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  • 허태연
    허태연 2 minutes ago

    We need free community games on bf1

  • Аким Радостный

    Music : Where is my mind?

  • Derek Sendrak
    Derek Sendrak 11 minutes ago

    The “you are spotted” ruined the game more then the try for me! Absolutely ridiculous

  • Other TechLead
    Other TechLead 15 minutes ago

    Modern Camperfare

  • Extreme Junkret
    Extreme Junkret 15 minutes ago


  • Other TechLead
    Other TechLead 17 minutes ago

    Update Firestorm, ya idiots

  • Dieimes _z
    Dieimes _z 21 minute ago

    DICE sucks!!

  • Randomizer Televiewage
    Randomizer Televiewage 24 minutes ago

    So wait, can you earn XP and tides of war unlocks in public community servers and not private ones, or is it disabled entirely for both?

  • The Fuzzy Sheep
    The Fuzzy Sheep 34 minutes ago

    But can you do gold skins on these ones without passwords?

  • Eric Smitt
    Eric Smitt 35 minutes ago

    On xbox you can choose 1-64 players in the game size menu.

  • Scarface
    Scarface 37 minutes ago

    I kinda like it, needs some fixen

  • KameHame Kam
    KameHame Kam 40 minutes ago

    I know this video is serious because Dice is doing some evil shit but I was so mesmerized by Jack's gun play in this video it was hard for me to concentrate on the words in the video lol

  • Michael miller
    Michael miller 41 minute ago

    Still waiting on hardcore

  • Linkfreak117
    Linkfreak117 42 minutes ago

    This really is like fortnite wtf

  • Mamuto
    Mamuto 42 minutes ago

    what a joke

  • J A
    J A 42 minutes ago

    Where is the Hardcore option?

  • Herr OneShot
    Herr OneShot 50 minutes ago

    Sorry but i can't play that anymore. Its so dummed down and stale. My love bf is dying🤷‍♂️

  • Herr OneShot
    Herr OneShot 51 minute ago

    Wow. I am blown away.... so mich retardness and halfassing in one game. What happend there..... the features in this game are like a cellphonegame compared to bf4.

  • Matthew W. Kirlin
    Matthew W. Kirlin 58 minutes ago

    What about Grind though?

  • Green Caveman
    Green Caveman 58 minutes ago

    id rather pay for quailty than get free piece of shit

  • K G
    K G 58 minutes ago

    What HASN'T been a disappointment from DICE lately?

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee Hour ago

    As disappointing as it is, it will still be used a lot in Asia. Chinese cheaters have most of the servers and this is probably the only shelter we might get to escape from them. Though disabling ToW makes sense, it's a pity that we still have to go back to hell the complete challenges and get unlocks.

  • Brian O’grodnick

    I hope the next battlefield is Vietnam

  • marius george
    marius george Hour ago

    to much movie & talking in today games ...i miss a shooter like " project igi" use to be ..

  • GWRG
    GWRG Hour ago

    Glad I bought this game from a keyshop for 15$. It's not worth the full price, but a pretty decent game for 15$ lol.

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere Hour ago

    I normally play MW. Due to having a crashing problem I decided to give BFV a try again. I actually found the game a lot more enjoyable than before. However I doubt I will touch it again after I resolve my crashing problem

  • Revy [Two Hands]

    - 5.2 TTK is a hot mess - CGs is extremely barebones at launch - Ranked public CGs don't provide Chapter XP BFV is failing yet again. *This is so sad, Despacito play Despacito*

  • Michael Kurth
    Michael Kurth Hour ago

    Spec ops has some issues but I'm curious to see your review for it

  • theflying _frijole

    Squad, but on bf5 server anywhere?

  • Santiago Lambruschini

    Dead game

  • fresh_3percenter

    love this game

  • Get good Get Serious

    Remember operation locker 24/7 no shotguns and sniper rifles in BF4 with salty admins? Good times

  • Heavyg 254
    Heavyg 254 Hour ago

    But you can spawn in even if there’s only a couple people. I was able to in someone else’s server.

  • billy2937
    billy2937 Hour ago

    Modern Warfare is off to a great start Jackfrags: I also smoke crack

  • Chad West
    Chad West Hour ago

    The missing features will most likely be added in future updates. That's just how software development works.

  • Lord Odin Presents

    Clearly DICE's idea of "sandbox" isn't everyone else's idea of "sandbox." DICE thinks it means playing a normal game the way it was intended. The community likes doing things that people never thought of or tried before. Not allowing them options to do so just makes for a stagnant experience. Time to start looking for series replacements. DICE lost their way.

  • Ronita 69
    Ronita 69 Hour ago

    so no double damage? wtf?! I loved playing bf1 with no hud and double damage.

  • Shynali Nalkozha

    It’s almost 2020 and BF3 and BF4 are still the best modern military games.

  • Umayr Durrani
    Umayr Durrani Hour ago

    Is there an option to select region?

  • Micah Sean
    Micah Sean Hour ago

    Mfers are just salty cause they're getting stomped in pubs 😂😂😂

  • KrypTiK
    KrypTiK Hour ago

    My phone scares me sometimes... I just played Battlefront for the first time in like two years and then I get this video in my recommended I’m being watched...

  • el f1del
    el f1del Hour ago

    no hardcore mode? WHAT THE FUCK

  • Christopher Mozer

    All I want is 24/7 Hardcore Conquest Grind on Operation Underground.

  • John Harbin
    John Harbin Hour ago

    I actually like this! So cool that you can progress your tides of war in private games as well. Battlefield is actually starting to get better. I have total confidence in the future of this game now.

  • Isaac Cooke
    Isaac Cooke Hour ago

    What about the manage tab while your in game?

  • Ju-Ju BANGZ
    Ju-Ju BANGZ Hour ago

    Negative people

  • jiu.jitsu.prist
    jiu.jitsu.prist Hour ago

    I gave up on this trash months ago.

  • Saulo Augusto Martino

    precarious. very very precarious

  • IMO
    IMO Hour ago

    lmao this is how u lose fans and viewers. stop lying

  • Paul Ricciardi
    Paul Ricciardi Hour ago

    Dice promising something big and under delivering. That hasn’t happen before with Battlefield V.

  • Tutorials 99
    Tutorials 99 2 hours ago

    host your freaking own server if you complain about 4 minimum players to start the game on a 64 player map. Who do you think it hosts your server to play with your little friend? Are you paying extra for this or is something what I don't know. No one will keep up a online server just for you.

  • FunkyBokito
    FunkyBokito 2 hours ago

    Just when you thought the game was actually getting good.. DICE is there again, waiting, just around the corner.. To mess it up, all of it.. 🤦‍♂️

  • rustydeathpipe
    rustydeathpipe 2 hours ago

    yip thats the final nail in the coffin for me and this game... i hope they learn from this shit show and the next battlefield is better.. its a damn shame

  • Revolution Outdoors
    Revolution Outdoors 2 hours ago

    32 player Conquest sounds like the most boring getting shot in the back type of game ever. Oh the game is over and the person at the top of the scoreboard has 11 kills wonderful

  • WillyToons
    WillyToons 2 hours ago

    DICE seems to bend over backwards to keep refusing to put bots on their games.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 2 hours ago

    I'm sure that all of the 5 people who will be using this are very disappointed.

  • Flavio Ronquillo
    Flavio Ronquillo 2 hours ago

    Me: I donno!!!! *Head explodes* Rappers: Awww man.

  • ItsJstJohnny 22
    ItsJstJohnny 22 2 hours ago

    Will I be able to do Gun Assignments?

  • Narek Mkrtchyan
    Narek Mkrtchyan 2 hours ago

    Where is the Hardcore?

  • OSIRI5
    OSIRI5 2 hours ago

    I think cod def one. They had better roasts

  • colombogames
    colombogames 2 hours ago

    So, anyone knows how to play the new ground war map? I tried just matchmaking for it but it just never comes

  • mac n cheese
    mac n cheese 2 hours ago

    what the fuck is dice doing ?? what're they doing to deliver so much less than what they first promise

  • John Poc
    John Poc 2 hours ago

    sorry for the dislike Jack

  • AzzyLude
    AzzyLude 2 hours ago

    Okay totally random but i just got a kill with a smoke grenade launcher

  • J A
    J A 2 hours ago

    God I can't believe I spent $60 on this bullshit.

  • Isaac Devera
    Isaac Devera 2 hours ago

    Iwo Jima is an amazing map... That's it that's all bfv is to me I'm pretty much done with this game now

  • Archangle 554
    Archangle 554 2 hours ago

    Why would people buy BF5 in the first place? Played the beta for 20m and uninstalled. Saved myself this rollercoaster of grief.

  • Isaac Carter
    Isaac Carter 2 hours ago

    I was only just hanging in *because* of the Pacific Update. I just wanted to enjoy BFV's gunplay on some new, better designed maps. I'm not interested in playing a game that even Dice can't decide on. My time is limited. I'll play something that is properly supported and has a team that knows what they want their game to be.

  • DonutG4mer
    DonutG4mer 2 hours ago

    Can 4 of you cheese the terrible assignment or no?

  • Fav Music
    Fav Music 2 hours ago

    Literally all they need to do is just revoke the patch and we will be happy, is it really that hard?

  • hedsy
    hedsy 2 hours ago

    Another reason to throw this game in the garbage.

  • thinice2k
    thinice2k 2 hours ago

    I demand hardcore mode!

  • H3M1FIR3
    H3M1FIR3 2 hours ago

    If they only allow 1 or 2 players to start the round and also being able to move players to the other team there would be a huge problem with boosting assignments and other challenges, that's why is not allowed in official dice servers.

  • Thegodfather 1
    Thegodfather 1 2 hours ago

    Fam u forgot battlefield 1943

  • Megabenjamin
    Megabenjamin 2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie BF is just more fun and more chaotic

  • Mitchell Goldstein
    Mitchell Goldstein 2 hours ago

    Nice joke.

  • Steven Czerwinski
    Steven Czerwinski 2 hours ago

    Can you do a setup revile

  • bosch
    bosch 2 hours ago

    Just kill this game already please.

  • King Arthur
    King Arthur 2 hours ago

    I think there r on the right path but they have made mistakes which I'm sure they will fix

  • Sho Mk
    Sho Mk 2 hours ago

    DICE employees have got ZERO IQ.

  • Jason Garner
    Jason Garner 2 hours ago

    WHERE THE FUCK IS HARDCORE OPTIONS. I miss the intensity of it.

  • thinkingofyouto1
    thinkingofyouto1 3 hours ago

    It’s battlefield five they know what to do to make a good Game they just don’t do it and then right before Christmas they change the whole thing up and piss everybody off I did it before with past battlefield titles and I’ll do it again with the future stop buying it and they’ll stop doing it

  • Austin Jacobs
    Austin Jacobs 3 hours ago

    I feel like it needs to be a good in-between from what it was to what it is now because I personally like it to a degree

  • Turbo Chad
    Turbo Chad 3 hours ago

    idiots up at dice whats new

  • bobeyejoe
    bobeyejoe 3 hours ago

    That constant V1 noise is still on operation underground :(

  • Jeice Ginyu
    Jeice Ginyu 3 hours ago

    Mean while dice..........

  • bobeyejoe
    bobeyejoe 3 hours ago

    I Want a 1v1 sniper battle on Provence :(

  • hshgf
    hshgf 3 hours ago

    BFV really has been a disaster through and through.

  • Wonderspazz 33
    Wonderspazz 33 3 hours ago

    Hey yo dice.., go fetch!!!

  • Chris
    Chris 3 hours ago

    I don't like the whole "learning experience" suggestion. They've been making battlefield games for long enough to know what they should and shouldn't be doing.

  • WhiteCrossRedGround
    WhiteCrossRedGround 3 hours ago

    As usual, technical glitches came along with a patch. "Could not fetch your report" and stuttering has been many people's experience.

  • Ðưc Ngoc
    Ðưc Ngoc 3 hours ago

    Halo custom game make this game look stupid

  • NGC 7635
    NGC 7635 3 hours ago

    I saw 4 private games with 1 or 2 people in them...then I checked later and no-one even created one. GREAT JOB DICE

  • Inkfilmz
    Inkfilmz 3 hours ago

    elon musks car is looking descent

  • Ace Attack II Gaming

    Damn I really don't want to dislike you video Jack.

  • XxthemonkeyxX
    XxthemonkeyxX 3 hours ago

    I mean operation metro and pacific maps running breakthrough would be a nice rotation

  • James Simono
    James Simono 3 hours ago

    it would be cool if rush on shanghai was a progression of a building going from base level to level 3 of a building.

  • EireNero
    EireNero 3 hours ago

    so it's shite.. great...

  • serious reigen
    serious reigen 3 hours ago

    no it's not lol but hey you gotta say some lying ass shit to pay the bills I guess

  • pzyYchopath
    pzyYchopath 3 hours ago

    I'm the creator of the subreddit. Thanks for advertising it, Jack :)