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Dynamic Simulation of Tulip Wind Turbine
Views 9Month ago
This shows how the turbine drives higher speed wind tunnels into its neighbors to make them perform better.
ft biomimicry video
Views 102 months ago
How Flower Turbines is inspired by Tulips
FT pitch video
Views 52 months ago
30 second summary of Flower Turbines
Wave Energy summary LE
Views 42 months ago
This is an elevator pitch for our wave energy concept.
biomimicry LE waves
Views 62 months ago
How Leviathan Energy uses biomimicry and geomimicry in creating a unique method for harvesting wave energy.
Flower Turbine Interview on Dutch TV
Views 1214 months ago
A Dutch TV station was impressed by the Flower Turbines booth at the Vakbeurs exhibition and interviewed EU manager Roy Osinga.
20190917 wind tunnel with anemometer in Rotterdam
Views 1536 months ago
This shows our testing station and illustrates the basis of the cluster effect discussed at
2019 wave to water
Views 1216 months ago
Booth at Shakedown
Views 1769 months ago
A short video showing our beautiful small wind turbine model and our poster about the kind of turbine you want to live next to at the PortXL finale in Rotterdam.
Demo Model Residential 20190611
Views 1.1K9 months ago
Flower Turbines made a demo model of its upcoming residential size version of the Tulip. For more information, go to
Dr. Daniel Farb speaking at the Passage to Profit radio show
Views 28810 months ago
This is the official version of the video taken of Dr. Farb's interview on WOR radio in New York City. Dr. Farb talks about the company Flower Turbines and its special small wind turbine technology and answers some questions.
Flower Turbines advances in aerodynamics
Views 77910 months ago
This shows some of the concepts that make our beautiful 2-bladed turbine much more efficient than what others have thought in the past was possible for vertical axis turbines. Even small changes in the different blade shapes and air spaces can be highly significant.
Dr. Daniel Farb of Flower Turbines on iHeart Radio: Passage to Profit
Views 95311 months ago
Dr. Farb describes the company's innovative small wind turbine, and what they will do with an investment in it. The company is in the middle of successful equity crowdfunding at
Passage to Profit Radio with Dr. Farb of Flower Turbines 3rd Question
Views 9111 months ago
Dr. Farb is answering the third panel question about Flower Turbines. For more information, go to the website at or to invest go to
Passage to Profit Radio Show with Dr. Farb of Flower Turbines
Views 6311 months ago
This is the second panel question. For more information or to invest go to or the website
Passage to Profit Radio Show with Dr. Farb of Flower Turbines
Views 8911 months ago
Dr. Farb is answering the first question to follow his pitch. For more information and to invest, go to
Video of taped radio show Passage to Profit
Views 21811 months ago
Dr. Farb is giving a short pitch about the most important points about Flower Turbines. For more information and to invest, go to
Wind Tulip from road 12 27 18
Views 514Year ago
Someone driving along the road near our factory filmed the turbine operating in low wind.
Wind Tulip at Factory 12 27 18
Views 356Year ago
This shows a Wind Tulip in slow wind at our new factory location, where we will be setting up a testing area.
Wind Tulip in the Desert 4
Views 270Year ago
Video of the Wind Tulip while it is still showing the graceful height of its outer blade shape.
Wind Tulip in the Desert 3
Views 446Year ago
This shows some views of a large and small Wind Tulip with some narration and text, and then a shot of the factory.
Wind Tulip in Desert 2
Views 676Year ago
A zoom still shot of the Wind Tulip with text about making a contribution to clean energy through technology
Wind Tulip in Desert
Views 827Year ago
This is a short but nice view of the Wind Tulip spinning in low winds.
Dr. Farb in US Congress on Small Wind Turbines
Views 3.6KYear ago
July, 2015. Dr. Farb is speaking about his small turbine technology before (not included) making suggestions for policy.
Flower Turbines Webinar on startengine
Views 353Year ago
This was the fund-raising pitch as part of equity crowdfunding StartEngine’s Demo Day. You can invest in this by going to
Wind Tulip with anemometer
Views 5KYear ago
A small version of the Wind Tulip spinning from the wind while being measured with an anemometer. You can see how responsive it is even to low wind speeds. You can invest in this by going to
Wind Tulip on balcony
Views 1.3KYear ago
A small version of the Wind Tulip spinning from the wind on a balcony with a beautiful view. You can invest in this by going to
Flower Turbine in a Garden
Views 3.7KYear ago
A small version of the Wind Tulip spinning from the wind even though surrounded by a garden that blocks much of the wind. You can invest in this by going to
Flower Turbines Orange and White
Views 2.2KYear ago
A full sized version of the Wind Tulip spinning from the wind on a building above a beautiful beach. It apparently moves slowly but has a lot of force which is converted to speed inside the turbine. Note that the birds know to avoid it. You can invest in this by going to
Tulip on Balcony Overlooking the Sea
Views 2.8KYear ago
A small version of the Wind Tulip spinning from the wind on a balcony with a beautiful view. You can invest in this by going to
20180603 090518 1 tulip movie colombia
Views 547Year ago
Wind Tulip on top of a bank in Colombia
video dr farb on le may 2018
Views 14Year ago
Dr. Farb speaking about Leviathan Energy and the Wind Tulips
Dr. Farb speaking about Flower Turbines May 2018
Views 4.2KYear ago
Dr. Farb explains the most important point about Flower Turbines small vertical axis wind turbines.
lessons learned 54 4
Views 162 years ago
NSF I-Corps Program for Team 54, Stony Brook Wave Technology
LE SB Wave Energy Harvesting
Views 542 years ago
This is the application for the Powerbridge program. It describes the basics of the technology and provides some very simplified views of it with software and hardware.
10 cm video demo
Views 932 years ago
This shows the miniature underwater turbine turned by hand so we can show it making small amounts of light.
Wind Farm Purchase
Views 222 years ago
Invest with us to own part of a wind farm and enjoy the high dividend returns which we will make higher by use of our technology. Go to to invest in this and other great projects
Leviathan Wind Energizer elevator pitch
Views 232 years ago
Dr. Daniel Farb says briefly the essential benefits of the Wind Energizer.
Leviathan Wind Energizer Fundraising Movie
Views 2204 years ago
This movie summarizes the case for investing in Leviathan Wind Energizer. It explains the significance of the product and its huge potential market. It shows videos of the product and Dr. Daniel Farb explaining it.
windenergizerpromo 0322 0001
Views 2414 years ago
Animation of how the Wind Energizer works
Daniel Farb at Congress July 9 2015
Views 8554 years ago
Dr. Farb spoke about renewable energy on a panel on hydroelectric power sponsored by the Sustainable Energy Coalition. He discussed his technologies and policy suggestions.
Pioneer Valley Renewables Hydrokinetic Turbine Demo
Views 5395 years ago
I created this video with the RU-clip Slideshow Creator (
Wind Tulip Customer Benefits
Views 1.4K6 years ago
This is a fun way to see the benefits of buying a Wind Tulip.
Wind Tulip 3 blades jan 14 2014
Views 5866 years ago
This is the first one of our new 3-bladed Wind Tulips, now being tested in India. We are now taking orders for the second batch of turbines.
Wind Energizer Turbine And Control
Views 7566 years ago
This shows how Leviathan Energy's Wind Energizer can make turbines start at lower speed. We use Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling to make customized structures that change the wind before it hits the turbine. The patent is already granted in several countries.
History of the Wind Tulip
Views 1.9K6 years ago
For more information go to The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem picked the Wind Tulip in 2011 for its exhibit of Israel's 45 greatest inventions. Two of those were then chosen by President Shimon Peres for his Succot open house to showcase Israeli technology. This is the movie that accompanied the exhibit. It is in Hebrew with English subtitles.
3-Bladed Wind Tulip
Views 8396 years ago
For more information go to This is a simulation of the rotation of the 3-bladed Wind Tulip, the first go-to-market version of Flower Turbines, a branch of Leviathan Energy.
Wind Tulip in Jerusalem
Views 2.5K6 years ago
This is a small model of Leviathan Energy's 2-bladed Wind Tulip. Enjoy the beauty of the turbine as it rotates.
Ish Yarok television feature on Leviathan Energy's hydro and wind turbines
Views 5116 years ago
For more information go to and This is from the well-known Israeli television show, Ish Yarok (Green Man) on Leviathan Energy's products. Although most is in Hebrew, some is in English.
Wind tulip at Eilot Hilton at low wind speed
Views 7936 years ago
For more information go to This video shows how well the turbine responds to even low wind speeds. Most turbines start spinning at 3 meters per second. The Wind Tulip starts at 1.5.
2011 March Wind Tulip Eilat Hilton at high speed
Views 6656 years ago
For more information go to This shows the performance of the two-bladed Wind Tulip at the high speed of 16 meters per second wind. The noise is from the surrounding plants, not the turbine.
The Wind Energizer for Investors
Views 3676 years ago
For more information go to Wind Energizer is a unique and disruptive innovation that improves the power output of large wind turbines by changing the wind before it hits the turbine.
Leviathan Hydro Customer Video
Views 4246 years ago
For more information go to This cartoon shows what our unique in-pipe turbine does for the customer.


  • Google User
    Google User 5 months ago

    Please address how it would be connected to electric meter for the residential sector.

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 5 months ago

      through an inverter. The exact setup would depend on the size, your needs, etc. For a starter, see

  • Google User
    Google User 5 months ago

    What's the price per unit??Also, working in the energy sector seems this thing will explode in the future coz of energy resources world is getting limited with.

  • goodnewsusa
    goodnewsusa 5 months ago

    I live in a very windy area in this prairie town in west central Minnesota. I would love to have solar panels, but we have so many cloudy days. However, we seem to get more wind. Love the idea, but worried about city regulations on having this in my yard? Solution?

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 5 months ago

      I wouldn't worry about the regulations; I'm sure it can be taken care of. In your area of the country, wind makes sense. Check out for information.

  • Theo Kleijn
    Theo Kleijn 5 months ago

    Please add a link to wind tunnel or simulation data. Generated power (Watts) vs wind speed (m/s). This video is not showing any information.

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 5 months ago

      We have mostly theoretical but some measured data at More will be coming in the near future.

  • John Edge
    John Edge 5 months ago

    Modelled on a Portal 2 turret device??

  • paulwesterberg
    paulwesterberg 5 months ago

    Wow, this is barely turning, probably producing very little energy. You would make a lot more power with a bank of solar panels on that roof!

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 5 months ago

      It is moving slowly with high torque. A gear on the inside converts it to high speed so it produces a lot more than solar panels in good winds. And this way it's much safer than a fast spinning turbine on the outside.

  • William Jeffries
    William Jeffries 6 months ago

    Fantastic interview!

  • Johann Wolf
    Johann Wolf 8 months ago

    Sure it spins in light airs, so do pinwheels....which means less friction on the generator and therefore far less power generation. Congrats on raising 1/2 million dollars for this old idea.

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 8 months ago

      This is obviously a demo model to illustrate the concept, and you treat it as if it were meant to be something else. I'd appreciate your going to and then correcting the rest of your comments.

  • Gene Massey
    Gene Massey 10 months ago

    If they don't know enough to hold the phone horizontally when filming, it makes me worry about their whole concept. Too cheap to create a decent video?

    • Gene Massey
      Gene Massey 10 months ago

      @RenewableEnergies1 Dr. Farb, most of the time, your presentation is what GETS you the investment and HOW it looks is the determining factor. It is not the other way around: give us some money and we will make a decent presentation. Marketing your investment opportunity is just like marketing a PRODUCT - both need a good marketing budget to be successful. Contact me and I will try to help you because I think you DO have a much-needed product. gene at mediashares dot com

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 10 months ago

      We are waiting for you to come along and give us some money. And, by the way, if we post from an "amateur" video as well as professional ones (some of which are on this channel), isn't that what youtube is for?

  • Kent Campbell
    Kent Campbell 11 months ago

    How much electricity can a home unit provide, considering an average of 10 kph, How much will this produce in a 30 day time period and how does the customer amortize the various costs. You are much, too much concerned with technical details, and you need to sell your ability to provide a reliable product, how much it will provide/cost?

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 11 months ago

      10 kph may be too low a wind region until we are in mass production. We will be coming out soon with a home unit. Send an email to to make sure we have your name on the list of people to notify when we are ready with exact pricing. Thanks for the other thoughts.

  • Jeff Morrison
    Jeff Morrison 11 months ago

    How do they make their neighbor turbines perform better? Please upload animation or real life footage with smoke blowing so wind flow can be understood.

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 5 months ago

      Explained at

    • Jeremiah Kane
      Jeremiah Kane 5 months ago

      I'd assume just as skyscrapers make wind tunnel effects, having them near each other creates more resistance and therefore more pressure and more energy.

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 11 months ago

      See the customer page of for some pictures.

    ADOENDRA Year ago

    I like to see it is a storm :-)

  • Mihály Deme
    Mihály Deme Year ago

    Megújuló energiákat hasznosító hibrid típusú erőművekben kell gondolkodni az megoldja a szélenergia hasznosításának a problémáját.

    ADOENDRA Year ago

    I guess it is party time when the wind going up from 1 till 10 Beaufor = out of controle !

  • julian pignat
    julian pignat Year ago

    looking for mode that is bigger 1 and 2 meters hight for wind appartement

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 5 months ago

      We have. What you see is a portable demo model. Go to to start.

  • Just Curious
    Just Curious Year ago

    Power output at this wind speed? 1 watt? 0.5 watts?

      ADOENDRA Year ago

      @RenewableEnergies1 So you you put more energy to produce it then what you ever get out of it ....

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 Year ago

      Of course it's low. The commercial one (5 meters high) starts making 1 watt at 1.2 m/s. That is nothing--but others do the same at 3 m/s, so it's significant by comparison.

  • Sebastian Heyn
    Sebastian Heyn Year ago

    Sorry the moment he stated that the closer you put them they enhance each other sound like a Perpetuum mobile. Just put a hundred of them next to each other they will power themselves.

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 Year ago

      Thank you for being involved enough to make a comment. However, this is all based on advanced aerodynamics. It isn't dependent on putting them closer and closer. There is a certain sweet spot when the power output jumps up..

  • Captain Suky Cannon

    I'd love to use this on a sailboat

    • RenewableEnergies1
      RenewableEnergies1 8 months ago

      contact us at as we just finished the engineering drawings to do that.

  • Bageshree Patel
    Bageshree Patel Year ago

    Nice design 👌