Massive footprints spark new sasquatch search in Pacific NW
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A sasquatch investigator is looking into extremely large footprints found near Seattle, which has piqued the interest of a renowned researcher here on the island. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: Connect ..
The Oregon Sasquatch | Paranormal Witness | Real Fear
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While out on a hike in the Cascade Mountains, Deputy Sheriff Jess Boiler had an unforgettable encounter with a human-like creature. From Paranormal Witness Season 1 Episode 3: A former deputy sheriff is pursued by a strange beast. Whether you’re..
N.W.T. man reports sasquatch sighting
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As CBC's Hilary Bird reports, he's not the first man to report an encounter with a mythical creature in the area »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio..
Strange sounds spark search for sasquatch in B.C. community
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A community off northern Vancouver Island is at the centre of an eerie mystery. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: Connect with CTV News: For the latest news visit: For a full video o..
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Join me in Washington State while I visit Mark the Pond Guy and his family - along with their gorgeous water features. Dan Harp is the 2018 Water Feature Artist of the Year! VISIT MARK THE POND GUY: VISIT MARK'S MOON..
KGW Archive: 1971 Washington Sasquatch report
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After a number of sightings in 1971, KGW ventured out to Skamania, Washington, to interview people who claimed to have seen the legendary yet elusive creature of Northwest lore. The KGW reporter is Jon Tuttle. KGW talked with a witness who came face..
Chatting with a Sasquatch Witness
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Bigtruth youtube channel: Barbara Shupe Cloaked Bigfoot Footage: Bigfoot Tony's Enhanced Footage:
Sasquatch in My Backyard | Finding Bigfoot
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The team investigates an account of a sasquatch seeking refuge in a hay barn. Sundays @ 10pm on Animal Planet. For more, visit
What it takes to win a Sasquatch calling competition | E:60
Views 25K5 months ago
Every year, Bigfoot believers descend upon the Adirondack town of Whitehall, New York, for the Sasquatch Calling Festival. E:60 talks to contestants - and those who claim to have seen Sasquatch himself. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on RU-clip: es...
Testing New Bigfoot Sasquatch Equipment On Friday The 13'th And The Night Of A Full Moon
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Every year, Bigfoot believers descend upon the Adirondack town of Whitehall, New York, for the Sasquatch Calling Festival. E:60 talks to contestants - and those who claim to have seen Sasquatch himself. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on RU-clip: es...
Sasquatch! A melancholy inter-dimensional environmentalist?!
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Regina artist Greg Allen has been looking for the Sasquatch for a long time. And along the way, he's come up with some "woo" theories (plus a mysterious portal in the woods). »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos:
Sneaky Sasquatch Trailer
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Live the life of a Sasquatch and do regular, everyday Sasquatch stuff like: - Sneak around campsites - Disguise yourself in human clothing - Eat food from unguarded coolers and picnic baskets - Play a quick 9 holes at the golf course - Go fishing a..
Ice Cube - Sasquatch (Official Video)
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Check out the official music video for "Sasquatch" by Ice Cube Download "Sasquatch" now on: iTunes - Google - Amazon - Music video by Ice Cube..
Game Grumps Animated - The Story of the Sasquatch
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hey all! i made this pretty much immediately after hearing today's super mario 3d world episode - it, like, popped fully formed into my head, and i hunkered down for ~9 nearly continuous hours and cranked it out! it's probably my favorite one of the ..
Tankiest Sasquatch Ever | Zephy's attack keeps him alive | Castle Clash
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Tankiest Sasquatch Ever | Zephy's attack keeps him alive | Castle Clash Please enjoy. Please consider to Subscribe, like, share and comment #CastleClash #Angrysagamer #TankiestSasquatch
Can Your Mattress Protector Stand up to Sasquatch?
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A stretchy mattress protector is WAY more comfortable than that glorified trash bag you're probably sleeping on. Order a Purple Mattress Protector here: Subscribe to Purple! M..
SASQUATCH.....My First Experience
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Its not very exciting, but it was my first experience with these things. Have about 6 more experiences first hand to share later.
Wolves, Sasquatch, Trail Cams And A Story
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Why do so many people place limits on their brains? In this video I share some explaining about trail cams and why they just are not the answer to some tough questions. Be sure to hit up my app page on iTunes and Google Play for valuable knowledge a..
SASQUATCH...........Had A Gun On It
Views 177K5 months ago
A funny opener and a crazy story told to me by a man who wont go in the woods any longer. Again, if you know an angler or are one, please grab our Stillwater Fly Fishing app. It made "Top Angling App 2019" next to Orvis for its very first year, clic..
Sasquatch - SNL
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Campers (Sterling K. Brown, Heidi Gardner, Melissa Villaseñor, Mikey Day, Pete Davidson) try to befriend a Sasquatch when it invades their campsite. #SNL #SNL43 Subscribe to SNL: Stream Current Full Episodes: www.nbc..
SASQUATCH.....My Grandfathers Story.
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If you are not curious about this topic, just save yourself the frustration and dont watch this. More Hunt Stories will be coming. My first encounter story to come.
First Nations, Sasquatch And Stolen Carcasses
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A few years back I ran into a local First Nations man in the woods, we had an interesting conversation. I as well share in this video some un explainable carcass removals from 'something'.
Mysterious Bigfoot Sasquatch Creature Seen And Or Heard On Video Ten Times In One Week
Views 65K4 months ago
This is the compilation of an entire week's worth of filming. The twenty six minutes or so that we kept from the hours and hours and HOURS worth of footage we discarded is going to completely blow your mind. I'm glad I didn't watch ANY of the footage..
Best of the Worst: Suburban Sasquatch
Views 1.5MYear ago
The group dissects one of their absolute favorite terrible movies, Suburban Sasquatch! The terrifying story of a guy in a shitty gorilla costume ripping rubber arms off terrible actors!
Sounds of a South Jersey Sasquatch | Finding Bigfoot
Views 90K5 years ago
The team heads to Pine Barrens to investigate mysterious reports from locals. | For more Finding Bigfoot, visit Catch up with Finding Bigfoot full episodes! |
Sasquatch Calls at Night | Finding Bigfoot
Views 175K7 years ago
The team heads out to see if they can see or hear any sasquatch activity. Sundays @ 10pm on Animal Planet. For more, visit
'This can't be real' | Shelby woman says she's seen sasquatch by her home
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She says the Sasquatch sightings started back in March. Footprints are her proof. #Bigfoot #Sasquatch #Sasquatchsighting ►Subscribe to WCNC on RU-clip: ►Subscribe to the Wake Up Charlotte ..
SASQUATCH - The Pivotal Encounter
Views 85K26 days ago
By request, here is the story of why I abruptly decided to leave these beings alone. The mystery is solved on what keeps making the tracks, the screams and is being seen across the planet thousands of times. The very serious mystery which needs sol..
Wild Bigfoot Horror! Sasquatch Monster Attacks! Ethan and Cole With Nerf Blasters Fight the Beast
Views 9M2 years ago
The wild Bigfoot monster has returned with a vengeance! This time the Sasquatch is here to attack! Its a first person view Nerf battle of Ethan and Cole Vs the horrible beast. After a trip to the forest, the boys seem to have picked up a stow away. N..
SASQUATCH, They Had To Sell their Home
Views 137K2 months ago
Another first hand story told to me by a couple in south central BC as well some video footage I took a few years back. Please hit up our outdoor apps, all the content is from a true professional guide, not a phony douche, lol. Good luck to all. Top..
SASQUATCH.........My Friend Ran Into One
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These stories are just too easy to edit up and post due to no B roll searching through drives, ( daily nightmare here building the apps). Again, yes, more wicked hunt stories coming, we filmed up an insane one today.
Watching And Listening For Bigfoot Sasquatch At Sunset
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These stories are just too easy to edit up and post due to no B roll searching through drives, ( daily nightmare here building the apps). Again, yes, more wicked hunt stories coming, we filmed up an insane one today.
The Sasquatch Killer | National Geographic
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Justin Smeja, a Bigfootologist, claims he saw and killed two Sasquatches. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Throu..
SASQUATCH, It Ruined Him....2 Weeks Ago
Views 122KMonth ago
A subscriber wrote to me to tell me about the life changing moment he just experienced while working his family ranch. He went from laughing at the topic and anyone who spoke of it to having to presently hide his experience at all costs from his frie..
Terrifying Return To Bigfoot Sasquatch Gifting Tree Reveals Horrific Discovery
Views 307K8 months ago
Okay folks. It's been one week to the day since I attempted to lure the Bigfoot Sasquatch away from my home for my family's safety. Today, I returned to the gifting tree where I attempted to lead him, and I made a horrific discovery.
Chased By Sasquatch | Monsters and Mysteries in America
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Monsters and Mysteries in America Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Destination America GO: All was going well for Derek Randles and his friend during a camping trip, until they were a..
SASQUATCH.......... you asked.
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I'm not here to debate with or 'prove to' anybody, anything. If you have previous knowledge on the topic, or have a sincere curiosity, the experiences I am going to share will be of interest. If the topic is just too threatening to you, or you just ..
Possible Sasquatch Sighting outside Squamish, BC
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To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email This video was only uploaded for the benefit of a couple of friends, we had no intention for it to gather the interest it has. We are not claiming this t..
SASQUATCH, A Story, Joe Rogan, Podcasts And D-Bags
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This is a new experience emailed to me from a teenager who lives near my home. Lots of news/views and ideas in this video. Dont forget to hit the links, help people become aware of the outdoor apps we have created. Stillwater Fly Fishing iTunes https..
Views 2.2M5 months ago
Big Monster truck vs "Small" Monster Truck !! Both were released as part of latest dlc update for GTA Online which is Arena War DLC. This is just to see how a big vehicle cloud be compared to a "RC" vehicle. Do keep in mind their prices, armor and ot..
Bigfoot Sasquatch Stands NO Chance Now With This New Tool In His Arsenal
Views 53K5 months ago We are extremely thankful to the folks at Wolfwise for sponsoring this episode, and for providing us with one more tool to make our lives, and our potential Bigfoot Sasquatch run-ins tipped more in our favor. Also- Wolfwise i..
EPIC SASQUATCH! CRAZY SCRUMPTIOUS TACO! - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Gameplay Part 218
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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 218! Sasquatch Boss Hunt Gameplay! PART 1 ► PLAYLIST ► SUBSCRIBE ► ► Thanks for every Like! 👍 R..
SASQUATCH, What If, 911 and Window Lickers
Views 62K23 days ago
Dont you love the titles? lol Open your mind, think of how these things, their actions toward us just do not make sense as far as 'sense' goes among us. I also offer up a couple thoughts on us as a whole. by the time you see this video I will be dee..
SASQUATCH, Drugs, New Stories, And A Few Photos
Views 66K8 days ago
1600 humans go missing in national parks a year on average....cant be found .... yet people 'think' an intelligent upright being should be easily located, funny eh? New stories, new experiences, never a shortage and much more to come. Please forward ..
Finding Bigfoot - The Hunt for the Mighty Sasquatch! - Let's Play Finding Bigfoot Gameplay
Views 1.8M2 years ago
Welcome to Finding Bigfoot! Finding Bigfoot is a game where you're sent to find missing tourists. You soon discover that Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) has inhabited the national park! ►Watch more Finding Bigfoot: Will update soon ► Support Blitz on Patr..
LIsten! Bigfoot Sasquatch Spring Mating Calls And Screams Heard Clearly From The Forest
Views 67K5 months ago
It sure did sound like they were feeling their oats this morning!
MONSTER of the WOODS Sasquatch shhh! 2019
Views 8775 days ago
A recap and a couple new sighting Locations Which did Not pan out, some of this footage has been used in other MotW posts, we show you some very fantastic areas of British Columbia Canada Which of course is north of the USA c 2019 BUCKWHEAT BOYS