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Полный обзор Apple AirPods - беспроводная революция?
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Хороший магазин OnlyPhones: Песенка про наушник на канале Гуфовского: Twitter: wylsacom Instagram: insta..
Introducing AirPods
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The new wireless AirPods are the first of their kind to intelligently connect to your devices while delivering incredible sound for up to five hours on a single charge. The Apple-designed W1 chip makes it possible.
AirPods 2 Review! Everything New vs AirPods 1
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Apple AirPods 2 Have Arrived! Everything new review & AirPods 2 vs AirPods 1 full comparison. Bluetooth 5.0 Range, H1 vs W1 Chip, etc.. 5 AirPods Giveaway Here. (1 Day Left) iPhone 11 Latest Leaks.
AirPods — Bounce — Apple
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With wireless charging and voice-activated Siri, AirPods have never felt more wireless. Song: “I Learnt Some Jazz Today” by Tessellated Buy now:
Apple Wireless AirPods Review With It's Pros & Cons
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Apple Airpods Review these are wireless portable earbuds think of them as wireless earpods and I share my experience of using them with apple and android devices and share the pros and cons. Apple Airpods on Flipkart Apple Air..
DON'T Buy Apple AirPods Without Watching This...
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Unboxing The Biggest Bluetooth Speaker - EarHoox 2.0 (USA Link) - EarHoox 2.0 (International) - Elago AirPods Stand (USA Link) - http:..
Распаковка Apple AirPods / Unboxing Apple AirPods (2019)
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В этом видео распакуем Apple AirPods и расскажу Вам свои первые впечатления от использования этих наушников.
AirPods 2 vs AirPods 1 -- Do They Sound Different?
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Apple recently released the AirPods 2 wireless earbuds. Soon after, a debate arose regarding the sound of AirPods 2 vs the original AirPods. There are certainly some changes in Apple's second generation AirPods 2 but is sound quality one of them? FO..
Подделки под Apple AirPods - лучше оригинала?
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AirPods Unboxing & Review!
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AirPods are HERE! Unboxing & Full Review Fully Wireless Comparison vs Lightning EarPods Sound Quality Test. $300 Apple Book Review:
Black Apple AirPods 2 FINALLY!
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Apple AirPods 2 in both glossy black and matte black. Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: Use Code “UNBOX” for 10% off your order Colorware AirPods - FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twit..
Samsung Galaxy Buds VS. Apple AirPods
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Samsung Galaxy Buds (USA Link) - Samsung Galaxy Buds (International) - Apple AirPods (USA Link) - Apple AirPods (International) - Which fully wireless ea..
Do Apple AirPods Cause Cancer? EMF Radiation Level Testing
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Do AirPods cause cancer? Recently there was news released stating that over 200 scientists sent an appeal to the United Nations and the World Health Organization expressing serious concern about the electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted from bluetoot..
Using AirPods Underwater?!
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Word on the street is the Apple AirPods are secretly waterproof. There's an urban legend that says you can even listen to them while underwater! Today we put that to the test. Guess the phone camera, get the phone. We gave new phones to strangers ag..
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INTRO HOW TO CLEAN 0:51 URBAN LEGENDS & TIPS 3:53 Apple Airpods are awesome, but they are grime and earwax magnets! I’m going to show you how to clean your Airpods and how to disinfect / sanitize them. I’ll also touch on some AirPod Urban Lege..
Airpods 2 with Wireless Charging Unboxing & First Look - Truly Magical🔥🔥🔥
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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Apple Airpods 2 ya fir Apple Airpods Second Generation ke baare mein baat ki hai jaha inke saath Wireless Charging ka support bhi hai. Apple Airpods 2 mein H1 chip hai improved connectivity aur improved batt..
5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know
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AirPods have a lot of features you may not be aware of that work on iOS 12 and iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even Apple TV. I go over five tips or features that can help you every day. #AirPods #iphone #tips #ios AirPods Case -
Airpod Users Be Like
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Trevor Wallaces video: Follow Spencer on Instagram: Subscribe to LoveLiveServe: GET LLS MERCH BELOW! ..
Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!
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AirPods: fully wireless earbuds that launched with iPhone 7. The hype is over... are they any good? Jaybird X3 Review: Video Gear I use: Intro Track: 22 (shawn wasabi..
Apple AirPods -- STILL Good in 2019?
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With loads of budget true wireless earbuds available in 2019, does it still make sense to get Apple's $160 AirPods? Well ... it depends. In this video, let's explore the pros and cons of AirPods, and how they stack up against some cheap TWS options. ..
AirPods 3! RIP Notch, In-Screen Touch ID & iPhone SE 2!
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NO MORE NOTCH!! Apple is bringing back Touch ID to iPhones starting 2020, AirPods 3 this year, iPhone SE 2 confirmed! Leaks galore. Last iPhone 11 leaks. iPhone 11 clone unboxing. Follow m..
📱 بعد التجربة كل شيء عن سماعة ابل اللاسلكية Apple AirPods
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سناب فيصل السيف نظرة على سماعة AirPods الجديدة و هل هى مناسبة أم لا ؟ رابط شراء السماعة: The Video is a Tech Pills ..
Apple AirPods Unboxing
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Unboxing and setting up new Apple AirPods are they worth the extra money time will tell full review coming shortly and will look great with new iPhone X. If you have any questions or quires please leave a comment, Support the channel and buy from A..
Apple Airpods Unboxing and First Look - 3.5mm Jack Dead 😭
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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Apple Airpods ke baare mein baat ki hai, Apple Airpods ek wireless bluetooth earphones ka system hai. Miane is video mein Airpods ki unboxing ki hai aur ek first look share kiya hai aap sabhi ke saath. Mujhe..
Everything Wrong With AirPods | Untangled
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AirPods are the best selling wireless earbuds. But their sound quality, battery life, and environmental impact could be better. AirPods pair really easily with other Apple products, but their sound quality is just okay. There are a lot of other wirel..
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Real Apple Airpods VS Fake Airpods. What Do You Think??
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Hello & Welcome To Allsortz. In this video we compare THE LATEST CLONE version of Apple's Airpods. I have done a full unboxing & review of both Real & Fake versions so please check them out in my previous video's. Anyways we take a look at both box's..
SHOWDOWN: Apple AirPods VS Samsung Galaxy Buds!
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Debating between the Apple AirPods and the new Samsung Galaxy Buds? Let's talk about and compare the features, design and what's the better value shall we? My Massive Tech Unboxing 21.0! -
Apple AirPods wireless headphones review
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Apple believes the future is wireless. Their AirPods are a great example of that. The bluetooth connection is strong within 45 - 50 feet. AirPods sense when they’re in your ear and automatically stop playing when removed. Read more: techcr..
NEW AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Unboxing!
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Unboxing and testing out Apple's new AirPods 2! ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: ijustine iju..
Обзор i9000TWS лучшая копия Apple AirPods 2? сравнение i9000TWS и i1000TWS
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● i9000 TWS (проверенный продавец) | ● i1000 TWS ● Чехол для AirPods (копий в том числе): ● Подпишись на ..
How to Clean AirPods/Apple EarPods: remove wax cleaning your earphones/earbuds safely, quick & easy!
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Fix earbuds low volume problems: clean your EarPods. I found the best way to remove wax from in ear headphones: Blu-tack! Blu-Tack on Amazon US: & UK: (more countries below) Blu-Tack (and alternatives) o..
What's Inside an Apple AirPod Charging Case? (Ultimate Teardown)
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See what's inside the highly popular Apple AirPod charging case, and what can be easily repaired or replaced. Airpods have been shown on many popular YT channels like Unbox Therapy, EverythingApplePro, and Apple Insider. Enjoy the video! Help me m..
Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your AirPods
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The AirPods have undoubtedly been one of my favorite apple products released in the last few years and as I sit here impatiently waiting and dreaming about what the second version might entail, in this video I show you how to get the most out of the ..
Apple AirPods - The Final Review
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Apple AirPods - The Final Review Original review: AirPods on Amazon: As we wait for Apple to update the now almost two-year-old AirPods, let's take one final look at what turned out t..
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FOUND TONS OF BRAND NEW AIRPODS!!! While Dumpster Diving At The Apple Store!! We Are Still Shock Over This Discovery.. We Can't Believe We Found 12 Brand New Airpod, Brand New!! Still Has The Wrap On The Airpod Case!!! Don't Forget To Like and Subsc..
I Bought All The AirPods on Wish...
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Keaton and Josh hop on to buy every AirPods pair! We ordered over 15 pairs, do the unboxing and review on a $4 fake pair and every i10 TWS pair that came. How do $35 AirPods compare to $159 Apple AirPods? ➽ Check out my latest tech video..
Apple AirPods - 1 Month Later
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The Coolest Tech of 2017 - Apple AirPods - Truly wireless Ear buds that are better than you might think. Enjoy! Video GAINZ - s2apparel.myshopif..
My Apple AirPods Confession
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Apple AirPods have become a divisive product. With the AirPods 2 release on the horizon I decided to revisit Apple's first foray into fully wireless earbuds. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - unboxtherapy Facebook - ..
$60 BlackPods 2 vs. $200 AirPods 2
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The BlackPods 2 are Apple AirPods 2 clones with wireless charging case. They even pair with iPhone in identical fashion to Apple's official AirPods. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - unboxtherapy Facebook - fa..
[HINDI] ₹12,999 Apple AirPods VS ₹499 TWS - i7S (Fake AirPods) Comparison | Real Vs Fake AirPods
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So, in this video is showed you guys a comparison of the original apple AirPods and the fake AirPods that are available very commonly in the Indian market known as the TWS i7s. the original AirPods goes for around Rs.12,999 while the fake TWS - i7S..
Airpods 2 vs AirPods 1: Which should you buy?
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It's been about a month since Apple released these brand new AirPods 2, but now that there's three different options, which one should you buy? This video should help you figure that out. AirPods (first-gen) on sale ➡️ Ai..
Apple AirPods Sinhala Review
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වයර් නැතුව හදපු Apple AirPods වැඩකෑලි - Apple AirPods Sinhala Review Sri Lanka by Chanux Bro. Apple AirPods Unboxing and explained in sinhala. how to connect Apple AirPods to your iphone ipad imac or any apple ..
✨Apple Airpods Unboxing & First Impressions!✨| Alyssa Nicole |
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Follow me: Insta: alyssa.nicoleyt Twitter: anyoutube (The link I used to buy the airpods says it is currently sold out ) Link for case: This link above is my affiliate link so if you don't want me to earn any commission ..
These Are NOT Apple AirPods...
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The Happy Plugs Air 1 are Apple AirPods inspired wireless earbuds. Happy Plugs Air 1 are substantially cheaper than Apple AirPods but how do they sound? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - unboxtherapy Facebook - http:..
Apple AirPods - Review - TecMundo
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Separamos essa oferta do Airpods para você: Produzidos pela Apple, os AirPods são mais um exemplo da aposta que a empresa está fazendo e..
How To Reset your Apple AirPods - Hard Reset
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This is a video on how to perform a quick reset on the Apple AirPods . Hard reset method. A1602 Buy the Apple AirPods - Disclaimer - A factory data reset both hard or soft will erase all of your personal information on your..
Rs 22,000 Ki HandsFree | Apple Airpods 😲 😲😱😱
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So today i will be reviewing the apple airpods, Now i know i am late but these things are expensive and honestly i had to think twice before buying them so here is what I think about them! Fan Mail : BilalMotors near Hotel Grand Hockey Stadium Faisal..
NEW $35 Fake AirPods Are Near Perfect!
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The BEST Fake AirPods $35 Can Buy! NEW 1:1 AirPods Clones With Awesome Features! How They Compare To Apple's $159 AirPods. iPhone Xs Plus Clone Unboxing: iPhone Xs New Leaks:
iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods 3, New iPads & More Event Details!
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iPhone 11 Pro rainbow color, centered logo confirmed, AirPods 3 competitor released, 2020 iPhone redesign teased by Kuo & more details before the event. What to expect! Last iPhone 11 Pro Leaks. NEW iPhone 11 clone unbo..