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  • Qixxyy
    Qixxyy 6 minutes ago

    Krispy Kreme has the best donuts Like if agree

  • 123arcadia
    123arcadia 6 minutes ago

    Fruit most loaded with sugar

  • Martin Villanueva
    Martin Villanueva 8 minutes ago

    I have a sweet tooth feels I wanna go there and try it out.

  • Maria Cappello
    Maria Cappello 11 minutes ago

    Please call it Parmigiano and not Parmesan. I would never call cheddar cheddigiano...😊

  • Elham D
    Elham D 13 minutes ago

    من دلم واسه آش رشته و حلیم بادمجون یه ذره شده 😋😭

  • AKA Michael 2k
    AKA Michael 2k 14 minutes ago

    I feel like it would be the same as chicken and waffles

  • Othman Lahlou
    Othman Lahlou 14 minutes ago

    You call grounded chick peas food

  • abdullahfaisal faisal
    abdullahfaisal faisal 15 minutes ago

    Jalebi is also found in Pakistan

  • Zoran
    Zoran 15 minutes ago

    He lives the American Dream!

  • Miny Miny glue gardien
    Miny Miny glue gardien 19 minutes ago

    I'm from thailand l love roti sai mai

  • Roasted Carrots
    Roasted Carrots 20 minutes ago


  • Abu Sayeed
    Abu Sayeed 21 minute ago my collection is amazing too

  • Kuah Kacang
    Kuah Kacang 26 minutes ago

    42 ways to get heart disease

  • 26 minutes ago

    Two words... DANIEL'S DONUTS!!! 😍😍😍

  • Shane Baeuerlen
    Shane Baeuerlen 29 minutes ago

    Where are you looking at? Maybe a camera person might help. Nice idea for the show but a few minor things can be improved.

  • UGud Bro_XD
    UGud Bro_XD 29 minutes ago

    I asume you are from the USA😁

  • Bry O.
    Bry O. 33 minutes ago

    Dang, this made me miss my grandfather so much. He's a hardworking man and provided for his family, and them took care of me after he retired. But he had a stroke and his body got super weak, now he can barely walk. I'm gonna visit him as soon as possible

  • Lisa Dunning
    Lisa Dunning 38 minutes ago

    The Donut Man!! Also Rainbows donuts !!🍩

  • I'm The Hotdog in the Corner of the Fridge


  • Noony Doody
    Noony Doody 42 minutes ago

    Why did I click on this video??!!! I just found out I have a gluten allergy, and donuts used to be my favorite food!!! Please help!!!

  • IEatToaster UwU
    IEatToaster UwU 43 minutes ago

    1:00 1 december be like

  • sickestofemall
    sickestofemall 45 minutes ago

    Its 4 30 am and I'm faded ...uhh I need 1 now !!!

  • exas4791
    exas4791 46 minutes ago

    Dough + sugar.

  • Victor Talha
    Victor Talha 48 minutes ago

    these dogs are living better lives than me

  • Ayah Kline
    Ayah Kline 51 minute ago

    🍓🍓🍓 yummy I love me some raspberries!

  • Ayah Kline
    Ayah Kline 52 minutes ago

    Those are some expensive doughnuts right there folks.

  • Reinaldo Torres
    Reinaldo Torres 53 minutes ago

    4:01 Sydney shooing that man away 😅

  • Bách Lê
    Bách Lê 53 minutes ago

    Dụ ma

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith 54 minutes ago

    It looks so good such a shame I live in Britain

  • коля ваня
    коля ваня 56 minutes ago

    Блять это жи подгоревшее мясо .далбаебы

  • Nice - Block Strike
    Nice - Block Strike 57 minutes ago

    too bad not everyone live in ny(c)

  • Jude Okse
    Jude Okse Hour ago

    I’m hungry.

  • Laetitia C
    Laetitia C Hour ago

    Oh 😮 , j en veux moi aussi.

  • -
    - Hour ago

    Hey diabetes

  • Senior Grinch
    Senior Grinch Hour ago

    Why do I want to steal fish eggs

  • Khairul Hamdan
    Khairul Hamdan Hour ago


  • Casi Bulkeley
    Casi Bulkeley Hour ago

    Randys in hollywood tasted like crap

  • коля ваня

    Далбаебы пиздец даже жарить не умеют

  • IMPULss3
    IMPULss3 Hour ago

    this girl really looks like mia khalifa

  • Ulkesh Chaudhari

    And world says that we Indians eat the most spicy and hot food!!!!

  • luna Seagull_yt
    luna Seagull_yt Hour ago

    Omg you should watch nailed it the Netflix show it's got the kind of chocolate

  • peterk814
    peterk814 Hour ago

    Incwedible lol.

  • katsumi
    katsumi Hour ago

    Also, the asian reporter isn't very good :I

  • katsumi
    katsumi Hour ago

    Ok so, buying this is now in my bucket list.

  • Jared S
    Jared S Hour ago

    When you realize she buy alot of chocolate bars

  • Poppy Cartwright

    Now I want to move to nyc for cookies

    OMAR SULTAN Hour ago

    this is wrong, these are not pizza! they are just dishes that people of that area eat

  • A Half Assed Username

    I don't like this lady.

  • Orenji ;
    Orenji ; Hour ago

    2:25 look at the cute drawings , I am crying ;w;

  • cute cats and Tsisas pet

    I have eaten 2 of these!!!!!!!

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 2 hours ago

    None of those looks nice cause its over the top with sugar. Looks too sweet

  • V0ID
    V0ID 2 hours ago

    I want pizza for cats

  • Kael Solomon
    Kael Solomon 2 hours ago

    They went bankrupt lmao

    OGCOOKIEYT LOL 2 hours ago

    1 outrageous way on how to die: eat all of this delicious but very unhealthy food which will probs give you diabetes

  • john wesley
    john wesley 2 hours ago

    seriously 10 SGD?!?! Its only 2 here in SG from the same guy.WTH?

  • Blood/Gold/Life Theory

    Work Your Ass Off For The Lazy Rich LandLords

  • Madhav K P Dasari
    Madhav K P Dasari 2 hours ago

    You guys tried all of them maybe you should die

  • Jolene Ting
    Jolene Ting 2 hours ago

    So god just sent me back to earth

  • Jolene Ting
    Jolene Ting 2 hours ago

    Hey guys

  • Abhishek Biswas
    Abhishek Biswas 2 hours ago

    is the music behind a famous track of customized copyrighted for this giant egg alone?

  • Angelica j
    Angelica j 2 hours ago

    Rambutan..not rambut!🤨

  • pmanlicious II
    pmanlicious II 2 hours ago

    It looks really delicious. I really wanna try it

  • Maha Tumuluri
    Maha Tumuluri 2 hours ago

    I knew it, it's primo's 😁

  • Rosie Pasta
    Rosie Pasta 2 hours ago

    Go to Vietnam, Indonesia or Philippines, 50 dollars will last you a whole week of delicious food

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan 2 hours ago

    I Would Try These Although I'm Not The Biggest Doughnut Fan

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan 2 hours ago

    Better Than Pizza Hut

  • Key
    Key 2 hours ago

    I love chicken wings with a passion 😫😋

  • H. Tamás
    H. Tamás 3 hours ago

    Don’t waste your time this shit video ...

  • potato wifi
    potato wifi 3 hours ago

    spicy chicken

  • tom fiz
    tom fiz 3 hours ago

    And everyone just forgets hes a deserter

  • Alexis Kate Bondoc
    Alexis Kate Bondoc 3 hours ago

    wala bang pishbol

  • kekerikeke
    kekerikeke 3 hours ago

    My throat is burning just by watching this video 🤐

  • soggycerealisepic
    soggycerealisepic 3 hours ago

    I feel so bad for him, he’s like 86 and working 7 days a week? When does he get free time?

  • Nevaeh #bookworm
    Nevaeh #bookworm 3 hours ago

    I died

  • Little Mizzz
    Little Mizzz 3 hours ago

    In India north and south have total different taste of breakfast or even the whole lunch and dinner.

  • Vinh nguyen
    Vinh nguyen 3 hours ago

    Wow the host have great tits

  • imogen christine
    imogen christine 3 hours ago

    they didnt actually tell us hw it was made 😂

  • _cheesy cheesecake_
    _cheesy cheesecake_ 3 hours ago

    Just wanted to say that my mom ate this and she got really sick lmao

  • ああ
    ああ 3 hours ago


  • abul hasan
    abul hasan 3 hours ago

    People say pineapple on pizza is weird😞

  • mkmickeyyy
    mkmickeyyy 3 hours ago

    i sometimes wonder how can one eat that amount of sugar

  • RyanTyanMyan
    RyanTyanMyan 3 hours ago

    I honestly don’t see how people say the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are spicy and I’ve had them before

  • arbinda shrestha
    arbinda shrestha 3 hours ago

    Personal experience, pizza is good when u left nothing in the plate but host leaves crust of pizza. You are talking about best pizza and pizza place in Naples and u dishonor it.

  • H A W A I ‘ I B A B E Z

    and people wonder why obesity is a problem

  • gnu junior der dritte

    Im vegan...

  • H A W A I ‘ I B A B E Z

    these would kill my stomach.

  • Randomly Hans
    Randomly Hans 3 hours ago

    More affordable place?try the philippines

  • Sarah Jane Salvan
    Sarah Jane Salvan 3 hours ago

    I'm sooo tempted to make kombucha

  • Ronny RA
    Ronny RA 3 hours ago

    No shit you'd like it, it's a deep fried piece of chicken in between 2 sugar buns. Enough to make that shit addicting.

  • Jovan
    Jovan 4 hours ago

    Here's the funny thing...when they looked it up the first thing that showed up was California Donuts and they didn't go hummmmmmm

  • eevee tubeTV
    eevee tubeTV 4 hours ago

    I live in Hong Kong better try this out it looks yummy :P

  • How to YouTube Edits

    bold of u to assume i’ll die

  • Cris James
    Cris James 4 hours ago

    Lettuce know...

  • Guerrilla Army
    Guerrilla Army 4 hours ago

    Bullshit British foods 🤣🤣🤣 fried eggs , bread and toast 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Psycho XXXDDD
    Psycho XXXDDD 4 hours ago


  • Junel Junel
    Junel Junel 4 hours ago

    So,,,,,,,,,,,, where's the burger?

  • Andrew N
    Andrew N 4 hours ago

    it must stink in there

  • B B
    B B 4 hours ago

    Awww he’s so cute ☹️

  • Xd_Nick Lim
    Xd_Nick Lim 4 hours ago

    11:31 the marshmallow gotta do its business too