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Dark Synthwave Music - Devour
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  • Rick Leuce
    Rick Leuce 45 minutes ago

    I really want to make a video to go along with this song (like a movie trailer type-thing). Is it ok to use this music if I give credit?

  • Rick Leuce
    Rick Leuce 48 minutes ago

    There needs to be a video made to go along with this.

  • Фунфурье _


  • Kaz
    Kaz 2 hours ago

    I swear Age Of Resonance is too good to be true,And I'm glad to be hearing such a masterpiece. Thank You for this music.

  • Shabana Malik
    Shabana Malik 2 hours ago

    Me when solving maths 😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Caos
    Carlos Caos 3 hours ago

    Pure magic

  • memories i never had

    Mass Effect? Please do more like this :)

  • Führer des Benutzers

    Now this actually feels like Roman gladiators.

  • Oil Burner
    Oil Burner 9 hours ago

    It makes me wish I was smarter. I'd imagine most of the people who hear it are. I think I've been chemically maimed and don't know how to prove it. It's just a gut feeling I have. Like poison.

  • 999 999
    999 999 9 hours ago

    Ютуб говнг

  • PBIV MoarCargoNG
    PBIV MoarCargoNG 10 hours ago

    Has some parts in it which remind me of Light of the Seven (Game of Thrones), when Cersei blows up the Sept of Baelor.

  • CraizyShy
    CraizyShy 11 hours ago

    Thank Vivaldi

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 15 hours ago

    rip oppy :( edit, 1000th comment :D

  • danilo vujovic
    danilo vujovic 17 hours ago

    Most intense piece i've ever heard! Thanks Greg

  • Bret Roebuck
    Bret Roebuck 18 hours ago

    I get a Trauma I Prevail vibe from the visual. But otherwise love this stuff!!

  • Mocucha Toribash
    Mocucha Toribash 18 hours ago

    That track is absolutly amazing ! I am doing some movies on my youtube channel and I would like how may I use your music in one of my videos, is there any copyright ?

  • Music World
    Music World 21 hour ago

    No thanks... Only Dark Side

  • Les 3 srcm
    Les 3 srcm 22 hours ago

    OHHHLYYYY SH****TTT😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Les 3 srcm
    Les 3 srcm 22 hours ago

    WOOOWWWWW INSAAAAANNEE👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😢😢😍😍😍

  • Aleena
    Aleena 23 hours ago

    Nothing beats him from ppg theme music

  • Luke Gendy
    Luke Gendy 23 hours ago

    No, it's not Ultron its omega from fortnite

  • James Eckl
    James Eckl Day ago

    Excellent / I am so tired of "The Dark Side" -- This is what I needed. Keep it up / I can hardly wait once Ep IX comes out & you (hopefully) are inspired to write more .

  • supercrimefighter13


  • Ali Bdeir
    Ali Bdeir Day ago

    "but Heather, if you went and never came back, is that a positive sign too ?" -" it means i am the chosen one..."

  • sparta 357
    sparta 357 Day ago

    I's soo epic

  • K Z
    K Z Day ago

    Dark alley ways is where they'll find us ..

  • Alexis delatre

    Hello my friends, can you make another music in this style ? :)

  • Elvira Göl
    Elvira Göl Day ago


  • Sala Ro
    Sala Ro Day ago

    It was a Tuesday. Everything was as it was. Nothing out of the ordinary except the thinning of clouds. At first it was mesmerising but slowly turned ominous. Then came the kaleidoscope spreading of the light and the pitchfork talons stretching the light. It was blinding and burning to even the clothed eye. But the sound! Oh that thunderous resonance ....that resounding thoom has never left my now glazed ears. It raked and ground and slathered every being with its oppressive presence. Pushing, forcing us to hide our ears and squeeze our temples almost to the point of turnning our very brains into wine. That wine pour out from all of us that day either way. For the sky as now almost completely void. The visible color of the sky spread so thin that we watched in horror as our perfect blue sky now was stained with deep grooves of crimson. It spread and mingled until it was a large tapestry of latticed arteries. Silence. No more wine as the horror set in. Our beautiful normal Tuesday sky ruined. Our eyes recalibrating. Our eara throbbing. And the sky turned red.

  • Lion
    Lion Day ago

    Around 2:00 is where it goes nuts

  • eren jeager
    eren jeager Day ago

    luke i remmenber you

  • L e a n d r o
    L e a n d r o Day ago

    Isn't this what MrBeast uses in the background of some of his videos?

  • Lord Skara
    Lord Skara Day ago

    What if all of this is just a dream? what if.. what if it's a game? and the game ends with our deaths? and start over somewhere else in a new shape and play another role of fantasy? what if none of this is true? what if that's our destiny?

  • Zonester05
    Zonester05 Day ago

    I felt Titanfall from this

  • Ian-Luke Production

    That buildup is BEYOND ppwerful! Incredible job here

  • Leo Bladini
    Leo Bladini Day ago

    stranger things vibes, i love it

  • ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ 9

    When u find someone in the comment reply to u "ur mom gae" Don't worry u won't Die, u have 1 choice to Live just reply to him *No u* & then u r ALIVE

  • EscPectPC Sniping Sniping,Trickshotting and More

    music to become sith

  • Triton 23
    Triton 23 2 days ago

    Sounds a bit like the Matrix at some points

  • Audio Beats
    Audio Beats 2 days ago

    Nice! I like it.

  • Chilli Dango
    Chilli Dango 2 days ago

    O great Lovecraft! <3

  • Huey P. Freeman
    Huey P. Freeman 2 days ago

    Will upload your singles on Spotify?

  • Jack
    Jack 2 days ago

    Best composer on RU-clip. A true talent, been following you for sometime now and your compositions keep getting better.

  • E king of kings P
    E king of kings P 2 days ago

    Möge die macht mit dir sein💪

  • Hassan Mahmood
    Hassan Mahmood 2 days ago

    Man you're awesome! 🔥 Whatsoever you are doing don't stop. Keep bringing new content 🙂 One day, you'll definitely become as popular as T-bitchin-series

  • M Elisabeth
    M Elisabeth 2 days ago

    Nailed it! I love it!

  • Riy Moa
    Riy Moa 2 days ago

    ' Apabila tiba masanya , ketakutan akan bertukar menjadi keberanian "_ you have a strong heart , no fear .

  • Joshua Hull
    Joshua Hull 2 days ago

    If we ever get away from John Williams themes which are great and iconic i would love to hear this in the future...your music aways evokes emotions 10/10

  • Vincent Ark
    Vincent Ark 2 days ago

    Beautiful your music is. To keep up the great work you must.

  • Prosto Ali
    Prosto Ali 2 days ago

    В фильмах Нолана охранительная операторская работа

  • dumdrop17 dumdrop17

    sounds like gothic meets synthesizer.

  • TerraStone
    TerraStone 2 days ago

    Incredible job, love this! :D

  • The Lily Bee
    The Lily Bee 2 days ago

    Rising ! Great sound 😍

  • Asgoth
    Asgoth 2 days ago

    The start reminds me of Dumbledore's and Snape's death

  • 0RYON
    0RYON 2 days ago

    "This weapon is your life, don't forget that..." Star wars 8: "Oh ! I don't think so"

  • Josiah Trusty
    Josiah Trusty 2 days ago

    The sacred music!

  • 3scnam8
    3scnam8 2 days ago

    Can I use this?

  • Flynn Allan
    Flynn Allan 2 days ago

    "Where are you going?" "Not far... Not far, I promise... You stay here with Mummy, I'll be back before you know it" "Why though, I don't want you to go!" "I know sweetheart, I know... I don't want to go either, but there are some bad men that might come looking for me... And they won't come near you and mummy if I'm gone." "It's okay dad, we can fight them, you know I'm good at fighting!" "Of course I know that!... That's why I want you to stay here and look after Mum... (Continued) Stay strong little man... I'll be back in no time"

  • Elliot Grey
    Elliot Grey 2 days ago

    Master Yoda, what will I find inside this track? *_Only what you bring with you_*

  • Derrick Watkins
    Derrick Watkins 2 days ago

    10 minutes for or 1hr Cmon

  • Daryl Lidwin
    Daryl Lidwin 2 days ago

    Add this shit to spotify wth!!!

  • Reino Subliminal
    Reino Subliminal 2 days ago

    Darkness of Light... Nice paradox

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson 2 days ago

    May the Force be with you.

  • korlov muisk
    korlov muisk 2 days ago

    Before i was nothing ...... Now am everything..., you're here surrended of fear, but i thank you ,cause you brougth me here

  • ÀÛßtíÑ
    ÀÛßtíÑ 2 days ago

    I have been getting the feeling your a star wats fan....or at least you must love the music

  • Another Consumer
    Another Consumer 2 days ago

    You have blessed my ears. Thank you.

  • King Uriel
    King Uriel 2 days ago

    Muy adelantado de su Tiempo. Alita o Anita, algo asi. El CyberPunk es una cosa chingona pero mejor esperarse que el mundo le de un toque Cyber para poner una pelicula asi para que tenga mas demanda. Aunque Claro, esta cancion esta... bueno, lo califico 9/10 tiene su encanto lo reconozco pero podria ser mejor, tal vez una version mas Epica para hacer llorar a los Hombres.

  • Texas Tiger
    Texas Tiger 2 days ago

    I get universe sandbox2 vibes (which is totally awesome)


    The more you produce, the better imagination I get. Exceptional job as usual.

  • Matt Hacker
    Matt Hacker 2 days ago

    When can I buy this/listen on Spotify?

  • Brandon Stewart
    Brandon Stewart 2 days ago

    I'm sure you've done work with TV 📺

  • Male Fuentes
    Male Fuentes 2 days ago

    like 400 :D

  • Jared Mutchler
    Jared Mutchler 2 days ago

    Finally love for the lightside.

  • Maria Maraki
    Maria Maraki 2 days ago

    Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing... AMAZING MUSIC...

  • Steezy Lameezy
    Steezy Lameezy 2 days ago

    im feeling Crysis Vibrations

  • Ethan Mitchell
    Ethan Mitchell 2 days ago

    This instantly went into my epic music playlist you my friend never cease to amaze me keep it up!! And may the force be with you

  • Medamino
    Medamino 2 days ago

    Image by Yuri Shwedoff ("Guardians" digital painting remastered version. )

  • Hayden Dunstan
    Hayden Dunstan 2 days ago

    Can you remake the halo 2 high charity music? Love your stuff

  • chulbul pandey
    chulbul pandey 2 days ago

    amongst the most criminally underrated chanels on the internet

  • Saint Augustine Mint

    This feels more like a theme for the Night King of GOT. Did you pull some inspiration from that? It totally has that vibe. The piano especially.

  • Monsta Legend
    Monsta Legend 2 days ago

    Breathtakingly beautiful!

  • Marco Esp
    Marco Esp 2 days ago

    Beautiful, feels like next-gen Star Wars, whatever that is, haha.

  • Danerz
    Danerz 2 days ago

    If your music is 440 hertz please change it to 432 hertz the quality of your music would be even better.

  • Le petit créateur
    Le petit créateur 2 days ago

    Awesome like always ! Thanks for all of your work

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 2 days ago

    *This is so good. How the tempo built as it goes.*

  • Anmol Agrawal
    Anmol Agrawal 2 days ago

    The background is from Mad Max Fury Road

  • the forsaken who whispers in the shade

    now music for the dark side pls

    • Antal Madincea
      Antal Madincea 2 days ago

      It's here and it's one of the best songs I've ever heard:

  • Cool Cool
    Cool Cool 3 days ago

    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, Succession Studios leads to the light, it leads to joy

  • markymark829
    markymark829 3 days ago

    Awsome Music

  • Satyavan
    Satyavan 3 days ago

    I'm happy to see that finally one appreciates that there is Power, Force and Energy also in the Light Side. The force of the dark side is only a pale reflection of it.

  • Javen Hogan-Backhouse

    Picture reminds me of Halo Reach.

  • Βαγγέλης Σκούρας

    How many likes deserve this peace?

  • * Silvia *
    * Silvia * 3 days ago

    bellissimo ^^

  • Luana
    Luana 3 days ago

    Absolutely amazing

  • Ikdeep Singh
    Ikdeep Singh 3 days ago

    Awesome music... can I use it with credits ?

  • Edward
    Edward 3 days ago

    Great work!

  • Lost Light Gaming
    Lost Light Gaming 3 days ago

    I love your music it make me think about creativity and i just get lost in my own imagination like a world like a tale of a warior

  • Whitesand
    Whitesand 3 days ago

    very cool!

  • Aabel SansCon
    Aabel SansCon 3 days ago

    Reminds me of star wars🤔

  • Nafiz Pushan
    Nafiz Pushan 3 days ago

    If you see this comment just remember your day will also come.Never give up beacuse you are the chosen one for this battle of life.Have a blessed day!