Flea Market Shopping for Meghan Rienks' Bedroom Makeover

  • Published on Dec 21, 2016
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    A one-of-a-kind girl like Meghan Rienks needs one-of-a-kind finds in her bedroom! Luckily, that means I get to go to one of my favorite shopping destinations in LA ... the Melrose Trading Post!! Flea market on fleek! Yay!
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    Shop this video:
    Floating shelf: bit.ly/2hTrGDU
    Vanity and bench: bit.ly/2gQgOsV
    Gray faux fur pillow: bit.ly/2gQdy0w
    White fluffy pillow: bit.ly/2gQcLwQ
    Rug: bit.ly/2gQfGp3
    Chandelier: bit.ly/2hTpWec
    Lounge chairs: bit.ly/2gQcERS
    Bell Jar (similar): bit.ly/2gQcf1S
    Curtains: bit.ly/2hTozfm
    Trash can (similar): bit.ly/2hTkXtT
    Magnifying glass (similar): bit.ly/2gQgr1w
    Wooden brush holder (similar): bit.ly/2gQaRME
    Whitewashed tray (similar): bit.ly/2gQjJlp
    Toile tray (similar): bit.ly/2gQf96G
    Elephant figurine (similar): bit.ly/2hTfcMW
    Black sandblasted vases (similar): bit.ly/2hTadLZ
    Gray and white throw pillows (similar): bit.ly/2hTjDHy, bit.ly/2gQ936i
    Baskets: bit.ly/2hTbJxJ
    Tufted bed (similar): bit.ly/2gQ0mc2
    Planter: bit.ly/2hZ9qJq
    White mirror (similar): bit.ly/2hT5mdH
    Potted faux succulent (similar): bit.ly/2gQ045h
    Marble clock (similar): bit.ly/2hT1KZp
    Bedding: bit.ly/2hT4k1y
    Gray tweed pillows (similar): bit.ly/2hSV39N
    Crochet pillow (similar): bit.ly/2hSSPHc
    Wire wings (similar): bit.ly/2hSQCM3
    Hexagon table (similar): bit.ly/2gPLUAV
    Knobs (similar): bit.ly/2gTxe3X
    Creative Credit:
    Audio Tracks: ES_New Tattoo 3 - Joachim Nilsson.mp3, ES_Second Chance (Indie Pop Version) - Henrik Eigert.mp3, ES_Sugar And Spice 2 - Gavin Luke.mp3, ES_British Indie 3 - Victor Ohlsson.mp3, ES_British Indie 7 - Victor Ohlsson.mp3, ES_Is It Over (Instrumental Version) - Happy Republic.mp3, ES_Odd And Indie 01 - John Åhlin.mp3, ES_Rolling In The Retro Jam 3 - Victor Ohlsson.mp3
    A Mr. Kate Production
    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
    Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
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  • Alexandra Barton
    Alexandra Barton 8 months ago +1

    Watching you shop and plan makes me feel less overwhelmed or anxious about the process of putting a space together. It’s so important to enjoy the thrifting, sale-chasing, trial & error adventures!

    • Sara Anderson
      Sara Anderson 7 months ago

      That's what I am hoping to get out of this! A friend just recommended the channel and I hope that this helps with my decorating overwhelm 😂

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  • Lunaracid
    Lunaracid 10 months ago

    I've officially almost binged your entire channel and now I'm getting sad but inspired to decorate and redo my basement. I love these little shopping vlogs too they're so helpful but still hilarious

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    Uh, no final reveal??

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    I think its the first time I've seen Kate with the least amount of make-up, and I am in love. So beautiful! Also, I'm in love with the flea market 😍

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    why havent i found her earlier

  • Miss Mere
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    those african materiala at the flee market...beautiful!

  • LisaFrank39
    LisaFrank39 Year ago

    That's flea market is bomb. Wish we had places like this in my city

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    Jemma ezri Year ago

    17:28 I think I gasped! You look so gorgeous. xo

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    SimpLee Beth Year ago

    Anything tiled with shell is where it's at!

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    Really?! I'm at the end of video....not even a peak at finished product??????????? Whatsupwiththat????????

  • ehrlichlanier c
    ehrlichlanier c Year ago +1

    CA has the greatest flea markets ever! Wish we did here in SC.

  • Alexis Esquer
    Alexis Esquer Year ago

    Where do you find all these flea markets in LA??

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    you look so pretty with your hair straight! Love it!

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    lexi Roberts Year ago

    Omg you hit 2M!

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    lallifllower Year ago

    that change of the window shape idea blows my mind! thank you for the idea!! :D

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    Sydney Gayle Year ago

    Do we get to see the reveal?

    7SEVENDAYS Year ago

    agrrr now you made me want to shop now

    ARIANA FELKER Year ago

    Another video highlighting your natural beauty... so gorgeous!

  • Annie Gilbert
    Annie Gilbert Year ago +1

    I’m stuck on my bedroom it’s not at all Symmetrical need help to figure it out please

  • Dee Dee’s Reviews

    Killing me! Where is this flea market? The mud cloths from Africa. 😱

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  • Travis pretty
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  • Emma's toy review

    Watching your videos inspired me to go back to school. I was always afraid of going for interior design thinking I couldn’t make a good living off it, so instead I decided so accounting (which I love) but after a year of debating I decided to do it, needless to say your videos gave me that last push I needed! ❤️❤️

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