James Bond 007
James Bond 007
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On set with Bond 25: Jamaica
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BOND 25 Live Reveal
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Timothy Dalton
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  • The Ulimate Gacha life.

    My poster idea: it's probably be half casino Royale and die another day

  • CSIswag
    CSIswag 6 hours ago

    You guys don't know what kind of Pandora's box you just opened. God help you all

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks 6 hours ago

    And we still don't know who is doing the song for the movie 🤔🤔🤔

  • Muah Friend
    Muah Friend 7 hours ago

    Lazy fucks won't even make a poster of there own.

  • Matthew Paperny
    Matthew Paperny 7 hours ago


  • bjjmmavet
    bjjmmavet 8 hours ago

    The real life James Bond www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ian-flemings-james-bond-based-on-porfirio-rubirosa-according-to-new-research-by-forensic-historian-daniel-j-voelker-300332433.html

  • bjjmmavet
    bjjmmavet 8 hours ago

    The truth about James Bond: The real life James Bond was Dominican diplomat Rubirosa "Rubi". Now that the character of James Bond will be destroyed and replaced by women, I believe it is time to show the world that Ian Fleming took the character of 007 from a Dominican play boy who loved many women from Hollywood, he is responsible for the name "Latin Lover", he loved sports including polo, car racing and boxing. His name was Porfirio Rubirosa "Rubi" diplomat from Dominican Republic. Ian Fleming never revealed this because he feared that telling the world that his 007 character was inspired by a Latino would affect his sales. Here is the link to this fact. www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ian-flemings-james-bond-based-on-porfirio-rubirosa-according-to-new-research-by-forensic-historian-daniel-j-voelker-300332433.html

  • Toxic Acid
    Toxic Acid 8 hours ago

    2:12 me trying to ride a bike


    Phenomenal production, I like it so much ! Top-drawer part is 1:33. *I uploaded first twerking, Plsss come and say am I good* 💓 💜 💟

  • bushcrafting
    bushcrafting 9 hours ago


  • David J
    David J 9 hours ago

    They'll be presented with 99 talented people and they'll chose a black woman in a wheelchair because muh diversity

  • Alex Arcila
    Alex Arcila 9 hours ago

    He looks like he wants to die lol

  • Akil Kotamarti
    Akil Kotamarti 9 hours ago

    James: Bond. Dude at the booth: Finish it.... James: .......... Dude at the booth: Finish. It. James: (sighs in frustration) I'm tired of it, man. Dude at the booth: Dew it. James: James Bond Dude at the booth: (smiles and nods)

  • Carmine Ruscitto
    Carmine Ruscitto 9 hours ago

  • Adrien DOWD
    Adrien DOWD 9 hours ago

    Studio: " Crap ! We ran out of money for the poster!"

  • Drive4Ü Transfer Executivo

    I admire Daniel's story. To me it's the best 007 ever.

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos 10 hours ago

    Whoa that's awesome!

  • NeverSaySandwich1
    NeverSaySandwich1 10 hours ago

    Hand drawn posters only

  • Charles Miner
    Charles Miner 10 hours ago

    Damn Daniel! You don't have to yell at me!

  • Paul dcosta.
    Paul dcosta. 10 hours ago

    And finally we can see the last scene were it comes to reality.....🤗🤗🤗

  • TheMadmax0609
    TheMadmax0609 10 hours ago

    The next Bond movie will have Mickey riding shotgun in an Aston Martin. 👍

  • E Kop
    E Kop 10 hours ago


  • Shermineh .salehiesmati

    Doesn't TATA make the parts in India now?

  • Sam Green
    Sam Green 10 hours ago

    007: Valtteri, it's James

  • mjelement89
    mjelement89 11 hours ago

    He looks like Ellen degeneres....😂😂

  • Angelo Melville
    Angelo Melville 11 hours ago

    Cmon guys, you must surrender and give up your Rights to participate. SORRY, NOT FAIR!!

  • Juliano Batista
    Juliano Batista 12 hours ago

    Thats not a fair competition, people that lives in Brasil(as i am), such as argentina, cuba, Italia, canada, bolívia and a lot of other countries cannot participate because the MGM wants the propriety of the piece just for them. And this countries cannot parcipate because a potential embargue with USA. Thats horrible, it sucks, not only because i'm a fan of the franchise, but as an artist, to now that the company wants your talent just for them to gain a lot of money in products. I'TS A TRAP!!!

  • Babu Vetriveeran
    Babu Vetriveeran 12 hours ago

    ru-clip.net/video/vsASTrW_xhM/video.html 👈💀💀😄😄👁😈

  • immu gaming
    immu gaming 12 hours ago


  • Joker J
    Joker J 12 hours ago

    His top lip doesn’t move

  • Babu Vetriveeran
    Babu Vetriveeran 12 hours ago

    ru-clip.net/video/vsASTrW_xhM/video.html 👈💀💀💀💀💀

  • Novacane
    Novacane 12 hours ago

    did they ran out of staff

  • Sensero Cruz
    Sensero Cruz 12 hours ago

    So now only the person for singing the title song is missing. I know ,that many people don't know about whom I'm talking or many will hate my idea. But I give it a try. Please let Helene Fischer sing the new title song of James Bond. I know not many people know her ,because she's a German singer ,but she can sing so beautiful and she could also sing good English Songs. I would love ,if Barbara Broccoli would giver her a chance. I know you all want English stars,like Ed Sheeran to do this job ,but why not trying something else and give a popular Song star in Germany the chance for international fame. Really she good do this. I'm writing this ,because for me it's one of the only chances to contact the team of Bond 25 'No time to die' . I know nobody would trust a person from Germany and I won't reach ,that she will be chosen for unbelievable job,but I had to try it. At least I want only say that I'm a bond fan and whatever person you choose I'm looking forward to this film. You always did a great job ! Thanks for reading !

    • Lara _
      Lara _ 8 hours ago

      Listen closely now guys. Don't hire Helene Fischer as a bond singer ever 🙈😂

  • WH250398
    WH250398 12 hours ago

    This is a great idea, because the past official posters were all awful lol

    • Double O Double 0
      Double O Double 0 9 hours ago

      WH250398 ok. 😉

    • WH250398
      WH250398 9 hours ago

      @Double O Double 0 I liked the ones for Casino Royale and Skyfall though. I'm talking about Spectre and No Time To Die specifically

    • Double O Double 0
      Double O Double 0 10 hours ago

      WH250398 The last 4 posters (Craig's ones), are basic and without Bond's touch (unlike the 4 Brosnan, "For Your Eyes Only" and "Octopussy"). It has absolutly to change !!!

  • Joe Berkeley
    Joe Berkeley 12 hours ago

    Bond, James Bond, does not sail around with his headsail furled.

  • lost boys
    lost boys 12 hours ago

    james can we please have some nude women in the movie like the clasics

  • Carmine Ruscitto
    Carmine Ruscitto 12 hours ago


  • sladkru
    sladkru 12 hours ago

    You are a legend. Bond is timeless!

  • TheNewFormat
    TheNewFormat 13 hours ago

    Daniel Craig Will be Missed as ... JAMES BOND 007

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis 13 hours ago


  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu 13 hours ago

    "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

  • Gary Bryant
    Gary Bryant 13 hours ago

    You lazy sods getting the public to do your work 😁

  • J J
    J J 13 hours ago

    Who dislikes this? Had to be the Art work designers.😂😂🤣🤣😂

    • Ytterbium
      Ytterbium 7 hours ago

      When you see how awful the official poster is, I'm not complaining that they ask talented fans to do better (although I'm sure there must be professional art designers who could have done a great job if they had been looking for it)

  • John Boko Show
    John Boko Show 13 hours ago

    It's shot in 70mm IMAX gotta see it

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper 13 hours ago

    Is the background music part of the official score? Because that hypes me up.

    • Mark Coggins
      Mark Coggins 8 hours ago

      Don Draper I’m guessing it could be the Gunbarrel Sequence music

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil 13 hours ago

    Vladimir Putin vs. Freddie Mercury

  • Juli19an
    Juli19an 13 hours ago

    I don't get it: Am i allowed to use any Bond footages for my poster?

    • Nate Purvis
      Nate Purvis 8 hours ago

      Juli19an there is official photography stills on the website that you can use and I presume you can use anything on google images related to the movie

  • carl from jimmy neutron

    We better have an epic James Bond moment in this film where he does something amazing and then the theme comes playing loudly. Or I will be disappointed.

  • Shiva Kumar
    Shiva Kumar 13 hours ago

    JB feom...❤from 🇮🇳

  • Michael Antalya
    Michael Antalya 14 hours ago

    Hey Daniel, From Turkey with love :) ..

  • Perpetually_Biased
    Perpetually_Biased 14 hours ago

    Can't make good posters so delegate it to the public instead. Amazing

    • sgtfrozty
      sgtfrozty 13 hours ago

      This should've been a reoccurring thing since Licence to Kill. The Living Daylights had the last great poster.

  • Ram Sai
    Ram Sai 14 hours ago

    You r super for it

  • Cole Nesper
    Cole Nesper 14 hours ago

    Looks amazing except for lashuana lynch nothing against fine actress but that part of the trailer sucked but the movie looks so much better than spectere

  • My Cute Cats
    My Cute Cats 14 hours ago


    THE INVISIBLE WARRIOR 14 hours ago

    They could put the text behind the camera....

  • Hunter Shu AMV
    Hunter Shu AMV 14 hours ago

    OwO awesome!!!! I must join!!!

  • Boris Bodnar
    Boris Bodnar 14 hours ago

    If next bond was a woman I will say goodbye

    • Reggie Lovato
      Reggie Lovato 13 hours ago

      It won't be a woman. That's a load of bullshit rumours spread by journalists. Executive producer Barbara Broccoli has even stated that Bond will NEVER be a woman. So calm the fuck down and stop believing those fucking lies.

    • Troquero Running Club
      Troquero Running Club 14 hours ago

      It’s a black woman wait for it

  • Stephen McNiff
    Stephen McNiff 14 hours ago

    Someone please make something similar to the retro posters from the earlier movies.

    • Tango1080
      Tango1080 10 hours ago

      I’ll give it a shot 👍🏻

    • MonsieurMerci
      MonsieurMerci 13 hours ago

      I love the Roger Moore era posters

    • Movie Guy
      Movie Guy 14 hours ago

      i‘ll try😂😂😂but i‘m not good at it!

  • farhan Mehmood
    farhan Mehmood 14 hours ago

    Say no more! BossLogic will own this one!

  • eating sugar no papa
    eating sugar no papa 14 hours ago

    Cause Eon sure don't know how to make a good poster

  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar 14 hours ago

    I love you 007

  • MarkFilipAnthony
    MarkFilipAnthony 14 hours ago

    Are u getting paid like a professional poster artist if the art gets chosen for the promotional material? Or is the work only to win a price, and it wont be used for the film at all despite winning?

    • MarkFilipAnthony
      MarkFilipAnthony 10 hours ago

      @We Tubes the artists doesnt get money for how well the movie does, they get money for how many prints the advertisment apartment is making prints of their art. If u consider a summer blockbuster movie like james bond, were talking about much much more than what the main winner of the competition gets. And the contract doesnt just count for the winners, but anyones art that is veing handed in. Which means, they can pick and choose any artwork winner or not and do whatever they want with them, be inspired by it, copy it, sell it as their own etc etc skipping a large part of the pre-production work that is all about just making thousands of sketches to find something that works. And professional artists also get paid for their sketches and art tools, not just the finnished product. Inculding the amount of hours worked on the piece of art (if they have signed off to proper contracts). Its similar to how many student programmers spend low pay and months with daily ours on making big blockbuster hollywood cgi effects, because they are cheap lable and need the work for the experience and to "get into the business". A lot of the marvel movies has that issue, and a very famous one is the movie gravity. If ur a new artists, the competition is a good exersise, however they need to gurantee that their names is attached to the art that is being published so they can at least get credit for it, and people can find their instagram Pages or similar to see more of their art

    • We Tubes
      We Tubes 10 hours ago

      @MarkFilipAnthony That's fair i respect that but what they are offering is not an small amount either. But how much profit can one earn through one poster. Ultimately everything boils down how good the film is most of the audience don't watch a film because of posters you know. Doesn't mean I don't acknowledge their effort but for general audience it won't matter.

    • MarkFilipAnthony
      MarkFilipAnthony 11 hours ago

      @We Tubes If theyre writing in little writings that they own all your artwork and can do whatever they want with it, while u dont get any promotion, recognition or money for the extra bucks they earn through their marketing using ur material, its basically organised stealing. Specially if u ether are or want to be an artist. Rule nr 1 in being an artist, make sure u get paid for the work u do. Its like somone handing u a contest that says: if we take a picture of u can win a giftcard! And in little writing it says: we can use all the pictures of all the people and post it and edit wherever and however we want, so we can get more money. For an artists its more or less the same. I guess it might not matter so much if ur not an artist, and just join for fun, but theyre still scamming and using u

    • We Tubes
      We Tubes 11 hours ago

      @MarkFilipAnthony what stealing? You are being informed about everything beforehand that's not stealing. Secondly these posters are just part of marketing and there is a lot of things go into that, they don't get profit just from posters only. I would say it's a fair offer.

    • Juliano Batista
      Juliano Batista 12 hours ago

      @MarkFilipAnthony exactly man, as i posted minutes ago - Thats not a fair competition, people that lives in Brasil(as i), such as argentina, cuba, Italia, canada, bolívia and a lot of other countries cannot participate because the MGM wants the propriety of the piece just for them. And this countries cannot parcipate because a potential embargue with USA. Thats horrible, it sucks, not only because i'm a fan of the franchise, but as an artist, to now that the company wants your talent just for them to gain a lot of money in products. I'TS A TRAP!!!

  • i_blofeld
    i_blofeld 14 hours ago

    Если всё-таки по сюжету Бонд умрёт и его место займет женщина, то создатели подписали смертный приговор франшизе. В таком случае Дэнни Бойл молодец, что решил покинуть кресло режиссера.

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    *Who is waiting to see the film in 2020?*

    • Oprintice Williams
      Oprintice Williams 11 hours ago

      Me as well though even though I'm proud to be a James Bond fan

    • JB0071051982
      JB0071051982 13 hours ago

      I know I am, five years between movies is a long time to wait. This wait was especially tough seeing as how there was no new video games coming out. I have enjoyed reading the James Bond comic books from Dynamite publishing in the mean time and collecting merchandise from the older movies. Also I know that going into this movie is going to be bittersweet for me as it is Daniel Craig's last Bond movie.

  • Supercars in Greece
    Supercars in Greece 14 hours ago

    Daniel Craig is awesome!!!

  • Hans Carver
    Hans Carver 14 hours ago

    This man can't stop playing James Bond. Superb for its time we are living in.

  • Professor Thascales
    Professor Thascales 14 hours ago

    No time to go to this woke ass movie.

  • FraviS
    FraviS 14 hours ago

    Yes sir

  • Barış Akyıldız
    Barış Akyıldız 14 hours ago

    Thank god. Vladimir Putin is back for one last movie.

  • Sem Augustin
    Sem Augustin 14 hours ago

    Let's do this!👍🏻😁

  • Sensero Cruz
    Sensero Cruz 14 hours ago

    Very nice idea!

  • Ravishankar B
    Ravishankar B 14 hours ago


  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy 14 hours ago

    Title: "No time to die" I'll do you one better: "Dr.No time tomorrow to never only live twice and let die another living daylight" :v

  • Luka oOoOo
    Luka oOoOo 15 hours ago

    If they made the next Bond female it would be an insult to women, since the producer’s urge to ruin THE man in cinema instead of creating new and interesting female leads is quite a shit.

  • Tommy Petersen
    Tommy Petersen 15 hours ago

    As always it will be entertaining and compentanly made but it continues to veer away from what Craig had initially started. His Bond was much more gritty and realistic than previous Bonds especially late Connery and Roger Moore outings. I'll go see it to be sure but that being said, I wish they would have stuck to the "reboot formula" started in "Casino Royale". Bond has again turned into a superhero as opposed to a super spy.

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy 14 hours ago

      Diversity is killing great and original English movies

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith 15 hours ago

    It's incredible that despite a Bond movie an ugly actress is chosen.. unbelievable..!

  • Irie Chat
    Irie Chat 16 hours ago

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out!

  • Charlote Agari
    Charlote Agari 16 hours ago

    Oscar winner = James Bond villain

  • Rupert Utley
    Rupert Utley 17 hours ago

    Seems British TV commercials and films have to have to cast as many Africans as possible in every scene to get their woke points

  • mike finn
    mike finn 18 hours ago

    Has anyone else payed attention to the: «When her secret finds its way out, it’ll be the death of him.» ??

  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley 19 hours ago

    Vintage Bond. Booms , Baddies & Bitches

  • 김민석
    김민석 19 hours ago

    After seeing the trailer, I think Malek is Dr.No So the title doesn't mean it's not time to die. It means (Dr.) No time to die

  • conservativehawk
    conservativehawk 19 hours ago

    So some random chick tells the legendy James Bond to stay in his lane and not James Bond-esque reply back?????? What the fuck?

  • one-mans way
    one-mans way 20 hours ago

    "Stay in your lane" I'll pass

  • Elon Mush
    Elon Mush 20 hours ago

    My opinion: There should be more Bond actors. Three movies per actor, then cast a new one. Maybe we'll get to see incredible unknown talent that way? Could also lead to more diversity.

  • Elon Mush
    Elon Mush 20 hours ago

    very under appreciated movie

  • Elon Mush
    Elon Mush 21 hour ago

    This movie's title couldn't be more cliche Bond. I'm brainstorming a few ideas here: No Licence to Die Today, Reborn another Day, The Agent who Wouldn't Die.

  • Elon Mush
    Elon Mush 21 hour ago

    This movie's title couldn't be more cliche Bond. I'm brainstorming a few ideas here: No Licence to Die Today, Reborn another Day, The Agent who Wouldn't Die.

  • Elon Mush
    Elon Mush 21 hour ago

    This movie's title couldn't be more cliche Bond. I'm brainstorming a few ideas here: No Licence to Die Today, Reborn another Day, The Agent who Wouldn't Die.

  • Elon Mush
    Elon Mush 21 hour ago

    This movie's title couldn't be more cliche Bond. I'm brainstorming a few ideas here: No Licence to Die Today, Reborn another Day, The Agent who Wouldn't Die.

  • ベン・サトル / kim_sama999

    This is the first Bond film I'm going to skip, I refuse to watch it

  • Ole Jay
    Ole Jay Day ago

    I cannot put into words my excitement.

  • Hulman Sianturi

    I bet it will coolest ever after all series, hope so much

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller Day ago

    I came to the comments looking for plot theories but instead found a bunch of wisecracking jokesters. Please go away you idiots! Your slumping down my vibe!

  • Devin Leary
    Devin Leary Day ago

    Dr.No. Was skeptical about it but can see it now

  • Steve Kroschel

    Best scene in the entire movie was at 2:27 ….. Just sayin.

  • Big Durwood
    Big Durwood Day ago


  • Courage the Cowardly Dog

    Diversity is killing great and original English movies

  • reece grant
    reece grant Day ago

    That Aston Martin is coldd

  • prasanth pr
    prasanth pr Day ago

    Waiting eagerly from India