . Try to be too fancy, cp3 is efficient , so are he pros they understand and pick there spots. The young ones will learn

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Year ago

    0:12 That’s what James Harden is going to look like once he retires from the NBA

  • Killion Weaver
    Killion Weaver Year ago

    I've been saying and wanting this nigga Tremont Waters on the Lakers last year. I thought he gon get drafted. That dude a baby Kyrie Irving.

  • Sir Isaac Mormont

    Who the Fuck is 62 👀

  • houston smoke
    houston smoke Year ago

    Did Harry even scored?

  • Dnice Sw
    Dnice Sw Year ago +1


  • Blue Boy
    Blue Boy Year ago +4

    Tremont really different 🤦🏿‍♂️ best pg in college basketball

  • thereGoMapo
    thereGoMapo Year ago

    lookin' like some grown ass hs players man

  • Manny P
    Manny P Year ago

    why'd you put Grayson Allen in the title like he's the next best player other CP3 in that game. I saw Jamal Murray and Tremont Waters out there hooping too

  • Chris Baldwin
    Chris Baldwin Year ago +3


  • bigboner23
    bigboner23 Year ago

    Grayson Allen will be worse version of jimmer

  • Taylor
    Taylor Year ago +3

    0:48 grayson trying to kick someone in the chest lmao

  • Ian Bee
    Ian Bee Year ago

    walking bucket is a walking bucket

  • araya
    araya Year ago +2

    Grayson is going to be so good. Easily a 15/5 starter or 12-15/3/5 bench player

  • someguy604
    someguy604 Year ago

    Where's tyrone lue to break some ankles

    • Contrition
      Contrition 11 months ago

      someguy604 😂😂😂😅

  • barry siao
    barry siao Year ago

    Who's that 62 he's good

    • Dee Skee
      Dee Skee Year ago

      Tremont Waters plays for LSU

  • KingisLoyal !
    KingisLoyal ! Year ago +7

    Chris Paul is making these players colddd

  • Alvaro Villaverde
    Alvaro Villaverde Year ago +5

    Jamal Murray in there, and you dont even mention... Come on!

  • Elijah Stone
    Elijah Stone Year ago

    62 getting buckets

  • Fawazz
    Fawazz Year ago

    Who was invitef

  • Steven Phillips
    Steven Phillips Year ago +5

    3:02 when you accidentally press triangle or Y

  • You A Fool Boa
    You A Fool Boa Year ago +8

    Tremont Waters Been Like Dat Yall😴

  • will Strong
    will Strong Year ago

    Ohhhh I would of fell off the pull back #Vintage #CP3

    BNOGAMEZ. Year ago

    Grayson Allen looked ghost out there

  • Stephen Kennedy Jr.

    So is D. Graham healthy now? I thought he got hurt in SL and was out for awhile?

  • Stephen Kennedy Jr.
    Stephen Kennedy Jr. Year ago +1

    I’ve only seen NBA & College players

  • stack hunnids
    stack hunnids Year ago

    These top freshmen in college

  • Jeffboxworthy
    Jeffboxworthy Year ago +7

    Jamaal Murray looks a lil bigger
    Bout 6’6 with a lil muscle unless I’m tripping

  • Wavegang Waveyton

    U better play with the hs kids lil man bcuz the pros make cp3 look like a hs kid

    • La Raps
      La Raps 11 months ago

      @Wavegang Waveyton youre obviously retarded as fuck hes a legend and one of the best to ever play his position

    • Wavegang Waveyton
      Wavegang Waveyton 11 months ago

      @La Raps no cp3 is
      Out of shape bad body wannabe NBA player

    • La Raps
      La Raps Year ago +2

      @Wavegang Waveyton you one of them dumb niggas huh

    • Wavegang Waveyton
      Wavegang Waveyton Year ago

      @WaveMaster99 not many nba players fear cp3 / 🐜man

    • WaveMaster99
      WaveMaster99 Year ago

      WaveGang Waveyton he kick on grown ass men too lmao

  • BeesKnees
    BeesKnees Year ago

    Tremont Waters killin it as usually. Where does he hoop now?

    • BallinDay96
      BallinDay96 Year ago

      Bonky F Going to sophomore year at LSU

  • Hunchojayy
    Hunchojayy Year ago +3

    Y’all sleep on Jamal Murray

    • Frooz
      Frooz Year ago

      NoCapJay__ hell nah that nigga ugly af

  • Slow Cookin
    Slow Cookin Year ago +1

    Bro who is number 62? Fam was fucking cooking out there.

    • Contrition
      Contrition 11 months ago

      Tremont Waters, plays for LSU, really talented small guard out of New Haven, CT. He was relatively unknown in high school, but that notwithstanding, won Gatorade state player of the year; was heavily recruited by Duke and Kentucky, got accepted into Yale. He's undoubtedly the most talented and pro-ready guard in the country.

  • Galatabahçe
    Galatabahçe Year ago

    Grayson Allen is a bitch.