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Good Mythical MORE
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Unboxing 16 Mystery Boxes
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Jello Carving Challenge
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Grocery Lemonade Taste Test
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The Dry Mouth Challenge
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Weird Ice Cube Taste Test
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Crazy Twin Stories (GAME)
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Let's Play: Snipperclips
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Can We Shrink It? (GAME)
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Heinz Combo Sauce Taste Test
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99 Cents Store Pool Toy Haul
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Mystery Box Challenge
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Marmite Pizza Taste Test
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Sunscreen Face Paint Test
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Ice Puzzle Challenge
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Playing Slang-Man (GAME)
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Playing Girl Talk Board Game
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  • Jakob B. Persson
    Jakob B. Persson 9 minutes ago

    I put SCHRIMPSALAD (i dont know the right english translation) on my hotdogs and it's really good but i live in Sweden so maybe thats why i like it on my hotdogs 😂

  • GrayPsyche
    GrayPsyche 10 minutes ago

    Best GMMore in months.

  • Meredith Sobel
    Meredith Sobel 12 minutes ago

    I kinda thought they were straight up potatoes.........

  • Caroline Hoskins
    Caroline Hoskins 16 minutes ago

    The conversation between Dr. Wine-O and Shortstuff was hilariously awkward!

  • The_Cat_Came_Back
    The_Cat_Came_Back 25 minutes ago

    Laying in bed watching this waiting for my delivery pizza to come and now all I want is hot dogs lol Thanks guys

  • Aldo Parziale
    Aldo Parziale 27 minutes ago

    12:13 That's what she said Rhett

  • Aldo Parziale
    Aldo Parziale 29 minutes ago

    Next time launch bananas at ice cream sundaes/split

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright 37 minutes ago

    peanut butter and ketchup on a hot dog! DO IT!!

  • X150 ELI
    X150 ELI 44 minutes ago

    Gmm. But ASMR

  • frank javier
    frank javier 48 minutes ago

    Bruh, Mayo and Cheetos on top of a hotdog can't be beaten.

  • Sam A-Mar
    Sam A-Mar 50 minutes ago

    Ambrosia salad. The sour cream, mandarin orange, and coconut is like an ambrosia salad on a hotdog.

  • Mama LJay
    Mama LJay Hour ago

    I think the great value kettle chips are crunchier and taste better than kettle brand.

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora Hour ago

    There are 5 things I'll put on a hotdog, sometimes in combination. Chili, Cheese, Ketchup, Sriracha Sauce, BBQ Sauce.

  • ChungKingCanSuckIt

    Why is this not Baskin-Ramen???

  • CassieLeigh123
    CassieLeigh123 Hour ago

    I used to work at the Chipotle across the street from Vicious Dogs in North Hollywood. People from the Mythical Crew came into Chipotle all the time!

  • Dropping Mags
    Dropping Mags Hour ago

    Doritos.. don’t even need to watch this

  • Kate Powell
    Kate Powell Hour ago


  • The Derp Knight
    The Derp Knight Hour ago

    Mike borrowed one of Link's neckerchiefs

  • Draqou
    Draqou Hour ago

    am i supposed to like eyes with the wiener or the person sending in the wiener?

  • Taylor Jaxtheimer

    Josh, why do you pronounce kewpie like that lol

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin Hour ago

    Take a shot of...root beer? every time the word “wiener” is said.

  • Josie Plans
    Josie Plans Hour ago

    Yes! Vicious Dogs is amazing, thats something I miss about living in LA.

  • Matt Connor
    Matt Connor Hour ago

    Does Link know that Doritos are made the same way as Pringles? Or does he think they're made of big triangular corn?

  • Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon Dioxide Hour ago

    I put Siracha on my dogs

  • Nathaniel Rectanus

    You forgot the sour patch freal

  • Dang
    Dang Hour ago

    14 inches at 21 wtf

  • Keallei
    Keallei 2 hours ago

    I just realized the sun in GMMore sets.

  • mshane86
    mshane86 2 hours ago

    Lol! Link heard the "r" in "Vienna" also!!

  • Alexandra A
    Alexandra A 2 hours ago

    Will it corndog?

  • Glitched Beauty
    Glitched Beauty 2 hours ago

    All the monsta x fans in the begining "WE DID IT BOYS MONBEBEAN DID IT FOR THE COMMUNITY"

  • Zeppelin8zoso
    Zeppelin8zoso 2 hours ago

    Kyoo-pee not Kyoo-pai. Kewpie is a type of Cupid doll used as a mascot or something for the mayonnaise.

  • Ruby Garner
    Ruby Garner 2 hours ago

    I like jalapenos and peanut butter on my hotdogs and hambugers

  • Wendy St. Jules
    Wendy St. Jules 2 hours ago

    Y’all should try Haitian food it’s great

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Link says: it's this key, it gotta be this key. Ahh yes so many

  • K N
    K N 2 hours ago

    I'm surprised they never tried beans on their hotdogs. Very tasty.

  • Jerome Slack
    Jerome Slack 2 hours ago

    The guy in the middle kept trying to dink it on the table like he was at the bar taking a shot lmao

  • Kayla Novak
    Kayla Novak 2 hours ago

    You guys need to invite Brad Leone onto the show!!

  • Bluesilva Halo
    Bluesilva Halo 2 hours ago

    "popped a squat", my new favourite expression 😂

  • nina brujita
    nina brujita 2 hours ago

    Someone get Rhett a completo! If corn and potatoes blew his mind, he's in for a treat

  • Gamergurl
    Gamergurl 2 hours ago

    Rhett totally won

  • Christopher G.
    Christopher G. 2 hours ago

    Ruffles or bust.

  • proto8432
    proto8432 3 hours ago

    Peanut butter on a hotdog.

  • Serpent of the Blue Flame

    Dr.Whine-O XD I’m just goodin!

  • Bluesilva Halo
    Bluesilva Halo 3 hours ago

    The best beatboxing dolphins I've ever heard guy's 🐬🐬 admittedly the only ones but just sayin......

  • lu - ka
    lu - ka 3 hours ago

    ok boomers

  • proto8432
    proto8432 3 hours ago

    7:40 Kewpie, like the doll. On par with Duke's.

  • jieuls
    jieuls 3 hours ago

    Hey CHEF Josh, it's kew-pee ♥️

  • C Hall
    C Hall 3 hours ago

    Love your show you guys videos always make me smile

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Rhett says: ahh its this chip that has the loudest cruch, ot must be this one.

  • Zaiah Playa
    Zaiah Playa 3 hours ago

    This More just turned into an ASMR video lol

  • Forkremy
    Forkremy 3 hours ago

    both episode was so akward lul

  • browneyedbaby417
    browneyedbaby417 3 hours ago

    I replayed that “damn seashell” part 10x!!! Oh I enjoyed that to much🤣

  • Takoda Daily
    Takoda Daily 3 hours ago

    Can I get that double XP though 😂

  • Kathi
    Kathi 3 hours ago

    I don’t wanna see Link losing a Monopoly game 😂

  • Christen Elise
    Christen Elise 4 hours ago

    I absolutely love this More. Idk what exactly it is, but the vibe is everything.

  • Ryan Eyman
    Ryan Eyman 4 hours ago

    Ketchup, mayo, and banana peppers are my go to hot dog toppings

  • IsawU
    IsawU 4 hours ago

    Dr Wine-o, because why no?

  • Zuriela R
    Zuriela R 4 hours ago

    But what about Munchos? Most satisfying crispy-crunch of all.

  • a j
    a j 4 hours ago

    this has stevey written all over it lol.

  • Kevin Auser
    Kevin Auser 4 hours ago

    They should catapult a meatball into a plate of pasta and marinara sauce 😂😂

  • Alex In Wonderland
    Alex In Wonderland 4 hours ago

    that second one sounded like something that was maybe supposed to be a joke but the person tried and was like “oh my god this is actually really good”

  • Minecraft In a bucket

    Nobody: Rhett chopping a tree down with a pickaxe and continually calling it an “axe”

  • Mike Fresca
    Mike Fresca 4 hours ago

    Wills noises are a bit much for headphone users..

  • thngotiatr
    thngotiatr 4 hours ago

    Mr. Paisley drinks, like a proper drinker. If you’re a proper drinker you’ll know why

    • Keallei
      Keallei Hour ago

      thngotiatr I thought you said Dinker

  • joshuaha12
    joshuaha12 4 hours ago

    I didn't know that till you said it Link.

  • Cela Lauren
    Cela Lauren 4 hours ago

    I feel like grits and cheese would have been better

  • turdl38
    turdl38 4 hours ago


  • Richard Tellez
    Richard Tellez 4 hours ago

    or were they MUNCHOS

  • Niki
    Niki 4 hours ago

    My nickname is shortstuff lol

  • Morgoth27
    Morgoth27 4 hours ago

    Who’s watching for the first time in 2019?

  • Callum
    Callum 5 hours ago

    Shoulda got pg tips

  • Lidya Durden
    Lidya Durden 5 hours ago

    How I found my boyfriend 11:34

  • Arjun Sriram
    Arjun Sriram 5 hours ago

    Which hot dog is the top dog

  • Alex In Wonderland
    Alex In Wonderland 5 hours ago

    should’ve gotten cape cod too !! those are the best

  • Angie Bates
    Angie Bates 5 hours ago

    Link just always wants to have fun and make everyone smile and it's so pure and sweet. I need a friend like Link!

  • Bobby Ash
    Bobby Ash 5 hours ago

    I liked before anything funny happened

  • Dillon Bilan
    Dillon Bilan 5 hours ago

    Pineapple ketchup Mayo and crushed up potato chips

  • The Miltonguy
    The Miltonguy 5 hours ago

    @1:15 isn't this a bit weird?

  • Bluesilva Halo
    Bluesilva Halo 5 hours ago

    I feel full, really bloated and sick of pizza and I was only watching them

  • Hobi Hope
    Hobi Hope 5 hours ago

    How will COPPA affect GMM if it passes? Lets talk about that

  • Exjora
    Exjora 5 hours ago

    That is not common in Europe.

  • Alec Limon
    Alec Limon 5 hours ago

    Video idea- Will it tamale?

  • Bumblybeesknees
    Bumblybeesknees 5 hours ago

    Usually you guys are really good about having captions on your videos. Does that usually take a day to happen and I just haven't been paying attention? The auto-generated ones usually just end up being confusing.

  • datyoungbigboy
    datyoungbigboy 5 hours ago

    Pink lemonade and sprite

  • J. P.
    J. P. 5 hours ago

    Now we know why Link/Dr. Wine-O's hands are always shaky. It's the drinking.

  • Deja W
    Deja W 5 hours ago

    Link knows damn well he's Short Stuff and Rhett is Doctor Wino

  • Si TheBugGuy
    Si TheBugGuy 5 hours ago

    cottage fries

  • A. Claessens
    A. Claessens 5 hours ago

    Rhett is letting his beard goooooo

  • Jolanda Bester
    Jolanda Bester 5 hours ago

    10:06 "It's oky, we can fix it." Awww!! Pasley is a genius and a sweetheart! So nice when he is on.

  • alissadeanne
    alissadeanne 5 hours ago

    In Chile, a popular hotdog topping is avocado, mayo and diced tomatoes.

  • s
    s 5 hours ago

    4:56 pasley tapped his hot dog like he was taking a shot 😂

  • Ray Washington
    Ray Washington 5 hours ago

    I like ranch and jalapeños on my hot dog

  • Connor Grimmer
    Connor Grimmer 5 hours ago

    the Japanese mayo Kewpie is pronounced like "QP" btws, lol and that stuff is 1000 times better than regular American Mayo. Probably made that hot a lot better

  • Hannah Sears
    Hannah Sears 5 hours ago

    Why did I never realize they were twins...

  • My_Butt
    My_Butt 5 hours ago

    Peanut butter with sweet pickle relish is the best.

  • Sally Green
    Sally Green 5 hours ago

    YOU DONT HAVE MALTESERS oml i love them!!!

  • That’s Not Mayo
    That’s Not Mayo 6 hours ago

    First hotdog is a hoatdog

  • Matthew Mollohan
    Matthew Mollohan 6 hours ago

    Pringles has the best flavor options tho

  • Skitzo Lucky
    Skitzo Lucky 6 hours ago

    Ya you're welcome haha

  • Christina El
    Christina El 6 hours ago

    Paisley seems like such a gentleman! I am a fan!