Rare Kobe Beef in Tokyo - Japanese Food Teppanyaki

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • Highest grade Kobe Beef (A5) in Tokyo, Japan. Side dishes: tiger shrimp, scallops, fish and vegetables. - Skillful/smooth chef, nice scenery, rare and unrested Kobe Wagyu beef.

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  • JeeAr
    JeeAr Day ago

    what restaurant is this? the name?

  • Yung Weeb
    Yung Weeb 2 days ago

    Can I please get the name of this restaurant

  • Joako
    Joako 2 days ago

    So much cross-contamination, that can't be good, they may end up killing someone one day

  • Adrian metzler-holden

    Please don’t waste those juices.

  • กรกฎ อุ่นญาติ

    ผมชอบมากในเมนูเนื้อ มันสุดยอดมาก

  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat 8 days ago

    f00d p0rn

  • Quiksilversurf311
    Quiksilversurf311 10 days ago

    The steak doesn’t need to be pressed or mashed down whatsoever. Stop doing that “chef”!

  • Spudmurphy1970
    Spudmurphy1970 10 days ago

    How much did this meal cost?

  • wargamesmaster
    wargamesmaster 14 days ago

    Damn... That gives me the desire to learn Japanese just to go eat at any restaurant in that country, those cooks are artists.

    CESAR GUSTAVO 14 days ago

    mucha grasa para mi gusto

  • DyslexicSmurf 420
    DyslexicSmurf 420 17 days ago

    Also, 75% of this"kobe beef" video is the other crap.....not impressed...

  • DyslexicSmurf 420
    DyslexicSmurf 420 17 days ago +1

    Why tf is he cooking the seafood and the beef on the same spot?!?!?! That is so gross!!!!

    • Bob M
      Bob M 16 days ago +1

      He wiped it clean

  • all most
    all most 20 days ago +1


  • tinker heck
    tinker heck 21 day ago

    yeah but do they deliver?

  • ClaudeMagicbox
    ClaudeMagicbox 23 days ago

    Dude, I’ve now seen some of your videos...you must be King of Colestherol.
    You keep eating dozens of the fried slabs of fat.

  • Angel_43
    Angel_43 23 days ago


  • Samnitium
    Samnitium 25 days ago +1

    I can imagine this guy awkwardly filming at this place, while people in the background are looking at him with the corner of their eye.

  • Karl Kamal
    Karl Kamal 26 days ago

    Beqadon sangattt masoknyaa..!

  • LL-KUUL-T Gamer Girl
    LL-KUUL-T Gamer Girl 29 days ago

    Please Look At The Doku DOMINION

  • Gru Gxw
    Gru Gxw Month ago

    يابه سلامن عليكم

  • Syenis Kalona
    Syenis Kalona Month ago +1

    Hey now I'm hungry let me grab my intant cup noodles 😄😄

  • Hardwork
    Hardwork Month ago +2

    Dude just descaled the prawn, prepared it, cleaned it while cooking it at the same time! Wow 😳

  • ぷらっとだよぉ〜ん


  • Sneaky Nïnja
    Sneaky Nïnja Month ago +8

    The girls in the background went there only to have some tea and biscuits😂😂

  • Late Night Rides Music


  • Marty MacFly
    Marty MacFly Month ago

    I learned to never cut a steak while it's being cooked because it will lose all its meet juice. Why does this work here?🤔 By the way this looks like the art of cooking. You become so hungry when you see how the cook prepares the meal. Perfect performance.

    • Domenick Maranan
      Domenick Maranan 29 days ago

      I'm no cook but maybe it depends on the meat itself, that steak that they had was beautifully marbled with fat which kept things moist (kek) and cooking it didn't really take that long and was eaten on the spot so I guess not too much of that moisture evaporated...

  • Obaid Hashmi
    Obaid Hashmi Month ago +2

    Do all of you have a sad life like me? Eating mediocre, tasteless, cold, home-cooked food and watching this in the middle of the night?

    • Jeffay Morello
      Jeffay Morello Month ago

      i find it enjoyable, just like relaxing while eating after work, it's a good life

  • Raj Dehoo
    Raj Dehoo Month ago

    I have exams tommorow .. dafuk i am doing here 😂

  • Zainab Harake
    Zainab Harake Month ago

    It's 3:00am and this video force me to eat a cup of rice...

  • 竜陰字
    竜陰字 Month ago +1

    watching these videos reminded me of my father. he loved teppanyaki so much. i would follow him whenever he said he would go out to get some teppanyaki. sigh.

  • mt pitd
    mt pitd Month ago

    It's a shame fukushima iradiates these wonderful meal

  • Creepzer178
    Creepzer178 Month ago

    That steak is thin all he has to do is just rub his hands and put them on both sides and done.

  • Mu-
    Mu- Month ago


  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong Month ago +16

    who else is just watching this for the close-up food shots and the sizzling noise?

  • Esquire Maxwell
    Esquire Maxwell Month ago

    I'm starting a wagyu beef fund. You can send money to my venmo account if you like to support the cause. @Clay-Crocker-13

  • VlastYs Music
    VlastYs Music Month ago

    too small :/ steak should be such a HUGE piece of meat!!!!!! not just a little bullshit :/

  • S R
    S R Month ago

    I just became vegetarian bcs I waited that long for that stupid steak I ate 12 salads and drank 12ltrs of miso soup....
    what does this delicious meal cost?

  • pedrito frdz
    pedrito frdz Month ago

    Lo unico bueno es la calidad de la carne d ahí en más q son?

  • karim bekh
    karim bekh Month ago


  • Iwan Egerström
    Iwan Egerström Month ago +2

    4.3k Vegetarians came here just to dislike?
    Learn to enjoy life

  • RedScythezzz
    RedScythezzz Month ago

    So hungry

  • Deister-Süntel-Pilzfreund

    Igitt! Mehr Fett, als Fleisch. Und für so einen Mist geben geistig unfruchtbare Leute Unmenge Geld aus. Für dieses völlig überfettete Zeug würde ich noch nicht einmal 5 Euro pro Kilo bezahlen. Hier gibt's einen interessanten Artikel zu dem Thema:

  • fredsted
    fredsted Month ago +2

    I'm pretty sure this guy has done this once or twice before.

  • Awentus Zioniusa
    Awentus Zioniusa Month ago

    Among Best!
    Yet, NOT 2Vipe out
    Any of those Delisious & Tasty Nutrients on GriL!

  • PaperBoy
    PaperBoy Month ago

    Name of restaurant?

  • dadang harmanto
    dadang harmanto Month ago

    just video no speak ..... f**k

  • kevin 34834
    kevin 34834 Month ago

    hungry :,c

  • raj meena
    raj meena Month ago


  • nguyên tú lê
    nguyên tú lê Month ago +1

    the person who shot this video shouldn't have let the fish and scallop get cold like that :((((

  • Deni Erlangga
    Deni Erlangga Month ago

    Ilok seubeuh nyatuan sakitu?

  • _あいうえお
    _あいうえお Month ago


  • Han Kerey
    Han Kerey Month ago

    Говядина сырая же

  • WalyB01
    WalyB01 Month ago

    how to peel a shrip with a knife. That a skill

  • Anosh Savangouda
    Anosh Savangouda Month ago

    Raw meat

  • 王玄師
    王玄師 Month ago


  • Gigih Irwanda
    Gigih Irwanda Month ago

    Orang2 jepang makanya kek gt.. Kira2 penghasil an mereka berapaa

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    He removed its shell and dark dorsal vein from the shrimp so cleanly and dexterously...
    The video is worth a second watching.

  • SuperEman500
    SuperEman500 Month ago

    Kobe beef is the greatest beef on earth, this is from personal experience.

  • Omar Ahmad
    Omar Ahmad Month ago

    This is mouth watering 🤤

  • mcprotein
    mcprotein 2 months ago

    the 2nd thing to be cooked looked like an ugly barstood