Joe Rogan Experience #1348 - Bill Burr

  • Bill Burr is a standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “The Monday Morning Podcast”. His new special "Paper Tiger" is now streaming on Netflix.

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  • Damon Teppe
    Damon Teppe 56 minutes ago

    These two w each other is gold dude😁

  • Andrew Leblanc
    Andrew Leblanc 19 hours ago

    Go watch the Mandalorian if you haven't. Best surprise ever.

  • Shumayel Khan
    Shumayel Khan Day ago

    Joe decides instead of getting dave chapelle on, (which he can do easily) he’s just gonna tour with chapelle lol.

  • Pyro- Prophecy
    Pyro- Prophecy 2 days ago

    Bill burr looks like jim norton

  • Astana Say
    Astana Say 2 days ago +1

    Why does bill talk as if rogan is an actual comedian!

    • Shumayel Khan
      Shumayel Khan Day ago

      Doesn’t mean he’s not good... just he’s not EXCELLENT. We’re spoiled.

    • Shumayel Khan
      Shumayel Khan Day ago

      Astana Say rogan is funny. Just can’t hang with the goats and in comparison to Bill he’s a fifth grader in comedy.

  • Torkoal 29
    Torkoal 29 4 days ago +1


  • Cpl Granny
    Cpl Granny 4 days ago

    from where Im at it seems like Joe Rogan is living the dream. One of the few prior reality tv hosts that made it far. He adapted to change. Man has awesome podcasts where he shoots the shit, was a comedian, one of the most entertaining UFC commentators just a guy doing what he wants when he wants. Love from Sweden.

  • siqongmason
    siqongmason 5 days ago

    Greatness with these two together.

  • Stephen Brady
    Stephen Brady 6 days ago

    1st question to Dave Chappelle. "So.. Alot of people are saying you're a clone Dave.. Any idea why they'd think that?" Dave, "I don't know, people are crazy" Joe, "Well you do look a lot different from Chapelle Show.." Dave _>

  • Stephen Brady
    Stephen Brady 6 days ago

    Tosh and Burr are my favorites.

  • 2muchtvisbad
    2muchtvisbad 6 days ago

    Why are not the comments immediately below the video? I'm really slow to accept these changes. RU-clip slips one over me again.

  • Rey Alvidrez
    Rey Alvidrez 6 days ago

    Bill you're a genius. You too Joe. How do you give brain to an audience dummer than shit. I tried the beatniks and Kerouac. Dylan and more. Are people this dumb?

  • Guy Ferz
    Guy Ferz 7 days ago +1

    Joe Burr and Bill Rogan

  • Allwyn Dias
    Allwyn Dias 7 days ago

    Which movies they talk about?

  • Xennial Hipster
    Xennial Hipster 8 days ago

    Bill is the kinda guy I wish was my dad or uncle

  • Tony Roth
    Tony Roth 11 days ago

    If u haven't seen the bill burr and snoop interview floating around check it out! Two of the farthest opposites just clicked. Snoop has some mad interviewer skills and start to finish was hooked. Check it out if your a bill fan. The burr and snoop show haha

  • Tony Roth
    Tony Roth 11 days ago

    If u haven't seen the bill burr and snoop interview floating around check it out! Two of the farthest opposites just clicked. Snoop has some mad interviewer skills and start to finish was hooked. Check it out if your a bill fan. The burr and snoop show haha

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 12 days ago

    Why you going to Indianapolis, Billllll?

  • IamI3rian
    IamI3rian 12 days ago +1

    He came dangerously close to pointing out how racist blacks are towards whites.
    Damn shame he pussed out.

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian 11 days ago +1

      @SacredNutrino my friend, I'm not allowed outside.
      While I'd love to timestamp this for you, I've watched like.... I dunno ten more of these since then.
      I'll rewatch this later and get back to you. It was early on I think, and Burr said it (in case I wasn't clear).
      I mean, ya know.... he ALMOST said it.

    • SacredNutrino
      SacredNutrino 11 days ago

      Where? Not disagreeing just cant find it

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR 13 days ago

    2:02:00 great tribute to George Carlin, still relevant 30 years after

  • Jinxy
    Jinxy 15 days ago

    I wanna see the video of that kid fucking the other kid up

  • Loren Larsen
    Loren Larsen 15 days ago +1

    28:54 Joe barks like a dog

  • qp ghost qp
    qp ghost qp 18 days ago

    Love how joe brings up violence against women as if it's ok to be violent towards men just because. Sometimes your liberal attitude is sad

  • Carlzday
    Carlzday 19 days ago

    bear meat is EXCELLENT...way better than beef -- i literally have a 1/4 freezer full. , i take 2 bear a year

    • Carlzday
      Carlzday 10 days ago +1

      @Eric Bennett black bear. It's the only one I can hunt,,,, but I'd love to go to Saskatchewan or quebec and hunt Grizzly

    • Eric Bennett
      Eric Bennett 12 days ago

      What kind of bear do u eat?

    THE IRISH INVENTOR 19 days ago

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  • gun smoke
    gun smoke 19 days ago +1

    Bill burr is funnier (in my opinion) than Theo. I love Theo as well but that's just my preference

  • Anthony Peppers
    Anthony Peppers 19 days ago

    Joe "my kids are allowed to hit me" Rogan.

  • Nikolai Megdanov
    Nikolai Megdanov 21 day ago +1

    Joe: It's healthier tho., while somking a cigar!

  • Rohan Chaudhry
    Rohan Chaudhry 22 days ago

    Has Bill Burr never seen a John Woo movie...? fast edits can engross as much as continuous shots

  • Tom Calvin
    Tom Calvin 23 days ago

    Whores don't care about lumber

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 24 days ago

    Why does only one of the bald guys have blue balls?

  • alvin smith
    alvin smith 24 days ago

    weathermen; from Dylan's 'you don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows'the weather underground, the huron river declaration, tom hayden, etc

  • Delirium
    Delirium 24 days ago

    About an hour an five minutes in... Just mute it for like the next two ta three minutes... Don't do it future people...

  • Ruki Chan
    Ruki Chan 25 days ago

    You ever think comics should have a line between youtube/internet vs actual comedy clubs.

  • Ashley McElvain
    Ashley McElvain 26 days ago

    Bill Burr you make me so happy!

  • Nicko s
    Nicko s 26 days ago

    Do Dave Chappelle.

  • Ishmad Jasiir
    Ishmad Jasiir 26 days ago


  • Kjca
    Kjca 27 days ago

    “And the sound of the deers- AHHHHHH DONT, SHUT THAT FUCKIN THING OFF” 😂😂😂

  • Guy Belski
    Guy Belski 27 days ago

    Joe "Pull up an xray of Sylvester stallone's neck" Rogan

  • cameron farias
    cameron farias 28 days ago

    This is the kid from rocky point 😂😂😂

  • Lost Minds
    Lost Minds 29 days ago

    You mofos make me stay up all night...Causing me insomnia..

  • Adam Bunce
    Adam Bunce 29 days ago

    I get it Bill Burr, I say that to people all the time "do you have any happy videos of animals?". I think its because we are secretly empaths, and a lot of energy goes into protecting ourselves against feeling another's pain, but a video in our face can get right through our walls of defense. Its shocking and leaves a bruise, probably more than the average onlooker.

    • J. D.
      J. D. 10 days ago

      Oh geez... Funny how everyone is an empath all of a sudden. Lol

  • Jean Baptiste
    Jean Baptiste 29 days ago

    @PowerfulJRE you need to have ZUBE back along with Jack from Twitter and Tim Pool. ZUBE just got suspended from Twitter for saying “ok, dude” to some white/Asian trans person who had themselves referred to people as dude at least 4 times in the preceding weeks. This is where we are. The left (who you are supporting via your endorsement of Bernie) has empowered white trans to declare dark skinned African men as white supremacist bigots for casually responding with “ok, dude” to insane whites who are aggressively attacking the sexual prowess of Zube, a black man. It’s on you to air this out on your platform.

  • Dante Ruff
    Dante Ruff 29 days ago


  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson Month ago

    Haha man when Bill started screaming I nearly shat myself!

  • Andres Rengifo
    Andres Rengifo Month ago +1

    1:27:30 Listening to Bill talk about flying after Kobe’s death gives me chills

  • Dillon Taylor
    Dillon Taylor Month ago +8

    Joe rogan: What did he do??
    Bill Burr: Not trying to bring that up again
    Joe rogan: I can't believe he did that.

  • Brad Sully
    Brad Sully Month ago

    Bill burr didnt want to do a sitcom. All I have to say: Townies. Haha you fucking red balls extra ads cunt!!

    RED SOCK Month ago

    They look like two comedy kettle bells!

  • Sam Gonzalez
    Sam Gonzalez Month ago

    Bill Burr's stand up killed em lol 😂 And my boys back in the States.

  • Guy Guyson
    Guy Guyson Month ago

    I died when he said sloths are like jalapeno poppers lmao

  • daledenton1132
    daledenton1132 Month ago +1

    Joe “Jaime, get me another black cock” Rogan

  • phoxius
    phoxius Month ago

    My brother got beaten into a coma down in New Orleans a few years ago. They got away with it, legally. I say "They" because there's no fucking way my brother would've been in the state he was left in from one person. Guaran-fucking-teed. I know this isn't the place but fuck it. I've never been an angry person 'till this happened, and ever since I've been livid. Every time I talk to him I'm reminded of it, brain damage is apparent in his speech now. Dunno what else to say, I just hope that the people who pull that kind of shit know they'll get theirs. Karma.
    All I can do is forgive. Don't want to, don't feel it - but I will.

  • Adam Bourassa
    Adam Bourassa Month ago

    My buddy’s son was attacked and fought back, killed him with a shot.

  • Griffin Maxwell
    Griffin Maxwell Month ago

    Bill predicted how Kobe Bryant would die

  • Dillan Koopman
    Dillan Koopman Month ago

    I know no one cares but Bill, hell yeah with the Zeppelin shoutout!

  • Yeah Amia
    Yeah Amia Month ago +1

    I love his show “F is for Family” lol

  • s0bad
    s0bad Month ago

    They're wearing the same watch lol. Also I didn't realise Joe was left handed



  • Hava Donut
    Hava Donut Month ago

    too many sides of the coin.

  • Boabywankenobi
    Boabywankenobi Month ago +1

    1:25:30 - Bill Burr talking about Yoyoka

  • Aaron Dixon
    Aaron Dixon Month ago +2

    Joe “are there fat monkeys” Rogan

  • Lil Overdose
    Lil Overdose Month ago


  • Stephen T
    Stephen T Month ago

    New Tool album is siiick

  • Brad Sully
    Brad Sully Month ago

    That intro was weird..

  • John Foster
    John Foster Month ago

    Kicking a man when he is down is the lowest of the low. SHAME

  • Skylan H
    Skylan H Month ago

    The "nice guy who knows how to fight" aka the biblical definition of meek. The meek will inherit the earth.

    • Skylan H
      Skylan H 6 days ago

      @J. D. πραεις or in Greek praus. In Hebrew is means knowing God is above you. In Greek it means in complete control of one's emotions. It was used to describe war horses.
      Strong and fearless but following the direction of it's master(God).

    • J. D.
      J. D. 6 days ago

      @Skylan H no you're dense. You have just made up facts to suit you're argument. Watch me smash it. Please show us in Hebrew what word was used for meek. The common definition the word never changed.

    • Skylan H
      Skylan H 7 days ago

      @J. D. my God you are dense. Do I have to spell everything out for you? The Hebrew word, and Greek word used in "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" is the same word used in Numbers and Matthews. So when I said "The biblical definition of meek" I was obviously talking about how meek was used when the bible was written and what it meant at the time.
      Over time the common use definition of meek changed and so in New translations bibles no longer use meek in those verses.
      Another example: the Genesis word "kind" does not mean the modern scientific classification of "kind".
      All words change and so it is important to know original wording and definitions.
      When Jesus said, blessed are the meek.... he was saying blessed are those like Moses and himself. NOT the modern definition of meek.

    • J. D.
      J. D. 7 days ago

      @Skylan H again semantics. If You aren't reading Aramaic or Hebrew you're reading translation and they all differ. Tailoring to fit your argument. Tell me which version I should look at. So first it's the definition of the word which there is no proof of your argument. Now it's translation. Feel free to offer proof of either.

    • Skylan H
      Skylan H 7 days ago

      @J. D. lol, you are reading new translations bibles. Seriously dude. Look at the version of the bible. Lol

  • pwnStar
    pwnStar Month ago

    the banter between these two is off the charts hilarious


    Biil burr kills it

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    1.27:37 Bill foretells the same circumstances and reason the Copter Kobe was in crashed. Crazy.

    • no name
      no name Month ago

      @fjf sjdnx Crazy that Bill mentioned the scenario, then it happened.

    • fjf sjdnx
      fjf sjdnx Month ago

      not crazy at all. Helicopter crashes most often than not, are about people who are not trained to fly with IFR only, end up crashing.

  • Robert Tallent
    Robert Tallent Month ago

    What movie are they talking about

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    alright looks like i need to talk to my girlfriend about the tv show choices

  • Isiah Ngawaka
    Isiah Ngawaka Month ago

    Anyone trying to find where the short piece of them talking about getting eating by animals carry's on. 1:36:45

  • Joshua Stover
    Joshua Stover Month ago

    We conquered elephants what's stopping us from conquering mammoths or having a relationship with them

  • Ashley Walters
    Ashley Walters Month ago

    Your body is a restomod.... love it

  • CLuv
    CLuv Month ago +8

    "I would walk on stage with my red afro and be like I have things to say"

  • Alessandro Stagni
    Alessandro Stagni Month ago

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones Month ago

    Man i miss those o&a days

  • Brendan Hunt
    Brendan Hunt Month ago +1

    On a good year, Tigers in the Sunderbans kill around 170 people a year. I wonder if if Joe meant 300,000 people total ever.

  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig Month ago

    "Pull up the video.....The bear is eating it alive while the deer is screaming"Why?" "Because you need to know what a bear really is"... so hilarious that dialogue