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  • Kenneth Michael
    Kenneth Michael 41 minute ago

    I have a question. When I watch videos on my galaxy s4 mini I can still see my home screen in the background and it makes the video look transparent. How can I fix this? Also if I go to a different screen I can still see a silhouett of the home screen in the background.

  • el fassi mariam
    el fassi mariam Hour ago

    Hi I just bought this phone and I like it, it's just the videos when I am checking my friend's stories on Instagram goes good for 1 second and then they go blurry and the colors become bad too, I don't know if it's the app issuee or the phone issue, does it happen that you have the same problem with Instagram stories?

  • soukaina aachik
    soukaina aachik 2 hours ago

    he sounds like dr.max from hawaii 5-0 no cap

  • Neromare Works
    Neromare Works 3 hours ago

    This guy is from Varna, Bulgaria. What a moron

  • EnkoreTech
    EnkoreTech 3 hours ago

    A90 5G vs iPhone 11?

  • Infinite224
    Infinite224 4 hours ago

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max just came out!

  • Erin Murray
    Erin Murray 5 hours ago


  • Mohannad Nasser
    Mohannad Nasser 5 hours ago

    Battery life on each model?

  • wayne lewis
    wayne lewis 5 hours ago

    Yeaahhh im rockin with the a70.. Barely a difference. Beautiful phone but not worth the upgrade.

  • Loading Future
    Loading Future 5 hours ago

    I want htc one m8 with 855 snapdragon

  • ĢÒŁĎÈÑ & Hypeer

    Does anyone know how to check is a8 waterproof

  • C Speaks
    C Speaks 8 hours ago

    Pre-ordered the 44mm gps model. I'll get it 3rd of October I think

  • Rahees Kuppanath
    Rahees Kuppanath 8 hours ago

    This was my first android phone ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vivaswan Damle
    Vivaswan Damle 8 hours ago

    Beast LG G5 having 135 degree wide angle

  • edis z
    edis z 9 hours ago

    2019 iphone specs for 700 dollar, like 2017 or 2016 specs from other Company's ...but there are people outside paying so much money for a brand, nothing more...the Pro is a bigger shame for 1150 you are getting nothing lol

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Is the samsung active 2 considered a fitness wearable or a smartwatch?

  • Dynamite gamer
    Dynamite gamer 10 hours ago

    Critical oops is best fps game for mobile Anybody play critical oops send me friend request POKEMASTER all capital Gold ranked

  • Michael thapa
    Michael thapa 10 hours ago

    Note is created for this Pro 🙌👌

  • Sen Dia
    Sen Dia 10 hours ago

    I have this phone. I love it. The fingerprint reader works perfectly every time.

  • matsevensohai
    matsevensohai 10 hours ago

    How can you review it while you dont even own one of it.. You are just reading info that we can get on the web

    ILIPSIA PlINIX 11 hours ago

    Why all this hate on apple?

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 11 hours ago

    This was not a hands-on video.

  • Greg Farello
    Greg Farello 11 hours ago

    If the ecg available in my country, I’ll get this instead of apple watch

  • LunaMan PH
    LunaMan PH 12 hours ago

    Modern combat 5? Offline???

  • Anmol Synghal
    Anmol Synghal 12 hours ago

    My first phone. Used it for 4 years from 2010 to 2014. Great phone.

  • Mr Simul
    Mr Simul 12 hours ago


  • Nhlalo Makhathini
    Nhlalo Makhathini 12 hours ago

    It's pretty much the A70 but just the internals are beefed up 🤔

  • kelly w
    kelly w 12 hours ago

    released on the 20th here in Uk, looking forward to it. got it preordered for the nice bonus :D

  • Sibole Staline
    Sibole Staline 12 hours ago

    MC5. Why did they remove controls customisation? Why?

  • Spices
    Spices 13 hours ago

    699 dollars in US but here in the Phils I think many greedy stores would sell it 30 to 40 percent higher which is 48k to 50k pesos,,, so disgusting ,,,

  • Rafid hassan oney
    Rafid hassan oney 13 hours ago

    My first android phone ! loved it !

  • eis que
    eis que 13 hours ago

    The last note device. I hope the price decrease so I can buy one

  • SergusTV
    SergusTV 13 hours ago

    top !

  • JevvoBruv
    JevvoBruv 13 hours ago

    Watching this on my toilet in 3075

  • Gian Castro
    Gian Castro 14 hours ago

    Iphone 11 or 10r?

  • lavetta bennett-paige
    lavetta bennett-paige 15 hours ago

    thanks info was helpful

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 16 hours ago

    Nope apple watch is so much better, they are 3 years behind.

  • TheLozanoThing
    TheLozanoThing 16 hours ago

    whatever you say. i don't care about your thoughts! i'm still a loyal fan of apple and will still buy this!! bye!!

  • Martin deepak Horo
    Martin deepak Horo 16 hours ago

    Very nice

  • Graun
    Graun 16 hours ago

    Hands-on my ass...this is just general info!!! lame

  • opollo
    opollo 17 hours ago

    I dont care what you say, its still £650. I want better than that for a high price.

  • Its Tech Time
    Its Tech Time 17 hours ago

    is 4g option coming for a90 ?

  • pressefr
    pressefr 18 hours ago

    4:15 to do two browser tabs, example you have Chrome browser on top, any app open on bottom. Click 3 dot Option on Chrome then click "move to other window"

  • Samiksha Mathur
    Samiksha Mathur 19 hours ago

    Hi, I am confused about which iPhone should I buy according to the price. Currently, the price of iPhone XR 128GB is $649 meanwhile the price of iPhone 11 128GB is $749. But, the thing is that I have a very limited budget. So, the actual question is that "Should I compromise with the storage capacity of an iPhone in order to buy the latest iPhone 11 64GB instead of iPhone XR 128GB?” because the price difference margin between 128GB iPhone XR and 64GB iPhone XR is much lesser than the price difference between 128GB iPhone XR and 128GB iPhone 11. I would need to pay $100 more in order to buy iPhone 11 128GB and if I buy the iPhone 11 64GB, I would need to pay $50 more to buy the iPhone 11 64GB. Also, my second question is that is it right that the iPhone with 64GB is too less storage for a person who would use the iPhone for around 4 - 5 years?

    • AsHraFuL IsLaM
      AsHraFuL IsLaM 6 hours ago

      I think you should go for iphone 11 as it has great camara, faster processor. It will also get updates for longer. The iphone xr however will get outdated pretty quickly as it doesn't have an ultra-wide camara , nightmode etc. 64 GB is more than enough if you don't record videos and play big games like pubg. In my opinion the iphone 11 is more value for money.

  • Iam a Good person
    Iam a Good person 19 hours ago

    Eww the UI is fit for 2 years old kid. And the price makes no sense for this crap.

  • sandeepkkumar57
    sandeepkkumar57 20 hours ago

    Sony Ericsson at that time is best in terms of UI and looks.

  • Hamburger & Fries
    Hamburger & Fries 20 hours ago

    The fact that there's no telephoto lens is no big deal. Just move closer to the objects you are taking photos of to get clearer shots.

  • winterwolfryan
    winterwolfryan 20 hours ago

    Behind the competition, with the exception of video recording. 4k higher dynamic range at 60p and image stabilization without frame drops is very impressive. Same with dual video recording. No consumer camcorder achieves this yet. Other smartphones tend to drop frames and limit recording times. I love taking video, so for me it’s worth it. I’ll use my galaxy s9+ for everything else 😎

  • Tamara Smith
    Tamara Smith 21 hour ago

    Iphone 11 pro

  • Th.El.Co._1
    Th.El.Co._1 21 hour ago

    Lol this was my second phone and first smart phone. Just thought I'd look up this video for nostalgia.

  • yohanes Ivan
    yohanes Ivan 21 hour ago

    If the notch is really ugly thing, why androids were into it? 😏

  • AppleTricks
    AppleTricks 21 hour ago

    Yes, it has some things that are not that great. But #iPhone11 is actually pretty good.

  • Naimur Rahman
    Naimur Rahman 21 hour ago

    How to copy Apple Watch 101

    • Hephaistos33
      Hephaistos33 9 hours ago

      @Guess Who What design did apple patent man? Do you have a link or anything? I bet you don't.

    • Hephaistos33
      Hephaistos33 9 hours ago

      LoL what exactly did it copy? The circular design?

    • Guess Who
      Guess Who 16 hours ago

      Crucible Daily obviously because they have no choice apple patented the design so that no company can copy their design because for sure samsung is the first to do so like what they did to early design of their smartphone.

    • Guess Who
      Guess Who 16 hours ago

      Crucible Daily agreed, they just copied that and add features and stupid fanboys believed that they are the best but they’re not.

    • Crucible Daily
      Crucible Daily 16 hours ago

      How?! It's circular

  • gelloyangster yang
    gelloyangster yang 22 hours ago

    should i get the xr or the 11?

  • Samantha Kearns
    Samantha Kearns 22 hours ago

    The notch bothers me SO much. My eyes are just drawn to it, I don’t think I would ever “get used” to it. It’s weird that it annoys me so much but it does

  • Crucible Daily
    Crucible Daily 23 hours ago

    didn't get any opinions on it at all, just general knowledge.

  • greenranger2482

    Dam I was thinking about this phone but I guess the note 10 will be the best phone out there then

  • Jackson
    Jackson Day ago

    Nova legacy was the worst nova game

  • Tiky CZ
    Tiky CZ Day ago

    I’m half way to video and I need to stop you bcs for me like this iPhone 11 is my first iPhone with notch I like it 1. I like to have that notch there for me is something special and that big looks more cool and sexy 2. There is no point of usbc in iPhones in 2019 maybe 2020 I rather see it in 2022 3. Base storage of 64 yea you got a point but still there are ppl that for them 64 is enough and 128 is way too much

    • Jamal Miller
      Jamal Miller Day ago

      U can never have to much memory great thing abkut apple is the cloud and the optimization of storage my 64gb lasted me a while but if u dont have a unlimited data plan sucks for u

  • PTRK
    PTRK Day ago

    Idk how i came here but i had this phone back in 2013. It served me well. I had like 300 songs on sd card of course. Games like temple run 1&2, jetpack joyride, fruit ninja, subway surf, angry birds. Great times! Now i'm a proud owner of the s10+🤗

  • Mara Smith
    Mara Smith Day ago

    I love apple. I'm easily impressed .. 😮

  • Loucas Kaminik


  • Heppoify
    Heppoify Day ago

    go and see a dentist.....ugly worm

  • Lost boy Khan
    Lost boy Khan Day ago

    People are missing Steve jobs

  • Слава Сэд

    Do you have English?

  • I love you, but

    I honestly hate looking in the comments of videos on Apple/iPhones because of course there are so many people constantly fighting over which one is best, calling people Isheep, calling people broke. I just can’t understand how people get so toxic and angry over a phone.

  • Jay
    Jay Day ago

    His drawings are so COOL.



  • TruFantom21
    TruFantom21 Day ago

    This guy would be funny if he was funny.

  • Jyunus Djack
    Jyunus Djack Day ago

    best smartwatch bitches!!!

  • Luis
    Luis Day ago

    Both sizes use same size bands??

  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo Day ago

    HEY VICTOR isheep fan ,, stop reviewing samsung phones ok . im sick of you

  • Yanislav Valkov

    Българин си май.... акцента те издаде :)

  • Let Me Think About It

    I just can't decide between this or Fitbit Versa 2. Lots of vpros and cons for each 🤔

    • XlKPandaXlK OwO
      XlKPandaXlK OwO Hour ago

      @Justin Connor No one else will say this but it's awesome that you had enough strength and will to continue on your weight loss journey (If you needed to lose it I mean). 😁 You're awesome dude.

    • Justin Connor
      Justin Connor 7 hours ago

      I'm in the same boat. I do have a galaxy watch 46mm but after losing 160 pounds it feels heavier on my wrist. I would like a lighter weight watch.

  • Jake Knowles
    Jake Knowles Day ago

    Its 1080p

  • Bobby McMahan
    Bobby McMahan Day ago

    tell me something I dont know❤

  • Felix Stetter
    Felix Stetter Day ago

    i love the notch🤣

  • Cameron Conley

    He uses "we" so much its like he has 8 personalities and its so funny and creepy at the same time

  • Jeff Ashun
    Jeff Ashun Day ago

    To be honest I don't know y ppl like apple

    • Parteek
      Parteek 7 hours ago

      @Guess Who most of the features you have on your iShit were on Samsung 3 to 4 years back lol. Wanna debate on it? Let's start and see who is copycat. Now don't run away lol

    • Hephaistos33
      Hephaistos33 9 hours ago

      @Guess Who A copycat of what? Samsung launched smartwatches before apple so apple is the copycat.

    • Hephaistos33
      Hephaistos33 9 hours ago

      @Shin Khant Aung Myint Very unconvincing argument.

    • Roberto fblack
      Roberto fblack 13 hours ago

      Fere said from a guy that are samsuck sheep lol

  • Encanto India
    Encanto India Day ago

    I have just ordered the Galaxy Note 10 plus which is my 8th Note phone. I have owned all the Galaxy Notes and I love them. I use the phone as it is the one and only business phone in the market. No competition to the S-Pen at all.

  • Valar morghulis

    Had my s7 for 3 yrs now. Ready for an upgrade but now ill just wait for the 5g s10 to come out and then ill keep that phone for years

    • chemdog
      chemdog Day ago

      Same here I have had my S7 since it came out. None of the others 8-10 have impressed me to upgrade yet.

  • Jan Fritch
    Jan Fritch Day ago

    wtf. notifs on locksceen canbe enabled thru app's permissions.. lol

  • Deatroe38
    Deatroe38 Day ago

    nowdays i carry a honor 10 lite cuz iphone sucks

  • Muhammad Arekat

    Watching this on my galaxy a3 2017

    GURTEG SINGH Day ago

    Personally, i used phone from inside not ouside Hope somebody can know what am saying

  • Onur Karabacak

    You are a bit late man for these very general information

    • Stelios Class
      Stelios Class Day ago

      Read my response here and find out all about it.

  • dade dave
    dade dave Day ago

    Follow back sir✌🔔🔔🔔

  • Blue Tooth
    Blue Tooth Day ago

    I don’t know man. I’m happy with a normal watch.

  • Anish kawadiya


  • Zed
    Zed Day ago


  • Samantha Wilson

    I have the 44mm 4G on pre order which says it will be dispatched by 20th September. I love the look of it & can't wait to try it out.

    • Samantha Wilson
      Samantha Wilson Day ago

      @Stelios Class Lucky you! I feel like I've been waiting an age for it! Did the free charger come with your order? We have to get it via a claim process after purchase 🙄

    • Stelios Class
      Stelios Class Day ago

      @Samantha Wilson I got both the watch on the 6th of September plus the wireless charger. I live in Berlin.

    • Samantha Wilson
      Samantha Wilson Day ago

      @John Stoll pre ordered on Samsung UK who have an offer of claiming a free duo wireless charger. I'm on Vodafone.

    • Aamir Zaman
      Aamir Zaman Day ago

      You can pre-order from official Samsung site

    • John Stoll
      John Stoll Day ago

      Where were you able to order the 4g model from, and which carrier are you with? Thank you.

  • jordan rausch
    jordan rausch Day ago

    What’s the battery capacity for the iPhone 11 pro?

  • Samsung Iphone


  • Ezra Hagar
    Ezra Hagar Day ago

    Apple watch for Samsung .... I have the active 1st Gen

  • carver 9
    carver 9 Day ago


  • Parker's NBA Videos

    Looks gorgeous, and it's not even one of Samsung's top three flagships (S, Note, Fold). Off topic, but I don't know why they can't hire any good designers for the Pixel phone (I'm talking purely aesthetics).

  • Ben Lin
    Ben Lin Day ago

    Woah I'm here early.

  • Noble 6
    Noble 6 Day ago

    It's okay

  • Guiapar Ponsian

    I don't know for this man, but for me, MIUI is one of the best UI for customizations and additional features that you can only get when you use 3rd-party apps on pure Android phones. It saps more RAM and battery but it can be optimized through their anlmost weekly updates.