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NEW Perfect Fake AirPods 2 Released! 1:1 supercopy
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They finally did it.. Blatant supercopy AirPods 2 are real & I test them out here, W1 pairing, bluetooth 5.0. Review & teardown. Watch more AirPods coverage: ▶ ru-clip.net/p/PLZ041jvv9Ct1YX2mxPPPx0NigZB94e5KP Real AirPods 2 Revi..
The PERFECT Fake AirPods Are Here! $50
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NEW 1:1 Fake AirPods Are Here. Seriously, I was impressed with the perfect size, sound quality, connectivity and finish. $50 Well Spent! New $3 AirPods Clone: ru-clip.net/video/KceW7OTmTbE/video.html AirPods 2 NEW Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/ILZPZgkpW1A/video.html My Instagr..
New PERFECT Fake AirPods 2 use W1 Pairing!!? $40 W1TF
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The PERFECT Fake AirPods 2 Are Here! REAL W1 Pairing, Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless Charging, Great Sound Quality & Near 1:1 Design! Watch more AirPods coverage: ▶ ru-clip.net/p/PLZ041jvv9Ct1YX2mxPPPx0NigZB94e5KP Real AirPods 2 Review..
$30 Fake AirPods! First 1:1 Clone
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Fake AirPods For $30! How Bad Can They Be? First 1:1 (Attempted) Clone of Apple's Super Popular $159 AirPods. Not Bad Actually! Fake iPhone X: ru-clip.net/video/vw-OcUvKtPs/video.html
$50 AirPods Clone - How Bad Can They Be?
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How Bad Could Chinese AirPods Be? Fake AirPod Clones Water & Sound Test. $50 AirPods vs $160 Real Apple AirPods! AirPods Water Test: ru-clip.net/video/lJY7jt9YJG0/video.html Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone: ru-clip.net/video/96pizui27sA/video.html iPhone 7 & 7 Clone: ..
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$3 Fake AirPods vs $159 AirPods.. RIP Ears?
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Do $3 Fake AirPods Suck? vs $159 Apple AirPods. I fully expected wish AirPods to destroy my ears but they had some nice surprises.. $50 PERFECT Fake AirPods: ru-clip.net/video/Ml3wayRMK_s/video.html AirPods 2 Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/ILZPZgkpW1A/video.html iOS 13 NEW Lea..
NEW $35 Fake AirPods Are Near Perfect!
Views 3.2M10 months ago
The BEST Fake AirPods $35 Can Buy! NEW 1:1 AirPods Clones With Awesome Features! How They Compare To Apple's $159 AirPods. iPhone Xs Plus Clone Unboxing: ru-clip.net/video/YDvG4tr_w_g/video.html iPhone Xs New Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/etn_xOIg2Zk/video.html
Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!
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The First Fake AirPods 2! Just how good or bad are they? Featuring bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging (supposedly) waterproofing, black color & the best case so far. Watch more AirPods coverage: ▶ ru-clip.net/p/PLZ041jvv9Ct1YX2mxPP..
$10 Fake AirPods - How Bad Can They Be?
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Fake AirPods For $10!? First AirPods Clone, How Good or Bad Are They? Bluetooth 4.1, Larger Battery & Super Cheap. Better AirPods Clone Here: ru-clip.net/video/CWuVGtthWUM/video.html iPhone 8 Clone: ru-clip.net/video/RLqxvsY9gto/video.html
Testing EverythingApplePro Fake AirPods Super Copy
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Hi guys we finally got the same fake AirPod super copy as seen in the EverythingApplePro channel, Fake AirPods Super Copy and this is my review. #EverythingApplePro #FakeAirPods #AirPods
Real PERFECT Fake AirPods 2 Clone - Super Copy Ultimate Version (Best Knockoff)
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Buy it Here: ✅ s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cCh4TtNq Another amazing and perfect AirPods 2 clone. This one is the REAL in ear proximity sensors, real battery display for both earbuds and the case, and it even have the heavy weigh just like the re..
Unboxing The World’s Smallest iPhone XS!
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They shrunk an iPhone XS into this.. Worlds Smallest iPhone XS clone unboxing & review! I actually really enjoyed playing with this thing! New iPhone 11 clone unboxing. ru-clip.net/video/Eg3XPICiiE4/video.html New AirPods 3 Leaks. ru-clip.net/video/PqvFgyOMaNY/video.html ..
I12-Tws Vs Airpods - Perfect Clone
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Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos like this If you want to pick yourself up a pair of the i12- Tws from knockies go the link 👇👇 bit.ly/ca-i12-tws And be sure to use the code: CAdventure10 And if you want to enter into the give..
The Half-Price AirPods Alternative
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Is this the perfect Apple AirPods alternative? Anker Soundcore Liberty Air (USA Link) - amzn.to/2EkGCJt Anker Soundcore Liberty Air (International) - geni.us/Veppi Apple's AirPods wireless earbuds are wildly successful. That said the..
$10 AirPods Wireless Charging Case! + Giveaway Winners
Views 365K11 months ago
NEW $10 AirPods Wireless Charging Case is LEGIT! New Apple Designed Wireless Charger Review & iPhone X/AirPods Giveaway Winners! $30 Fake AirPods Review: ru-clip.net/video/-4469zeATws/video.html AirPower Clone Review: ru-clip.net/video/ocNWpcLa9W4/video.html Buy Them Fo..
AirPods 3! RIP Notch, In-Screen Touch ID & iPhone SE 2!
Views 2.8M8 days ago
NO MORE NOTCH!! Apple is bringing back Touch ID to iPhones starting 2020, AirPods 3 this year, iPhone SE 2 confirmed! Leaks galore. Last iPhone 11 leaks. ru-clip.net/video/UZHu7w0dVKU/video.html iPhone 11 clone unboxing. ru-clip.net/video/Eg3XPICiiE4/video.html Follow m..
i10 TWS Super Review - BEST AirPods Clone Yet?
Views 156K6 months ago
Alright, we know AirPods are pretty dope. But they're expensive. I've seen a number of these AirPod clones aiming to deliver the same experience at a fraction of the price, but this might be the first one that succeeds ... at least in some ways. Let'..
Fake Apple Watch Review - Piece Of $#!T
Views 263K4 years ago
Clone Apple Watch Review & Hands On Unboxing. Worse than iPhone 6 Clone. Do NOT Buy The Apple Watch Clone.
What If You Could Get AirPods For Only $40?
Views 2.5MYear ago
I bought these fake Apple AirPods from a Chinese e-commerce site for around $40. So how do they stack up against the legit Apple AirPods? There's only one way to find out, $40 fake AirPods vs $159 official Apple AirPods. Here we go! The AirPod inspi..
$60 Xiaomi AirDots Pro are actually dope!
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$60 Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs $159 Apple AirPods. BEST AirPods Clones So Far. Sound test, range, water test, software & more. I really liked these. My 15 AirPods Giveaway: ru-clip.net/video/E7YzxcssQbc/video.html $50 Perfect Fake AirPods: youtu.be/Ml3wayRM..
I Bought All The AirPods on Wish...
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Keaton and Josh hop on Wish.com to buy every AirPods pair! We ordered over 15 pairs, do the unboxing and review on a $4 fake pair and every i10 TWS pair that came. How do $35 AirPods compare to $159 Apple AirPods? ➽ Check out my latest tech videos ..
New AirPower Clone Unboxing! Actually Great
Views 974KYear ago
Unboxing The New AirPower Clone Before Apple's Official Release. $30 AirPower Charging Mat Test & Review, I'm Actually Impressed! AirPods Wireless Case Mod: ru-clip.net/video/9g1T_c8sk7U/video.html
iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! 6.1-inch!
Views 1.2M10 months ago
NEW $200 iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! Working 6.1-inch iPhone Xr Clone With Real Notch Display, How Bad Can It Be? iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing: ru-clip.net/video/YDvG4tr_w_g/video.html Last Minute Xs Max Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/ws7MHnUpcA0/video.html iPhone Xs Giveaway: htt..
iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing! 6.5 Inch!
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NEW $150 iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing! Working iPhone Xs Clone in White With 6.5-inch Display, How Bad Can It Be? iPhone Xs Confirmed Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/O0uB1jmNF4Q/video.html Last iPhone X Clone Unboxing: ru-clip.net/video/etn_xOIg2Zk/video.html
$190 Fake iPhone XS Max vs $1449 XS Max! (NEW)
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NEW Gold iPhone XS Max Clone!! Fake $190 iPhone XS Max vs $1499 XS Max.. This thing is scary close! iPhone XR Clone: ru-clip.net/video/LuX5lROjL9k/video.html Note 9 Clone: ru-clip.net/video/_dWRnFzzFLk/video.html
AirPods Unboxing & Review!
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AirPods are HERE! Unboxing & Full Review Fully Wireless Comparison vs Lightning EarPods Sound Quality Test. $300 Apple Book Review: ru-clip.net/video/_aurxyyjJyI/video.html
$70 Fake iPhone 7 Plus vs $900 iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black!
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The Best iPhone 7/7 Plus Clone I've Ever Seen! Fake $70 iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black vs Real $900 iPhone 7 Plus. How Bad Can It Be? $100 Galaxy S8 Clone: ru-clip.net/video/96pizui27sA/video.html $50 AirPods Clone: ru-clip.net/video/CWuVGtthWUM/video.html I Got It Here:..
$3 AirPods Wireless Charging Mod & AirPower Alternative!
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Add Wireless Charging To AirPods Case For $3 Mod & New AirPower Alternative Review. Get Unreleased Apple Products Today! LED Speaker Mod for iPhone: ru-clip.net/video/07bTt0BTi-U/video.html Get $2 Wireless Pad: goo.gl/oSCpWa Get $1 AirPods Silicon Case..
$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods! + My Biggest Giveaway Ever!
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$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods Review.. & My BIGGEST Giveaway EVER! 3 iPhone XS Max, 15 AirPods!! Details Below 1. Donation Giveaway Has ENDED, Goals Reached. Thank you everyone! GoFundMe did not like my raffle idea and froze the campaigns from receivin..
AirPods Replicas Ultimate Unboxing and Review 🎧
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Unboxing and review of AirPods Replicas including the complete copy end of the of Apple AirPods end of the evolution. Please, like and subscribe if you like! Thanks for watching! Watch: AirPods Replica Better Than The Original Apple AirPods? i10 TWS..
iPhone SE Clone Unboxing!
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New iPhone SE Clone Unboxing! How Does China's Version Compare? SE Clone Unboxing & Review. 6S Clone HERE: ru-clip.net/video/qnmrrYtmRnY/video.html
Fake Airpods better than the real ONES!?!? I10-tws vs AirPods
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Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos like this. Help me reach my like goal and share this video👍👍🔥🔥 Link the knockies website 👇 Link: bit.ly/ca-i10-tws Use the coupon code CA10 to get 10% off your purchase If you are interested i..
BEST FAKE EVER: £50 Clone Airpods With Touch Control: Unboxing & Review
Views 150K8 months ago
Hello & Welcome To Allsortz. In this video I unbox & review these NEW VERSION 1:1 COPY OF Apple Airpods. These are by far the BEST FAKES on the market YET! Check out the video & let me know in the COMMENTS below what you think. I will also be doing a..
AirPods Drop & Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?
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AirPods Extreme Durability Test. Washing Machine, Submerged 1 Foot Underwater & Severe Drop Test! DON'T TRY AT HOME. AirPods Review: ru-clip.net/video/4N6GyoMBTRk/video.html
These $50 Fake AirPods LOOK & SOUND the SAME as Apple's!
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Check out the BEST Fake AirPods $50 Can Buy! They look and sound the exact same, so watch my review now and decide for yourself! Check out my brand new podcast: bit.ly/TheDealGuyPodcast ↓↓ Click "show more" for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓ DEA..
Replica AirPods with Apple's W1 Chip Support LK-TE9 - XY Pods - 1:1 Review 😱😲
Views 292K4 months ago
Replica AirPods with Apple's W1 Chip Support LK-TE9, XY Pods and 1:1 review in ShenZhen China. Everything I bought in this video is located at SEG Mall at huaqiangbei electronics market. Please, like and subscribe if you like! Thanks for watching! W..
iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
Views 9M10 days ago
First iPhone 11 clone unboxing! Up close with the triple lens camera, two months before release! How bad can a $100 iPhone 11 be? iPhone 11 latest leaks. ru-clip.net/video/UZHu7w0dVKU/video.html iOS 13 latest features. ru-clip.net/video/K1pyXFHtwww/video.html Follow me o..
Fake $26 AirPods From Amazon: Unboxing & Review [TWS-i7s]
Views 1MYear ago
Download MobiMover for free today!: goo.gl/ZzwSXh Check out the TWS-i7 earbuds on Amazon: amzn.to/2uKjI8y Hey guys, it’s Greg with Apple Explained and today we’re gonna take a look at the TWS-i7 earbuds, es..
$4 Fake AirPods - How Bad Is It?
Views 3.5M5 months ago
It’s real…$4 AirPods from the Wish app exist aka i7s and i10s TWS So, how bad are $4 fake Apple AirPods vs Real $170 AirPods? Keaton is testing out the iTWS Pair knockoff bluetooth earbuds and earphones… ➽ Check out my latest tech videos ➽ ..
i100 TWS Review vs AirPods 2 Super Copy with H1 Chip Best Clone
Views 25KMonth ago
The i100 TWS Review vs Airpods 2 1:1 Clone or Supercopy. Which is the best Airpods Fake? The i60 TWS and i30 TWS are old news. Its the Super Copy or the i100 TWS Showdown Buy i100 TWS ➡️ bit.ly/2WLoSSh i200 TWS Link ➡️ bit.ly/2Lb18..
TWS-i9s: Unboxing & Review [Fake $40 AirPods]
Views 546K11 months ago
Check out the TWS-i9s here: bit.ly/airpods-ae 10%-off coupon code: APEX10 Today we’re gonna take a look at these tws-i9 earbuds, they’re essentially knockoffs of the AirPods, and I was given this pair by my friends at Kn..
The $15 AirPods KIller? AirPods VS Clone EarBuds - Unboxing & Review
Views 50K11 months ago
i7S TWS EarBuds - amzn.to/2NKRYbK OEM Apple AirPods - amzn.to/2LobbmJ In this video I unbox and review a $15 AirPods clone look alike that I got from Amazon. They look similar to the real deal and even come with its own charging case..
DON'T Buy Apple AirPods Without Watching This...
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Unboxing The Biggest Bluetooth Speaker - ru-clip.net/video/JdkZguO-QsM/video.html EarHoox 2.0 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2upgMgK EarHoox 2.0 (International) - geni.us/IQkz8T Elago AirPods Stand (USA Link) - http:..
Are $159 AirPods Better Than $30 AirDots?
Views 1.6M6 months ago
Xiaomi released its $30 AirPods clone called the AirDots in China. It's currently only available in China, but we got our hands on them. We tested both the AirDots and AirPods to see how they perform. Are AirPods worth the cost or can AirDots provide..
$50 Amazing AirPod Clone!?! | i10 TWS Wireless Airpods (Unboxing & Review)
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i10 TWS Truely Wireless Airpods Unboxing Get the i10 tws here: thespinningdeal.com/products/airpod-style-wireless-bluetooth-earbuds-i10-tws For a 5% off, use the code: AMJ5 Hello everyone! This is an unboxing, review, and test of my brand..
i12 TWS Review - TRULY Best AirPods 2 Clone - i10 + i11 TWS Comparison
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#airpods #bestairpods #airpodsclone Buy This Same i12 TWS HERE: bit.ly/2FL1P0q USE COUPON CODE: MOHO5 FOR 5% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE This is the Brand new i12 TWS Review. Also a side by side comparison to i10 TWS i11 TWS. The i12 TWS ..
i7S TWS AirPods Clone Super Review
Views 215K11 months ago
Want a pair of AirPods but don't have $160? There are...alternatives. Like this i7S TWS. It's truly wireless, and shares some functionality of Apple's headphones. So how close can you get to AirPods for $15? See the i7S TWS on Amazon: amzn.t..
i60 Tws Vs i30 Vs Perfect Fake AirPods 2 Super Clone REVIEW - Who’s BEST?
Views 55KMonth ago
Links To Buy: ✅ i60: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/c5NnxGQ8 ✅ i30: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cCpKJ5q ✅ Super Copy: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bagfxB6C Other Clone Review Videos: 👉 Super Copy: ru-clip.net/video/wpratgV7eJ0/video.html 👉 i77 Tws: http..
i12 Tws Vs i12 Color Edition - AirPods 2 Clone War Continue
Views 64K4 months ago
Get these same i12 tws here: ✅ White: thespinningdeal.com/products/i12 ✅ Color: thespinningdeal.com/products/i12color Use coupon code: HAPPYi12C for 5% off Subscribe, Like, and Leave a comment to what you would like to see below! ..
Real vs Fake - Apple Airpods vs i10 TWS
Views 398K4 months ago
Real vs Fake - Apple Airpods vs i10 TWS Buy them here, amzn.to/2GSFz67 - Airpods amzn.to/2IFQFNh - i10 TWS Check the Airpods Wireless Charging Case, amzn.to/2H7U2KO Wanna buy some of my gadgets - amzn.to/1zZ2y4P Want a..