iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1

  • I thought this would be so fun putting the iPhone 11 up against the first generation iPhone.
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Comments • 80

  • jess jesse
    jess jesse 17 hours ago

    4G + 5G = the coronus virus ! How increible get freely disease by buy iphone ! Set back to 3G & save next generation & your own life ! You think disease are funny dude ...? Research danger 5G healthy

  • Joni Joni
    Joni Joni 19 hours ago

    1:38 "and where we are currently". Why does Samsung have 16 MP since 2014? and the iPhone is still at 12 since 2015 which was little outdated back then too since samsung had 12 MP since 2013.

  • Romana Ashraf
    Romana Ashraf Day ago

    Where did u got the iPhone 1 from ???

  • Billie Eilish fan
    Billie Eilish fan Day ago +1

    I can’t even afford the original iPhone 😂😂😂😂

  • ThexDGuy FTW
    ThexDGuy FTW Day ago

    If I’ll be honest it doesn’t have that big of a difference

  • Cadogan Crete
    Cadogan Crete Day ago

    1 2 potato

  • Nightmare111703
    Nightmare111703 2 days ago

    The 1st iPhone is not even iPhone 1 Ik it’s the 1st iPhone but it isn’t the iPhone 1

  • الابداع المبدعة

    The small girl is very beautiful

  • Donut tunoD
    Donut tunoD 3 days ago

    Ita not clalled the iphone "1" its calles the iphone 2g idiot

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 4 days ago

    The iPhone 12 is new

  • big oof
    big oof 4 days ago

    I'm going to be honest I actually think the iPhone 2G camera is better- please don't attack me.

  • gaming with Tayler
    gaming with Tayler 4 days ago

    Why do I like the I phone 1 better than the iPhone 11

  • Roos x
    Roos x 4 days ago

    When you discover the quality of the iphone 1 is better than my huawei p9 lite....

  • nmaruf
    nmaruf 5 days ago

    It is not called the iPhone 1

  • zaki aulia
    zaki aulia 5 days ago

    I love how unfair this is

  • Fancypeppa
    Fancypeppa 6 days ago

    Can u adopt me pls

  • Sophia Santana
    Sophia Santana 6 days ago

    Oi tudo bem

  • Iman Othman
    Iman Othman 6 days ago

    Loser:Iphone 1
    Winner:Iphone 11 Pro Max

    SUB ZERO 7 days ago


  • Nathan Rajh
    Nathan Rajh 7 days ago

    the original iPhone is literally better than any android...like no jokes

  • PZ214 Project Zorgo
    PZ214 Project Zorgo 8 days ago

    Original iPhone isn’t that bad

  • chase.
    chase. 8 days ago

    Had a Samsung ad play before this

  • Nice videos and Ghezal with you

    The iPhone 1 original take much beautiful photo then the iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Matej Manceta
    Matej Manceta 8 days ago

    12mp? That’s crap 💩

  • DerTim
    DerTim 9 days ago

    Honestly I like the look from the original one! Sure it's not that sharp as the 11th iPhone and fotos are sometimes too dark but this phone does not have these silly AI foto features! I like it :)

  • Josie Boice
    Josie Boice 11 days ago

    2:42 actually is pretty good

  • Marie Jourdain
    Marie Jourdain 12 days ago +1

    You should do old box phones from the 1990s

  • Youtube Is good
    Youtube Is good 13 days ago

    2189 omg on the iphone 11 you can not see a hair from a 3km distance
    Sooo trashhh

  • Deemah Rubaian
    Deemah Rubaian 13 days ago

    You’re so ugly

  • RZQGaming
    RZQGaming 14 days ago

    I think the difference between iphone 11 pro and iphone 1 camera is only the brightness

  • ItsDaking
    ItsDaking 14 days ago

    I have not seen it but I think the old man will win jaajja

  • i'msanna and Leah ashe biggest fan

    I like the iPhone 1 more😂🤣

  • akita roy
    akita roy 18 days ago

    I don’t know why but I LOVE the 2G so much but I hate the look on the 11 pro max
    Sorry I prefer the iPhone 2G Photos
    Look a Phone is a Phone and if the camera is not so good just Respect on how it is ok

  • danilo Simil
    danilo Simil 18 days ago


  • Kristy Garbutt
    Kristy Garbutt 18 days ago

    It’s 2g

  • Good Morning
    Good Morning 19 days ago +1

    Gosh, Justine you need some cases for those phones or they're going to fall and break so easily.

  • Good Morning
    Good Morning 19 days ago

    3:22 If you pause there the origanal phone looks better. 😆

  • Crystix
    Crystix 20 days ago

    The original iphone camera looks 10x better than my LG k7

  • Joel Peeples
    Joel Peeples 20 days ago

    IPhone 11pro Mack's

  • Harchad Singh
    Harchad Singh 21 day ago

    & iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Harchad Singh
    Harchad Singh 21 day ago

    You mean iPhone 1.0

  • Rashed dera
    Rashed dera 21 day ago

    Original iPhone is not that bad actually

  • Retrospect
    Retrospect 21 day ago

    It dose the look like trash

  • ermal asllani
    ermal asllani 23 days ago

    That original iPhone takes better pics than my current iPhone

  • Mayo Mario
    Mayo Mario 24 days ago

    guys stop messing with Justine's opinion

  • It’sToka _ Girl
    It’sToka _ Girl 25 days ago

    Ummmm I like it more with the old phone

    DASHER DAEMON 26 days ago

    The original iPhone has better camera than my phone

  • Wiki Motors
    Wiki Motors 26 days ago

    You should have done everything not just camera quality it would have been more effective and interesting, but still nice video (:

  • Mr.badboys
    Mr.badboys 27 days ago

    If you called I phone 1 trash, give or to me

  • luizmarcks _LR
    luizmarcks _LR 28 days ago +1

    Sou o comentário português que você procura

  • LolBry
    LolBry 28 days ago

    Original iPhone actually has better camera than my P20 lite

  • corona virus
    corona virus 28 days ago +1

    The iphone 1 has better pictures than my samsung

  • Sanberk tezcan
    Sanberk tezcan Month ago

    I think the iphone 1wwas better

  • Cino Goyena
    Cino Goyena Month ago

    Tbh it’s not bad for the 2mp camera but it doesn’t catch much of the color of the background but it looks good for the original iphone 2mp and an old phone FROM (2007) is suprising

  • soncera' dominique
    soncera' dominique Month ago

    ok but how is an iPhone 1's camera better than an android's?

  • DancerXgirls
    DancerXgirls Month ago

    The only major diff is the lighting

  • DancerXgirls
    DancerXgirls Month ago

    Honesty the iPhone 1 is impressive considering when it came out and the fact that the photos look descent today

  • Holly Neavill
    Holly Neavill Month ago +1

    If I'm honest, we don't need all these phones, one is good enough.

  • chai mee kim
    chai mee kim Month ago

    This is an iPhone 2g not iphone 1

  • Laz Crawford
    Laz Crawford Month ago

    the iPhone eleven sucks all it was is brighter

  • WindowsXP Gamer
    WindowsXP Gamer Month ago

    I don’t how stupid she is not to realize that the original phone takes ( At least ) Better Photos than the iPhone 11.

  • Rudy Saputra
    Rudy Saputra Month ago

    Iphone 1 for museum
    Iphone 11 for professional photograph

  • Filip GDR
    Filip GDR Month ago +1

    Bro the iPhone 1 has a better camera then my Moto.

  • Gabriel Sorato
    Gabriel Sorato Month ago


  • hyperspace36
    hyperspace36 Month ago

    Honestly, all of the photos weren't great, they all lacked some serious detail, only the 11 looked like it applied some very over the top sharpening effect, just my opinion


    I want iPhone 1$t generation am poor family...😞

    DAGGEЯ THEGF4あ Month ago

    It is the iphone 2g not 1 lol

  • Magician 539
    Magician 539 Month ago

    Acually it's the 2G, Justine i thought u were an expert :0

  • Hayrunisa Yıldırım

    Türk varmı

  • Bunny_ice cream time

    Iphone 1 is so little

  • Cody Burnette
    Cody Burnette Month ago

    The original iPhone’s camera isn’t that bad.

  • Vizi Winchester
    Vizi Winchester Month ago

    iphone 1 top

  • swag betch.
    swag betch. Month ago +2

    3:21 *wait the original kinda looks better tf????*

  • Tom Киселёв
    Tom Киселёв Month ago

    You’ve got a cool channel of norms. You’ve come up with a cool iPhone 1 against iPhone 11about

  • Tom Киселёв
    Tom Киселёв Month ago


  • Wasteland Survivor
    Wasteland Survivor Month ago

    The iPhone 2G is honestly better in my opinion

  • Foldedcam
    Foldedcam Month ago

    Nothing changed

  • Lucas Nogueira
    Lucas Nogueira Month ago

    iPhone 1's camera is good!

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez Month ago

    dude, the iPhone 11 pro is up to night mode, that's why pictures are too bright on the 11 and the original 2g is so dark.

  • Chad Nanke
    Chad Nanke Month ago

    I’ll take the iPhone 1