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I'm Coming Out.
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We need to talk about...
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  • makahla
    makahla 7 hours ago

    I can’t help but to look at you differently! To me, you look SO MUCH stronger, braver than you did before. You look different bc of THE GLOWWWW in your face of being your true self, IS SO BLINDING!! 💕 You’re the REALEST IF REAL OUT THERE! ❤️ Love you and SUPPORT YOU ALWAYS

  • Ary03
    Ary03 7 hours ago

    First channel i ever subscribed to , 10 years + ago, It changes nothing for me , as long as im concerned , you are a beautifull women , inside out , since forever ❤️⭐️

  • sarahshrinks_83
    sarahshrinks_83 7 hours ago

    Yes Darling!!! Live your truth, fuck the haters!! You are beautiful inside and out!!!

  • SJ 401
    SJ 401 7 hours ago


  • MrB MrB
    MrB MrB 7 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about how it was posted on april 20th

  • Unicorn DayZ
    Unicorn DayZ 7 hours ago

    as a semi closeted bisexual this made me cry a little i'm still semi closeted and I will work up my own courage to come out

  • Mack Ratliff
    Mack Ratliff 7 hours ago

    we support you honey 🖤

  • Yanu Bage
    Yanu Bage 7 hours ago

  • LoopyPeoplezz1
    LoopyPeoplezz1 7 hours ago

    Newsflash, dumbasses: you saying “I could never tell!” because of her coming out video isn’t actually as much of a compliment as you think.

  • Channell Marie
    Channell Marie 7 hours ago

    I’m so proud of you nikki, your channel’s growth (I’ve been watching for so many years) and you coming out, I love you just the same if not more! Your story is inspiring!

  • Holly Eveleth-Moreno

    Love you so much! Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Elisa Ambriz
    Elisa Ambriz 7 hours ago

    Always love watching your videos and will continue to do so.

  • wasa jazz
    wasa jazz 7 hours ago

    I love you

  • Shauna Gates
    Shauna Gates 7 hours ago

    And I'm still jealous you can do makeup way better than I can.

  • Fit-Frumpy- Mommy
    Fit-Frumpy- Mommy 7 hours ago

    All the fucking tears over here. Hun, you are utterly amazing! I’m as straight as an arrow, so I have no idea what things in your past, and what this today, must have been/are like. But your grace, your humor, the essence of who you are.... who you truly are.... that’s powerful. I can’t do makeup, I didn’t even know of you prior to watching Ellen (maybe this will be the channel where I can figure out how to properly attire my face!). But my heart is so full after watching you come out. And I’m so thankful you shared that. The amount of hope you just injected into someone’s life by doing this... you are probably saving a life. Well done Nikki! Very well done!! You take your power, your hope and your talent and you keep on flying! Love and hugs!!

  • Jack Clarke
    Jack Clarke 7 hours ago

    You are not a girl because you think you’re a girl.

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium 7 hours ago

      @Fruit Roll Ups he

    • Fruit Roll Ups
      Fruit Roll Ups 7 hours ago

      And you can't tell her what she is because you don't believe in it. Get a life and stop judging other people.

  • retnuH TV
    retnuH TV 7 hours ago

    @Paul C no! She’s a female because she is a trans female, which means she was born a male but transitioned into a female which would make her a SHE

  • christine Bygrave-Harper

    Omg wow!

  • Maysa Niyazova
    Maysa Niyazova 7 hours ago

    Thank you for telling your story. Now it's done and it's over and the middle finger at the end was BOMB! Now let's talk makeup :)

  • Somebody bodysome
    Somebody bodysome 7 hours ago

    If You Are Saying You Are Trapped In a Different Body, Does That Goes The Same To This : *Brother getting married with sister but because he says that he supposed to be another man but trapped in a different body. *A kid who smokes but says he supposed to be grown up but trapped in a different body.

  • Stephanie McClure
    Stephanie McClure 7 hours ago

    I loved this! Y'alls chemistry is so real!! Was it hard learning Dutch? Love that too!!

  • Ascension Codes
    Ascension Codes 7 hours ago

    Love this! I’ve always hated labels too. 🙏🏼♥️✨

  • Ivanka Zhou
    Ivanka Zhou 7 hours ago

    We love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Danielle Constantine

    You're so awesome and loved ❤

  • Sarah Glick
    Sarah Glick 7 hours ago

    Did he say “like my transition?” Did he know?

  • zeitakuna
    zeitakuna 7 hours ago

    shut up 👍

  • Stargirl
    Stargirl 7 hours ago

    kim looks so good with a bare face too, wish we saw that look more often

  • Rabica CuteGirl
    Rabica CuteGirl 7 hours ago

    Yass queen!!!

  • Paola Gonzales
    Paola Gonzales 7 hours ago

    So you’re saying that God made a mistake when he created you. God never makes mistakes!

    • Fruit Roll Ups
      Fruit Roll Ups 7 hours ago

      Some of us aren't Christian. Don't put others down because it's your religion. We all don't believe the same thing. I am not a Christian, but I do know that any god out there would want anyone to be themselves. All we need is love to change the world we were given, and we have to make our own decisions.

  • Redhot Chickpeas
    Redhot Chickpeas 7 hours ago

    I’ve watched this over and over because it’s so inspiring. And I don’t even relate to any gender identity issues.

  • Alejandro Figueroa
    Alejandro Figueroa 7 hours ago

    This is bigger than Kylie's secret omfgggg

  • Heather Piper
    Heather Piper 7 hours ago

    You were beautiful then and you’re still beautiful now. Much love Nikki! 🥰♥️♥️♥️

  • Robin H
    Robin H 7 hours ago

    I’m happy for you! I have always enjoyed your videos. Nothing will stop your growth. And u am to be able to watch it.

  • Person
    Person 7 hours ago

    This video hits different

  • Teknitula Spacenoise

    In Afrikaans: wenkbrou and wenkbroue. Close as damnit ; )

  • BubblePop MSP
    BubblePop MSP 7 hours ago

    when she flexing that she has all mark jacobs makeup ;-;

  • Haley Phillips
    Haley Phillips 7 hours ago

    You are gorgeous!! Keep doing you and your videos are the bomb!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you so much chicka!!!

  • That mommy life Gamer of 3

    11 years later and this is in my recommendations Woop

  • That mommy life Gamer of 3

    11 years later and this is in my recommendations Woop

  • Ally Sanford
    Ally Sanford 7 hours ago

    You’re phenomenal and I see you and I love you.

  • Jose Raul  Perez
    Jose Raul Perez 7 hours ago

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Samantha Morejon
    Samantha Morejon 7 hours ago

    I know this vid is old but if anyone is looking for eyedrops that refresh the moisture in your eyes, I recommends Blink Tears!! I work at an eye doctor and we always recommwnd it and it works soooo well

  • Loser Lol
    Loser Lol 7 hours ago

    His voice is so relaxing ngl

  • Shauna Gates
    Shauna Gates 7 hours ago

    I just saw your Ellen clip, you rock!

  • JL Channel
    JL Channel 7 hours ago

    We all love nikkie...... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and how sweet those gurls xoxo

  • Kelly Lucey
    Kelly Lucey 7 hours ago

    This is so goddamn dramatic. 🙄

    • Fruit Roll Ups
      Fruit Roll Ups 7 hours ago

      @gold titanium are you high or always making no sense?

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium 7 hours ago

      @Fruit Roll Ups thats why youtube isnt a mentall institution, at a second thought it might aswell be

    • Fruit Roll Ups
      Fruit Roll Ups 7 hours ago

      Shut up Kelly. You clearly don't know how challenging this can be.

  • The Modern Dental Assistant

    You did amazing on Ellen!!!

  • Anne Yamoyam
    Anne Yamoyam 7 hours ago

    Wow who would I thought ?

  • SugarBlossem
    SugarBlossem 7 hours ago

    This was SO cute!

  • Desiree Call
    Desiree Call 7 hours ago

    Girl! I am just barely seeing this which makes me sad because I think it's amazing! I think you're amazing. You tell your story! And be proud of it! Because no matter what, you are you! And you are still one of THE best makeup artists I've ever seen! It hurts me that you were blackmailed into sharing this but I'm glad you were finally able to share. Thank you for being you Nikkie!

  • Andrew Sadono
    Andrew Sadono 7 hours ago

    i actually thought she's at least come out as bisexual until I watched the whole thing. Glad everyone is supportive of her.

  • Brianna Marie
    Brianna Marie 7 hours ago

    I dont get ittttt I have that foundation and it makes me look so cakey and sinks into every little line in my face! Am I doing something wrong????

  • Raquelsbutterflies Torres

    Love u Nikkie u r so BEAUTIFULLY BRAVE. I'm still tearing. Just saw u on the Ellen DeGeneres episode. So AMAZING. Keep on, on ur BEAUTIFUL journey and calling in life. I'm so sure u r going to help so many people with various types of issues. U r helping me b more confident. BLESSINGS AND BEST WISHES AND MAY ALL UR DREAMS COME TRUE. 💖💕💗🥰🤩🤙😘🤗🤗👸🏼🙏🤟

  • icekreqm _
    icekreqm _ 7 hours ago

    i just choked singing queen i was like shes a qUeEeE chchhahhejrjhgehhe n jajhdnnr

  • Sarah Slyke
    Sarah Slyke 7 hours ago

    You are so beautiful, inside and out! You are an inspiration Nikki.

  • fun and interesting person

    I just watched you on Ellen and I came over to subscribe to your channel I started to cry as I watched the video love ya

  • Danicka John
    Danicka John 7 hours ago

    You should do a full face of jeffree star liquid lipsticks lol

  • Molly Furlong
    Molly Furlong 7 hours ago

    Nikkie I’m so sorry for you lost and yes I am watching this in January 2020

  • yen
    yen 7 hours ago

    Love You !!! You are amazing !!! I Will love to have your talent with make up. Kisses and warm hugs from Panamá xxxxxxx

  • Mike Cronin
    Mike Cronin 7 hours ago

    Whatever dude....

    • Fruit Roll Ups
      Fruit Roll Ups 7 hours ago

      Nice announcement! So proud of you! You don't care about the vid- oh man I would love to hear more! So interesting

  • S W
    S W 7 hours ago

    Minus the rhinestones please💕

  • Monika Middleton
    Monika Middleton 7 hours ago

    Honestly I would have never guessed. But that said. You are beautiful and talented! Keep doing you! Much support from KY 💓💓💓💓

  • Crys Gauthier
    Crys Gauthier 7 hours ago

    Girl, you are so strong and powerful! I was not expecting this, but it does not upset me or change how I see you! You are one amazing Vrouw! ❤️❤️

  • special kittie
    special kittie 7 hours ago

    EVERY CHILD NEEDS A MOM SUCH AS YOURS. EVERY MAN NEEDS TO TAKE A PAGE FROM YOUR MANS BOOK. a man shouldnt intimidate and put fear in women in general and certainly not their partners.

  • Kacey Simon
    Kacey Simon 7 hours ago

    People might accept it, but God never will. You were born a man and you can change the outside all you want to, but you will always be a man and never a woman. No babies, no menstrual cycles, no woman’s DNA. That’s because God doesn’t make mistakes.

    • Fruit Roll Ups
      Fruit Roll Ups 7 hours ago

      Some of us aren't Christian. Don't put others down because it's your religion. We all don't believe the same thing. I am not a Christian, but I do know that any god out there would want anyone to be themselves. All we need is love to change the world we were given, and we have to make our own decisions.

  • Emma Hall-Nicol
    Emma Hall-Nicol 7 hours ago

    I love you to the moon, nothing could ever change that. You are beautiful inside, and out. Thank you for being so strong, brave and an inspiration!

  • Girl with flaws
    Girl with flaws 7 hours ago

    I Just watched your bit with Ellen and comments were disabled so I came here to tell you that I'm so proud of you. It was so inspiring and genuine I couldn't help but shed a tear

  • Abigail Gutierrez
    Abigail Gutierrez 7 hours ago

    I am shocked. I never would have expected that. I find it disgusting that someone would expose her. Let her be geez

  • cLaRiOz
    cLaRiOz 7 hours ago

    This comment will be drown in the pool of loving comments, but I still want yo say it. I followed your channel since 2008/2009. I've never been confident to put on make up on because nobody taught me to do so. So I surfed the youtube and I found you. Your face structure is similar to mine, and since then you've become my most favorite make up channel. I love you, Nikkie. I don't care about the label, you're still my favorite person on youtube! Keep on creating goodness, baby. Love from Indonesia.

  • CarlosCastellano
    CarlosCastellano 8 hours ago

    I enjoyed this A LOT!!!

  • claudia mejia
    claudia mejia 8 hours ago

    Girl!!! I still love you 😘...

  • Elke Betancourth
    Elke Betancourth 8 hours ago

    Such beautiful words! You have a big heart, you deserve to be happy. Hope the person that pressure you to make this video... gets hit by a bus. J/k but still I want them to feel pain.

  • Andrea Iturry
    Andrea Iturry 8 hours ago

    love u nikkie!

  • Jacqueline Torres
    Jacqueline Torres 8 hours ago

    YASSSSSSS NIKKI WEEEEE LOVEEEE YOUUUU🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Hayden’s Art & Games

    I never knew this you look so pretty btw

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium 7 hours ago

      thats just wrong, especialy with all the make up he is wearing

  • SJ 401
    SJ 401 8 hours ago

    Do you have any idea how many lives you’ve just saved with your message? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 And a coupled these 🖕🏼🖕🏼 to the douche bag who tried blackmail you. Jokes on him! So much 💕💕💕💕💕💪🏼

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium 7 hours ago

      @SJ 401 thats what his pipi said when he cut it off

    • SJ 401
      SJ 401 7 hours ago

      gold titanium 🖕🏼

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium 7 hours ago

      you mean how many lives ruined by praising mental instability and self mutulation

  • O Chá das 5
    O Chá das 5 8 hours ago

    She was crying in the beginning of the video... all make sense now! Now we know how it touched her!

  • bigdickjohnwick
    bigdickjohnwick 8 hours ago

    Makes sense with a chin Like that

  • Hayden Crockett
    Hayden Crockett 8 hours ago

    I need more Nikkie tutorials and Shane Dawson content

  • Sydney Brianne
    Sydney Brianne 8 hours ago

    I’m actually digging the look before the foundation and concealer. She has beautiful skin and looked like she had a healthy glow!

  • RJ Robinson
    RJ Robinson 8 hours ago


  • uraraka bakugo
    uraraka bakugo 8 hours ago

    I love you so much I support you and I feel so happy

  • Jasmine Hernandez
    Jasmine Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Girl you fish 🐠 I been watching your video this long ! I never thought you were born in the different gender !! I love you for who you are! And thank you for coming out and represent for the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 Community

  • Maiilovemetal
    Maiilovemetal 8 hours ago

    Oh honney, you are so brave, you are you, no matter what, please keep sharing your Joy! 💚

  • Kim Pearson
    Kim Pearson 8 hours ago

    Wait what was she born as

  • Amber Habib
    Amber Habib 8 hours ago

    I Literally have THE.MOST.RANDOM. Question ever lol! BUT FOR REAL-- How the damn hell did she make that lil bear face at the bottom of her description box? Ive tried playing with ALLLLL my letters, symbols, emojis and everything else ect.... BUT I STILL can NOT figure that ish out and the unknowing is torturing me lolololol😂😂😂 help yo fellow "Sister tutorial" out and lmk if any of u know her secret cryptic coding 💁💀😂😂👀👀 😂😂😂💁👀❤

  • Bilge Özkan
    Bilge Özkan 8 hours ago

    nikkie.. you are one of the most beautiful and brave woman i've ever seen. keep doing what you are doing. im proud of you.♡

  • Sophia Fentiman
    Sophia Fentiman 8 hours ago

    Yessss girl I was surprised but I love that you did this. It's hard to do this I'm so proud of you hun 💖💖💖❤❤❤

  • MsJordanElaine
    MsJordanElaine 8 hours ago

    It's crazy how much her english accents has improved since this video. I can kinda of hear a dutch accent here, but cannot hear one at all in her newer videos.

  • BlueLilac
    BlueLilac 8 hours ago

    This is the first time I've seen Ashley speaking and I GOTTA SAY .... She's pretty bawsbitch

  • Seenyia Yang
    Seenyia Yang 8 hours ago

    ok nikkie just out here STILL having the clearest skin ever 🤩😍

  • lindsey williams
    lindsey williams 8 hours ago

    6:36 the way he said highlight 🥺

  • Amy Tyrrell-Sutherland

    Young and talented. Then and now. What a beautiful soul!

  • Charlotte McDonald
    Charlotte McDonald 8 hours ago

    Just watched The Ellen Show and omg you’re amazing Nikki! So happy and proud for you that you’re taking back your power. You’re a beautiful person and a true inspiration! Thank you for being you!! I love your RU-clip videos and who you are, you’re a strong woman living the dream! Hugs to you !

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium 7 hours ago

      taking power by chopping his pipi, ok...,.

  • Ashley Gilbert
    Ashley Gilbert 8 hours ago

    Nikkiiiiii!!!! Yesssssssss Queen!!!!! You just showed the world the definition of brave. You are beautiful inside and out, we love you for being you. F*** the haters, because you just lifted the biggest weight off your shoulders girl! Love you always

  • Katie Trone
    Katie Trone 8 hours ago

    You are so awesome and I truly love you for being you!! Mama Dragons is so proud of you...what an amazing example of being who you are! Love, love, love you!!

  • I luv nuts
    I luv nuts 8 hours ago

    32 mill views for this garbage nah aliens come back and judge us in a few thousand years cuz this ain't it

  • wow man
    wow man 8 hours ago


  • MakeupbyAshly
    MakeupbyAshly 8 hours ago

    As someone that’s followed you from the beginning and grew up along side of you, you’re a beautiful human and you are always Nikkie and beautiful. You’ve always empowered everyone and embraced yourself and yes you’ve physically changed your appearance- so what. You were and still are Nikkie. No face of makeup, full face of makeup- still Nikkie. You’ve just politely kicked open so many doors for so many people. Hell yes.

  • Beyond The Pale
    Beyond The Pale 8 hours ago

    What a QUEEN