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How Dippin' Dots Are Made
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How Pizza For Dogs Is Made
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How To Eat Ethiopian Injera
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How Lambi Roti Is Made
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  • mac
    mac 3 minutes ago

    I buy these all the time and they are by far the best tasting sardines I ever had. And I don’t say this lightly. I’m a sardines addict who’s been eating sardines religiously for over 20 years. The small spiced Pinhais sardines are particularly spectacular. However, they are very difficult to find in the USA. I have to custom order from Portuguese shops, which means that I’m paying almost double the price. Still worth the cost though.

  • Mr. Barger
    Mr. Barger 5 minutes ago

    No one where gloves because one of bacteria need to make greate cheese was found on human skin


    Of course it's NYC

  • seven cureton
    seven cureton 7 minutes ago

    The second one looked hella good

  • -*sour cookies gacha life -*

    4 AND 2 18 28 30 25 41

  • Maheen Shahzad
    Maheen Shahzad 13 minutes ago

    someone help that girl with her eyebrows they look like commas

  • Wyatt Nooodles
    Wyatt Nooodles 15 minutes ago

    could you eat the long spaghetti sprinkles

  • G Wise
    G Wise 16 minutes ago

    Nope nope nope .NY will alwsys be better in everything we do

  • Sandy
    Sandy 16 minutes ago

    2:54 oh so this is where the ftc eats. woohoo.

  • Akshay Kumawat
    Akshay Kumawat 17 minutes ago

    At 0.34, did Mr. Harry say he's on the mission to find the best bugger in London.?

  • Iba Afoo
    Iba Afoo 20 minutes ago

    That Milkshake likes a smoothie not MilkShake 🍔🍟

  • Richard Kim
    Richard Kim 22 minutes ago

    She’s a good actor

  • Jurumonga Silva
    Jurumonga Silva 23 minutes ago

    Where Brazil?

  • seven cureton
    seven cureton 25 minutes ago

    Fuckin wow man hella big

  • Icedragons 360
    Icedragons 360 28 minutes ago

    What if you die eating all of it? You die of diabetes

  • seven cureton
    seven cureton 33 minutes ago

    Damn good dog

  • John Jerzhua Levanz Roldan

    1428.5 tons of queso de pais is made per day

  • MGR
    MGR 37 minutes ago

    That slice is an insult to NYC

  • Prateek Khari
    Prateek Khari 42 minutes ago

    Hearing her makes me cringe idk why.

  • ALOSHA noor
    ALOSHA noor 42 minutes ago

    is it halal?

  • Communist Canada
    Communist Canada 43 minutes ago

    As a Canadian I’m personally attacked that they forgot the Nanaimo bar they usually sell during parts of the year.

  • Chris Miguel Sterling T
    Chris Miguel Sterling T 44 minutes ago

    No gloves 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • MGR
    MGR 44 minutes ago

    For 4500$ you can have lifetime stock of pigs in India. Thnx

  • Justin the movie guy AUTTP

    It's still good in my opinion

  • Crest Letholdus
    Crest Letholdus 47 minutes ago

    best food in the world

  • Veo 16
    Veo 16 48 minutes ago

    where do we get some? the ones with spices included seem tasty

  • Mohd S
    Mohd S 49 minutes ago

    I never pay money to eat such shit.

  • stekarpi
    stekarpi 57 minutes ago

    comidas feias oficial

  • Lama
    Lama 57 minutes ago

    Wheres norway

  • here for the memes
    here for the memes 58 minutes ago

    His beauty is like miss universe!

  • Iluzon Linch: Area X
    Iluzon Linch: Area X 58 minutes ago

    6:46 do people really have pizza for dessert wow Also I’d rather eat smoked toothpaste than eat that

  • Meh_ Maxcimus
    Meh_ Maxcimus 58 minutes ago

    Those mexican cookies looks like small potatos

  • MGR
    MGR Hour ago

    That slice is not official representative of NYC ;)

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh Hour ago

    I’m fine with any cookie as long as it’s in my mouth.

  • CheesyQuokka YT
    CheesyQuokka YT Hour ago

    oh cool

  • Teshauna Johnson

    They look amazing

  • Jezreel Escobar
    Jezreel Escobar Hour ago

    pasta pizza 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤢🤢🤢

  • dewi puspita sari

    Whos Hungry when watching this video

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar Hour ago

    One dish will increase your sugar level of body to 90%

  • Teshauna Johnson

    They look good

  • Holieo B
    Holieo B Hour ago

    5:58: Would i put my hand onto the street and then straight onto my food...? mmh lovely work

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Hour ago

    Luigi: come to my pizzaria I have lasagna! Mario: omg!!!

  • Diego Cirillo
    Diego Cirillo Hour ago

    Oh shit, I live a block away! Never knew

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Hour ago

    I would have Mcdonald's in India as I am afraid I can get sick with anything and everything in India and it would be the safest bet. The Mcdonald's I would love to try our the ones in Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. Otherwise, Mcdonald's in the USA is the best.

  • Ayub Didik Susanto

    Diabetes Melitus Type 2 will come soon. Beware --". Dont be stupid drink boba, that 1 Cup u drink it takes your sugar dose for 1 week you know

  • im from the future

    If this was a white hand everyone would be fine with it. But I admit making process is disgusting

  • ProphetDocNess
    ProphetDocNess Hour ago

    Ngl, I want to eat it like a turkey drumstick😂😂😂

  • PandyGaming Ph
    PandyGaming Ph Hour ago

    Me: I rlly want to eat that Me: *Looks at my wallet* Me: *SIGH*

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device Hour ago

    The fish mafia

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 Hour ago

    Id eat her steak

  • blacknigga
    blacknigga Hour ago

    I think I'd rather die

  • Amy Roybal
    Amy Roybal Hour ago

    Now they make there pizza look good. There pizzas are flat as hell in reality I should probably bring a camera next time

  • junior fio
    junior fio Hour ago

    How to turn on a woman with food? Jewish deli's........

  • Templario Aqui
    Templario Aqui Hour ago

    Gostei do bigboss como falava com orgulho 🇵🇹 dos seus trabalhadores, isto é Portugal, e nas sardinhas e no bacalhau e mais coisas que não comento aqui ninguém nos fode😀👏👏👏👏.

  • Lodi
    Lodi Hour ago

    0:16 but its literally 1st biggest fast food chain

  • Neha Potsal
    Neha Potsal Hour ago

    Ha ha only India's here.. I know but the tHing is yogurt and curd are not the same I guess

  • Michael Franz
    Michael Franz 2 hours ago

    I can smell it in my room.

  • be gon thot thot slayer

    sir means chezze

  • brilliyan ibnu
    brilliyan ibnu 2 hours ago

    Genco olive oil company

  • Diamondare
    Diamondare 2 hours ago


  • Cristian Everly
    Cristian Everly 2 hours ago

    Do I hear *salmonella*

  • Niko Saarela
    Niko Saarela 2 hours ago

    imagine someone putting poison/other dangerous things into there?

  • Diamondare
    Diamondare 2 hours ago


  • ?????????????
    ????????????? 2 hours ago

    As a Japanese person hearing the name chin chin labs is hilarious as chin chin means penis.

  • Hadrian
    Hadrian 2 hours ago

    This is the only good thing in Florence.Everythjng else is overrated.

  • davaasuren murun
    davaasuren murun 2 hours ago

    but what if u die while going to the place where the foods are 😑 Edit:but still look really really good🤤

  • KanbaBestGirl
    KanbaBestGirl 2 hours ago

    San Pedro CA is my family’s go to for Seafood. Everything is honestly amazing there and the view is nice

  • iqbal padilla
    iqbal padilla 2 hours ago


  • CorrosionX4
    CorrosionX4 2 hours ago

    McFalafel in .... Sweden???

  • Evee Murcia
    Evee Murcia 2 hours ago

    Why isn't that man wearing gloves when handling food?

  • Ethannesss
    Ethannesss 2 hours ago

    Ben is CUTE!

  • Peter Black
    Peter Black 2 hours ago

    “Portugal has a large Mediterranean coast”. That’s false. Portugal’s coast is 100% on the Atlantic Ocean not Mediterranean.

  • Mr. Goodkat
    Mr. Goodkat 2 hours ago

    These guys have no idea what real traditional Italian food is... This is just classic American fare - nothing special here...

  • psammiad
    psammiad 2 hours ago

    I really don't like the sound of "viral gelato"!

  • Sam H
    Sam H 2 hours ago

    Chickenwatch copy

  • Vee Core
    Vee Core 2 hours ago

    In the UK the bacon is called "rashers"

  • muslima chowdhury
    muslima chowdhury 2 hours ago

    Well....only if someone brought them to me...........

  • theboredguitarist
    theboredguitarist 2 hours ago

    Can I pass on most of these, and live a few more years please?

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 2 hours ago

    I've never seen a sardine can so large. Here in The United States the height of the can is only half the size as the ones in this factory.

  • ArcaJ2C
    ArcaJ2C 2 hours ago

    Looks disgusting but really good at the time

  • House Of Bowles Lost Tribe

    When I go in fridge and pantry & cannot decide what I want to eat I always end up grabbing a Delicious can of Sardines ; sometimes enjoyed straight from the Can Tomato, Olive Oil or seldom mustard ; sometimes a sandwich sometimes in a veggie wrap ...with Rice prepared Proper Sushi style . Sushi rice any Med to small grain Rinse quick w rice vinegar or white then soak in water for 10 min Then rinse til water is clear Steam or boil Cook then rinse again Immediately in cold water til water again is virtually clear . Cover w Damp cloth or even a good wet paper towel til ready to use . The Seaweed sushi Nori should be boiled for 30 sec to 1 min til Plyable only . You would be surprised HOW good a Sardine sushi is ; I'd use the Olive oil variant personally Sushi is Very Healthy & So are Sardines TY Deenz, Portugal and ty for this Vid 🤓👍 1 word YUMMY 😋 I keep 2 dozen tins in my Pantry at All times ...Stay Prepared ALWAYS I'M gonna increase my Stock on hand 50% I also do share w my furry beggin babies ; who or what carnivore doesn't like Sardines ; if they Say they don't like they probably Out of Fear have never Tried them . I Love my primarily vegetable diet yet Sardines are Awesome !

    GEMINI MOON 2 hours ago

    Love your voice!

  • Miquelito Coskun
    Miquelito Coskun 2 hours ago

    parmesan is a cheap cheese nothing special about it

  • garuda58024
    garuda58024 2 hours ago

    What happen to the other part of the Pig i only see LEGS??? anyone knows

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 2 hours ago

    Limoncello, very appeeling

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 2 hours ago

    4:26 "tun-gee" 😃cute

  • dedsan
    dedsan 2 hours ago

    Всё жрёте

  • Peyton Eide
    Peyton Eide 3 hours ago

    I’ve only had cookie dough in Washington D.C

  • Lina Rathod
    Lina Rathod 3 hours ago

    In Kenya we boil it in coconut milk...sugar..cardamom n some milk ...makes a tasty dessert

  • Angel of God
    Angel of God 3 hours ago

  • skif
    skif 3 hours ago

    When you spill half of your chocolate milk, but still decide to serve it

  • Sachin Sharma
    Sachin Sharma 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey-That red sauce is dreadful n hideous gooey n mush😂

  • Jeremy Clayton
    Jeremy Clayton 3 hours ago

    I wonder how many human skin cells consumed every second😷

  • dolphine
    dolphine 3 hours ago

    this woman is an idiot

  • Brian Cruz
    Brian Cruz 3 hours ago

    And now this restaurant has closed down. Sad.

  • RO-G Player's
    RO-G Player's 3 hours ago

    Naruto-kun is that you ?

  • jaehyunisabae
    jaehyunisabae 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay : " *YoU CaLL tHiS HaNDmaDe? yOu cAll ThIS fResH?* "

  • jose chavez
    jose chavez 3 hours ago

    Thank u so much guys, i was looking some great places for to eat some great donuts in LA! Good review

  • Zz Z
    Zz Z 3 hours ago

    I'm going to visit that place but could never come close to finishing that giant sized sundae..

  • iqbal padilla
    iqbal padilla 3 hours ago

    They forget Indonesian Coffe