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Will it Flush? EXPERIMENT
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The most UNUSUAL PETS Ever !
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Funniest ASMR Fails !
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  • Andrej Gligorijevic
    Andrej Gligorijevic 21 minute ago

    You’re cute

  • ¿ Onii ?
    ¿ Onii ? 22 minutes ago

    Dis duuude is sooo guud at editing can he teach me dat?

  • Emma Bradley
    Emma Bradley 23 minutes ago

    My teacher can raise 1 eyebrow

  • L M Gark
    L M Gark 23 minutes ago

    I was like that when the pezza tray melted i thought it was chease 😂

  • ¿ Onii ?
    ¿ Onii ? 25 minutes ago

    #Tru. Yes i did the # so its truuuuu

  • Wonderful world of Emilia

    When you make a vid but y bro or sis is being slapped 2:21

  • warren palana
    warren palana 25 minutes ago

    You remind me if my 2nd other teacher

  • Karate Girl
    Karate Girl 25 minutes ago

    The egg was blue so the blue Dragon had to own

  • Violet Lps
    Violet Lps 25 minutes ago

    Can you spell lol I can’t spell spell

  • Phoebo Storey
    Phoebo Storey 26 minutes ago

    Who is the man laying on the bed

  • Elizabeth Vorster
    Elizabeth Vorster 26 minutes ago

    Once I went swimming with my mom in the pool all of a sudden I started to drown and my mommy saved like if u can relate

  • dark gacha now
    dark gacha now 26 minutes ago

    No i never text my teacher

  • Mandy Bennett
    Mandy Bennett 26 minutes ago

    0:44 why would u lick it ?!?!?! U KOW IT IS SLIME

  • Trina Anderson
    Trina Anderson 26 minutes ago


  • Helen Young
    Helen Young 27 minutes ago


  • leann lambert
    leann lambert 27 minutes ago


  • Ida Alstrup Udsen
    Ida Alstrup Udsen 27 minutes ago

    Where was a room/door in the pool

  • galaxy chocdog
    galaxy chocdog 27 minutes ago

    I once ate bugs that was in my sandwich!🤢🤮

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 28 minutes ago

    Do a prank on Jordy I dare you so he can be screaming a lot it's funny you're so funny

  • Ruby Eastham
    Ruby Eastham 28 minutes ago

    I lost my dad 2 weeks ago

  • Moonlight8688
    Moonlight8688 28 minutes ago

    Ummmm no just giving you my opinion

  • Adrians Alpe
    Adrians Alpe 28 minutes ago

    I did all the riddles right

  • Teddy123 Ted
    Teddy123 Ted 28 minutes ago


  • Chuck Hoover
    Chuck Hoover 28 minutes ago

    The girl that slapped the mime was lele pons and it was for a vine

  • Gilli Kennedy
    Gilli Kennedy 29 minutes ago

    I love bts RM

  • MyLife Animated
    MyLife Animated 29 minutes ago

    Me wanting to right - whos whatshing this in 2019 And then realising that u can't se this before 2019 Me:😐

  • Amr Madany
    Amr Madany 29 minutes ago

    Thats slander man not a clown

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 30 minutes ago

    Make a big thumbs up if you want as a comment down below if you like a z she's the best she's the best at everything

  • Trina Anderson
    Trina Anderson 30 minutes ago

    I have my uncle 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • nini mamisashvili
    nini mamisashvili 30 minutes ago

    Save the turtles

  • TF x Galaxy
    TF x Galaxy 31 minute ago

    Video 2 I watched at school

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 31 minute ago

    What's your favorite movie I no idea why I do what movie you like the most

  • kittyLove 777
    kittyLove 777 31 minute ago

    NOT TRUE! ONLY ONE BELUGA WHALE SAVED HER!!!! Click this if you agree and saw the other video about the one 👇🏾

  • Kittycatcornz09mx 135
    Kittycatcornz09mx 135 31 minute ago

    The one where u said "the friend who ears everything but doesn't gain weight" is literally me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leo Babo
    Leo Babo 31 minute ago

    no Nomor

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 31 minute ago

    what's your favorite dream

  • Sedr Nawzad
    Sedr Nawzad 31 minute ago

    Why is Danny hate your best T mask tell me about the darkest always do it don’t do that’s the one it’s on the flights and download is around

  • Angela Tobin
    Angela Tobin 32 minutes ago

    I saw gloom to do that game

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 32 minutes ago

    Did Woody holiday like the Bulls Halloween or Valentine's Day

  • Jennifer Stafford
    Jennifer Stafford 32 minutes ago


  • callum shannon
    callum shannon 32 minutes ago

    I have two siblings brother and sister

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 33 minutes ago

    I'm just kidding I do have jailed are likewise I will do what do when he was little

  • Laura and Derren
    Laura and Derren 33 minutes ago

    A Az Azz Azzy Azz Az A

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 33 minutes ago

    Why are actually loving boyfriend I've no idea why but just tell me that my channel and my brothers actually because I don't really have a channel

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 34 minutes ago

    Did you ever have the banana on your lip

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 34 minutes ago

    .. 2019 anmore

  • Nukerane Vlogger
    Nukerane Vlogger 35 minutes ago

    What normal kids see: peanut butter and jelly What I see:☠ Edit:if u like u support me as well as others with this allergy

  • Lily Hame
    Lily Hame 35 minutes ago

    bro ok what happens when the girl gets married like the husband's gonna find out sooner or later

  • Enyaurora ,
    Enyaurora , 35 minutes ago

    4:15 This reminds me of the auto cucumber 🤣🤣

  • Carmen Gallardo
    Carmen Gallardo 36 minutes ago


  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 37 minutes ago

    How to punish your cash 3 and love you guys

  • Lori Raab
    Lori Raab 37 minutes ago

    Heard of the cigarettes snail

  • TobyLikesMeme101
    TobyLikesMeme101 37 minutes ago


  • Lori Raab
    Lori Raab 37 minutes ago

    I guess u have not

  • Musammat Chowdhury
    Musammat Chowdhury 37 minutes ago

    Roses are red violets are blue if you love her vids make this blue 👍💙

  • Pb Soldier
    Pb Soldier 37 minutes ago


  • Pisoiul Cocartz 58
    Pisoiul Cocartz 58 38 minutes ago


  • some idiot
    some idiot 38 minutes ago

    1:18 pause and look at azzy's face

  • Minecraft GamerYT17
    Minecraft GamerYT17 39 minutes ago

    play with your kitty for 24 hours

  • Carmen Gallardo
    Carmen Gallardo 40 minutes ago


  • Isabella Hopper
    Isabella Hopper 40 minutes ago

    Did anyone realise it was RiCk AnD mOrTy

  • Isabelle Seawright
    Isabelle Seawright 40 minutes ago


  • Ginger cookie
    Ginger cookie 40 minutes ago

    The first one tho how does she get that t shirt 👚 on

  • Belive belive
    Belive belive 40 minutes ago

    I have.. ♥️ ✓ ♥️ ✓ ♥️ ✓ ♥️ X ♥️ X

  • saud games
    saud games 41 minute ago


  • Xx raniya xX
    Xx raniya xX 41 minute ago

    ⛅☁️☁️ ☁️🧓☁️ ☁️👇☁️ ☁️☝️☁️ ☁️👦🏼☁️ ☁️☁️☁️

    PREETY MARWAHA 41 minute ago

    I gave my friend a Harry Potter book last year that worth thousands of pounds and she lost it

  • Victoria Cross
    Victoria Cross 41 minute ago

    Azzy : its a key chain thing Me: its a carabiner

  • I am a dweeb
    I am a dweeb 42 minutes ago

    I had hair to my but and now it is cut short to my neck and I am very tall

    GRIFF GRIFF 43 minutes ago

    Can u plz do a vid with jordy😋😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️ I loooooovvvvvveee. You sssssssssooooooooo much I subed

  • sans the SKELETON
    sans the SKELETON 43 minutes ago

    Omg this is adorable

  • Uswa Bint Imran
    Uswa Bint Imran 43 minutes ago

    5:04 I have tried it before watching this video and it works . But it only works if the deceive is kept straight

  • dul xue
    dul xue 43 minutes ago

    With gloom plss love u

  • Heath Hall
    Heath Hall 43 minutes ago


  • Riley’s Life Hacks
    Riley’s Life Hacks 43 minutes ago


  • Sofia & Cookie
    Sofia & Cookie 44 minutes ago

    i come from Germany and i never have seen that slide

  • Xx raniya xX
    Xx raniya xX 44 minutes ago

    I am aquarius

  • Hanna Johnson
    Hanna Johnson 44 minutes ago

    Can you react to the music video "happier" please please please

  • Seren Beren gaming
    Seren Beren gaming 44 minutes ago

    When I was in Spain I seen a sandcastle that Had a fire in it

  • EGL_jack-a GG
    EGL_jack-a GG 45 minutes ago

    I would only do it to save my wife and get some money cuz he's poor he did money belt that's why I would choose yes

  • Clara Nitz Rasmussen
    Clara Nitz Rasmussen 45 minutes ago

    #saveazzyland 😂😂😂😂

  • the potato wolf!
    the potato wolf! 45 minutes ago

    Bruh the reason ice cream taste like beef is because it is dog icecream.

  • Gabby Lopez
    Gabby Lopez 45 minutes ago

    yasss for pineapple

  • Khawlah Alkhlass
    Khawlah Alkhlass 46 minutes ago

    Actually the most embarrassing thing that happened to me is I was gonna get in the car but I went so close to a car that wasn’t even ours and the woman inside stared at me

  • Annie Peel
    Annie Peel 46 minutes ago


  • Darius Smith
    Darius Smith 47 minutes ago


  • Ida Kivisto
    Ida Kivisto 47 minutes ago

    I also got my earring ripped out. Because my earring was too heavy for my ear...

  • Sofia & Cookie
    Sofia & Cookie 47 minutes ago

    i come from Germany but i never saw that ride

  • tee que
    tee que 47 minutes ago

    Azzy kinda looked like a anime character

  • Amara de Wilde
    Amara de Wilde 48 minutes ago

    I didn't cry wen i watcht up

  • random tings
    random tings 49 minutes ago

    Here are more magic trick for you to watch

  • Olivia Taylor
    Olivia Taylor 49 minutes ago

    Is she wearing earrings I thought there was a rip in her ear!?!?!?

  • Danna Bella Osuna
    Danna Bella Osuna 49 minutes ago

    I can do the tongue thing on the right

  • Khawlah Alkhlass
    Khawlah Alkhlass 49 minutes ago

    I don’t really know There are a bunch of embarrassing things in my life

  • Cr33per Gaming
    Cr33per Gaming 49 minutes ago

    I got 3 dogs that died😢😭 but now I got a cat

  • Winter McElfresh
    Winter McElfresh 49 minutes ago

    I can only do 3 of them.

  • Magyar Gabor Bence
    Magyar Gabor Bence 49 minutes ago

    How do you mistake Hungary for italy 🇮🇹 I’m Hungarian lol

  • Pamela Stefaniotis
    Pamela Stefaniotis 50 minutes ago

    It's moist in here

  • Eddy Li
    Eddy Li 50 minutes ago

    Did you realize that I saw this 1 million times and those are Russian people just like me🤩