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Два месяца с Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Полный обзор
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Магазин BigAp: Промокод на скидку: BIG18 Финальный обзор на Samsung Galaxy Note 9, приятного просмотра! Twitter – Подкасты iTune..
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Display, Cameras, Battery & Price. ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: The Samsung Galaxy No..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: The Total Package!
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Galaxy Note 9 checks every every damn box for $1000! Is it worth the extra cash? Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Note 9 skins: MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use:
Распаковка Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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Выиграй Galaxy Note 9: 1. Подпишись на канал Wylsacom 2. Поставь лайк этому видео 3. Оставь один любой комментарий. Итоги подводим через неделю, всем у..
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Хороший обзор, как хорошее вино — должен дождаться своего времени. Смотрите долгожданный обзор Samsung Note 9 с Наташей Шелягиной. Samsung Galaxy Note 9..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 After The Buzz: Still WORTH It?!
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Even if most products get forgotten by the media after their review period, there are a few that stand out. Gadgets that people still ask about months later. Some that we even decide to hold on to as daily drivers, and that we get to see age over tim..
Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9 15W Wireless Charging Test
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Before my Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus Review I wanted to look at the upgraded Note 10 15W Wireless Charging. The Official Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Review is not complete without a comparison to the Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9: One Year Later
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When Samsung unveiled the Note 9 a year ago, I was surprised by how much I liked it. Sure, it didn't bring many fresh features mostly just refinements in areas where the Note line already excelled. There was more power than before, longer battery ..
Is The Galaxy Note 9 The Best Smartphone of 2018?
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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best smartphone for 2018 or is it just another Note? One thing's for sure, if you want to Play Fortnite for Android the Note 9 is the place to do it. dbrand - ..
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Galaxy Note 9: Worth the upgrade?
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After relatively minor internal upgrades going from Note 8 to Note 9 in 2018, the Galaxy Note 10 brings some major changes not least two sizes, three cameras, a hole-punch selfie shooter and a bigger (or smaller?) battery! Here's how the Samsung G..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - Full Comparison
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In today's video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. A lot of people are wondering whether to not they should upgrade from the Note 9 to the Galaxy S10 Plus, or if they are first time shoppers, ..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In 2019! (One Year Later!) (Review)
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9 SpeedTest and Camera Comparison
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Speed Performance and Camera Quality Compare of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS & SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9. All apps we opens in this video are downloaded from 'GooglePlayStore' Facebook
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review: All The Note 9’s Problems Fixed
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#note10 #Samsung Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a big jump over the Galaxy Note 9.
Is The Galaxy Note 9 Still Worth It In 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review after 1 year. Is the Galaxy Note 9 Still Worth It in 2019. With the new Samsung galaxy note 10 recently released, how has the Samsung galaxy note 9 faired over the past year? Here is the link to the wallpaper: shorturl.a..
Note 9: The Final Review
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Skullcandy Indy Wireless Earbuds: With the next Galaxy Note on the horizon, it is time to take one last look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Let's see how the popular phablet changed over the past year. G..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing & Overview
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing and Hands on Overview the Note 9 it has a 6.4" SAMOLED Screen it comes with 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage rear 12MP dual camera with OIS and main camera has variable aperture and the new S-Pen is bluetooth enabled..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - A Long Term User Review
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After a full three months of being used as primary smartphone, its time to give the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a proper user review of its camera, battery life and more. There has certainly been some issues but its also a great device. Buy items in th..
20+ Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks!
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Buy Galaxy Note 9: We're back from First 10 Things, Unboxings, and S Pen ramblings to share 20 Galaxy Note 9 tips and tricks. For those not familiar, this is a full-on tutorial of the best features and settings to adjust as ..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: One Year Later
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still holds its own extremely well after being on the market for almost one year. As the Note 10 comes fast approaching, we thought we'd revisit the Note 9 to see if there are any areas that need to be seriously improved. Ho..
Galaxy Note 9 - 1 Year Later
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Galaxy Note 9 - 1 Year Later! Hello all and welcome to my 1 year later review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In this video, I will explain to you my 1 year experience of owning the device. The intentions of this video is to discuss where the phone sta..
Note 9 Better Than Note 10 and Note 10 Plus? 9 Reasons To Stick With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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So the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are here and initially I am not all that impressed with it’s new offerings over the Note 9. If you are considering the Note 10 / Note 10 Plus as your next smartphone, I would encourage you to consider these 9 reasons..
Galaxy S10+ vs Note9: Does Samsung's flagship still stack up?
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Should You Buy The Galaxy Note 9 In 2019?
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The Galaxy Note 9 was released in 2018 but despite it being over a year old it's still an incredible device. Sure, the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus have been announced but the Galaxy Note 9 has some features we may never see again like a headphone jack, ..
Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 9.. is it even better? 🤔
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Read the full post: Check it out at Samsung: Is the Note 10 even better than the Note 9? We break down all the differences. Check out our favorite stuff on Amazon: Do..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Revisited! Wait for the Galaxy Note 10?
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With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 being released very soon, I wanted to revisit the Galaxy Note 9 to see if it is still a solid phone to be using now! This could be the last Note phone with a headphone jack. Subscribe for more: G..
Review Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Indonesia!
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: Lives up to the Hype
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Samsung continues its nearly spotless history of delivering excellent big-screen phones with the Note 9. It offers powerful performance, a long-lasting battery and a brilliant display. Its cameras aren’t the best in class, but they still take great..
The Note 9 After 1 Year
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It's been almost a full year since the launch of the Note 9, a device people either felt was most worth it's thousand dollar price tag or they though it was a boring upgrade. I fell into the category of seeing both points of views, although it wasnt ..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing & First Look - The Beast!!! 🔥🔥🔥
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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ke baare mein baat ki hai, humne kiya hai unbox Galaxy Note 9 ko aur dekha hai isi phone aur detail mein jaha aapko milta hai 6.4" ka QHD Super AMOLED Display, Dual 12MP Camera variabl..
Galaxy Note 9 Long Term Review: The Best Forgotten Smartphone!
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It’s been 7 months now since the release of the Galaxy Note 9. So much has been going on at Samsung lately that this phone seems to have been forgotten in the RU-clip space. Is this the best forgotten phone in recent history? Let’s find out. Sub..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 7 Pro
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So I think the Galaxy Note 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro are two of the best phones on the market right now for a premium smartphone experience without a premium smartphone price tag. But they each provide unique advantages which can make it difficult to decid..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 After the Note 10. The Forgotten Beast?
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 After the Note 10. The Forgotten Beast? Subscribe to my channel: Watch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 videos: Join my channel and become a premium member her..
Galaxy Note 9: First 10 Things to Do!
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Buy Galaxy Note 9: The Galaxy Note 9 is up for pre-order and arriving soon, so that means many of you will have one in hand. When you do open the box the first time, we've got the first 10 things to do with the Galaxy Note 9!..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on! Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender. MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: ki..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Unboxing and First Impressions Available for preorder now, Check out my daughters channel, Join the Notification Squad: notificationsquad...
Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..
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Click here to download PUBG MOBILE for free and join the 100 million players currently playing: Sponsored by PUBG MOBILE. The Note 9 isn't perfect.. but I can't find much that's wrong with it.. Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Am..
Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9: Should you UPGRADE?
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In this video, we will do a side by side comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Pro) vs the Galaxy Note 9. We have gotten our hands on a dummy model of the Note 10 plus, and we will pit it against the note 9 to see what's going on. Should y..
Why Samsung Note 9 !
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This is the samsung galaxy Note 9 ! A one of a kind series from samsung. This year it comes with a new S pen & a near perfect flagship spec ! Hopefully it wont blast & here's why you will buy it ! Keep supporting ATC android ToTo Company Price - Of..
Why I'm not switching Galaxy Note 9 to S10 Plus?
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Why I'm not switching Galaxy Note 9 to S10 Plus. Hello all and welcome to this quick comparison video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus! In this video I will be giving you my subjective reasoning as to why I think that the ..
Galaxy Note 9 după două luni! - Cu bune și cu rele
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Detalii și comentarii pe: #note9 #test #review Ceasul inteligent LaMetric - Covorul pentru birou - Aplicația hipMenu - ..
Buy The Galaxy Note 9 Right Now
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WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL! This channel (previously known as: Video Conspiracy) will review many different types of tech including smartphones, smartwatches and more! Many comparison reviews which I will talk about in specs, design and overall user exp..
Galaxy Note 9: S Pen com controle remoto [Análise / Review]
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Melhores preços e ficha técnica do Galaxy Note 9: Agradecimento especial à FunCast, evento com 25 ambientes interativos, inusitados e assinados por influenciadores e artistas. Saiba mais: ht..
Testirali smo: Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unboxing video - Pročitajte detaljan test uređaja na: Subscribe na Benchmark RU-clip kanal: ­­ ­-..
Review | รีวิว Galaxy Note 9 ตอบครบทุกเรื่องในคลิปเดียว
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หลังจากเปิดตัวมาจนวันนี้ก็เดือนนึงพอดิบพอดี เลยจับพี่ภัทรที่ใช้ Galaxy Note 9 เป็นเครื่องหลักอ..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing!
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The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is here! Check out the updated design, along with a brand new S Pen. Pre-Order's begin on August 10th, and the Galaxy Note 9 Release date is August 24th! Subscribe for more: I also show off the..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Review | بعد ثلاث أشهر من الاستخدام !!
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المراجعة الكاملة لسامسونج جالكسي نوت ٩ بعد ثلاثة اشهر من الاستخدام المطول يمكنك شراء الهاتف من خلال الروابط التالية FaceBook..
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hammer & Knife Test - Will it Explode?
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I got my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and gave it the traditional hammer and knife treatment! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: