Spencer Petersen
Spencer Petersen
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  • MRK40
    MRK40 5 years ago

    That has really bothered me also. Ugghh

  • sniffles117
    sniffles117 6 years ago


  • tbee922
    tbee922 7 years ago

    i think he's naturally blurry!

  • MickHornbak
    MickHornbak 7 years ago

    Your wife's broken toothbrush recorded this?

  • GidiXD
    GidiXD 7 years ago

    are you like the herman cain biggest fan or something?

  • RayChiTown
    RayChiTown 7 years ago

    Wow! You made it on Conan twice!

  • sidislike
    sidislike 7 years ago

    did you film this on a microwave potato also 1 person prefers justin bieber cain/palin 2008

  • JoshuaB0823
    JoshuaB0823 7 years ago

    did you use a calculator to record this?

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 7 years ago

    Fisher Price webcam?

  • Claugustus
    Claugustus 7 years ago

    Why has he corrected you three times?

  • Grumpy
    Grumpy 7 years ago

    Conan owned you... lol

  • cyberhaze42
    cyberhaze42 7 years ago

    just saw this on conan :D

  • Collin Murr
    Collin Murr 7 years ago

    was that a bad camera shot or are you just blurry?

    MANNNTCTW 7 years ago

    Just watched this on conan!

  • Brewtox
    Brewtox 7 years ago

    watching on conan right now ;D

  • Robert B
    Robert B 7 years ago

    You're on television sir.

  • BeccaDesigns
    BeccaDesigns 7 years ago

    saw you on conan :)

  • Claugustus
    Claugustus 7 years ago

    Well you got on Conan with a potato, congrats. Took long enough.

  • Luhvene
    Luhvene 7 years ago

    good job getting on conan. Now get a better camera

  • JohnnyCee3
    JohnnyCee3 7 years ago

    how does this only have 154 views??

  • spin_the_block_215
    spin_the_block_215 7 years ago

    First after conan lol

  • DiPnF
    DiPnF 8 years ago

    I saw you on Conan, right now!

  • ken2go2
    ken2go2 8 years ago

    240? more like 120

  • Yele
    Yele 8 years ago

    Hah, you were wrong :P

  • mettaworldpeace
    mettaworldpeace 8 years ago

    no one knows the difference between your and you're.

  • magnum dong
    magnum dong 8 years ago

    I just saw you on conan BITCH penis

  • Raceraddictted Plays

    Why do you film with a potato?

  • Raceraddictted Plays

    Filmed with a potato.

  • XILE747
    XILE747 8 years ago

    Ha you are on Conan