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Funniest ASMR Fails !
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Funniest WATER SLIDE Fails !
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  • Lars-Henrik Berg
    Lars-Henrik Berg 10 seconds ago

    Azzy sad wow at 1:38

  • Shortie Squad
    Shortie Squad 21 second ago

    Who else wants to make edible slime out of those melted starburst.

  • Flaffy Cream
    Flaffy Cream 31 second ago


  • Kawaii Gacha Galaxy
    Kawaii Gacha Galaxy 32 seconds ago

    Oml vsco azzy???

  • Steven Irvine
    Steven Irvine 34 seconds ago

    On the wallres one sorry I do not know how to spell that it is my friend

  • min yoongi
    min yoongi 38 seconds ago

    29k views 29k likes

  • Evelyn Saavedra
    Evelyn Saavedra 39 seconds ago

    The girl is sanna leah ashe friend

  • Maria Farias
    Maria Farias 43 seconds ago

    Omg so bootiful

  • Hamtha NOORDEEN
    Hamtha NOORDEEN 50 seconds ago

    Sad people: I'm falling into depression Troom troom: *wE gOt A hACk For THAt!*

  • rainbow Pixie
    rainbow Pixie 58 seconds ago

    Here's a better way to eat sweets in class. 1. Have a sweet in one hand and a pencil in the other 2. Drop the pencil under the table 3. Go under the table pretending to look for it. But really ur eating a sweet 4. Repeat

  • Melody Char
    Melody Char 58 seconds ago

    You we’re actually tight with the spanish good job! A Prize for Azzy please

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 59 seconds ago

    Lauren would love the flat bread hack

  • Rose The wołf
    Rose The wołf Minute ago

    I did the starburst eraser thing on my brother he fell for it

  • Abigail Oberhauser
    Abigail Oberhauser Minute ago

    I hate how they stereotype the teacher as a nag and constantly upset. Like common, my fav teacher had a jar of jolly ranchers for the kids who had no time for breakfast. Not every teacher hates the students guts and if any children that are to young for school watch this, they are going to think this is how all teachers are.

  • Lilith Scott
    Lilith Scott Minute ago


  • Mattie Kinlaw
    Mattie Kinlaw Minute ago

    love you azzy

  • Rainbow Love
    Rainbow Love Minute ago

    You look younger

  • Portia Majumdar
    Portia Majumdar Minute ago

    Hi Miss azzy I love you

  • Savannah Andrew
    Savannah Andrew Minute ago

    I would put a pretty pen inside

  • L Plays
    L Plays Minute ago

    I’m confused where is the wire on your headphones

  • el207 Erica20
    el207 Erica20 Minute ago

    I think it looks great I’m going to try it

  • min yoongi
    min yoongi Minute ago

    Sksksk *and i oop-*

  • Sophie Pug the Potato Parot Seal

    1:34 Azzy: who wants some simple flat bread? Me: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Alfie Marlow
    Alfie Marlow Minute ago

    I can lift my right eyebrow 24/7

    CHRISTINA WITTKE 2 minutes ago

    you are awesome assy

  • jurgycka Kite
    jurgycka Kite 2 minutes ago

    i cant have no candy in my schol

  • Annika Aho
    Annika Aho 2 minutes ago

    Troop groom when they get away with it: yay! Now we can eat in class! People in my class: THIS BEACH BLIND

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia 2 minutes ago

    THINGS I HATE 1 i hate when people cant speeel 2 i htw wh en p e o pl e put spaces for noo reason 1 i hate when people cant count 4 i hate when peopl beg for llikkes LIKE IF U AGGRE

  • Abbie Hornsby
    Abbie Hornsby 2 minutes ago

    Love u ♥️ azzy dont stop making videos 💖💖

  • Anxhela Cteduhet
    Anxhela Cteduhet 2 minutes ago

    Hi😃 .I am from Albania🤗🤗🤗🤗.I am 10 years old 🇦🇱🇦🇱. I like Azzy land, I love you soooo muchhh😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • NonoPandaCorn
    NonoPandaCorn 2 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who saw Iamsanna, Jelly and many other RU-cliprs?

  • Hi Ham and cheese
    Hi Ham and cheese 2 minutes ago

    Who likes azzyland

  • Megan Lawrence
    Megan Lawrence 2 minutes ago

    Why make a notebook out of bread when you can buy a notebook of edible paper 😂

  • Abalabal
    Abalabal 2 minutes ago

    you try do that with that pilot?😍its done?

  • kookies wifeu
    kookies wifeu 2 minutes ago

    My teacher says if your hungry you should eat so he lets us eat whenever we like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    MADDIEx xEILISH 3 minutes ago

    Only 28 dislikes?? YAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White 3 minutes ago

    Your the best azzy

  • Gacha Moonlights
    Gacha Moonlights 3 minutes ago

    Azzy makes troom troom dun.

  • ET Gachas
    ET Gachas 3 minutes ago

    Omg Azzy your hair looks like elevens hair style from season 3 of stranger things!!

  • Safa Arshad
    Safa Arshad 3 minutes ago

    Its my birthday

  • oof oof
    oof oof 3 minutes ago

    My teacher let us eat in class

  • Suuzyuqu
    Suuzyuqu 3 minutes ago

    My teacher allows us to bring food/snacks.

  • Liisi Mäki
    Liisi Mäki 3 minutes ago

    Could I use one of these in my test tomorrow?🤔😂

  • Elle evans
    Elle evans 3 minutes ago

    Azzy your the best!!!!!

  • James Clear
    James Clear 4 minutes ago

    Love ur vids azzy

  • Tanvi Haldar
    Tanvi Haldar 4 minutes ago

    I love u

  • The girls
    The girls 4 minutes ago


  • Aksa Aho!
    Aksa Aho! 4 minutes ago

    A Az Azz Azzy Azzy i Azzy is Azzy is b Azzy is be Azzy is bes Azzy is best Azzy is bes Azzy is be Azzy is b Azzy is Azzy i Azzy Azz Az A

  • Magical Unicorn
    Magical Unicorn 4 minutes ago

    Yo Granny got cookies mine can make Apple crumble

  • YOLO1 مجهول
    YOLO1 مجهول 4 minutes ago


  • Flame Wolfff Ji
    Flame Wolfff Ji 4 minutes ago


  • _layla playz gacha _xD
    _layla playz gacha _xD 4 minutes ago

    Who else thinks azzy is the best youtuber on earth

  • forte nigte
    forte nigte 5 minutes ago

    My favourite group is ...BTS

  • XxKawaii _DuckZxX
    XxKawaii _DuckZxX 5 minutes ago

    When your early and you don't know what to say ;-; xD

  • angeles escobar
    angeles escobar 5 minutes ago

    ( 5:04 How I slap my brother, lol )

  • Athena BeeLord
    Athena BeeLord 5 minutes ago

    my pencil isnt alive and is not tired TROOM TROOM

  • Sasha Kalpupersaud
    Sasha Kalpupersaud 5 minutes ago

    Azzy: Oh troom troom would we really sneak food into class Me: WHAT TYPE OF QUESTION IS THAT of course I would sneak food into class and plus I have last period lunch!

  • T a m a g o t c h i G o r l

    Why am I 20 minutes late

  • Pleasant run elementary girl

    ???????can someone tell me what I am watching?

  • Animal Adventures
    Animal Adventures 5 minutes ago

    1:52 Me: but I like flat bread....... Also me:I’m I out of my mind?

  • Kyla The mermaid
    Kyla The mermaid 5 minutes ago

    I love you so much ❤️💕😂

  • Kate Hicks
    Kate Hicks 5 minutes ago

    why does troom troom do weird stuff hello there telling people to take a blade in to school this is cringe and weird ######### azzyland

  • The king
    The king 5 minutes ago

    I love u 2 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Christina Taban
    Christina Taban 5 minutes ago

    Or u could just put all the candy in ur bag

  • Olivia
    Olivia 6 minutes ago

    Has anyone else noticed azzys makeup is on fleek today 💛

  • Lovely Lily
    Lovely Lily 6 minutes ago

    Yay 😊 I'm early

  • Mia Rainbow
    Mia Rainbow 6 minutes ago


  • CookieXxXRaven :3
    CookieXxXRaven :3 6 minutes ago

    My teacher let's us eat in class as long as it's just a snack! 👩‍🏫‍🍱

  • Skittle Turkey
    Skittle Turkey 6 minutes ago

    This is the most sarcastic and sassy video azzy made 😂 and it's so funny

  • angeles escobar
    angeles escobar 6 minutes ago

    (\__/) ( • - •) / > > \ This is Yoshi. He is much in need of owners & food. He is homeless :c Here is his friend ( down ) (\__/) ( • - •) / > > \ This is Laim. He is also in need of an owner & food. He is homeless. They love to watch Azzy. 1 like = 1 home for Laim & Yoshi.

  • asmr lovely games
    asmr lovely games 6 minutes ago

    Your so cool love you

  • Hamtha NOORDEEN
    Hamtha NOORDEEN 6 minutes ago

    Aayyyyeee 10 mil Proud of you Azzy!

  • Property Westen
    Property Westen 6 minutes ago


  • Shyla Riley BROWN
    Shyla Riley BROWN 6 minutes ago

    There is such thing as purple glue azzy its true

  • Zay
    Zay 6 minutes ago

    That is not azzy why she look like that

  • Kitten Gamer xoxo
    Kitten Gamer xoxo 6 minutes ago

    Who else does emoji drawings in there spare time

  • Yandere Zo
    Yandere Zo 6 minutes ago

    Yay ily Azzy I wait hours to watch more of your videos

  • Aiman Ujala
    Aiman Ujala 6 minutes ago

    U should do collab with simply nailogical on reacting troom troom😂

  • Crazycat Mady07
    Crazycat Mady07 6 minutes ago

    15 mins ago lol i didn’t know until the end 😂

  • The Underwater Crew!!!
    The Underwater Crew!!! 6 minutes ago

    Curtains should be called wall blankets

  • PlanswithLaura M
    PlanswithLaura M 7 minutes ago

    You look very pritey🦄🐕🥺🐝🐞🍏🍫

  • Marcuss Freimanis
    Marcuss Freimanis 7 minutes ago

    Be a vsco girl for next video THATS A DARE

  • Zoey The Beast
    Zoey The Beast 7 minutes ago

    I actually tried the glue one and it did not taste to bad

  • In Winds
    In Winds 7 minutes ago

    11:20 the laugh the woman in Troom Troom did is concerning.

  • GE Potato
    GE Potato 7 minutes ago

    1+1=3 Azzy -2019

  • Fares Almadani
    Fares Almadani 7 minutes ago

    Hi plz tell slogoman to ad me on discord my name is Fares#7810

  • Savannah Barrowman
    Savannah Barrowman 7 minutes ago


  • Epicshooters
    Epicshooters 7 minutes ago

    meanwhile i was eating mcdonalds in class, while watching this video on my schoollaptop

  • Hector _0_84
    Hector _0_84 7 minutes ago

    Nice video azzy

  • Mia McKinley
    Mia McKinley 7 minutes ago

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE luv ur chanell UwU. Your daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........BESSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!

  • SeaHorseStar1
    SeaHorseStar1 8 minutes ago

    My moto: DIY stands for... Don't Involve Yourself

  • Tajinay Studios
    Tajinay Studios 8 minutes ago

    Azzy: you can’t do school anymore all you can do is eat Me: and that’s a bad thing because.....

  • Ann Doyle
    Ann Doyle 8 minutes ago

    I won I said WOW 0 times

  • Deanna Jose
    Deanna Jose 8 minutes ago

    Icing lace is supposed to go on the icing of the cake or cupcake

  • Agnes Phiri
    Agnes Phiri 8 minutes ago

    Azzy you are my favorite youtuber . Thank you for being a youtuber your videos always make me happy. I really wish l could meet you in person

  • Unicornsforlife 16lol
    Unicornsforlife 16lol 8 minutes ago

    Wow troom troom three cornflakes for detention

  • Princess lily
    Princess lily 8 minutes ago

    The fact that azures is wearing AirPods shows how 21st century is evolving and how I need to catch up from not being active in RU-clip 😊😂

  • Star lord Studios
    Star lord Studios 8 minutes ago

    I shat on a carpet

  • _layla playz gacha _xD
    _layla playz gacha _xD 8 minutes ago

    Anyone else????