Destiny Rayne and Katie Kadan Battle It Out to the Iconic "Tiny Dancer" - The Voice Battles 2019

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Destiny Rayne Battles Katie Kadan, performing "Tiny Dancer" during The Voice The Battles, Part 2.
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    NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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    The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
    Destiny Rayne and Katie Kadan Battle It Out to the Iconic "Tiny Dancer" - The Voice Battles 2019
    The Voice
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Comments • 1 603

  • stud knot
    stud knot 9 hours ago

    I've cried when Blake press steal.

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther 21 hour ago

    If Katie were thin and still wild with her style; she would win this competition hands down. What a great voice and presentation. I bet she reduces quickly because she is a star! (for some reason, Katie makes me tear up, she is just so passionate and what a natural talent.)

  • Grace Ott
    Grace Ott Day ago +1

    these two complement eachother so well this is a phenomenal song choice and duet

  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues Day ago +1

    destiny was amazing here, omg

  • Jeffrey j
    Jeffrey j 2 days ago +1

    Can it get any better than Katie ???!!! This is real God given Talent ,can I get an Amen

  • Patrish
    Patrish 2 days ago


  • B Logistics
    B Logistics 2 days ago +2

    No need for church this week....

  • Alishia Youngblood
    Alishia Youngblood 3 days ago +2

    Unbelievable!! Both these women put it down!! My goodness... that was just unreal!! Love it!!

  • robert justus
    robert justus 4 days ago

    Is Katie a Transexual?

  • lindsay&andrew g
    lindsay&andrew g 5 days ago

    Katie sounds like a man. Not my style. She sounds like she looks.

  • Rafael Solano
    Rafael Solano 5 days ago


  • Jasmin Sacco
    Jasmin Sacco 5 days ago +1

    No jealousy on this performance they were just enjoying singing and both have chemistry. Love love love it! They are both a winner!

  • Juan Dela Cruz
    Juan Dela Cruz 5 days ago

    Katie's voice is unreal!

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez 5 days ago +2

    Ain't nobody gonna talk about that "slowly" at minute 1:22?!

  • Fany Ruiz Mederos
    Fany Ruiz Mederos 6 days ago

    que bello he llorado

  • the emancipation of me Mimi fan

    They should collab.

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon 6 days ago

    I wish Destiny was still on.

  • Lexy Martin
    Lexy Martin 7 days ago +1

    Katie voice can really get down really get down there.

  • brian kim
    brian kim 7 days ago +1

    Wow crushed by both

  • Pamela Morris
    Pamela Morris 7 days ago +9

    Katie blew this away & deserved the win. I believe she will win the entire show with her powerhouse voice & song choices.

  • United Differences
    United Differences 8 days ago +1

    Katie is a Queen

    respect 👍✌💜

  • Myesha Gooden
    Myesha Gooden 8 days ago

    Fawwwkkkk Kattiiiieeee!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Mona Dean
    Mona Dean 9 days ago +1

    I fell in love with Katie in blind auditions. That first note she hit....AMAZING

  • Gary Holt
    Gary Holt 9 days ago +1

    Gwen S is so wonderful to watch , she effortlessly absorbs all the beautiful parts of contestants voices.

  • Samantha Slocum
    Samantha Slocum 10 days ago

    Favorite battle this season💛💛

  • 최지훈
    최지훈 10 days ago +1

    0:34 wow the voice is so beautiful ☺️

  • Fox_Rebellion01
    Fox_Rebellion01 11 days ago +8

    They both need to make a cover of this because I would listen to this like every day they are both so good. I'm glad that they are both still in the competition. They are both amazing!!!

  • Rebbeca Sokolowski
    Rebbeca Sokolowski 11 days ago

    Love katie

  • Karen Lyons
    Karen Lyons 12 days ago +3

    This vid has been watched 1.5M times! I've probably watched it 20+ times and came back today to watch it again! LOVE!

  • Rita Rybski
    Rita Rybski 12 days ago

    Katie ❤️

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 12 days ago +1

    Katie's voice is full and rich!

  • Joseph Abdel-Rahman
    Joseph Abdel-Rahman 12 days ago

    straight chills any time Katie comes in

  • Fallout Guides
    Fallout Guides 12 days ago

    Sending Katie home proves they aren't about talent they are about vanity. Katie was unquestionably the most talented singer they've ever had on the voice.

    • simplysing
      simplysing 11 days ago

      Sending Kadie home???? Have u seen future episodes?? Please say it ain't so!!!

  • Johnnie Davis
    Johnnie Davis 12 days ago

    Great Job guy's

  • spread love than hate
    spread love than hate 12 days ago

    my best battle 😍😍katie u are too much

  • Deep Heat
    Deep Heat 12 days ago +5

    The most *Black* sounding *White* woman I've ever heard!

  • Leah Tole
    Leah Tole 13 days ago +1

    OMG Katie,,

  • Wysteria5
    Wysteria5 13 days ago +3

    these two need to be in a musical together like yesterday. that last note they held together was perfection. they were amazing together

  • Robin Cortez
    Robin Cortez 13 days ago +2

    This is still my favorite moment on this season's show, to date. MAGICAL DUET.💕💕
    Even Elton would LOVE this!!

  • John Baldino
    John Baldino 14 days ago

    Hard to believe Destiny is gone!!

  • fornax333
    fornax333 14 days ago

    They both made a 1'st class performance but I have to say like John. Katie! Looord JESUS!

  • ObiWanShinoby
    ObiWanShinoby 14 days ago +1

    Cancel the goddamn show and put these two in a band together as a Hollywood duet.

  • iXabi-
    iXabi- 14 days ago +1

    Destiny is good, but Katie is great, an I feel sorry for every other person on this show because she won this on audition week.

  • pjnkblue
    pjnkblue 14 days ago

    Katie won even before the battle lol

  • Daniel Havener
    Daniel Havener 15 days ago +2

    They even gave Destiny more opportunities during that song that tailored to her voice, and Katie still crushed it out of the park.

  • Justine Paulo Tapil
    Justine Paulo Tapil 15 days ago

    Kelly is such a fangirl. So cute

  • Phillip Knight
    Phillip Knight 16 days ago +1

    This is so beautiful!!!!!

  • Florland Mariano
    Florland Mariano 16 days ago

    I remember Jason warrior vs Christian Cuevas in this battle round

  • Sarah Kuganja
    Sarah Kuganja 16 days ago +1

    Brings a nalstagia of Jackie n Dr. King,great battle it was

  • Sarah Kuganja
    Sarah Kuganja 16 days ago +1

    1:57-59 was the epitome,, RESPECT to Katie but Destiny is a diamond,her smile is everything.
    Go galssss

  • Douglas Meyer
    Douglas Meyer 16 days ago

    Effortless and Divine performance!!!!
    Chills!!!! Even after watching the treasure all week!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Joi Castill
    Joi Castill 16 days ago +1

    My favorite battle, Destiny did a great job

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 17 days ago

    This was really unfair this is one of my fav songs and it wasn’t suited for destiny’s voice... a song in a register would have been more balanced 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Dea Dropuljic'
    Dea Dropuljic' 17 days ago

    They complimented each other very well!

  • Jacob Damato
    Jacob Damato 17 days ago

    I think Destiny tried a little too hard it was cringe

  • Cari111111
    Cari111111 17 days ago +1

    the truth is, we need both of them. Love this!

  • Hope M
    Hope M 18 days ago


  • ajc bng
    ajc bng 18 days ago +2

    Katie--the hair on my arms stands up every time she sings. This poor kid had to sing with her. Awwww.

    • Black Screen
      Black Screen 14 days ago

      ajc bng Tf Destiny was amazing too

  • Naturally Yours
    Naturally Yours 18 days ago +1

    I’ve watched this performance more times than I can count. This was remarkable!

    • SirWheelzAlot3384
      SirWheelzAlot3384 17 days ago

      Destiny 100% held her own but there's no one like Katie..

  • Dennis Inkwa
    Dennis Inkwa 18 days ago +1

    Big mama is bigger than this show to be honest! Mad talent!