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  • Tammy Koch
    Tammy Koch 3 hours ago

    Big boy bruger

  • bamboovn2
    bamboovn2 3 hours ago

    I don’t think she chewed at all. Maybe that was how she could eat that much?

  • themoney4160
    themoney4160 3 hours ago

    makes me think of some WIERD AL SONG,

  • Cheryl Agnew
    Cheryl Agnew 3 hours ago

    Hi Katina ! Congratulations girl on 30 k and coming up on 50 k. 😁👍👍❤️❤️💕💕❤️❤️ you go girl !!!

  • uwuwuwuwuwuwu
    uwuwuwuwuwuwu 4 hours ago

    you’re gonna get diabetes

  • Maggie Hernandez
    Maggie Hernandez 4 hours ago

    You don't chew your food much, just like Fluffy.

  • uwuwuwuwuwuwu
    uwuwuwuwuwuwu 4 hours ago

    you’re going to get fat

  • Joy Tucker
    Joy Tucker 4 hours ago

    No shame in your game!!!! Pizza rolls are one of my favorites. Love watching your videos keep the good work

  • Jenn Granados
    Jenn Granados 4 hours ago

    Katina you’re at 51k already so excited that your channel is growing so fast you deserve it!

  • Naomi Ogura
    Naomi Ogura 4 hours ago

    Congratulations! I enjoyed watching this.☺️ I think we can also call this "Walmart Challenge".😌

  • Lee G
    Lee G 4 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️love it

  • John Sellers
    John Sellers 4 hours ago

    Not too shabby, I'm impressed. Good job!

  • Derek Bratcher
    Derek Bratcher 5 hours ago

    You have 51k subscribers BC... Who doesn't love seeing a hot girl eating a big bunch of food. Amazing job!

  • Courtney Burgess
    Courtney Burgess 5 hours ago

    How do you power through flavor fatigue and how do you avoid nausea?

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      I struggle through flavor fatigue the most, its all a mental game.. and its one I need to really work on!

  • Courtney Burgess
    Courtney Burgess 5 hours ago

    Love the Street Fighter Ken theme playing in the background . 💪💪💪

  • Michelle Van Zyl
    Michelle Van Zyl 5 hours ago

    Just love watching you eat! Congrats on the 40K!💜

  • Olivia Green
    Olivia Green 5 hours ago

    Bagel bites all the way!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 🍕

  • Katie Ferge
    Katie Ferge 5 hours ago

    Love how you made the pizza rolls a little too crispy. Growing up my sister always wanted them microwaved so I never got crispy ones! Haha I'm jealous

  • Charlotte Attwood
    Charlotte Attwood 5 hours ago

    just putting it out there, you constantly burping throughout your videos is pretty gross and unattractive...

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      its the reality of eating challenges, gets a bit gassy. I edit most of them out if that comforts you at all ;)

  • Jessica Steeley
    Jessica Steeley 5 hours ago

    Did you say a definite meh on that one 😂😂

  • Jessica Steeley
    Jessica Steeley 5 hours ago

    I'm definitely vibein with it. I had to ✂ all mine off in March & its finally growing back now that I'm pregnant. 😍 I have been craving sushi so much but I hate any type of raw fish. And any fish thats fishy lol. I can't have anything raw either because I'm pregnant. But what would you suggest to me thats not raw?? I have watched every single one of your videos. So I wait a week then let a few videos pile up so I can binge watch 😂😂 i love seeing you.

  • Barbra Mighall
    Barbra Mighall 5 hours ago

    Oh, just heck NO. Calories be danged, I couldn't put that in my stomach ever. I cannot even finish one tray of grocery store sushi. You are amazing. I admire you. You 5'2 and I am 5' 9. People, put that into perspective! I may need to get off my butt more.

  • biscuits 197
    biscuits 197 5 hours ago

    you are crazy and friggin INSANE love you vids keep it up good job :)

  • Spencer Rees
    Spencer Rees 5 hours ago

    Geoff Esper would eat that 4 times over!

  • SportsFan JW
    SportsFan JW 6 hours ago

    Hot pockets.... haha

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 6 hours ago

    I'm so happy for you Katina 👏💙☮️

  • Jessica Steeley
    Jessica Steeley 6 hours ago

    All 3 lol 😂 right when you said you made them to crispy I said the same thing.

  • gladfan1989
    gladfan1989 6 hours ago

    3 words. ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?!

  • Lesly Parker
    Lesly Parker 6 hours ago

    Everyone else who makes videos like this grosses me out but not yours! You eat so pretty for someone who eats so fast lol!

  • Alvin Nguyen
    Alvin Nguyen 6 hours ago

    I love the Christmas tree in the background. Wishing you a happy holidays! Thanks for doing a fun challenge to celebrate your subscription milestone!

  • Tucker Cowsert
    Tucker Cowsert 6 hours ago

    the pizza rolls look so good 😱

  • David
    David 6 hours ago

    Pho-kings? That is some funny shite. Great video. Amazing eating skill. WOW! Never give up.

  • Chelsey Isner
    Chelsey Isner 6 hours ago

    Seeing the plate full of Pizza Rolls brought me back to being in High school and treating myself after swim-practice and work 😅 I don’t think I had a bagel bite until I was 22 This was a really creative challenge for 40k

  • Jill Sharples
    Jill Sharples 6 hours ago

    still a brilliant video and iv never tried a pizza rolls, i think we call them pizza pockets but still not tried one

    • Jill Sharples
      Jill Sharples 5 hours ago

      I'll pick some up tomorrow and see what me and my daughters think of them :)

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      thanks Jill! You should try them! They are so poppable and addicting!

  • Skeets McGrew
    Skeets McGrew 6 hours ago

    I don't think I could eat 160 of anything. Rice grains I guess. Or maybe cornflakes. Nothing bite sized that's for sure

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      it was definitely a lot more laborious than I thought it would be!

  • Philippe Cardin
    Philippe Cardin 6 hours ago

    You must have died of hunger in your previous life, loll!

  • mitchrc3
    mitchrc3 6 hours ago

    Every day should be a cheat day. : )

  • David
    David 6 hours ago

    Did I miss the other 20 pack of sugar cookies or where there only 20 to begin with and not 40? If I missed 20 cookies, this cardio session is brutal! Ha

    • David
      David 5 hours ago

      @Katina Eats Kilos Didn't even think about the peanut butter no bakes for 40 cookies in general. I was wondering how I screwed up my count so much! 😅

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      20 sugar cookies 20 peanut butter cookies :)

  • Skeets McGrew
    Skeets McGrew 6 hours ago

    Bagel bites. I'm not sure why that's what my parents wanted us to eat as kids. But yeah, definitely tastes like my childhood. Eating them is the food equivalent of watching cartoons

  • Robert Aguirre
    Robert Aguirre 6 hours ago

    god I love u

  • Lucy Atkinson
    Lucy Atkinson 7 hours ago

    Whoa ur growing so fast I was here when you reached 1k congratulations and the sushi looks yummy my fav food ever besides pizza ofc lol

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      Thanks so much Lucy! You've been awesomely supportive since day 1!

  • sweet niblets
    sweet niblets 7 hours ago

    you eat very slow for a "challenge"

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      I like to have fun, thought I paced it correctly but didn't work out

  • FitCoupleFoodies
    FitCoupleFoodies 7 hours ago

    That is a solid freaking try girl! Well done 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • 1of1
    1of1 7 hours ago

    Congrats on the milestone!

  • Winna Chicken Dinna
    Winna Chicken Dinna 7 hours ago

    Hahaha you are NOT a slow eater!! This all looks so delicious, big congrats on the milestone!!

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      Haha, Winn you woulda had this all gone in 5 minutes!! ;) You are SPEED GOALS!!

  • vprox147
    vprox147 7 hours ago

    i love pizza rolls i shove like 4 in my mouth at once lol

  • Claire Devoisins
    Claire Devoisins 7 hours ago

    Loved the video!!! cannot beleive you already are at 51k subscribers now hahaha!! personnaly I would rather see you take your time to eat and do sort of a muckbang rather than timing yourself and not have you enjoy the food!! but I know you loooove a challenge! keep up the work, you are doing very well with this channel ! Congraaaats

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 7 hours ago

    Try hp brown sauce and peanut butter in a sandwich you won't regret it.

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 7 hours ago

    Are you a soldier?

  • Dawn Smith
    Dawn Smith 7 hours ago

    You should release unedited versions and still have your edited ones. I kind of want to see an unedited version of this though because you can easily pretend to eat all that food editing skills

    • Dawn Smith
      Dawn Smith 5 hours ago

      Katina Eats Kilos you’re right. I love your videos, and I wish you the best of luck with everything girl!

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      I have restaurant challenges for that - but hopefully you can just learn to trust me ./shrug.. I mean.. I have failed a few times.. no shame!

  • MR.GAMER 990
    MR.GAMER 990 7 hours ago

    Pizzas, Sushi(es), Donuts, Cookies, and a s**t ton MORE... quite a satisfying celebration! Congrats, Katina! \m/

  • sonoguam65
    sonoguam65 7 hours ago

    You are a beast Katina

  • June Sampson
    June Sampson 7 hours ago

    Okay, I’m sorry but I have to correct you, you didn’t eat 40 sushi rolls, you had 40 pieces, 8 pieces in a roll. Sorry, I just had to! Super enjoy your videos though! 🤗

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      Yea, I misspoke! I always alternate pieces/rolls! Not a huge sushi connoisseur

  • feivel069
    feivel069 7 hours ago

    Great job Kat. You woulda had it w/ a 60 min time limit. Congrats on over 51k subs. While I've never had bagel bites, I love both Hot Pockets and pizza rolls. Especially on cold days, since the insides are always the temp of magma. Don't have a fav sushi since I don't eat it. I prefer my fish cooked. Can't wait to see your next vid.

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 7 hours ago

    As a kid I had elios pizza.

  • katelynn Byrum
    katelynn Byrum 7 hours ago

    Fave sushi roll: red dragon roll it’s eel on top of spicy tuna and it’s sooooo good

  • Caffeine Queen 💖☕️

    Wow!!! You are GROWING BABE *🖤 small RU-clipr here.. appreciate any support!*

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 8 hours ago

    Wash it down with Hawaiian punch red or blue maby green

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 8 hours ago

    Spicy 🍣 is my favorite

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 8 hours ago

    Dunk it into chocolate milk

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 8 hours ago

    Chocolate peanut butter cookies is my favorite

  • katelynn Byrum
    katelynn Byrum 8 hours ago

    Started watching you when you had 2k so proud of you !!!

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 8 hours ago

    Pizza rolls and 🍣 and 🍪 yes please

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 8 hours ago

    You go 👧 and so proud of you 👧

  • Victor Pierre
    Victor Pierre 8 hours ago

    u use no soy sauce at all to eat sushi ?

  • Pie V
    Pie V 8 hours ago

    Great job Katina! On to 60k! 💚💚💚

  • John
    John 8 hours ago

    Switch to a beef kind of challenge for a few times. You will be back to yourself after that.

  • Eric Buffalo
    Eric Buffalo 8 hours ago

    Hey Katina your tattoos look really cool ! Could you show us your left arm I would love to see them! ! PS love watching your channel!

    • Eric Buffalo
      Eric Buffalo 4 hours ago

      @Katina Eats Kilos Holy cow I can't believe you text me back !!! Thank you so much that made my day!

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      Watch my fall cheat day video :) I show them all and explain them as well!

  • John
    John 8 hours ago

    You seem to gravitate to the sweeter stuff and the carbs. I hope all is good.

    • John
      John 4 hours ago

      @Katina Eats Kilos Well you do a great job here. You are smart and talented.

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      yea! I have a huge sweet tooth!

  • Talia Baptista
    Talia Baptista 8 hours ago

    you have a really strong jaw bone, that was a LOT of chewing lol i love your videos i'm so happy you're getting more and more well known 💖💖

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 5 hours ago

      lol! It WAS a lot of chewing.. my jaw was toast afterwards

  • chrissy rogers
    chrissy rogers 8 hours ago

    Favorite sushi roll is the crab avocado crunch roll! I want some.. Lol ur a boss love u glad u didn't eat all that sugar tho no heart attacks allowed 💚

  • Amber F
    Amber F 8 hours ago

    Pizza rolls are awesome!!!! You did incredible Katina. Awesome video 💗

  • Yori Lamaz
    Yori Lamaz 8 hours ago

    Welcome to the 4-40 bicep workout! Tuck in!

  • Joshua Hampton
    Joshua Hampton 8 hours ago

    U are the best and u look better than raina I can't stand her she brings her dog in a restuarant ain't nothing wrong with her keep doing u beautiful

  • Brett Jones
    Brett Jones 8 hours ago

    You are the best.

  • Petra Dischinger
    Petra Dischinger 8 hours ago

    Hello Katina 😉you eat soooo mutch to a week ....wy are you not fat?your videos are verry great😉😉😉

  • Sham Alam
    Sham Alam 8 hours ago

    You ate a lot

  • Nate Cooper
    Nate Cooper 8 hours ago

    Should have go e chicken nuggets or boneless wings I stead of double sugar dough products. That dough and sugar makes you so thirsty and slowed you down.

  • ASMR By Tempest
    ASMR By Tempest 8 hours ago

    Now this is a Freakin celebration! YESSSSSSSSS Congrats girl 40k and now 50k is exciting! Hoping to get there one day myself!! xoxo

  • Alistyr Marqueux
    Alistyr Marqueux 9 hours ago

    Sushi, pizza, bikkies and doughnuts.... Katina's eating the 4 corners of the square of life. Mate, I wish you had Monte Carlos instead of those thick, over Iced vanilla abominations😄 I reckon accidently eating 40 Monte Carlos is easier than stomaching 4 of those iced sugar bikkies. Don't kick yourself for being a slow eater Kat. You keep it classy. The amount of competitive eaters who mess the food all over themselves is ad nauseam. You're delightful to watch, even if you don't meet a personal goal.

  • Anna Maria N.
    Anna Maria N. 9 hours ago

    Congrats!!!! So happy for you.I love your channel

  • Dana Harvey
    Dana Harvey 9 hours ago

    I tend to watch your vids while I'm on my lunch break and it just occured to me that it kinda feels like I'm sitting down to a meal with a cute girl. I need to find me some friends or something... 😂

  • Moon
    Moon 9 hours ago

    130 out of 160 is still awesome!! Amazing

  • TheRemindAirBreathingStrap™

    Awesome job and congratulations on the 40,000.. or, well, the 51,000!!! :D

  • Kristina
    Kristina 9 hours ago

    I’ve never had sushi. Always wanted to try.

  • Adam Waddington
    Adam Waddington 9 hours ago

    I was a cheap frozen taquito kid ;o) . Man I miss those.

  • Courtney Wilt
    Courtney Wilt 9 hours ago

    Pizza rolls for sure. I probably perpetually had a burnt tongue because of those molten lava pockets 🤣

  • Mohamed Abousalem
    Mohamed Abousalem 9 hours ago

    Do cheatdays more

  • megan keller
    megan keller 9 hours ago

    Can u share your thoughts foodie beauty using u as an example/excuse on a 400+ lb woman eating whatever she wants cuz u eat a lot and stay fit? I like California rolls w smelt eggs ❤️🍣

  • Mr.&Mrs.Linville
    Mr.&Mrs.Linville 9 hours ago

    I would like you to finish your challenges lol ❤

  • Jeff Felker
    Jeff Felker 9 hours ago

    *40 pieces not 40 rolls....

  • generalfenix
    generalfenix 9 hours ago

    That was, as always, very impressive! Glad you didn't get sugar free cookies this time :P Congrats on all your new subscribers!

  • Mikey Bombastic
    Mikey Bombastic 9 hours ago

    Nice, Ken and Ryu's themes

  • Dana Harvey
    Dana Harvey 9 hours ago

    Ughhh... Man, I want some sush... I could bash on some pizza rolls too. Yours sound perfectly crunchy too. 😣🤤

    • Dana Harvey
      Dana Harvey 7 hours ago

      @Katina Eats Kilos I loved my air fryer. Ex kept it, tho, and I haven't bought myself a new one yet... 😣

    • Katina Eats Kilos
      Katina Eats Kilos 7 hours ago

      Air fryer works wonders!

  • Christina D
    Christina D 9 hours ago

    Omg. That mix!! How do you not vomit?? 🤢 Oddly proud of you though! 🤗 lol

  • Manny rivera
    Manny rivera 10 hours ago

    #pizza rolls I eat them as a kid and now my daughter eats them lol

  • Miguel Betancourt
    Miguel Betancourt 10 hours ago

    I NEED to start air frying my pizza rolls lol I love crunchy stuff

  • Sol Sanchez
    Sol Sanchez 10 hours ago

    I already know this is gonna be a great video

  • Courtney Marvets
    Courtney Marvets 10 hours ago

    Has there ever been a food you don’t want to eat again after doing a challenge with it? 🤪😂

  • Tara Sweeney
    Tara Sweeney 10 hours ago

    team pizza rolls over here! And vegan sushi rolls for me. Congrats on 50K! For 60K special, I'd like to see you do a cheat day of some kind, no challenge, enjoy your food! :)