Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, and writer. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.

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  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus 8 minutes ago

    Been in the World Trade, it sways with the wind by design
    Alex is awesome

  • Lennie Davis
    Lennie Davis 9 minutes ago

    Get alex back on

  • Cruiser_B 97
    Cruiser_B 97 Hour ago

    Joe “I’ve denied it a bunch of times” Rogan

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan Hour ago

    Best podcast

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus Hour ago

    If we went to the Moon, Why no explanation of the structures, Why no explanation of anything

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee Hour ago

    Jesus christ i feel im boxing with this man. I manage to dodge the "dmt lets you see into the after life", i duck the "china is farming human animal hybrids for body parts" and he hits me with "the world is governed by nazis"

  • Elizabeth Swann
    Elizabeth Swann Hour ago

    I love how Joe didn't disavow his friend. and instead tried to help guide him a little closer back to reality. That's some real s***. 👍

  • Shayne McCarthy
    Shayne McCarthy 2 hours ago

    This is amazing

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee 2 hours ago

    46:30 ...yea imma duck out and come back when i aint so stoned this conversation is tripping me out

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee 2 hours ago

    I go from thinking this guys nuts, to thinking he makes good points every 5 minutes. What a trip.

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee 2 hours ago

    I thought smoking before this would be fun. Fuck alex you're freaking me out

  • Hayden Hale
    Hayden Hale 2 hours ago

    2:04:29 kills me he goes off😂

  • D wonderous The great
    D wonderous The great 3 hours ago

    Alex has too make a film on his life! Hes a psychic, CIA agent, off world representative, Oracle, super soldier, master of no touch karate, plus plenty more. Feel free to add more.

  • eric allen
    eric allen 4 hours ago

    Alex "this will be studied for years" Jones

  • Sense
    Sense 4 hours ago

    He's branded as the Sandy Hook guy because he exposed the truth.

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus 5 hours ago

    Eddie, keep fuckin with em

  • thomas silk
    thomas silk 5 hours ago

    Make him president

  • Alexis Cardenas
    Alexis Cardenas 5 hours ago


  • Joey Nitro
    Joey Nitro 5 hours ago

    Did I hear wrong, or was Alex back on JRE yesterday?

      NOCTURNAL ALIEN Minute ago

      Yes, he was in LA and did JRE. Should be out soon.

  • Where Eagles Dare
    Where Eagles Dare 6 hours ago

    Is there any news of Alex coming back for another podcast?

  • Charles Herrick
    Charles Herrick 7 hours ago

    Southern accent Alex Jones is the best thing ever.

  • Keegan Sullivan
    Keegan Sullivan 7 hours ago

    If you don’t get why I like this guy we probably won’t be that tight of friends

  • quantum
    quantum 8 hours ago

    " we gonna kill yo ass "

  • Saroop Moughal
    Saroop Moughal 8 hours ago

    But my point IZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Ztertis
    Ztertis 8 hours ago

    Ppl trying to make fun comments for likes, no discussions of the people killing babies, no discussion about the break away government. The elites must laugh their ass off.

  • Justin Barrus
    Justin Barrus 9 hours ago

    Man what would this have looked like if Joe was anywhere near as tough on Alex as he would be with Adam Conover.

  • Michael Bray
    Michael Bray 10 hours ago


    • Young Keazy
      Young Keazy 9 hours ago +1

      Michael Bray wtf I saw this comment same time he said jt

  • Stu Vallentine
    Stu Vallentine 10 hours ago


  • P.B.
    P.B. 12 hours ago +3

    I can totally imagine this playing on the radio. In gta 6

  • P.B.
    P.B. 12 hours ago +3

    Rockstar games should make 10 full length Joe Rogan and Alex Jones podcasts and put it on a radio station in GTA 6

  • Devon deFilippi
    Devon deFilippi 14 hours ago

    There goes 4 hours I will never get back. It's a shame to think that there are people out there who truly believe the Earth is flat, the government is kidnapping babies to harvest their organs to create non-human lifeforms, the Nazis worked with aliens, and that cell phone towers are actually mind control devices...Joe is entitled to have whoever he wants on his show but having someone like Alex Jones is only giving him a platform to validate his ridiculous claims.

    • Sense
      Sense Hour ago

      @Young Keazy have you ever heard the saying that the truth is stranger than fiction?

    • Young Keazy
      Young Keazy Hour ago

      Sense and that’s the thing about it a lot of this shit adds up but it just *sounds* crazy so people choose not to believe it.

    • Sense
      Sense 3 hours ago

      @Young Keazy I can't find one thing he said that was false, literally cannot disprove anything he said.

    • Young Keazy
      Young Keazy 9 hours ago

      Stephen Alessandro I’ve done quite a bit of research and must admit a lot of the shit Jones says is true

    • Stephen Alessandro
      Stephen Alessandro 13 hours ago +1

      Devon deFilippi to be fair how much research have you done yourself on those topics

  • Jerry S.
    Jerry S. 15 hours ago

    "let's wrap up" meanwhile they extend it an hour lmao

  • tazclj888
    tazclj888 16 hours ago


  • Jamal Iqbal
    Jamal Iqbal 16 hours ago +1

    Roe Jogan

  • Jimbo Knee
    Jimbo Knee 17 hours ago

    This has been on 15m views for like 5+ months, everybody has noticed RU-clip nice try though

    • Jimbo Knee
      Jimbo Knee 17 hours ago

      I swear at one point it was at 20m as well 🤔

  • ATLatimer
    ATLatimer 17 hours ago

    Dude the way Alex minds works is fucking crazy dude hates when people go off topic but then goes of topic all the time himself it’s nutty and the interrupting is crazy but he’s not looking at it as a professional podcast but a normal conversation

  • Krazie Phantom
    Krazie Phantom 17 hours ago +3

    I’m either way too high for this conversation or not high enough.

  • avise
    avise 17 hours ago +1

    The thing with dmt is complete nonsense. Anyone who tried this and experienced breakthrough knows that its just does not work like that. You can never know what youre gonna get after the hit and the idea the governement is using it to strike deals with aliens is just ridiculuos.. so far from the things i have experienced with it.
    And the dreaming thing is also not true. Its not the rem sleep wich resembles the most dmt but the dreamless heavy sleep wich you never remember thats getting closer to dmt and death.
    And the idea the governement is promoting mother ayahuasca for their own needs.. thats total horseshit.
    Maybe the guy is right about other things but in this matter he is completley off tracks and i gotta say for me if hurts his credebility also on other matters.

    • Sense
      Sense 2 hours ago

      @Matt Murphy hallucinating and being high off DMT are two completely different things, anyone who's tried it will tell you it wasn't a hallucination, if you've ever met the elves you'd know that it's legit because we've all seen the exact same beings saying the same things and they do try and make deals with you but what you have to sacrifice is your soul, I was told I had to give up my soul and I'd be rich and famous for the rest of my life, they got mad when I asked why would I want to be rich and famous if I didn't have a soul... They hate religion.

    • avise
      avise 12 hours ago

      @Matt Murphy hmm have you tried it?
      If not then im sorry but you dont really know what is it.. anyway im not going to argue with you about that matter because it will be pointless.. i cannot prove to you what i have exeperienced.. and i dont need to.

    • Matt Murphy
      Matt Murphy 12 hours ago

      avise takes mind altering powerful hallucinogenic. Hallucinates. Convinced they were in a diff dimension because they hallucinated. Just lol

  • Krazie Phantom
    Krazie Phantom 17 hours ago +6

    31:32 holy shit that was the fastest sentence ever💀

  • block head
    block head 17 hours ago +1


  • Abraham Frausto
    Abraham Frausto 18 hours ago


  • waterelonsquare
    waterelonsquare 19 hours ago

    Alex "I'm literally having alzheimer's" Jones 1:24:02

  • quantum
    quantum 19 hours ago

    " and their all running up their like their looking for the moth man "

  • Walter White
    Walter White 20 hours ago

    Have Donald trump on with Alex Jones. Kanye would get shitheads to watch but if you’re going for the gold and are really in middle of the field in this shit he shouldn’t be scared to.

  • Vittorio Cova
    Vittorio Cova 21 hour ago

    The moon wonders if Eddie bravo is fake

  • John Hoving
    John Hoving 22 hours ago

    I think it’s funny he was getting drunk on Logan Paul’s podcast before this

  • Donivan Biggs
    Donivan Biggs 23 hours ago

    I just want to insult the globalists who disliked this video

  • Bubba Mike
    Bubba Mike 23 hours ago

    The Japanese didn’t fight Russians in world war 1 Alex, they were on the same side, you’re thinking of Russo-Japanese war

  • Satish Anirudh
    Satish Anirudh Day ago

    He reminds me of John Goodman's character in big Lewbowski

  • Satish Anirudh
    Satish Anirudh Day ago +2

    around the 48.00 minute mark:
    I dont want to sound arrogant but "Ive seen everything"
    - Alex Jones

  • Brett_Kendrick
    Brett_Kendrick Day ago +3

    I don't think they haven't gone back to the moon because space is fake but because they encountered intelligent beings and crafts while they were there. It makes sense because of the degree to which they go with compartmentalization. In their eyes the less people who know about it the better. They would be risking exposure everytime they sent new people up to the moon.

  • Nicole Jennings
    Nicole Jennings Day ago

    It's flooding raining where I am in Houston from this tropical storm---probably created by HAARP but anyway I've got 4 hours to burn. This is perfect.

  • A
    A Day ago +4

    Nobody again:
    Alex Jones: I’ll ill- I’ll tell ya

  • Jay Reisnek
    Jay Reisnek Day ago

    I tried to listen to this guy, but he’s nuts, he’s a blowhard, and he doesn’t actually listen to what Joe says. I gave it 20 minutes, and I’m a man who also supports Trump.
    He should take his $$$ and go away


    Omg I never laughed so much on a JRE show LMAO

  • metalgamer k
    metalgamer k Day ago

    He is definitely crazy.

  • Hami-G
    Hami-G Day ago

    u forgot to give him sum mushrooms before the interview

  • Bearded Elder
    Bearded Elder Day ago

    You are shocked by operation Paperclip? Read about Japanese Unit 731, what they did and what America did to them after defeating Japan. They did nothing. Released them all in exchange for results of savage experiments on humans! It is disgusting!!

  • Hami-G
    Hami-G Day ago

    Alex is learning about his thoight process and learning how to slow his fuckin roll all thanks to you Joe.

  • Josh Behrendt
    Josh Behrendt Day ago

    Joe kept getting cut off , you can tell he wanted to tell him wait his turn

    • Josh Behrendt
      Josh Behrendt 10 hours ago

      @Matt Murphy yes it was one of my favorites podcasts as well

    • Matt Murphy
      Matt Murphy 12 hours ago +1

      Josh Behrendt no, he knew what he was in for, and it’s the most popular podcast of all time for a reason